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Did somebody say taxes were going down? This one is.

Starting Jan. 1, the sales tax rate in Palm Beach County will drop to 6 percent from 6.5 percent.
A five-year old local surtax for schools expires Dec. 31.
That'll bring Palm Beach County's sales tax rate in line with Broward's 6 percent. In Miami-Dade, it's 7 percent, because of two local option surtaxes.
People will notice, I bet, when they shop in Palm Beach.
So, let's say you pay rent of $2,000 a month, you've got an extra $10.
A little bit here, a little there, it adds up.

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Randall goes on to state:

In the document, MERS claims that its recommended procedures are "customary". In fact, there are several hundred years of "custom" that requires endorsement of notes at the time of transfer, with a clear chain of title to ensure that anyone who claims to be a creditor, and who tries to seize someone's home, has clear documentary proof of entitlement. What MERS proposes in this document is to break the chain of title, to eliminate the protection that debtors need to prevent mortgage servicers and MERS from illegally stealing their property through the use of robo-signers and the manufacture of fake documents. In other words, both law and custom were formulated to prevent the sort of foreclosure fraud that has become normal business practice -- what the MERS document calls "customary".

The Surtax was only on the first $5,000 for single items greater than $5,000. Your example of the $30,000 car is incorrect, you only save $25.

Thanks. You are exactly right. So I took out the car example. The surtax applies only to the first $5,000 in a single transaction.

Subpoena Everything!

The Democratic House should use its final weeks to demand every single document about the bank bailouts.

These central figures have been given a free pass about the events surrounding one of the largest, most secret wealth transfers in history. The lines of inquiry are obvious, and the information provided by the release of this data will be fascinating.

Do not forget: Virtually all the major players who brought us into the crisis are still there: the government officials, the CEOs, the investment bankers. The permanent plutocracy has survived unscathed. At a minimum, American citizens are entitled to know what happened.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
New Tactic to Silence Foreclosure Abuse Critics: Sue Them

I suppose the latest efforts taken by the members of the foreclosure industry to silence and neuter critics represent a perverse form of progress. If you go by the Ghandi timeline, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win,” opponents of bad foreclosure practices seem to have done enough damage as to now be worth fighting.

But what is telling are the desperate-looking but nevertheless potentially effective measures being deployed to hamstring the opposition. The vanguard of this effort are foreclosure defense attorneys, many of whom are solo or small firm operators, with not hugely lucrative practices or doing pro bono work (you don’t make a lot of money defending people who have no money).

Suing someone like that, even with a suit that seems spurious, throws a wrench in their operation. It takes time to deal with litigation, and often money, plus the stress is also a considerable distraction. And of course, the hope is no doubt that this sort of risk will also deter other lawyers and critics.

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