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DIfference between a psychic and a medium.

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The Responsibilities of a Metaphysical Practitioner 

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  • A Medium's purpose is to honor the messages of the otherside and to provide proof and evidence that a spirit is communicating.
  • A Psychic's purpose to provide validating information about the sitter's (the person being read) energy concerning their life issues and spiritual growth. A psychic should provide evidence that they are connecting to a sitter's energy. A psychic can draw from the evidence they channeled (without asking questions) the potential of a sitters future.
  • The goal of a Psychic & Psychic Medium is to open a  path that enlightens, empowers  and helps the sitter (the person being read) on their personal journey to see that energy is present in the physical world. Also, to be a resource to  help inspire  the sitter see that they have the ability to connect to that energy, be intuitive and feel the presence of their loved ones on the otherside.
  •              Metaphysical Practitioner will...........

     Provide validation (evidence) during the reading.

    Honor the sitter's free will to make choices.

    Present the information in a matter that will not cause harm to the sitter.

    Stop a Sitter from giving too much information during a reading to maintain the integrity of the reading.

    Not use a checklist of questions to dig for information (fishing). 

    Surrender their ego to see  that they have the ability to be wrong.

    Will understand the responsibility and impact that a reading can have on a sitter and will not foster a dependency of their work with a sitter.

    Back to chaos today? Not on my watch!

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    serene.jpg   "Today I will allow myself to feel the natural ability to feel serene but very much empowered to shape and control my day. .I am empowered to make my day what I want it to be."

     Okay, if you are like most people have been thrown back in to the world or REALITY and I do not mean of the TV kind.

    After a very long winter and practically no spring in Connecticut, we were treated to a day when a holiday and BEAUTIFUL weather coincided! We deserved it!

     Yesterday I spent the  majority of the day at a beautiful vineyard in Wallingford CT.  The scenery and okay a glass of wine...well okay two, gave me a sense of peace and relaxation. My mind wandered as I took in  the beauty all around me. I turned into a day of serenity and peace.

     I feel that  you too to have the power to transform and transport your self when you need and want to. Yes w all have the responsibilities of life. But connecting to the peace is paramount to gaining your self empowerment


    Try this daydream meditation to either battle chaos or even a day that feels slow.....

     Think of a serene calming picture in your mind.

    With that picture, make a statement that fits the goals of how you want to FEEL today.

    Recount this picture when you need to feel empowered. Then see if this picture changes or if people or things are added to your minds eye.(this could be your intuition helping you)

    Give yourself permission to feel in control of your day.

    Create a statement of energy that seals your intention.

    For example

     "Today I will allow myself to feel the natural ability to feel serene but very much empowered to shape and control my day. .I am empowered to make my day what I want it to be."

     By Angelina Diana



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    Dear Angelina,

      I listen to you on the radio and appreciate the kindness and wisdom. Can you help me with a question about soul mates. I am so confused. How can I feel so connected to two men. I am with my boyfriend for 5 years and now  I met someone and I can not stop thinking of him. Can you have more than one soul mate. We connect in a way that I have never felt. We have conversations and exchanges that make me feel like I have known him for years. I am trying NOT to get drawn to him physical but it is starting to be a struggle. How can this be that I feel for my boyfriend and now feel the same if not more intensity with my new "friend".

    Thank you



    Dear Maggie,

      I believe that you can have more than one soul mate. The question to ask is did you feel that same pull with your boyfriend of 5 years? If you did not I am not saying you should leave him. I feel it just illustrates that we can feel automatically drawn to someone for many reasons.  We could have the same energy and spiritually they were sent to us..... and us to them.... to helps us through this hard life.Ssometimes it can mean that we did have a romantic relationship with them in another lifetime. I personally feel that it is rare to feel that dramatic pull towards someone more than one time. I only say that because that has been my experience. I have only felt it once and it has been a fairly new experience for me. So I do not know how to be in this situation either. So I will share with you what I far.


     How you decide to express that connection is a physical world decision that you have to make as an adult but  I do believe that people come into your live for a reason and because life can be hard in this physical  world- The timing of it should not be questioned but rather celebrated!


       If you are drawn together, talk about parallels in your life that the two of you share and you may decide to make this person a deep friend for life and/or you may decide to make them a lover/romatic partner as well.  Some folks believe like I do , that this person might have had a stronger connection to you in another lifetime. That they are part of a bigger circle of energy you will learn about after you cross over.


     So I feel that the  pull and draw towards them should, be honored in some way. Some people in my field do not agree with that statement only because it can muddy up some of your current connections. That is what is happening to you. You are confused. Maybe because you love your boyfriend and the feelings of the sexual draw towards the new man is scaring you. You are afraid that you will be unfaithful. In that case, you should be careful about how much time you spend with the new connection.


    The biggest challenge  for you sounds like your physical attraction to him. That is a hard one to overcome. The best thing to do is honor the help , guidance and trust that you are building with all of your soul mates. Feel fortunate that you have the attraction in your life.  Let them know that you appreciate them as a person in the world. Take the support and connection as it comes into your life. It is there because you need it.  Try to use what this new person is giving you to enhance your current relationship. I sense you to be a smart girl and that you current relationship is a little stale. Spice things up girl! The answer will come to you soon. PLEASE give me feedback on this. I want to be sure I helped you.

    Thanks for the kind words



    We open with 4 QUESTIONS that have the same theme.

    From Rosie  Well my husband passed in April and milestones are happening .ie my son graduated last night..turned 18 june daughter 16 in sept..etc. Are they really still w/ us celecbrating ??

    From Tracey  Just need to know if my parents are ok. Thank you for all that you do.

    From Ashley Ann my fiance pasted away 3 months ago. I try  to talk to him but i just dont feel his with me anymore. I miss him so much. I look  for signs but i dont thnk hes with me :( wat should i do? how can I  talk  to him or have him show me he still loves me and hes watching over me. I just want him  to let me know that its okay to live and move foward :(

    Mary-Lynn Labonty I've always wondered if someone wants to get a message through some how they will right?

    From Angelina Diana Rosie,Tracey Mary,  and Ashley first let me say how sorry I am for your losses. I believe that your loved ones are very much with you. It is hard to go through the milestones without them, feel like they are okay or not find the signs. I feel we have a very hard time seeing , feeling and hearing them because the grief is so strong. Even when the signs ARE there, they pale in existence compared to having them back physically.

     Whenever we feel in missing mode, we feel the need for them to prove that they are with us. It is natural for us to what them to show us a physical sign like blinking lights, playing our song or even a penny. But there are other ways to communicate with them and this would be the technique that mediums use and that is feeling hearing and seeing them from within. When you are ready,  I want you to try to send them a conversation in your mind. Give them a sign by sending thought, feeling and then using your inner voice to talk them. Keep a journal expressing these gifts and signs that YOU send them. Then ask them to continue the conversation in your dreams or in the physical world.. Please stay in touch and let me know how this is working for you. I will be thinking of you today.

     I will be teaching this technique at my Enfield CT seminar- Connect and Readings event.  Details here. 


    From Tam One thing I am curious about is when you see or receive different signs/symbols in your life and these signs evoke a certain feeling, what is your opinion as to whether these are simply coincidence.

    From Angelina Diana  Tam, Please read the answer above. If we start the conversation with them, the signs will make more sense and not feel like coincidence because they will echo what we know we asked them. Sometimes they start conversations with us. With those signs we need to trust that what we are seeing hearing and feeling is them and then ask them to validate it physically. The fact that you said "signs that evoke a certain feeling" show me that you received that information like a medium does. Most mediums sense spirit from within. A person who is missing is asking the otherside to send it physically. Switch the process, start from within and feel hear and see them, then ask for the physical validation. Again, I will be sharing this process at my seminar on July 31st. Thank you!


    From John Angelina my spirit guide refuses to answer this question? and I dont know why. People that believe in reincarnation will ask if your loved ones past many years before you pass over. Then how could they be waiting for you if they were reincarnated?

    From Angelina Diana

    John I feel that guides do not give us the answer BUT they empower us by guiding us to understand our ability to  enhance our wisdom to gain the knowledge to find the answer ourselves. They are put in place so eventually we see how incredible our spirit is and that we have everything we need to be.  So your guides won't tell you the answer to this question but they will guide you to find it therefore helping you see your growth as a spiritual being. I hope that makes sense. So when you feel you "get the answers" from your guides they really want you to see how you got it yourselves. Of course they have "guided" but our spark of inner creation or higher self actually found the answer.

    What I have come to believe it that we are just a piece of a huge spiritual soul group. That we can not even comprehend the enormity of this big ball of light that we are a part of. So when we cross over, we are rejoining a familiar community and bringing the gifts of our lessons there. We have knowledge of a deeper connection of why we lived this certain life and our soul community gains healing. We are aware of our relationships for this live time. But imagine the amazing love we feel when we know why we went through what we did in each live time. It is a deep love that we only brush the surface of in one lifetime. Eventually our soul group makes a decision as to whether to start the cycle of reincartion or to stay put and allow this spiritual knowledge to benefit your soul group. The goal is to combine with other soul community as we learn lessons and become even bigger. You know that feeling of just meeting someone  and you find yourself saying to them  " if feel like I have know you forever" There is a reason for that.

    John I have known you to be a student of this work for ever. I appreciate your dedication. So I want to challenge you to see your own amazing gift of spiritual wisdom. You guides do not need credit for that just a thank you for the guidance!


    From Jeannine   have had such a hard time right now and the "friends" in my house are making themselves known again. I am comtemplating backruptcy, I am having health issues due to the stress. Please give me some light!

    FROM ANGELINA DIANA   First I am sorry that you are going through stress. Sending you positive light. Okay so this is very interesting to me! Can you see a pattern here Jeannine.  You are having issues and you feel the energy of people around you. When the challenges of the physical world get you down, do you tend to retreat within. If so you are blocking out the physical world and NOW becoming sensitive to energy around you. Remember they are always with us. So you are probably sensing them like a medium does.  They are there to support you. Thank them and gain strength to know you are not alone is this!

    From Lynnette How do u help a child who may have some psychic capabilities when they are scared?

    From Angelina Diana Some of the fear that a child feels is the unknown.  Also when they fear, it means they are gaining knowledge about some of the non truths about this work. That can shut down psychic ability. Like for example, some fears that TV and movies have created is the otherside can hurt you or that our future is set stone. Meaning, if I see it , it WILL happen. Now  imagine what would happen to a child if they dream something that is borderline a representation of real life and the future. And the dream is negative. This could create fear. A parent has to draw the line of how a child uses their abilities at a young age. But also balance the development of it.

     When addressing psychic ability, or your future, helping them to understand the power of free will, our ability to make decisions and change their future is paramount. You will also be teaching them self empowerment of making the right choices and balancing what their gut is telling them to do. 

     So I say to parents, do not have your young child predict the future of others when you can have them use this ability to strengthening their own  free will. Teach themselves to use it to help their path. NEVER have them become a novelty of "Look what my child can do they can read you."

     If you have them see their ability to help themselves with this work, if they are meant to help others, that will be a natural path they will take.  Hope this makes sense!


    From Wendy Are you able to get in touch with animals, people's pets? Alive or passed?

    From Angelina Diana Yes, I seem to do this. I believe we all can if we have the desire. Our animals stay within their own soul group of other animals but I believe that they stay connected to us. Even when we crossover.

    From Tammy How about...mothers and children having 'connections' they are so in tuned, they can start a conversation out of the blue, that the other one is THINKING? ...AND it's usually about a loved one that has passed.

    From Angelina Diana Hi Tammy. Great question. There are two things happening in your question. Regarding the "connections" between mother and children. There is a strong enough bond that you can finish each other sentences or anticipate thought because of telepathy. Your bond creates and opening sending and or receiving thought. This is because of love. How beautiful! Now as far as the otherside. Sometimes a child can pick up on spirit and can talk about the otherside because they are open to receiving. The other thing that happens is the otherside can send thought to the both of you at the same time and they are ways to say hello and validate. for example how often have you had the similar dream that your daughter had about the otherside. This is how they reach us, the validation is that you both had similar messages....

    From Mary Ryan I have a co-worker who's parents died within a week of each other recently. The one that passed first was very sick, the other was doing well and died very unexpectedly. I also know of someone who's parents died on the same day. One had ...been sick, the healthier one passed first and then the afternoon the very sick parent passed. It was almost like the healthier one was paving the way for his spouse. Is there a spiritual connection to this happening, when spouses pass so close together.

    From Angelina Diana

    Mary I believe you have answered your question. It is the spiritual connection. I also believe that we have been sent down to be an example for others. That we can be lessons for others to learn from. I believe that people can pass close in time so we can see the measure of love and bonding. So we can perhaps gain more appreciation for life and what is possible spiritually with the intention of love. Situations like you have shared, makes us all pause and think about our connections right. It makes us look deeper about how we have lived our lives and how we will feel when we get closer  to our journey on the otherside.

    Tina Fichera Angelina hello :) what those who pass by accidental overdose? It happened to my nephew my sweet boy, I know he never wanted to die there is no closure here how do we move on?

    From Angelina Diana I am so so sorry for your loss Tina. Moving on. It is the hardest. I feel we never get over our grief but as time goes on , we learn to balance it better between our tears and living our every day life. We have have moments of hope that we will see them again. And we will, by taking moments to honor them and trying to do things that they would do. For example ,when we feel strong enough try to take on their whisper of their energy by listening to their favorite music or helping a charity that represents their energy. They will find a way to send you a sign. Please be good to yourself as you balance your feeling of loss and trying to move on. We do honor them by trying to continue on. Hug...

    From Tammy  For like the past few months it semms that every time I check the clock it's either 1:11 or 11:11! It's freaking me out now because every time I see one's ( like when the tornado struck on 6/1/11) I feel like it's a sign!  But a sign of what???? Please give me some insight!


    From Karyn  I listen to you on the radio in the morning on my way to work in Spfld. You once talked about numbers and their relevance. For the past two/three months 747 has been coming up for me on clocks, license plates, etc... I am trying to figure out what the meaning is. Any thoughts?

    From Angelina Diana I feel when we are being drawn to numbers we have sent a flag up to the otherside or our guides that we are paying attention. We spend alot of time embedded in the physical world. We have to because we are still...physical. So when we start to notice it the first time, I feel they might send it again just to say hello. So the question to ask you is what do those numbers mean to you? Are they connect to someone on the otherside? If so they are saying hello. So now acknowledge it and try to expand the conversation to it has more meaning.

    If this number is not connected, you have just created a psychic awareness of this pattern and you are creating this pull. Use this to test you ability to sense energy to develop your intuition!


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    ....A view from the otherside

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    ..View From The Otherside
    Felt, heard and seen during a meditation by Angelina Diana Psychic Medium
      I see you tossing and turning in bed. It is fascinating to me that I can I feel your worries. I watch your breathing. It starts to slow, as if to signal that rest and more importantly, your dreams will take over. But your mind and your sadness are so strong.  Your mind wins again. So I wait.......

    You were always a bad sleeper but now it is worse. I only sense hopelessness in you now. I understand why you could feel this way. You feel that we are separated. Yet, I know I am here. I AM HERE. So here,  I am filled with wonderment that I can feel content at this moment just watching and waiting  for you to slip into the complete and utter darkness of sleep and into the the light of your dreams....closer to me.  

     I now know and someday you will learn  that the slow ticking of time can seem like an eternity in the physical world until we see each other again- but really.... it is a blink of time compared to how long we will eventually spend together. I wish I could make you focus on that but I understand it hard to shake the sadness. The mind is a powerful thing,and  the body, now I know, is so needy. I remember that feeling. Hard to shake I recall but now I am free and light. My thoughts can move like lighting speed into the physical world. Most of my thoughts go un-noticed but sometimes, you grab on to them. I get your attention and for  that fraction of a second we are joined and you smile with the possibility that we are together. To you these moments seem fleeting but for me, they are moments that you have gained a spark of understanding of what this is all about. Life, love, and living, is so much deeper that what your see physically. It what is felt, experienced and shared.  US, picturing US under a huge tree of life, and when we want, we can pick off an apple and experience the juicy sweet taste, together. Our connection now, from your view is limited but for me is endless. When we connect now, you dismiss it as a memory, or coincidence and then in a blink of an eye  heaviness, missing and grief wash over you again.  I do not feel sad. I do not miss you because....
    .I am always here.
    I watch you, in your half sleep. Your mind, it is full of the physical world, dipping and cresting like the ocean preparing for high tide. If only you could just release yourself to the concept that I am right here. As I watch you breath   I try to seep into your pattern of sleep. You are falling deeper into rest and I decide to make my move and  dive into your thoughts where I sense your regret about us, how I died, how matters where handled  and how you did not get to say good bye.
    I work hard against your dream thoughts to send  you this notion.    That  with all the matters that haunt you in your sleep about my death, you have forgotten that I lived.
    I send you a hug and kiss in your dreams
     and this wish....
    That you remember I am always here, even when
    you are distracted by the earthly problems of the day
    And my love, my only ...a heartbeat a way....
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    Signs From The Otherside

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    ball.jpgDear Angelina
    I had two signs about a year ago from my father.  I've been waiting for 20 years for him to send me a sign.  I need to connect to him so bad.  He sent me two signs about a year ago when I was having trouble dealing with my aging mom.  She is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease and I was somewhat frustrated with her.  My dad had given her a jewelry box with a ballerina inside that used to spin and play music when you opened the jewelry box.  It's been broken for years and the ballerina never spins and the music never plays.  This particular day when I had reached my highest level of frustration with my mother I happened to open the jewelry box and the ballerina spun and the music played for just a few seconds.  I was in tears! I knew he was in the room trying to encourage me to do my best with the situation.  Later that morning I went into my mom's apartment. She had a grandfather clock that was my dads.  He cherished that clock, but she doesn't take care of the clock like he used to so the bells never sound on the hour like they should.  That morning after the jewelry box played I went into my mom's apartment and as I was walking past the grandfather clock the bells sounded and then stopped.  I was so touched.  It was so emotional.
    Thank you - Elena
    Dear Elena
      Thank you for sharing your validations. It shows us that if we pay attention to the the energy that is around us. They are there, supporting us, joined with us and giving us the proof that they are "together on the journey" with us!
    Angelina Diana
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    Can our dreams predict the future?

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    Can our dreams predict the future?

    From Shauna
    YOUR GREAT I LISTEN ALL THE TIME (kiss 957) . is it normal to dream things and then have them become reality? is it intuition? it happens a lot to me.


    Thank you Shauna....

    Okay it has all happened to us, right?

    We are mid-stream into a conversation and without warning, the person we are talking to, seems to be uttering a familiar tune! Their lips slow down to a familiar sounds or phrase, that we swear, we have heard before. But, this moment is felt even deeper than just a recalled memory. We feel we have lived this moment! We are temporarily stunned. We think, how could this brief encounter hold so much meaning? They were just a few words uttered in a passing conversation.

    We know this to be déjà vu. But what is this. A small slice of a conversation yes, but a moment that feels more personal.

    I want you to think about the concept that you have not lived that moment but that you are actually recalling a dream you had!

    Okay okay sounds impossible right?

    But first, you have to admit it. You have experienced it.  But like most people, you reason it away or ignore it and ground yourself back into the moment. and forget about it.

    Well, instead of thinking you lived this moment before, did you ever think of the possibility that you had a dream of that moment.  Then why do we only get stimulated when a few words are spoken? Why so fragmented? Well we tend to remember our dreams in fragments....right? So. it stands to reason we would recall them in our waking hours this way! So ,  yes. it is very possible that you might have just received a glimpse of the future. It is food for thought.

    This concept had been around for a long time. For you science junkies out there , let me back this up with a little scientific history......

    Émile Boirac was a French parapsychologist and first coined the phrase in 1876 in a letter that appeared in "Review Philosophique." He described the term "metagnomy" or better known as clairvoyance. Simply defined as the ability to see beyond present time. Borirac also was know to conduct experiments on an Italian medium Eusapia Palladino. He held experiments in hypnotic phenomena such as the induction of sleep and how our senses can be transported beyond present time!

    Pretty cool! SO this thought that a déjà vu could be a glimpse of the future is pretty exciting. Imagine if you were able to write down your dreams, be more active or lucid in them. Even native American Indians as well as many other cultures, would use dreams to gain direction about their future. They would even use dreams to get advice on how gain protection about their culture and village by interpreting their dreams. We are so grounded in what the physical would tells us we have forgotten to trust our natural psychic intuition engine. OUR DREAMS......

    Many psychics and mediums have these thoughts and beliefs because many tend to be grounded not in the physical but sometimes in the world of dream. Some seems to be loopy and distance. Almost disconnected to the physical world. If we want to survive, and psychic mediums,  we need to work on grounding ourselves into the physical world so we do not seem too out of step with society. Being judged by thinking out of the box. This very fact , could easily anyone  away from the concept that they too can see or feel the future through dreams.

    I mean who would want to be judged for thinking they can see the future or even that you can still be connected to your loved ones on the otherside. Personally, judgement is a huge lesson for me in this lifetime. I have recently come to the conclusion that speaking your truth about what you receive, with a loving intention, is worth the risk of judgement  It can bring you to a deeper understanding of your path and confirmation of who is really on your side in this lifetime.

    Try to write your dreams down and see if you have the ability to remember your dreams and connect them to future events! Good luck and let me know what you find! See if they give a glimpse of your path.

    Angelina Diana

    Take a dream poll!

    Take a dream poll!


    What does your birthday say about you?

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    Angelina Talks a little about Numerology!

    What does your birthdate say about you?:

    Numerology Whats in a Number?

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    Basic meaning of numbers. There are many for each but here is a basic outline


    1  Leader or the beginning of a journey. Fresh starts and new beginning

    2. Ying yang push or pull. relationships

    3 Growth and expansion. fertility.

    4.foundaton. security healing

    5 hurricane force. change

    6 family

    7 inner thoughts introspection. higher for of number 1

    8 karmic energy. spiritual growth

    9 teacher ending


    There are many ways and facets to your life that you can do your numerology.

    Master Number

    that number never changes. It is the number that expresses you and your life's lessons.

    Formula to learn your Master number

    Using your full birth-date. Add each individual number and ad until you have one digit. See example below

    June 4 1944


    6+4+1+9+4+4 = 28

    Remember you need one digit

    so add

    2+8  = 10

    still need one digit

    1+0= 1


    So if you were born in that date you would be a 1.

    Looking at the chart above


    1  Leader or the beginning of a journey. Fresh starts and new beginning

    There are many ways to use numerology. You can even do  a personal year to see what energy you will be in year to year. You can even do month to month!

    For more information on numerology or to learn more. Check out Angelina's seminars and classes.