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Foreclosure attorney David Stern sued by former employees

CBS 4 is reporting that former employees of David J. Stern's foreclosure law firm have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that they didn't receive proper notice before they were laid off.

One of the four filing suit, Nikki Mack, says that she went to work even when she was going through cancer treatements for lymphoma for six months, but that Stern allowed her health insurance coverage to end.

To read the entire story, go here.

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BOO HOO HOO....the homeowners who you kicked out of their homes went through the same thing Nikki. I hope the judge does not feel sorry for you.

Good i hope you all get hurt,you lawyers ,all you lawyers are no good i hope u go thru alot of pain just like you put people thru,your nothing but a pack of lowlifes,dirtbags and cant really say the rest but as you we'll know the whole world hates you.

The fact that she was just an employee and had her insurance benefits (which she is entitled to under Federal Law) ended without her knowledge is not funny. She should not suffer from the alleged fraud of her employer. I hope Nikki takes Stern to the cleaners, if he has anything left by now.

Gee ronnie, you a little bitter? Is it everybody else's fault that you (which is obvious from your tone) can't pay your mortgage? That is the problem with this country, no one accepts blame and is looking for a hand out. Try hard work and stop complaining. Less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the people in this country are financially secure. How come 99.9 percent of the popluation is not in financial trouble then? Because they work hard, they don't spend foolishly and live within his/her means.

Foreclosure Bombshell

Mortgage-backed securities have to meet what is called “contractual representation and warranties.” That basically means the MBS are required to be free of fraud and be exactly what the seller says they are. Do you think mortgage-backed securities are free of fraud? Do you think these securities are the triple-A rated risk free investment the big Wall Street banks claim?—NO WAY! The banks are going to be forced to buy back all the toxic mortgage junk they sold.

That is the least they can do because, so far, there has not been a single prosecution of a high ranking mortgage lender or Wall Street banker. That is outrageous because this will surely go down as the biggest financial white-collar crime rip-off in history.

I got kick out of the house while my wife was one week away from labor.

I was renting a home and the homeowner let it go into foreclosure even though I was making the payments. We had just had our first child and we get a knock on the front door from one of Stern's process servers.

I called to see what I could do and his office staff was rude and offered no help to me or my family.

I don't feel bad for Stern or his ex employees because you reap what you sow, and they are all getting what they deserve for how they treated people when they were helping throw people out on the streets!!!

@ Not Funny,

Glad you're so wealthy that you don't have to worry about money. See the WORKING man is being f'ed right now by their employers who aren't giving cost of living raises any longer. So as property taxes keep increasing and everyday goods such as groceries and gas continue to rise yet the pay stays the same, people are forced to make decisions on whether to feed their families or pay their mortgage.

But for people such as yourself who must not have to worry about these types of things it's easy to judge someone who is having to make these types of decisions and is happy to see the rich lawyers who profit off others misery get theirs. So do us working class nobodies a favor and F off!!!!

Fed's Tarullo: Structural changes needed in mortgage servicing
Regulators urge national standards, simplified loan modifications

Tarullo argued that national standards should be set up for servicers.

“We need national servicer standards which will apply to servicers whether they are affiliated with an insured institution or completely independent. The system as it is now was not developed with the prospect of a large number of foreclosures in mind. You need an across-the-board approach,” Tarullo said.

Tarullo added that he didn’t believe the problem is close to being solved. He said he suspects that regulators will find some problems in all servicers, large, medium and small. He added that at some institutions there are “substantial” managerial problems.

Yeah, those people got kicked out of their homes because they were PAYING their mortgages, right? Morons.

Poor Nikki Mack ! She doesn’t realize that in Florida she is an “At Will” employee. Unless she has an employment contract signed by Stern’s HR people or some union agreement stating she can’t be fired without cause or warning, she’s up that preverbal creek.
So now she is on the receiving end of that golden rule of “Do unto others….” And she doesn’t like it. Yet, she went to work every day and processed papers that threw people out of their homes because they too had lost their jobs through no fault of their own.
How many people did you cause to be thrown out of their homes that also were going through medical crises and didn’t have the money to pay for medical care or their mortgage Nikki? You didn’t care then, so why should we care now?
I call this Karma and a little bit of “what goes around comes around.”

While it does sound heartless, I agree. All of these 'foreclosure factories' left hundreds of thousands HOMELESS, needlessly! The banks STILL are not working things out, even after October's mega foreclosure haltings.
Now they are all back in full swing, and using the excuse of "it's an old mortgage and the investor wants to proceed with the foreclosure sale".


May the banks, "investors", "foreclosure factories", and the blind politicians all reap what they have sown. What goeth around shall cometh around, too!

your are an idiot HAHAHAHA. your so stupied and ignorant that it sensless to even responded to you, but I will in attempt to shed some much needed light on the subject. Everyone has a job, most people dont like what they do but it is a job none the less. Have you ever stop to think that the employees at stern were being paid to do a job. A job that is made possible by the same banks that the homeowners borrowed from. Then end result is that if you dont pay your car, rent, mortgage you will lose what it is your supposed to be paying for. Stern is not the only one that pratice foreclosure, he is one of 56 in broward and palm beach counties alone. it is unfortunate that people lost there homes but the employees at stern didnt take peoples homes away there in ability to pay the mortgage did. if you want to point figures you should point them at past presidents like Carter, Clinton and Bush. Who allowed banks to lower there standards so more homeownership can be reported on there watch. Or you could blame the out sourcing of jobs to other countries that has crippled our job market which in turn can be contributed to 1000's not being able to work. I suggest you do a little more research before you start laughing and glotting about something you clearing have no clue about.


Seriously Sun-Sentinel? You take off over half the comments on this story. Sounds like you are into censorship and not free speech. What a rag of a newspaper.

I can remember when attorneys were ethical (sometimes)....... I guess turnabout happens....

maybe you should not have been so eager to take a job that pushed hard working people from thier homes.

I hope stearn gets back what he did to all them people,sueing everybody and all the lawyers that lost there job,im glad they did,you are not nice people and i hope you have a hard time for a very long time.

Hey not funnt,1st of all my house is free and clear and so is my buiness however i dont like lawyers because they dont stand for anything they dont build or produce anything,all the do is go around with a yellow pad and a pen and steal from everyone,what goes around around comes around,just ask any lawyers

We the people can not feel sorry for you all.

You have a lot of nerve clogging up the court system
with a frivolis law suit.

Poor Nikki Mack ! She doesn’t realize that in Florida she is an “At Will” employee. Unless she has an employment contract signed by Stern’s HR people or some union agreement stating she can’t be fired without cause or warning, she’s up that preverbal creek.
So now she is on the receiving end of that golden rule of “Do unto others….” And she doesn’t like it. Yet, she went to work every day and processed papers that threw people out of their homes because they too had lost their jobs through no fault of their own.
How many people did you cause to be thrown out of their homes that also were going through medical crises and didn’t have the money to pay for medical care or their mortgage Nikki? You didn’t care then, so why should we care now?
I call this Karma and a little bit of “what goes around comes around.”

You are luck you weren't held criminally liable. Things change very quickly. Now see what the homeowners felt when you are calling the foreclosure attorney who is suing you. Maybe they will pick up the phone.

Mutual funds, hedge funds and bond funds borrowed more than $71 billion from the Fed's Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, the WSJ reported.

Two European Megabanks Got A Windfall From The Fed ... Two European megabanks -- Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse -- were the largest beneficiaries of the Fed's purchase of mortgage-backed securities.


Wall Street firms teetering on the verge of collapse pledged more than $1.3 trillion in junk-rated securities to the Federal Reserve for cheap overnight loans....

The fact that Wall Street was able to pledge junk to the Fed in exchange for cheap financing is likely to enrage lawmakers who view the Bush and Obama-era crisis programs as largely benefiting Wall Street while "Main Street" has been left behind.

No wonder you wouldn't put your name next to that moronic comment.

Can anyone explain why the new head of the company is earning $500,000 after Stern stepped down, when business is down, and they are firing the staff Why not fire the worked in Manila instead and let US employees do that work - better than not working at all?

“It makes you feel ashamed, and it makes you feel very angry at a system that’s so disgustingly corrupt,” says Frank Scarola as he gets choked up about getting evicted from this historic Fort Myers home. He says he asked his bank for a loan modification – and it agreed, but that he then got the runaround after his mortgage was bought and sold twice – finally landing in a rocket docket courtroom. That’s when Scarola asked for an unbroken chain of ownership – a document that proves the current bank is in fact the owner of the debt after so many sales between banks.

“In 80 percent of the cases that I have, there’s no assignment being shown, and the judges are letting them get by without showing the original note,” complains attorney Michael Chionopoulos. “I was specifically told by one judge, counselor stop. I have 180 cases on my docket this morning. I’ve heard all the evidence I’m going hear. The defendant didn’t pay the mortgage, we’re done here, he continues.

really? You guys are blaming the employees? Nikki does not deserve this. She was simply doing her job. Nikki, stay strong. The Lord will help you. You people laughing at her illness are sick. This was not a personal thing against people who were not paying their mortgages. All of you fools would be the first ones to run to the ambulance chaser to help you will your fake cases. Let me educate you; You buy a house that you cannot afford, you stop paying, you get foreclosed on. Oh, what a revelation! The employees at DJSP were not sitting there wondering how they could get over on anyone. They were simply going to work like everyone else. This all happened because people were greedy, bought houses they could not affored, and oh yeah, two liars came forward with the most ridiculous stories I have ever read! Good job Mr. Attorney General, I am sure all you people laughing at Nikki will be happy to know your tax dollars are paying for all this nonsense.

By the way, the attorneys are not authorized to negotiate loan modifications!!! The banks do that. Just in case all of you morons thought that the employees at DJSP were trying to screw you. There were a lot a great people there that tried to help, but the banks would not hear of it. So, now, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC, Fannie and Freddie pretend to be outraged, but the employess were following the instructions of their client. YOUR BANKS! So, you know what, call you bank - it is your and their fault!

“We’re talking about huge sums of money going to bail out large
foreign banks,” said Senator Bernard Sanders, the Vermont independent
who wrote the provision in the Dodd-Frank Act that required the Fed
disclosures. “Has the Federal Reserve become the central bank of the
world? I think that is a question that needs to be examined.”

Smoking gun: the hearing when Bernanke told Ron Paul that he wouldn’t
be bailing out any foreign banks

Yesterday there were a bunch of comments on this story from many readers; today there is only the original one. This happens so many times with sun sentinel where all of sudden the comments disappear if they don't jive with their way of looking at things. I find it comical that freedom of speech only applies to who controls the URL.

No Room at the Inn - No Mortgage Relief in TARP

What do you get when you cross Tim Geithner and Peter Peterson?

Barack Obama; who would rather help the big banks and "balance" the budget than offer a helping hand for struggling homeowners. (Image)

The president demonstrated new heights of indifference toward the people in his handling of the mortgage relief program made a part of the Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP). Citizens paid the full share for TARP and were to get a modest proportion. That's not the case. The November 2010 Congressional Budget Office Report on TARP was just issued. It showed that the funds for home mortgage assistance programs would be reduced from $50 billion to $12 billion, as reported in the Huffington Post.

Reading the details of the report, we find that the take back from homeowner relief through TARP funds is even more outrageous. The actual funds spent so far for homeowner relief is only $710 million.

Lawmaker calls for end to Obama mortgage aid program

(Reuters) - The incoming head of a House of Representatives panel overseeing the Obama White House on Thursday called for pulling the plug on a widely criticized program to help struggling borrowers stay in their homes.

"This program seems to have outlived its usefulness," Representative Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said, referring to the administration's Home Affordable Modification Program,


Palm Beach County Chief Judge Blanc Post Dates Latest Administrative Order on Summary Judgments

Now, it is nice to see that the courts in PBC are making an effort to somewhat follow the law RE FL Rules of Civil Procedure regarding summary judgments in foreclosure cases…

Ignore the fact that “opposing affidavits shall be made on personal knowledge, shall set forth such facts as would be admissible in evidence, and shall show affirmatively that the affiant is competent to testify to the matters stated therein.“

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a mortgage with BOA and haven't had any troubles. I'm not sure that them helping people who are behind on their Auto and credit car bills is a good thing.
I thought that's what got us in this spot

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