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TSA Warehouse- Shopping for Confiscated Items

Thousands of "sharp" items get confiscated through airport security lines. Now, here's your chance to buy.

To look for confiscated goods, check out the website below:

Click Here

The complete story from Q13 FOX News Reporter Susan West:

If the TSA confiscates something from you at Sea-Tac Airport, where in the world does it goes? It ends up at a surplus store in Auburn run by the State Department of General Administration.

Customer Service Representative Karen Jeffrey showed us bins full of pocket knives. She says, "There's some that are really great that have all kinds of gadgets in them just like the Swiss Army."

Right now they also have many scissors and corkscrews. Customer Allen Aho says, "If you need a corkscrew, this is the place to get them." But be careful, those items are sharp. Some customers bring gloves and tools to dig through the piles.

Customer Charlie Burns is on a holiday mission. He says, "I'm looking for Christmas shopping. My daughter and her boyfriend go camping," so he wants to buy them Swiss Army knives which are going cheap here.

The prices of all the items vary. Jeffrey showed us some examples. She says, "This has a little blade on it, just a little tiny tool, 25-cents for that. Two dollars for small knives, $3.50 for medium sized knives and $5 for big knives."

Money raised goes toward a "computer for kids" program.

If you can identify any of the items as yours, you can come and take them away. In fact, we found a pocket knife with a label on it for a Spring Valley, New York resident. We were able to contact him and tell him that we found his knife. He was thrilled. He says he traveled to Sea-Tac last August on his way to Alaska.

The surplus store in Auburn also sells used items from state, county and city agencies including schools.


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