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From Sea to Shining Sea, Beachfront Festival to erupt in Song

Anyone who has ever wanted to learn about flash mobs, be part of a flash mob -- or just witness that melding of performance art and exhibitionism -- should turn out Saturday at the Deerfield Beach Festival of he Arts.

That's when, in a completely scripted moment on Saturday, anyone who can simultaneously remember the words to America the Beautiful while navigating the crowds at the festival will make their way to the Main Beach Parking lot and demonstrate that in a big way.

For those who can't distinguish one patriotic song from another, America the Beautiful is the one without the high note, and the one most appropriate for a beach-front art festival. It ends with the lyrics "from sea to shining sea."

"A random act of patroitism," is how it's billed on the email alerting volunteers. "there will be a festival-wide singing of America the Beautiful from where the festival begins at Hillsboro and ocean Way to where the exibitis end..."

The lyrics are attached.

"We need as many people as possible to join in. Just show up in front of the Main Beach Parking lot at 1:45 p.m.," said organizer T.J. Eagan, "or join in from whever you are."


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