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Deerfield Beach Middle School's Principal Named District Director

Five months after she was named Broward County’s principal of the year, Deerfield Beach Middle School Principal Christine Semisch has been named district director, one of four serving under the district’s new Superintendent, Robert W. Runcie.
On August 7, a press release announced that Deerfield Beach Middle School will have a new principal, Francine Baugh, formerly assistant principal at Deerfield Beach High School, and intern principal at Blanche Ely High School.
Prior to becoming administrator, Baugh taught English for six years and plans to continue her focus on classroom instruction and student learning.
The announcement that Deerfield Beach Middle would start the 2012-13 school year with a new principal comes three years after Semisch assumed the helm of a school roiled by two brutal student attacks. In 2009, DBMS student Michael Brewer was attacked off campus and burned by fellow students. On March 17 of the following year, another attack at a school bus stop left 15-year-old Josie Lou Ratley with irreversible brain damage.
Semisch instituted firm rules regarding things like uniforms and cell phone use and, earlier this year, Broward County schools recognized her role in restoring stability to the school by naming her the county’s principal of the year.
“It’s not really going to change anything for me,” she said at the time. “It’s a nice honor to be viewed as principal of the year in a district as large as Broward County…”
Gloria Robinson, the school’s employee of the year in 2011, was philosophical about Semisch’s departure. “We hate to see her go, but we know she’s not far,” she said. “You broaden your horizons and do different things.”


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