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After January 30, 100 is a number they will never forget...

January 30 was a day to count on in area elementary schools -- really count. From Quiet Waters Elementary in the west to Lighthouse Point in the southeast, north Broward schools made the 100th day of school was spent turning tasty tidbits into tidy lessons in accounting.
"Students took part in special activities such as counting out 100 of an item by tens," explained Amy Ruguian of activities at Trinity Church in Lighthouse Point. "They made trail mix with 100 items – 10 pieces each of 10 different goodies ranging from Cheerios to gummy bears...."
Whether it was crackers or candy or cookies or cakes, it was carefully counted and, in the case of Trinity students, turned into craft projects as well.
1First Grader, Robert Odierna counts his Froot Loops
TCS2 – (l-r) Kindergarten students Riese Apfelberg and Troy Ganter count snacks for their trail mix
TCS3 – (l-r) First Graders, Heidi Maria Victoria
2For Kindergarten students Riese Apfelberg and Troy Ganter, a careful count of goldfish crackers was the first step in making trail mix.
First grader, Robert Odierna counted Froot Loops on his way to making a colorful bracelet, while Heidi and Maria Victoria thought even bigger; the first-graders made necklaces -- a matched set at that.


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