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Lottery: Someone hit $258.5 million Powerball Wednesday night


Powerball finally hit its $258.5 million jackpot, and it wasn't here.

The winning ticket was sold in Missouri, and is the first time since March 13 someone hit all the numbers. The winning numbers were 11-34-41-49-55. The Powerball was 20. The Powerball folks had projected the jackpot to be $252 million-plus, and a runup of last-minute ticket sales pushed it to $258.5, they say. It had rolled over 10 times since March 17.

It was sold at at a convenience store called Break Time in Marshall, home of Missouri Valley College.

The next drawing is Saturday, and the jackpot will be for only $20 million.

Meanwhile, the Florida Lotto had no winner Wednesday night, and that jackpot will go up to $4 million on Saturday. The winning numbers were: 14-22-27-49-50-52.