July 26, 2009

Entourage: URLs change, blogging doesn't

Hello my dear Entouragers.

We've got ourselves a new URL to celebrate Season Six. Actually, it's because all of newsday.com moved to different servers and completely redesigned its Web sites. But, we'll pretend it's for the return of "Entourage."

You can find us now at http://www.newsday.com/entourage.

If for some reason that redirect doesn't take you to the new home of "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out," (still working out a few bugs in the new system), then just click on http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/entourage-let-s-blog-it-out-1.1272667.

Please update your bookmarks. See you on the other side.

July 20, 2009

Entourage 6/2: Names!

Longtime readers of "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out" know about my obsession with the random names that get dropped into the scripts.

From Kenny Dichter to Chantelle Lutenburger, most of the names are from the real lives of the show runners and cast members. It's one of those inside things. And since show creator Doug Ellin and I share the same hometown, I keep waiting to recognize one of the names.

So, at the end of this past episode when Sloan texted E her "Sorry!" message, it's a safe bet that I paused it to get a look at the Inbox on E's BlackBerry.

The names listed, in order: Sloan, Danny Carcillo, Danny Mcbrine, Nancy Juvonen, John Driscoll.

Let's see what they mean:

Sloan - obvious
Danny Carcillo - Plays hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers and is an "Entourage" fan.
Danny Mcbrine - No dice here, so I'll just guess he's a longtime friend from back home. Danny, if you're out there, holla at me.
Nancy Juvonen - Jimmy Fallon's wife and producer of "He's Just Not That Into You," which Connolly starred in.
John Driscoll - Kevin Connolly's stepfather, I believe.

July 19, 2009

Entourage 6/2: That's the way it always happens

As if E wasn't already having a hard night at the "Gatsby" premiere on this week's episode of "Entourage," what with him still being in love with Sloan. (Really, who among us isn't?)

But the poor kid then goes and commits the biggest sin ever when it comes to talking to people about other people. Like they said in Glengary Glen Ross, "Never open your mouth unless you know the shot."

At the post-premiere party, Vince points out Sloan across the room. She's talking to some swarthy fella. E goes over to pull her away from the conversation to explain he still has feelings for her.

But, he did what we've all done once before we learned the lesson. He opened with a derogatory comment about the person Sloan was talking to while having absolutely no idea of the connection between the two.

It went a little something like this:

E: "Who's that j-----f?"

Sloan: "That's my cousin"

E: "Really?"

Sloan: "Yeah."

Dagger. As soon as E posed that question, I cringed. I knew the answer would be something uncomfortable. I learned that lesson a long time ago and have been trying to teach it to as many people as possible ever since. It saves embarassment, because whenever you violate the rule, it will bite you on the patoot.

It's always best to make a crazy statement that you know is probably wrong, just to measure the situation. Let's say one of your boys is rolling with not-so-attractive girl that you've never seen before. (Female readers, feel free to flip the scenario here, since it's a unisex rule.)

Your first reaction might be to say something stupid like "Who's that bruiser?" and the answer will likely be "My sister" or something to that effect. You're much better off saying something along the lines of "Is that the girl you were telling me about?" or "Is this your sister?"

This way, while it may appear a bit awkward, it will only last a quick second and be looked upon in a positive light as an honest but good-natured mistake. Just a little tip from me to you. Try it and let me know how it goes.

Entourage 6/2: Best printable line

Pretty weak episode in terms of searching for the BPL this week. But, alas, we have to search and search until we come up with something serviceable.

Upon second and third review, the "Entourage" Week 2 BPL goes to Johnny Drama.

Drama, Turtle and Vince ripped into E for still being hooked on Sloan but denying it. So after E denied it once again, Drama stepped in with this gem: "If you're really done with that, mind if I gobble it up?"

Terrific verb choice.

Best Printable Line Standings
Johnny Drama 1
Turtle 1
Ari Gold 0
Vince 0
E 0

Entourage 6/2: Writer props

E: "Did you really need to use my bathroom?"

Drama: "I really had to."

E: "I haven't even used it yet."

Perfect exchange that should resonate with any man who has ever moved into an apartment and/or helped a friend move.

Entourage 6/2: The Ari Gold Mine

Ari's fluctuating weight-loss plan for Lloyd based upon his mood was amusing, and we have a feeling that will continue through this season of "Entourage."

And the lunch scene with Mrs. Ari where he walked out as soon as he got what he wanted was classic - and expected.

But the AGM for this week has to be his scene with Andrew Klein in the beginning of the episode. The two were talking about the "Gatsby" premiere when Andrew said his wife won't be able to make it.

Ari forces the issue and then wraps it up with "When we're together after this, we don't have to speak to them. And we get to keep all our money."

Great line.

July 16, 2009

Kevin Connolly on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Connolly did a segment on Wednesday night's installment of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Watch the first part of it here.

July 13, 2009

In memory of Eileen Connolly . . .

For all those searching Google or asking one another why the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage" was dedicated to Eileen Connolly, here's what you're looking for.

Kevin Connolly's mother, Eileen, passed away on March 1, 2009, after battling cancer.

While I never met her, Eileen was great to speak with back in 2006 when I wrote this profile of Kevin Connolly. In fact, she's the one who told me that Kevin was voted homecoming king in high school in 1991. Now, that seems to come up in so many interviews with Connolly. Thanks for letting me have that scoop, Eileen.

Here, you can read her guestbook and offer your condolences to the Connolly family. Kevin has always struck me as a down-to-earth guy, so I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

July 12, 2009

Entourage 6/1: Lloyd vs. Ari Gold

Did anyone else enjoy the new and aggressive Lloyd?

Let's hope we get to see some of these 100 days of hell that Ari Gold mentioned in the AGM scene because the new Lloyd is awesome.

"I will not be strong-armed, Lloyd," Ari yelled at Lloyd, who was bucking for a promotion.

"You just were, Ari Gold!" Lloyd fought back.


Ari Gold was crazy mean to Lloyd the entire episode, even more so than normal. The reason is obvious if you've watched the show the past few seasons. Ari can't exist without Lloyd as his assistant. He'd fall apart.

From a viewing standpoint, the dynamic between Ari and Lloyd has given the show so many hilarious scenes and angles. (Remember the "Almost Famous" episode when Ari crushed the Mongolian warrior of good luck with a coffee pot on Lloyd's desk?)

This new angle certainly qualifies as plot and character development, the one thing I've always stressed as important here in our little nook of the Internet world.

My early guess, based on 25 minutes of Season 6, is Andrew Klein will falter, Babs will yell at Ari for it and Lloyd will rise to the occasion somehow.

Entourage 6/1: Of friends and ex-girlfriends

(HBO Photo)

Fellas, go ahead and count how many times you were like E in the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage."

You know what I'm talking about. You start to talking to and seeing an ex-girlfriend and it messes up your head. Your friends are busting your package for doing so. And they're also screwing around with you because of your previous relationship tactics in regard to your new girls.

Now go ahead and count how many times you've been the friends saying things like "That's why when you're on a hot streak, you gotta press it like blackjack."

That's the beauty of solid friendships between fellas. We're always looking out for another. More importantly, we can pretty much say anything to each other and get away with it.

It's one of the fundamental differences between men and women. Don't read that as sexist because it's completely the opposite. It's just observational. And there's nothing wrong with men and women being different.

"Entourage" has, at its core, always been about the relationships between Vince, E, Drama and Turtle. The reason so many men identify with this show is because it depicts how fellas are with each other more accurately than any other show in recent memory. (The hot girls, hot cars, dream houses and general escapism provided by "Entourage" helps a little, too.)

Watching the Season 6 premiere, I could feel the uncomfortableness of E whenever Sloan came up in conversation or on screen. Maybe that's because I nearly fainted the two times I was in the same room as Emmanuelle Chriqui, but whatever. Clearly, there's something still there between the two, at least in E's head.

Any of you fellas out there remember the last time that happened to you? It stings a bit, doesn't it? That's why we've got our boys to keep us in check, though.

Entourage 6/1: Best Printable Line

Just as a refresher for my "Entourage: Let's blog it out" loyalists and as an explainer for newbies, the rules for the coveted Best Printable Line award each week are simple: It has to be printable in a family newspaper.

(Hey, it's either that or they shut this blog down, and none of us want that, do we?)

This week's race for the BPL came down to the final minutes of the Season 6 premiere. Turtle stole it during his bubblebath scene with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. (Did it feel as good to read "bubblebath scene with Jamie-Lynn Sigler" as it did to write it?)

The on-screen couple (and real-life couple) were discussing Turtle's career path while sharing a bubblebath. Turtle wouldn't tell Jamie-Lynn his plans, so she pulled his leg and sunk his head under the bathwater. Turtle's response:

"You know what? Just for that, I'm peeing right in the tub."

Absolutely fantastic. The race for the Big Knish is on!

Continue reading "Entourage 6/1: Best Printable Line" »

Entourage 6/1: The Ari Gold Mine

We're back with the Ari Gold Mine for Season 6, aka the AGM, aka our favorite Ari Gold scene for each episode.

For Week 1, it may not have been the overall scene that was so strong, but when Ari kicked Lloyd in the ass to wake up him at 1:30 in the morning after he made his assistant sit out there since 10 p.m., I laughed as hard as I did the entire episode.

Maybe it's just funny to me when people get kicked in the ass. Or maybe it's just the comedic dynamic between Ari and Lloyd. Or maybe it was just plain funny to do. I'm guessing it was ad-libbed by Jeremy Piven, too.

No matter the reasoning, it was hilarious.

Entourage 6/1: Writer props

I'm loving the fact that the boys moved back into their original house for this season. They've been on the move every season since the show started, and the return to the original house helps support the notion that show is returning to its roots this season.

It also just so happens that Vince is returning to movie stardom with the Martin Scorsese-directed "Gatsby." This house was the site of his greatest success.

Let's hope they stay there for the whole season. There's a certain comfort level with seeing the boys in the same old house.

Entourage Season 6: What they're saying

Just a few more hours until "Entourage" returns and makes our next 12 Sunday nights more enjoyable than the past 12.

So let's have a look at what some of the TV writers across the country are saying about Season 6 of "Entourage."

- "Entourage" remains a pure pleasure ride
- Vince Chase remains top dog
- Excess, "Entourage" style
- The boys are back and better than before
- "Entourage" poised to grow up
- The boys are back, but the season starts slow

July 9, 2009

'Entourage' season 6 video clips

Yes, my Facebook status since last Sunday has been about awaiting the return of Johnny Drama on July 12.

Just to help get you through until then, here are a few clips from the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage."

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