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Commissioners' suspension: Police chief Foster says he reported meeting to State Attorney's Office

Coral Springs Police Chief Duncan Foster has, in an e-mail to his department staff, said that he informed the State Attorney's Office about the meeting that took place between suspended Commissioners Tom Powers and Vince Boccard, and two police union officials.

“As you’ve heard, the media has been reporting of a meeting between two FOP officials and Commissioner Boccard and Commissioner Powers," Foster wrote in his e-mail. "The media reported that the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) was notified by a third officer. Unfortunately, while I have been out of town, there has been a lot of speculation about this “third officer” to the extent that I felt it was necessary to put out this email...When I was presented with the facts of the meeting, I felt compelled to contact the SAO because I felt it was the right thing to do. Although it was not reported in the paper, I have been candid and upfront about my contact with the State Attorney’s Office with City Hall, to the extent that an ongoing investigation would allow. My contact with the SAO has never been anonymous, nor will it ever be, if I feel it is necessary to contact them in the future.”

Boccard and Powers, who are accused of violating Florida sunshine laws, were suspended by Gov. Charlie Crist earlier this week after the Broward State Attorney’s Office filed charges against them. The two met with members of the local Fraternal Order of Police officials at Bru’s Sports Bar & Grill in Coconut Creek.

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