9 Pace routes detoured in Des Plaines River area

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In the Des Plaines River area of the northwest suburbs, Pace had nine routes that were detoured Monday because of high water.

These detours and heavy traffic are adding anywhere from 5-60 minutes to travel times, Pace spokesman Patrick Wilmot said.

Because conditions were changing rapidly, some of these detours may be called off later Monday.

Pace advises passengers to allow extra travel time and remain prepared for possible detours from normal routing.


Routes significantly affected by flooding are:

Route 208 Golf Road: Des Plaines: Flooding along Lee Street in downtown Des Plaines and Simpson Street/Golf Road near Oakton Community College caused eastbound buses to use Dempster to Potter Road, then north on Potter to Golf Road where normal routing resumes. Westbound trips are using the reverse of this detour.

Route 209 Busse Hwy: Des Plaines: Trips marked "B" on the schedule that stay on Busse between Miner Street and Potter Road are unable to access this portion of Busse and are following the non-"B" trip routing using Miner, Northwest Highway, and Potter Road. (This only impacts 3 northbound and 2 southbound trips throughout the entire day.)

Route 221 Wolf Road: Rosemont- Higgins/River Road area, and also Prospect Heights- the north end of the route where Wolf Road meets Piper, Apple, and Old Willow Roads is unavailable due to high water in that area.

Route 223 Elk Grove-Rosemont CTA: Rosemont- Higgins/River Road area, buses are detouring onto I-190 to Mannheim, and using Mannheim to reach Higgins Road, where they resume normal routing on westbound trips. Eastbound trips follow the reverse of this detour from Higgins/Mannheim.

Route 226 Oakton Street: Des Plaines: Detouring around the intersection of Graceland Avenue and Lee Street using Algonquin Road, Wolf Road and Thacker Street.

Route 230 South DesPlaines: Des Plaines- high water along River Road south of downtown DesPlaines. Buses are detouring using streets west of River Road. They are also being routed around high water at Higgins/River Road in Rosemont via Mannheim and I-190 to access the Rosemont CTA station.

Route 234 Wheeling-DesPlaines: Des Plaines: flooding on Lee Street necessitates detour using Miner St/U.S. 14 to reach Cumberland Circle as opposed to Lee Street and Golf Road.

Route 250 Dempster Street: Des Plaines- Experiencing heavy traffic along Dempster between I-294 and Des Plaines Metra Station. Also, detouring around Graceland/Lee intersection (see Route 226 for routing).

Route 270 Milwaukee Avenue: Glenview: small detour using Central Parkway and Dearlove Road to avoid water affecting low-lying area here.

Route 272 Golf Mill-Milwaukee Av. Corridor: Prospect Heights: high water along Milwaukee near intersection with Des Plaines River Road forcing detour using Sanders Road and Willow Road.

Pace's West Division also experienced moderate to heavy delays and a number of detours affecting eight routes. Delays range from 30 to up to 90 minutes.


The following routes are affected by road closures all in the vicinity of the Des Plaines River:

Route 304 Cicero-LaGrange

Route 307 Harlem

Route 331 Cumberland *Note: This route cannot enter the Triton College campus as per usual operations but serves the school from Fifth Avenue.

Route 309 Lake Street

Route 313 St. Charles Road

Route 318 West North Avenue

Route 325 25th Avenue

Route 332 River-York Road

--Richard Wronski, Chicago Tribune reporter

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