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Hillsboro Beach Police Keeping Close Watch on Town Hot Spots

It is only occasionally that the police department report of activity in the Town of Hillsboro Beach has anything other than traffic infractions and burglaries. So when Police Chief Tom Nagy pointed out in his monthly police report to the town commission on May 7, that his department was keeping an eye on prostitution in the town, the reaction was -- predictable.
“In Hillsboro Beach?” asked Commissioner Javier Garcia.
Consider that the median age in the town of 2,300 is 65.4; consider that the last reportable incident was the pursuit of a thief in January -- and that the incident involved a police chase through the actual town itself and into the city of Pompano Beach -- and Garcia's incredulity is understandable. In fact, it was in Pompano Beach that the suspect involved in the chase -- James Britt-Thigpen -- was arrested. The actual theft – of a Honda Element – took place in Pinellas County, so the only place where Hillsboro Beach figured at all is the chase.
Before that, the biggest crisis faced by the town’s police department was more of a case for paramedics, and Deerfield Beach paramedics at that. Word arrived that a homeowner, housekeeper, police officers and a pet were recovering after being sickened by fumes from the running engine of a Rolls-Royce Phantom garaged at an oceanfront mansion on the 1100 block of Hillsboro Mile.
Said Nagy at the time. "When you save people's lives, it makes it all worthwhile."
So Garcia can be forgiven for being just a bit skeptical.
“It happens here,” Nagy responded to Garcia's question.
“It isn’t at my address, is it?” asked the ever- jocular Commissioner Jim Lambert.
That question Nagy dodged. “It is being watched carefully,” he said. “It is being taken care of as it comes up.”
Stay tuned...


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