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Lottery: Powerball, Florida Lotto jackpots grow again

How does the entire state of Florida not have a single person who would play 07-09-10-24-32-52?

Florida Lotto again had no winner Wednesday night, boosting the top jackpot to $52 million.

Nobody picked 06-14-32-38-52 with a Power Ball of 20 on Wednesday night.

Powerball now will hit $212 million.

Like I said last week, we're so overdue.

The numbers Saturday in Powerball and Florida Lotto:

Powerball, the game played in 41 states, D.C. and the Virgin Islands, hasn't hit in a month, , when it hit for $211 million in New Jersey. We've had only one Florida winner ever. It was Oct. 3, when Orlando's Dr. William Steele hit for $189 million.

The Florida Lotto, our state game, hasn't had a winner since Feb. 3.

The next drawings are Saturday.