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Springs candidates want to fill suspended commissioners' seats

Even as Coral Springs gets ready to hold a special City Commission meeting Wednesday to discuss filling up of the two vacancies caused by the suspension of Commissioners Vince Boccard and Tom Powers, residents who are on the campaign trail for the elections in November say they are ready to step up and fill the seats.

Mark Gendal said he was the best candidate to fill one of the empty positions. "I plan tio apply for Tom Powers' seat but I want to see how it all plays out. Over the last few months, I have gained a tremendous following in the city; the residents want me to be commissioner. I have really worked hard."

Max Lashin, 20 and in the race to become mayor, said he planned on applying as well. "I think I have what it takes. I think what happened is really unfortunate but I am confident that the city will do what it has to do."

Larry Vignola, who has filed papers for Commission seat 3 that will become vacant in November as incumbent Roy Gold is running for Mayor, said he was definitely going to apply. "My experience in attending every city commission meeting in the last ten months gives me an advantage. I went to all the budget hearings; I know the issues that the city is facing. I know what people want."

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