Tolls to be waived on Indiana Toll Road

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Tolls will be waived on portions of the Indiana Toll Road to help move traffic more quickly through areas affected by weekend flooding, Indiana transportation officials announced Tuesday.
Affected by the waiver is the stretch of I-90 between the Portage Barrier and the Westpoint Toll Plazas.

Westbound I-94 traffic can continue west to Lake Station, enter I-90 and go through to the Westpoint Toll Plaza with no tolls, officials said. Eastbound through traffic can enter I-90 at Westpoint through the Portage Toll Plaza with no tolls as well.  Traffic will be monitored each day to determine whether the toll waiver needs to continue, based on the flooding and road closures, officials said.

The Indiana Department of Transportation also issued the following detour information:

Westbound I-94

Drivers wanting to go through to Chicago can continue west on I-94 to I-90 with no tolls to Westpoint during this emergency flood situation.
Westbound I-94 drivers wanting to access I-65 can take S.R. 49 south to U.S. 30 west to I-65.

Eastbound I-94

Traffic from Chicago can take I-90 east from Westpoint with no tolls to Lake Station/S.R. 51 to EB I-94 or through to the Portage toll plaza during this emergency flood situation.

Or traffic from Chicago heading to northwest Indiana can travel south on Illinois I-394 south to EB U.S. 30.
To bypass northwest Indiana

Traffic can bypass the flooded northwest Indiana area by taking I-57 to EB U.S. 24 to I-65

Northbound I-65

Per direction of the Emergency Evacuation Operation Center (EEOC) and the Indiana State Police, traffic on NB I-65 can travel only as far north as U.S. 24 before being diverted to U.S. 24 westbound to either I-57 in Illinois to bypass northwest Indiana; or take NB U.S. 41 to U.S. 30 to access northwest Indiana.  This is to prevent additional traffic on the already congested U.S. 30.

Mainline I-80/94

Kennedy Avenue still closed to through traffic in both directions due to high water.

Early reports indicate that water from the Little Calumet River overflowed its banks onto the Borman.

INDOT crews closed the sluice gates on Saturday, Sept. 13, in anticipation of heavy rains.  After the water spilled onto the Borman on Sunday, INDOT crews worked in cooperation with the City of Hammond to contain the river water on the west side of Kennedy where crews built a temporary dyke just west of Kennedy.  INDOT crews also plugged drains and are currently pumping water off of the interstate directly into the Little Calumet River, east of the temporary dyke and are making some progress as the water is receding in this area.

At Grant Street
Early reports indicate there was a levee breech just east of Chase Street in the City of Gary and river water spilled onto the eastbound lanes of I-80/94 near Grant Street.  This water continued to flood both east and westbound lanes of the Borman and INDOT had to close the interstate at this area to through traffic.
INDOT crews have the flood gates closed at Grant Street and have built a temporary dyke at Chase Street and along the interstate to contain water from the river.  Crews are in the process of setting up pumps to pump water back into the Little Calumet River.

At I-65 Interchange
The Little Calumet River and the Deep River come together at the I-80/94 and I-65 Interchange in the southeast quadrant.  With both rivers at flood stages water flowed onto the mainline I-80/94 and the ramps to both west and east I-80/94.  The Interstate is currently closed and INDOT crews are currently pumping water from the ramps back into the Little Calumet River. 

Reports from the National Weather Service indicate that the Little Calumet River is still rising as well as the Kankakee River between Lake and Newton Counties. 

As of 1:30 p.m. the following roads are closed:

Northbound I-65 between U.S. 24 in Jasper County and I-80/94 in Lake County.
Detour: All traffic is directed to take U.S. 24 west to I-57 in Illinois to bypass the flooded Northwest Indiana area.

Traffic wanting to access northwest Indiana can continue west on U.S. 24 to north on U.S. 41 to U.S. 30.

Eastbound I-80/94 between Illinois State Line and State Road 51 (Ripley Street) in Lake County
Detour:  from Illinois - I-90 special arrangements; I-394 south to U.S. 30 east to State Road 49 (S.R. 49) north back to I-94; traffic can access EB I-80/94 and the Indiana Toll Road at S.R. 51.


Westbound I-80/94 between S.R. 51 in Lake County and the Illinois State Line
Detour: from Michigan - I-94 west to I-90 or S.R. 49 south to U.S. 30 west; traffic can access westbound I-80/94 at State Road 152 (Indianapolis Blvd.)


S.R. 51 between U.S. 6 and Fairview in Lake Station, Lake County

State Road 53 (S.R. 53) between 101st and 93rd in Crown Point, Lake County

State Road 55 (S.R. 55) between the towns of Thayer in Newton County and Shelby in Lake County
Detour: Northbound S.R. 55 - S.R. 10 west to U.S. 41 north to S.R. 2 east and back to S.R. 55; Westbound S.R. 55 - S.R. 2 west to U.S. 41 south to S.R. 10 east and back to S.R. 55

Motorists in these areas should seek an alternate route.  INDOT crews and ISP are on scene to redirect traffic around the closures in addition to signage. 

Due to the heavy rainfalls over the past few days many state, city and county roads have water on the roadway and shoulders.  When possible these areas are marked with "High Water" signage.  When encountering a flooded roadway, INDOT urges drivers to remember "Turn around, don't drown." According to the National Weather Service, most flooding deaths occur in automobiles. Six inches of standing water is enough to cause passenger cars to stall and a foot of water will float many vehicles. 



Great idea, to bad Illinois Toll Road didn't follow suit with inordinate construction delays past summer. Governor can provide free RTA/CTA, but will clog the tollway during reconstruction with his name over I Pass reconstruction for your last quarter!

I can't imagine the Illinois Toll Road EVER doing this. What a difference a state makes.

Maybe this will eliminate the long backups in the early morning at the ever-troublesome West Point toll plaza.

Now the Skyway (now under the lease ownership of the same company that runs the Indiana Toll Road) should do the same

ya right

Yesterday we read a story about the Skyway having all their lanes open. Wow, what a concept, utilizing all your infrastructure to help the very people who pay for it. It's nice those Nazis running the Skyway raised the price a $1.50 since they bought it from the city.

Can't wait until Daley sells Midway to some other foreigners. Maybe there will be a $5 curb-side drop-off fee at Midway.

And yes, the Illinois tollway would never dare waive tolls to save peoples' time. At least Indiana admitted their roads and infrastructure couldn't handle the rain and accommodated the public while the Illinois tollway does whatever it can in the time of construction and emergency, to continually collect tolls so they can make the mortgage payments on their Taj Mahal in Downers Grove.

Let the corruption continue, since we have no choice!

Taxed to Death in IL on September 16, 2008 10:41 PM

OmiGod. It must be 1980. They said the tolls would go away in 1980 right????

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