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Another Luau? Yes, Please!

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So a couple weeks back I attended yet another luau themed party.  This time it was the "Luau On The Block"block party hosted by Black Bear Hartford and Up Or On The Rocks.  As always there is lots of really good photographic evidence that this event actually happened.  Let's take a look:

So when I went back through the photos I couldn't help but notice the large amount of photo-bombing that went on.  If there is one thing I love in our galleries it's photo-bombs, especially ones like these...

There's "Girl with what looks like a hot dog sticking out of her mouth" photo bomber:

Thumbnail image for luau3.jpg
There's "Guy pretending to pick his nose, but actually picking his nose" photo bomber:

There's "Hey look at me, I'm over here, please pay attention to me" photo bomber:

There's "Can I please sneak into your picture and pretend we are friends even though I'm wearing a yellow shirt" photo bomber:

Finally there was "Creepy creepers lurking in the dark" photo bombers:

luau7.jpgBut not every memory includes a photo-bomber.  Case in point, this guy thought I was made of cheese and tried to eat me:

These two would later get into a slap fight over who would get to hang out with me (psst, buddy, I would rather hang out with her, just saying...):

And this gentleman apparently had an arm growing out of his shoulder that his friend on the left there is clearly still uncomfortable with:

All in all another stellar night on the streets of Hartford.  Thanks to our friends at Black Bear for having us out.  Make sure you check out the rest of our Luau On The Block photos as well!  Until next time my friends...


Happy Birthday Liquid Lounge!

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So our friends at The CT Science Center celebrated the two-year anniversary of their quarterly party known as Liquid Lounge.  I have to say it doesn't feel like two years.  Time flies when you're having fun I suppose (or when you have no concept of time, but whatever).  So, of course, I couldn't resist heading down to the Science Center once again to get my party on.  Here's some photos of my trip:

See the guy on the right there with the shiny red shirt?  See the two pretty girls standing with him?  I'm guessing his eyes are closed because he's praying he gets to hang out with them the rest of the night.  I'm saying it's just a guess.  A hunch, if you will.   

The poor guy on the right was jealous because his lady friend wouldn't sit on his lap like his friends.  So I was asked to take her place and happily obliged...which now that I'm thinking about it was kind of creepy... 


These are our new friends in the Sea Tea Improv troop.  So when we asked if they wanted their picture taken they happily agreed...then all started to get down on one knee.  I'm not sure what the hell they were trying to improvise here but it makes for a good picture. 

So they had someone there making balloon hats and I'm not going to lie - these were some amazing and intricate balloon hats.  But with that said no grown man should ever be caught on camera looking like a Balloon Viking.  I'm sorry but there isn't enough beer at this party to justify this look. 

Once again Liquid Lounge was a rousing success and we'd again like to extend many thanks to our friends at the CT Science Center.  Make sure you check out our other Liquid Lounge photos at!

Hello Comcast Theater!

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So thanks to our wonderful friends at Live Nation, yours truly will be making several appearances at the Comcast Theater in Hartford this summer.  It started last week as I double-dipped for the WCCC Big Gig on Friday night and Jason Aldean on Sunday night.  Here's some photos from my weekend:

First lesson I learned on Friday night was that if you get your photo taken with three dudes (or two dudes and a chick), the goofiest of the three will always be in the middle.  Exhibits A, B & C:

The poor guy in the front here was so excited to get his picture taken with me that he fell down and hurt himself.  Luckily paramedics were on the scene and we gave it another go:

248179760-21052020.JPGI told these ladies about the guy behind them who was staring at them and they got all nervous and giggly.  I think maybe he was someone famous I don't recognize?   I think it's Tom Bergeron.

I don't know what the hell is happening in this next picture.  I'm kinda glad I'm not in it though...

Next up was the Jason Aldean concert where the crowd was a little bit younger and a whole lot drunker.  Case in point, below.  Do you think the girl on the right is slightly embarrassed by the the other two.  Maybe just a little... 

273584300-23120422.jpgOh I'm sorry!  Is your opportunity to get your picture taken with me interrupting your phone call?!?

These guys won the "Chet look-a-like contest"...except we didn't have the heart to tell them we weren't running one that night. 

If I wasn't enough of a creeper this woman's hand makes me look like I'm licking my chops. O.k., so maybe I was, don't judge. 

This young lady was crazy enough to friend me on Facebook and then say we were in an "open relationship" (true story, look it up).  In hindsight I think those heart-shaped stress balls we handed out were probably a bad idea.

Lastly, I couldn't agree more with this guys t-shirt.  Stay classy Connecticut!

Thanks again to our friends at Live Nation.  Can't wait to see you all at a show this summer!

Liquid Loung Luau

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Every few months hundreds of people flock to the CT Science Center for a night of drinking, mingling, and toys.  The Science Center's Liquid Lounge events are quickly becoming a staple of the Hartford nightlife scene.  I had the privilege to accompany some of my co-workers to the most recent Liquid Lounge on February 10.  Here's some photos of my trip:


Mental note to anyone who wants to get their picture taken with me:  Do not stuff my nose into your arm pit.  There is not enough Old Spice in the world to make that o.k. 




We are pretty sure this woman was trying to hypnotize us.  It almost worked. 


Check out the photo-bomber in the background.  We love photo-bombers.  We actually encourage it.  In fact there's a pretty good chance that if you photo-bomb one of our photos it's going to wind up on our website.  Just saying.   


We assmued the guy on the right is just giving us a faux dirty look to be silly.  The guy on the left though honestly looks like he wants to fight.  What's up with that?  Maybe his shoes are too tight or his heart is two sizes too small.  Can't we all just get along? 


I don't think we have to say anything excpet that any party that brings out pirates is a seriously killer party. 


I just like the fact that the way this guy is holding my head it makes me look like some cartoon vampire.  I could make a crude comment about sucking blood, but I'll hold off for now.  Let it never be said that Chet was without couth.   


I'm sure the guy on the far left is very nice...but in this picture he's straight up stalker.  Adding to the creepiness of it is the cartoon bird winking at us.  I'm not sure how I didn't wind up in this photo but seems like I would have fit right it. 


As you can see fun was had by all.  We'd like ot thank our friends at the Connecticut Science Center.  Make sure you check out the rest of our photos from Liquid Lounge as well.   

Thanks for reading!

New Year's Eve @ Black Bear

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Long time, no see friends.  I hope all of you reading this had a safe and happy holiday season and New Year!  On New Year's Eve we decided to head down to one of our favorite watering holes in Hartford - Black Bear.  As usual there were lots of pretty people, the dance floor was packed and the booze was flowing.  Which, of course, is to say that we got some fun pictures of yours truly with some unsuspecting party goers.  Here's a sample:


My favorite part of this picture is the guy on the left in the back.  He looks a little scared doesn't he?  There are numerous reasons why he could be.  I'd like to think he was distraught thinking about poor Macaulay Culkin after Mila Kunis dumped him. 



Hmm.  Where to begin with this photo.  I could start with the guy in the middle who looks like he just smelled a bad fart or maybe the guy next to him who looks like he just farted.   Clearly the smell hasn't wafted over to the pretty girl with them...or she's too polite to say anything.   



Classic case of 3rd Wheel Syndrome here.  Don't worry little buddy.  You'll find a nice girl someday soon.  Side note: Does anyone else think the 2011 glasses people were wearing make them look a little like Maddy-Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series?    



The guy in the black shirt was way too excited to be in this photo I think.  Either that or we found our mystery farter from the other picture... 



You know that beer commercial where they make fun of the dude for wearing his sunglasses at night in the bar.  Did you think to yourself, 'nah, nobody could be that much of a dork.'  Guess again...



Thanks again to our friends at Black Bear Hartford for their continuing hospitality.  Until next time kids.


So I won't be blogging at all this weekend because I'll be sleeping to prep for this week.  Not only do we have the Manchester Road Race on Thursday morning, but the night before is extra special for those who like to imbibe.  "Black Wednesday" as it is lovingly called, has become a right of passage for those who like to get stupid drunk for no reason other than it's a night before a holiday...and we plan on taking as many pictures of the debauchery as possible.  So the following is a working list of all the places we plan on pit-stopping in Hartford to grab photos.  So if you want to be famous (and by famous I mean have your photo taken with a giant green and white head and thrown up on a website) then look for Chet and his ladies on Wednesday night at one of these following locales:

The Russell - Pratt St.

Tamarand Grill - Pratt St.

Vaughn's - Pratt St.

Room 960 - Main St.

City Steam - Main St.

McKinnon's - Asylum St.

Pig's Eye - Asylum St.

Pour House - Allyn St.

Palace - Allyn St.

Black Bear - Allyn St.

Up or On the Rocks - Allyn st.

Federal Café - Union Place


It's a working list so changes may be made but there's a pretty good chance that your friend Chet will be out taking photos at one of these fine establishments when you walk in the door.  See you then!


There may be no event in the entire state that screams Connecticut as much as the Manchester Road Race.  This isn't your typical 5k.  Held every year on Thanksgiving morning this traditional run has turned into an event with an almost circus-like atmosphere.  What makes it so, in part, is the fact that hundreds and hundreds of people dress up (and run!) in costume.  This year has the honor of hosting the annual Manchester Road Race costume contest.  Our folks will be set up at the dancing bear statue right in front of Center Park in downtown Manchester from 8-10 a.m.  Anyone in costume is welcome to enter the costume contest (free to enter and there are no age restrictions so families are welcome!).  Voting for the costume contest will be housed on and will run through Thanksgiving weekend.  The best part?  The winner of the costume contest receives a brand new HP laptop courtesy of Kaplan Computers!  What?!?  Yes, a laptop.  Crazy.  Now I just need help deciding what I'm going to dress as.  I was thinking either Vegas showgirl or "sexy nun"  but I'm taking suggestions, so feel free to comment with any you might have.  See you Thanksgiving morning!


Until next time,


Green Gala @ The CT Science Center

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So a couple weeks back we attended the Green Gala at The CT Science Center.  Anyone who's ever attended one of their Liquid Lounge events knows how fun it is when you mix alcohol with science exhibits after hours.  This particular event though was to celebrate the Science Center going even greener than they already were (seriously though, how do those waterless urinals work?!?).  Here are some photos of the awesome night we had:


I had to get my photo taken with this person simply because it may be the coolest costume I have ever seen.  Could you imagine trick-or-treating in this though?  Actually you could just stand in your neighbor's yards and I'm sure when you make a move kids would drop their candy as they run away.




I love when people find new, and ingenious ways to hold me for photos.  The "make it look like Chet is throwing up my arm" is a new one though.  Touche my friend.  Touche.




I had to look this up - Popeye is 81 years old!  He doesn't look a day over 60.  Must be all that spinach.



By now, you should all know how much I like getting my picture taken with pretty ladies.  I couldn't tell if this pretty lady was winking at me or had something in her eye.  When I went to ask her she yelled "Yarrr" and it all made sense... 


Thanks again to our friends at The CT Science Center for another fabulous night.  Can't wait for the next Liquid lounge on November 11!!! 

Until next time...

New England Comic Con

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So the weekend of 10/15-16 we travelled a little bit outside of our normal range of events and headed up to Boston to attend the New England Comic Con.  I mean, really, how could we not embrace our inner nerd and check this out?  We are both happy and sad to report that we were the only folks in attendance NOT dressed in a get up from Star Wars, a Batman movie or a video game.  Not really, but it sure felt that way at times.  Then again would you really expect anything less from an event like this one.  Here's some photos of our trip:


Where to begin with this one...I was perfectly happy hanging out with Wonder Woman when the dude in the spandex pajamas wanted to get in on that.  Plus check out the sign behind Womder Woman...Laser Orgy?!?  I'm still not sure what laser orgy is exactly but judging by how excited Spandex Pajama Man got I'm guessing it's awesome.



Who ya gonna call?...not these guys...



Is it me or is the dude on the right looking a little serial killer/stalker-ish?  By the way, this young lady wrestles in the TNA league.  Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up.



This guy has appeared on the hit TV show, Jackass.  I incorrectly made the assumption that it meant I could bash him right in the nuts but I was sadly mistaken.  Apparently, you actually have to be on the show to do that.  Who knew. 



Honestly mom, I swear I didn't go up there looking to make out with any comic book nerd chicks.  This young lady was really into the idea though.  I'm not going to lie...I was frightened.  



America, you can rest easy as I am here to report a whole new generation of nerd is being properly reared in our great nation.  Sleep well tonight America, you are obviously protected from any unsanctioned droid attacks. 



I speak for all of us when I say that I truly can not wait for our next Comic Con experience.  I'm working now on getting my Chewbacca costume ready.  Until next time... 

The Connecticut Renassaince Faire

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O.k., so I know every event I blog about I tell you about how awesome and unique it is, but seriously there are not many places you will attend in CT as awesome and unique as the CT Ren Faire.  I'm sure most of you have this vision of stepping into a live-action roll playing game and in all honesty there are certainly moments when that is the case (and it's awesome!) but in reality the Ren Faire offers so much more than just fun get-ups and fake English accents.  Plus for those of you who are like myself and don't like playing dress up you will find comfort in the fact that dressing up is not required to attend and certainly not required to have a good time.  With that said check out some photos from our trip to the Faire:

Some of the attire is quite authentic.  In order to stay in character though they made sure their food was as well.  Gruel anyone?

56366134.jpgOne word for you all out there.  Do not play any games of chance with these ladies.  You will lose and by lose I mean be forced into marriage and life as a gypsy...o.k. so maybe that's not that bad.

56366177.jpgI'm not going to lie to you.  This man frightened me.     



Someone once asked me afterwards what my favorite part of the Ren Faire was.  I almost blurted out the word "Cleavage!" but gained my composure at the last moment.  (Seriously though, lots and lots of cleavage.)


Say hello to the Queen of Hearts loyal subjects.  Possibly more important say hello to the guy stuck in the wall in the background you could pay $2 to throw tomatoes at.  He deserved it though as he said one of our travelling party looked like a homeless person (I mean, it's true but you shouldn't say such things out loud.) 


This is our street team member Dragan.  He was put in the stocks for a myriad of reasons, including "tomfoolery" and "shenanigans".  If we were a newspaper or a different TV station we might call this photo "A Dragan is Captured at The Ren Faire" but we aren't, so we won't. 


The photos probably don't even do the Ren Faire justice. I have to tell you that if you are looking for an awesome day filled with jousting, amazing food and a guy you can throw tomatoes at for insulting you then you best be getting on your trusty steed and heading to Hebron. 

Until next time,