July 26, 2009

Entourage: URLs change, blogging doesn't

Hello my dear Entouragers.

We've got ourselves a new URL to celebrate Season Six. Actually, it's because all of newsday.com moved to different servers and completely redesigned its Web sites. But, we'll pretend it's for the return of "Entourage."

You can find us now at http://www.newsday.com/entourage.

If for some reason that redirect doesn't take you to the new home of "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out," (still working out a few bugs in the new system), then just click on http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/entourage-let-s-blog-it-out-1.1272667.

Please update your bookmarks. See you on the other side.

July 20, 2009

Entourage 6/2: Names!

Longtime readers of "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out" know about my obsession with the random names that get dropped into the scripts.

From Kenny Dichter to Chantelle Lutenburger, most of the names are from the real lives of the show runners and cast members. It's one of those inside things. And since show creator Doug Ellin and I share the same hometown, I keep waiting to recognize one of the names.

So, at the end of this past episode when Sloan texted E her "Sorry!" message, it's a safe bet that I paused it to get a look at the Inbox on E's BlackBerry.

The names listed, in order: Sloan, Danny Carcillo, Danny Mcbrine, Nancy Juvonen, John Driscoll.

Let's see what they mean:

Sloan - obvious
Danny Carcillo - Plays hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers and is an "Entourage" fan.
Danny Mcbrine - No dice here, so I'll just guess he's a longtime friend from back home. Danny, if you're out there, holla at me.
Nancy Juvonen - Jimmy Fallon's wife and producer of "He's Just Not That Into You," which Connolly starred in.
John Driscoll - Kevin Connolly's stepfather, I believe.

July 19, 2009

Entourage 6/2: That's the way it always happens

As if E wasn't already having a hard night at the "Gatsby" premiere on this week's episode of "Entourage," what with him still being in love with Sloan. (Really, who among us isn't?)

But the poor kid then goes and commits the biggest sin ever when it comes to talking to people about other people. Like they said in Glengary Glen Ross, "Never open your mouth unless you know the shot."

At the post-premiere party, Vince points out Sloan across the room. She's talking to some swarthy fella. E goes over to pull her away from the conversation to explain he still has feelings for her.

But, he did what we've all done once before we learned the lesson. He opened with a derogatory comment about the person Sloan was talking to while having absolutely no idea of the connection between the two.

It went a little something like this:

E: "Who's that j-----f?"

Sloan: "That's my cousin"

E: "Really?"

Sloan: "Yeah."

Dagger. As soon as E posed that question, I cringed. I knew the answer would be something uncomfortable. I learned that lesson a long time ago and have been trying to teach it to as many people as possible ever since. It saves embarassment, because whenever you violate the rule, it will bite you on the patoot.

It's always best to make a crazy statement that you know is probably wrong, just to measure the situation. Let's say one of your boys is rolling with not-so-attractive girl that you've never seen before. (Female readers, feel free to flip the scenario here, since it's a unisex rule.)

Your first reaction might be to say something stupid like "Who's that bruiser?" and the answer will likely be "My sister" or something to that effect. You're much better off saying something along the lines of "Is that the girl you were telling me about?" or "Is this your sister?"

This way, while it may appear a bit awkward, it will only last a quick second and be looked upon in a positive light as an honest but good-natured mistake. Just a little tip from me to you. Try it and let me know how it goes.

Entourage 6/2: Best printable line

Pretty weak episode in terms of searching for the BPL this week. But, alas, we have to search and search until we come up with something serviceable.

Upon second and third review, the "Entourage" Week 2 BPL goes to Johnny Drama.

Drama, Turtle and Vince ripped into E for still being hooked on Sloan but denying it. So after E denied it once again, Drama stepped in with this gem: "If you're really done with that, mind if I gobble it up?"

Terrific verb choice.

Best Printable Line Standings
Johnny Drama 1
Turtle 1
Ari Gold 0
Vince 0
E 0

Entourage 6/2: Writer props

E: "Did you really need to use my bathroom?"

Drama: "I really had to."

E: "I haven't even used it yet."

Perfect exchange that should resonate with any man who has ever moved into an apartment and/or helped a friend move.

Entourage 6/2: The Ari Gold Mine

Ari's fluctuating weight-loss plan for Lloyd based upon his mood was amusing, and we have a feeling that will continue through this season of "Entourage."

And the lunch scene with Mrs. Ari where he walked out as soon as he got what he wanted was classic - and expected.

But the AGM for this week has to be his scene with Andrew Klein in the beginning of the episode. The two were talking about the "Gatsby" premiere when Andrew said his wife won't be able to make it.

Ari forces the issue and then wraps it up with "When we're together after this, we don't have to speak to them. And we get to keep all our money."

Great line.

July 16, 2009

Kevin Connolly on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Connolly did a segment on Wednesday night's installment of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Watch the first part of it here.

July 13, 2009

In memory of Eileen Connolly . . .

For all those searching Google or asking one another why the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage" was dedicated to Eileen Connolly, here's what you're looking for.

Kevin Connolly's mother, Eileen, passed away on March 1, 2009, after battling cancer.

While I never met her, Eileen was great to speak with back in 2006 when I wrote this profile of Kevin Connolly. In fact, she's the one who told me that Kevin was voted homecoming king in high school in 1991. Now, that seems to come up in so many interviews with Connolly. Thanks for letting me have that scoop, Eileen.

Here, you can read her guestbook and offer your condolences to the Connolly family. Kevin has always struck me as a down-to-earth guy, so I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

July 12, 2009

Entourage 6/1: Lloyd vs. Ari Gold

Did anyone else enjoy the new and aggressive Lloyd?

Let's hope we get to see some of these 100 days of hell that Ari Gold mentioned in the AGM scene because the new Lloyd is awesome.

"I will not be strong-armed, Lloyd," Ari yelled at Lloyd, who was bucking for a promotion.

"You just were, Ari Gold!" Lloyd fought back.


Ari Gold was crazy mean to Lloyd the entire episode, even more so than normal. The reason is obvious if you've watched the show the past few seasons. Ari can't exist without Lloyd as his assistant. He'd fall apart.

From a viewing standpoint, the dynamic between Ari and Lloyd has given the show so many hilarious scenes and angles. (Remember the "Almost Famous" episode when Ari crushed the Mongolian warrior of good luck with a coffee pot on Lloyd's desk?)

This new angle certainly qualifies as plot and character development, the one thing I've always stressed as important here in our little nook of the Internet world.

My early guess, based on 25 minutes of Season 6, is Andrew Klein will falter, Babs will yell at Ari for it and Lloyd will rise to the occasion somehow.

Entourage 6/1: Of friends and ex-girlfriends

(HBO Photo)

Fellas, go ahead and count how many times you were like E in the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage."

You know what I'm talking about. You start to talking to and seeing an ex-girlfriend and it messes up your head. Your friends are busting your package for doing so. And they're also screwing around with you because of your previous relationship tactics in regard to your new girls.

Now go ahead and count how many times you've been the friends saying things like "That's why when you're on a hot streak, you gotta press it like blackjack."

That's the beauty of solid friendships between fellas. We're always looking out for another. More importantly, we can pretty much say anything to each other and get away with it.

It's one of the fundamental differences between men and women. Don't read that as sexist because it's completely the opposite. It's just observational. And there's nothing wrong with men and women being different.

"Entourage" has, at its core, always been about the relationships between Vince, E, Drama and Turtle. The reason so many men identify with this show is because it depicts how fellas are with each other more accurately than any other show in recent memory. (The hot girls, hot cars, dream houses and general escapism provided by "Entourage" helps a little, too.)

Watching the Season 6 premiere, I could feel the uncomfortableness of E whenever Sloan came up in conversation or on screen. Maybe that's because I nearly fainted the two times I was in the same room as Emmanuelle Chriqui, but whatever. Clearly, there's something still there between the two, at least in E's head.

Any of you fellas out there remember the last time that happened to you? It stings a bit, doesn't it? That's why we've got our boys to keep us in check, though.

Entourage 6/1: Best Printable Line

Just as a refresher for my "Entourage: Let's blog it out" loyalists and as an explainer for newbies, the rules for the coveted Best Printable Line award each week are simple: It has to be printable in a family newspaper.

(Hey, it's either that or they shut this blog down, and none of us want that, do we?)

This week's race for the BPL came down to the final minutes of the Season 6 premiere. Turtle stole it during his bubblebath scene with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. (Did it feel as good to read "bubblebath scene with Jamie-Lynn Sigler" as it did to write it?)

The on-screen couple (and real-life couple) were discussing Turtle's career path while sharing a bubblebath. Turtle wouldn't tell Jamie-Lynn his plans, so she pulled his leg and sunk his head under the bathwater. Turtle's response:

"You know what? Just for that, I'm peeing right in the tub."

Absolutely fantastic. The race for the Big Knish is on!

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Entourage 6/1: The Ari Gold Mine

We're back with the Ari Gold Mine for Season 6, aka the AGM, aka our favorite Ari Gold scene for each episode.

For Week 1, it may not have been the overall scene that was so strong, but when Ari kicked Lloyd in the ass to wake up him at 1:30 in the morning after he made his assistant sit out there since 10 p.m., I laughed as hard as I did the entire episode.

Maybe it's just funny to me when people get kicked in the ass. Or maybe it's just the comedic dynamic between Ari and Lloyd. Or maybe it was just plain funny to do. I'm guessing it was ad-libbed by Jeremy Piven, too.

No matter the reasoning, it was hilarious.

Entourage 6/1: Writer props

I'm loving the fact that the boys moved back into their original house for this season. They've been on the move every season since the show started, and the return to the original house helps support the notion that show is returning to its roots this season.

It also just so happens that Vince is returning to movie stardom with the Martin Scorsese-directed "Gatsby." This house was the site of his greatest success.

Let's hope they stay there for the whole season. There's a certain comfort level with seeing the boys in the same old house.

Entourage Season 6: What they're saying

Just a few more hours until "Entourage" returns and makes our next 12 Sunday nights more enjoyable than the past 12.

So let's have a look at what some of the TV writers across the country are saying about Season 6 of "Entourage."

- "Entourage" remains a pure pleasure ride
- Vince Chase remains top dog
- Excess, "Entourage" style
- The boys are back and better than before
- "Entourage" poised to grow up
- The boys are back, but the season starts slow

July 9, 2009

'Entourage' season 6 video clips

Yes, my Facebook status since last Sunday has been about awaiting the return of Johnny Drama on July 12.

Just to help get you through until then, here are a few clips from the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage."

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July 1, 2009

'Entourage' Season 6 video promo

OK, tell me you're not fired up for July 12 yet? Seriously. If you say you're not, you're lying. But perhaps this will help you get through the days leading up the Season 6 premiere of "Entourage."

Looks like we're going to have ourselves a few Sloan sightings this season, too. All seems right with the world right now, doesn't it?

Funny 'Entourage' spoof

Blog reader Paul sent this email in my direction on Wednesday:

Been scanning the web for Entourage stuff in anticipation of season 6 and found this: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1914477. I don't know if you've seen it. As much as I love entourage, this is pretty funny....

Paul, I hadn't seen this until your email. It's hilarious. Hope you all enjoy it, too.

June 22, 2009

'Entourage' returns July 12

Driving into work this morning, "Super Hero" by Jane's Addiction just so happened to be playing on CD. A sign? Perhaps.

"Entourage" will return to HBO on Sunday, July 12. It's time to start getting excited again. I've been on YouTube all morning watching clips from past episodes, including the Ari-Mrs. Ari therapy scenes. They're arguably the best scenes in this show's history.

Among the guest stars we'll see this season: Tom Brady, Ed Burns, Zac Efron, Jami Gertz, 50 Cent, Jay Leno, Steve Nash, David Schwimmer and Mark Wahlberg.

Emmanuelle Chriqui will also reprise her role as Sloan for a few episodes, and I think the entire world is happy about that. Same goes for Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

April 14, 2009

Entourage, life and the never-ending 2:50 meetings

The little hand is so close to the 3, if this was a gossip tabloid about scandalous clocks, I'd have to write "they were seen canoodling."

The big hand sits on top of the 10 like King Kong Bundy demanding a five count.

I'm talking about the time of 2:50, and if you remember "The Sundance Kids" episode from Season 2 of "Entourage," you know where I'm headed here.

That's right, folks, the 2:50 meeting. It was one of Ari Gold's best scenes in terms of not-so-over-the-top antics and comedy that leads to a lasting impact down the road (how's that for a niche?).

Quick refresh: E gets a lunch with Harvey to talk about "Tapping the Source." Ari laughs at the time of 2:50. Vince adds, "Who meets at 2:50?"

Why do we care now, as we sit just a few months away from the start of Season 6? Well, why not?

Even though time only allows for 2:50 to occur twice a day in a particular time zone, it's amazing how many 2:50 meetings one person can attend in one day.

Think about the next time your boss makes you go attend a silly, fruitless meeting. Tell him, "Guy, that's a 2:50 meeting." If he doesn't get it, consider finding a new boss. And then send him this link so he can watch the video.

(Then, if you're really gutsy, set up a daily meeting schedule in Outlook for 2:50 p.m. and send it to him.)

January 26, 2009

Wow, Page Six just undressed Jeremy Piven

jeremy pivenI've stayed away from all the "mercury toxicity" stuff involving Jeremy Piven and his early exit from "Speed-the-plow."

Personally, I don't really care. Just show up and be Ari Gold. The rest of life is up to you.

But if you want to read a real undressing of Piven by Page Six, here you go. Note: It's brutal.

But again, so long as nothing happens to Ari Gold's character, the position of "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out" is we don't care about off-screen stuff.

(Getty Images)

December 9, 2008

Season 5 Joshie Award winners


We'd like to thank all who participated in the voting for the Season 5 Joshie Awards. (We'd also like to thank all who put up with my delinquency in posting the winners. Life and work threw me some Tom-Gordon-in-his-prime curveballs the last few days, thus causing the delay. No excuses, but that's my excuse.)

The results are quite interesting, I think. A few surprises, a few predictable winners and a few that I'm really glad the Vegas oddsmakers different offer any lines on because I'd have Marvin calling me right now telling me to file for Chapter 11.

The results are below, and be sure to frequent newsday.com/entourage (that's a shortcut URL for this blog) throughout the offseason for more goodies. Season 5 may have ended, but we'll have some during the time between now and June when Season 6 hits the airwaves.

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December 7, 2008

Adrian Grenier and his air-drumming skills

Adrian Grenier's band The Honey Brothers just announced a Jan. 24 performance at Williamsburg Music Hall, for all those who will be in the NYC/Brooklyn area around that time.

Grenier is a drummer and his Honey Brothers crew has a movie called "Adventures of Power." When it will come out, I have no idea. Some time in 2009, I believe.

It stars Grenier, Ari Gold (not Jeremy Piven!), Michael McKean, Jane Lynch and some other folks. It screen at Sundance and earned Audience Choice Best Feature Film at the Vail and Memphis film festivals. "Adventures of Power" also won the Grand Jury Prize at the San Antonio and TriMedia Colorado film festivals and Best Comedy at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Who knows what any of that really means since there are roughly 423 film festivals nowadays. But here's the trailer. It's about air drumming. It could be amusing.

Official Trailer

November 25, 2008

The Season 5 Joshie Award nominees

The fifth season of "Entourage" is officially over, and the winter will feel colder as we wait for the sixth season next summer.

In the meantime, it's now Joshie Award season!

The Joshies celebrate excellence in "Entourage" each season. And the "Let's Blog It Out" offices spent Monday night in the judges' circle watching and nominating scenes and characters in 12 different categories. We even incorporated your suggestions this time around for the third annual Joshies.

Below you will find all the nominees. At the bottom of all 12 categories listed is a link to the voting booth. The polls will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2. Then, on Thursday, Dec. 4, we'll announce the Season 5 Joshie Award winners.

We'll start with the two new categories for this season, then continue with the original 10 Joshie Award categories.

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November 24, 2008

There's no place like home

At the spot. Drinkin' with the boys. Seeing the family. Rolling with old neighborhood friends at old neighborhood hangouts as if no time had passed.

Oh the joys of coming home again.

The Season 5 finale of "Entourage" nailed that sentiment, and at the perfect time of year. I've always been a huge proponent of the parallels between when a show airs for the first time and the actual time of year it is.

The first four seasons of "Entourage" aired during the summer and it completely enhanced the show's carefree, live-life-to-the-max attitude. When Season 5 was delayed because of the writer's strike, I wondered how that would affect the way we subliminally compute this season in our brains.

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Entourage 5/12: New York state of mind

It took all of 0.8 seconds to know this episode wasn't going down in Hollywood. Hello, "Me Myself and I" by De La Soul. A Long Island-based rap group from the late '80s/early '90s. Another strong soundtrack choice by the producers (and I think that just might be the start of a new category for Season 6).

With that, it's time to channel my "thinking like a New Yorker" bias that I just claimed didn't exist a few minutes ago.

Does anyone else want to see more episodes shot in New York? Not a full season or anything like that because that would change the dynamic of the show, but maybe three or four episodes in Season 6?

I didn't care when Barry Bonds took the cream and the clear, and I wouldn't care if "Entourage" did the same thing here. There's such a different energy in New York than Los Angeles, and the Season 5 finale proved that. The photography of this episode felt different, too, but again, I'm a lifelong Long Islander and New Yorker, so I'm probably completely biased on this.

But filming a few episodes in New York City could reinvigorate "Entourage" among those who may not have enjoyed this season's overall story arc. Of course, we think those viewers are crazy, but five seasons is five seasons, and with the way people consume television these days, no show is above minor tweaking and storyline expansion.

Still, I'd love to see Johnny Drama have a meltdown in his own bar and then storm off into the streets of Queens. I'd like to see Turtle ride the subway. I'd like to see Vince play a plastic bucket drum with a street musician. Maybe E ordering a coffee and danish from a breakfast truck on the street? And can you imagine Ari Gold being approached by a bum on the street? Hello, future Joshie Award for Best Scene!

Entourage 5/12: Best Printable Line

Despite the star power that is/was Vincent Chase, "Entourage" really centers around E. He's the true lead of the show, at least conceptually, even though the ensemble cast makes "Entourage" what it is.

Thus, we'd be shocked if Vincent Chase ever took home the Big Knish for the most Best Printable Lines in a season. But every now and again, the writers throw him a bone. As do we.

Vince smoked the competition and scored the BPL in the Season 5 finale. Sitting on the stoop talking to Ari after being harassed by his mother (how many New York natives can relate to Mercedes Ruehl's performance as Mrs. Chase?), Vince drops this bomb:

"My mom's all over me. She's treating me like she usually treats Johnny."

Great line. Of course, Ari locked up this season's Big Knish last week, his second straight and third overall. Watch for the Big Knish ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

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Entourage 5/12: The Ari Gold Mine

This episode had nothing to do with Ari Gold. These things happen.

But when you commit to the Ari Gold Mine during the first episode of the season, you still have to find the AGM. Such is life when chronicling our favorite TV show.

Seeing Ari in Queens was awesome. He made it even awesomer (not a word) by delivering Martin Scorsese on the phone, flashing that smug "Look how I awesome I am" grin and then calling E "a little McNugget."

Ari the Savior is occasionally more fun than Ari the Slayer. Occasionally.

Entourage 5/12: Writer Props

I was tempted to give every New York City scene and reference Writer Props this week. But then I'd be guilty of that East Coast media bias people love to talk about. And I'd be found guilty of an even greater charge of "thinking like a New Yorker."

But once the phone sex scene between Turtle Sal and Jamie-Lynn Sigler arrived, I put all that aside. Turtle using his mother's land line to talk naughty with his girl Jamie-Lynn and getting caught doing is exactly why we love "Entourage."

Well played, Mr. Ellin. Well played.

Turtle deleting all logs

November 22, 2008

To my Sunday night readers

Just a quick programming note to those who read me right after "Entourage" ends Sunday night (yes, haters, there are quite a few who do that).

My flight from Nashville doesn"t land until after midnight, so get a good night's rest on Sunday, then hit the blog hard Monday morning.

I know, I know, how can the world's pre-eminent "Entourage" blogger skip town for the season finale, especially when they finally come home to New York?

Well, when your boy -- in this case, Lawyer friend Steve -- drops a buddy pass on you at 2 p.m. Friday, it's hello Nashville, hello Jets, goodbye undefeated Titans.

Don't get too mad, though. Remember how quickly Turtle Sal ran to the airport when his boy Vince needed him? And he was chillin' with gorgeous Jamie-Lynn Sigler at the time.

Plus, remember this season"s slogan: "Entourage. Live it."

This is as close to that as I can possibly get on my salary.


November 21, 2008

Hey, look, we got a makeover!

Just in time for the Season 5 finale and the third installment of the Joshie Awards. Sweet!

November 20, 2008

Kevin Connolly's music video directorial debut

The group is called Blackcowboy. The song is called "Come On." The chick in the video is Gisele. And the director is Kevin Connolly. Watch and see.

Blackcowboy Video "Come On"

November 18, 2008

Joshie Awards open to the public, sort of

OK, folks, it's Joshie Award nominee season.

In the past, I've "studied" all the season's episodes and come up with the categories and nominees for the Joshies, which honor excellence in "Entourage."

I will do the same again for Season 5, but in the interest of character/plot development, I'm opening up the nominee suggestion box to readers.

Below you will find the Joshie categories for Season 5. If you don't know what the Joshies Awards are, you better ask somebody. Feel free to use the comments here to suggest scenes for each category worthy of Joshie consideration. Heck, you can even suggest new categories.

No guarantees, of course, but my hunch is you might be able to sway the academy.

As for the voting schedule, it goes like this: We'll post all the nominees on Tuesday, Nov. 25. The polls will be open for one week, closing at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 2. Then, on Thursday, Dec. 4, the Joshies will be unveiled to the world.

Fire away!

Best Best Printable Line

Best Johnny Drama Moment

Best Random Hot Chick

Best Storyline

Best Location

Best Guest Star

Best Character You Want to See More of

Best Comeback

Best Overall Performance

Best Ari Gold Moment

Best Scene

Best Episode

Relive past Joshie Awards

November 16, 2008

Entourage 5/11: Best episode so far

No doubt this episode will be in the running for Best Episode when the Joshie Award nominees are announced next week.

Continue reading "Entourage 5/11: Best episode so far" »

Entourage 5/11: The Ari Gold Mine

In an episode where every Ari Gold moment on screen was fantastic, it's hard to pinpoint the actual AGM. But alas, I have a job to do.

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And we've got a name for Turtle!


Say it with me now: Sal! Sal! Sal!

And we've got ourselves a first name for Turtle. It only took 65 episodes. This is the biggest character development for Turtle -- oopsies, Sal -- since he met Ari to have the suits back him getting Saigon a record deal.

Are we surprised it's an extremely Italian name? Nope. Are we surprised it took a sweet girl in a romantic arc to get him to reveal it? Nope.

But I was always of the belief his first name would be Anthony.

Isn't it funny how when even the hardest or most wiseassest of men will confess just about anything to a woman they really like, especially in those early stages of courtship? I think Turtle is falling for Jamie-Lynn Sigler pretty hard right now, at least based on what we've seen so far. His guard is dropped down lower than Roy Jones Jr. in his prime.

Next up: Mrs. Ari!

(HBO Photo of Jerry Ferrara as "Turtle," oops "Sal.")

Entourage 5/11: Best Printable Line

With one episode left in Season 5, Ari Gold locked up his second straight Big Knish and third overall.

Here's how he did this week. Vince has just been fired from "Smoke Jumpers" and Team Chase is going through a mini-meltdown. Drama was ready to throw Verner, the crazed German director, a Queens-style beatdown. E was doing his usual over-reacting. Vince was actually angry.

Ari Gold arrived on the set in Big Bear and tried to calm them all down in Vince's trailer. He assured them that he would handle everything and fix it for Vince. They asked how.

Ari responded:

"Because the Jew has arrived and he doesn't like Germans."

Outstanding wording, outstanding delivery.

We'll celebrate Ari's Big Knish Award next week in a special blog ceremony.

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Entourage 5/11: Writer Props

We've all been there, in that groggy state of "I'm still asleep but for some reason I answered the phone."

We're our most honest, natural selves at that point. So when Jamie-Lynn Sigler called Turtle at 4 o'clock in the morning, it came as no surprise to see Turtle be his usual smart-ass self.

"Are you sleeping?" Sigler asked.

"No, I'm fly-fishing," Turtle responded.

Props to whichever suggested fly-fishing as the activity of choice to use in that situation. Absolutely hilarious. Go ahead and try to substitute another action in its place that would be as funny.

"No, I'm walking the dog."
"No, I'm swimming naked in the lake with Drama."
"No, I'm cooking a peanut butter and jelly calzone."
"No, I'm washing my car in the rain."

See, fly-fishing was the perfect choice. Well played.

Joshie Awards announcement coming Tuesday

It's almost time for the Season 5 Joshie Awards, saluting excellence in "Entourage."

We'll have a little announcement concerning this year's awards on Tuesday around lunchtime, so make sure you read it.

In the meantime, re-familiarize yourself with what The Joshies are all about.

November 10, 2008

Seth Green and the La Monica Fair Trade Act

(AP Photos)

I hate Seth Green on "Entourage," which is what we're supposed to do.

But when he's on the show, it usually means a gratuitous scene with Emmanuelle Chriqui, our all-time favorite gal.

So if we need to see Seth Green every week in order to see Emmanuelle Chriqui every week, then under the La Monica Fair Trade Act, so be it!

For the record, the La Monica Fair Trade Act (LFTA) states that if you must endure something you don't want to see in order to see something you want to see, then man up and deal with the bad until the good arrives.

The LFTA has its roots in "The Thomas Crown Affair." In order to see smokin' hot Rene Russo not wearing any clothing, we had to accept the shots of Pierce Brosnan's unclothed backside. Under LFTA guidelines, that's worth it.

And so it goes here with that jerk Seth Green on "Entourage." To be clear, we have no issues with Seth Green in real life. But we cheered when Bow Wow cold-clocked him. And we cheered when Sloan entered our television screen from the right side with a deep-plunging, open-back dress.

Seriously, she's so unfair to men. She's what we call a Night Ruiner.

Entourage 5/10: Notes to the fellas

Turtle, seriously, I know you pushed a certain button to get that super serve in Wii Tennis. Drama was right and I know it. It can't just be hitting the ball at its zenith or swinging your arm really hard. You were doing something extra. (Oh yeah, by the way, in regards to next week's coming attractions, DO NOT screw that up again!)

Hey, Drama, learn how to master using the frontcourt guy in Wii Tennis and you will be unstoppable. The superfast serve is easily returnable. It's all about the front guy. Trust me.

Man up, E! There comes a point where business isn't worth being turned into a chump by a squirrly little dweeb such as Seth Green (to clarify, we're talking only about Green's portrayal of himself as an over-the-top jerkface on the show, not him in real life). Salvage some of your manhood and tell him in not-so-polite fashion to have a threesome, just without anyone else in the room.

Keep fighting for yourself, Vince. It's good to see you stepping up to the plate to demand more for your role in "Smoke Jumpers." After all, this is your career we're talking about and it's about time you stop letting Ari and E handle it all. This isn't about doing an indie flick or buying a script. It's about not winding up in some "Whatever happened to . . . " photo gallery on Defamer, TMZ or E!

Did Ari Gold, the flesh-eating uber-agent, really follow the advice of his 15-year-old daughter, at least for the first half of the show? Really, Ari? Well, at least your impression of Barbara Miller was hilarious. Keep it up.

Nice work, Bow Wow, and we're not talking about punching Green in the face or quitting your job folding shirts in a retail shop.

P.S. Sloan, it's obvious you and E both still care about each other, so you might have to wear the pants here and make it happen.

November 9, 2008

Entourage 5/10: Best Printable Line

In terms of the BPL, this may be the weakest episode. I needed to watch it three times just to find a quote worthy of this week's Best Printable Line.

Upon further review, the best I could come up with was Johnny Drama reacting to the news that E has to deal with Seth Green again in order to get his client Charlie (Bow Wow) a TV pilot.

"I still got a piece of his friend's tooth lodged in my knuckle."

With two episodes left, Ari Gold still holds a one-game lead over Drama for the Big Knish.

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Entourage 5/10: Writer Props

Any doubt as to who Sloan was referring to when she told E that her boyfriend was working and that she broke up with him a few months ago?

Clearly, she was talking about E.

It was further solidified the way she paused when E told her he was engaged and getting married in June.

Nice touch keeping that potential storyline open. Of course, I'm totally biased given my predisposition to loving Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Entourage 5/10: The Ari Gold Mine

I don't know when the next time for me to be honored will occur (likely never), but I will be sure to put Ari Gold on my guest list when it does happen.

This way, he can storm into the banquet hall and verbally undress me like he did to Babs at her luncheon for being named the 33rd most powerful woman in Hollywood.

That was the stuff of legend on a Sunday night, the kind of display that makes everyone who wears a tie to the office on Monday morning walk with a little more swagger as if they'd actually act like Ari Gold in the office if need be. We all know they won't, but it's that type of character identification that makes a show a hit on TV, with critics and in pop culture.

And his on-site "apology" to Babs soldified this week's Ari Gold Mine honor.

Too bad I didn't get a chance to talk to Jeremy Piven on Saturday night at the fight, otherwise I may have gotten a little preview of my banquet insults.

November 8, 2008

This fight just got more interesting

I'm sitting ringside at the Roy Jones Jr.-Joe Calzaghe fight as Madison Square Garden right now, blogging from the BlackBerry.

On the undercard is some dude you've never heard of fighting against another dude you've never heard of.

The only interesting thing so far is the fact that one of the fighters is wearing velour cheetah trunks. I think.

However, Jeremý Piven just walked by me and is sitting five rows ahead of me in the press section.

I guess that's cool, since two seasons ago, I had better seats than him for the Entourage premiere.

Let's see if I can get into any hijinks here tonight.

November 7, 2008

Ari's brother

Sure, this really has nothing to do with "Entourage" but it's a fun connection, nonetheless.

The character of Ari Gold was modeled after superagent Ari Emanuel.

On Thursday, Ari Emanuel's brother Rahm Emanuel accepted the position of White House Chief of Staff for President-elect Barack Obama.

Again, nothing really to do with the show, but it's worth a little notation here.

November 3, 2008

Entourage 5/9: What we do for our friends

(HBO Photo)

Turtle swiping Jason Patric's embroidered seatback. Johnny Drama "inflicting a little damage" on the bathroom in Patric's trailer.

Oh, the things we do to defend our friends against the tyranny of evil men . . . and rampaging d-bags.

Both moves were championship work from our favorite mischievous duo. All because Patric stole Vince's lines in a few scenes and was being a real butthead.

You'll notice that not even the high-strung E objected to these actions. That's because that's what friends do. They defend each other, especially when the victim can't fight back. It's pretty much the main reason for having an entourage.

Think back to those times when you did the same thing. We're not talking about jumping on a grenade here. That's easy. It's a given, not heroic.

We're talking about those things you'd never do otherwise. Those things that, due to the actions of a certain someone, you feel fully justified doing them.

Like, maybe, and we're just blogging hypothetically right now, running into your boy's ex-girlfriend in a bar and she pretends like everything is cool and then you "accidentally" rummage through her purse when she's not looking and swipe whatever cash you find. Sure, it's petty theft, but hey, she wronged your boy.

Or, maybe, just maybe, you're playing pool with a friend and there's an obnoxious guy harassing her. And maybe, just maybe, the pool table is rented under his name and ID and, oopsies, the next morning, you find a 6-ball in your coat pocket.

Or, you watched from afar as the ex-girl's new boyfriend corners your friend at a party and turns into a truly obnoxious muldoon and, voila, you're on the subway 20 minutes later with your friend and the muldoon's jacket and -- oopsies -- cell phone.

Again, this is just hypothetical bloggage.

Of course, there are good moves that can be done, like -- and again, purely hypothetical -- calling your friend's cell phone from the phone of the girl he likes but isn't allowed to flirt with because your other friends know your friend already is dating someone else but you wanted to make sure he had the number.

Once again, this is purely hypothetical. Let's hear your "stories."

November 2, 2008

Entourage 5/9: The Ari Gold Mine

We here in the Let's Blog It Out offices have always loved when Babs Miller makes an appearance on "Entourage." Hell, we've loved her (Beverly D'Angelo) since she danced around in a towel as Clark Griswald's wife in "European Vacation."

So when this episode was drawing to a close and the Ari Gold Mine (AGM) was still up for grabs, we knew as soon as we saw Babs that this was going to be the moment.

Ari wants to buy his friend's TV lit agency, and Babs is all for it. Right up until she finds out his friend is Andrew Klein.

"We need to project a certain image and that washout doesn't exactly fit the bill," Babs said.

Well, everyone in America knows how well Ari Gold handles rejection. His retort? "And what do you project, menopausal chic?"

This is why Sunday nights are worth skipping some football.

Entourage 5/9: Best Printable Line

The movie is called "Smoke Jumpers" but Johnny Drama was the one on fire this episode. It was his finest work sober since that meltdown led him to the Grand Canyon the night "Five Towns" premiered in Season 3.5.

He was dealing one-liners like a blackjack dealer throws out 14s when you're on a cold streak. "Remind him he was molested in 'Sleepers' " was ridiculous. His "When he was doing 'Rush' he stuck real needles in his arm to prep. That's what inspired me to do real coke when I did the Menendez brothers movie" was pure Drama.

But he won Best Printable Line after dropping a deuce in Jason Patric's trailer.

"Let's just say revenge is best served a la commode."

With that gem, Drama moved into a second-place tie for the Season 5 Big Knish, two games behind Ari with three episodes to go.

P.S. Who else was expecting an upper-decking?

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Entourage 5/9: Writer Props

This week's race for Writer Props was over mad early. Jason Patric stole the weekly crown when he met Vince for the first time.

Patric claimed he was offered "Aquaman 2" then said he was kidding. He nailed the WP when he delivered this gem: "Sequels, water? C;mon, my friend, that's not for me."

Hello, genius "Speed 2: Cruise Control" reference. Well played, writers. Well played.

October 28, 2008

What they're saying: Piven in 'Speed-the-Plow'

Jeremy Piven debuted on Broadway last night in the play "Speed-the-Plow." I didn't go. Such is life. However, I've compiled a list of people's reviews about the play and his performance, just in case you want to keep up with Ari Gold when he's not being Ari Gold.

An ode to the nastier side of Hollywood [Newsday]
B- for Mamet's reprise [Entertainment Weekly]
Do you speak Hollywood? [NY Times]
'Speed-the-Plow' goes inside Hollywood [NY Daily News]
Speed your way to Mamet's 'Plow' [NY Post]
'Speed-the-Plow' [Variety]
David Mamet's take on moviemaking is still savage [AP]
20 years later, Speed-the-Plow is timely good comedy [USA Today]
What viewers thought [Broadwaybox.com]

If you're interested in seeing the play and forming your own review, it's playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theater at 243 W. 47th St. in Manhattan. Buy tickets here

October 26, 2008

Entourage 5/8: Jamie-Lynn Sigler rocks!

jamie-lynn-sigler-entourage.jpg Jamie-Lynn Sigler definitely secured a spot on the Season 5 Joshie Award ballot for Best Guest Star, and not just because she's smokin' hot.

She was hilarious.

From the little hissy fit about not getting an aisle seat (been there!) to being ignored by a flight attendant (been there, too!) to being on a plane in the moments after ending a relationship (yep, been there, too!).

Seeing her trash Turtle in public has a bit of been-there-done-that feeling for longtime viewers, but that's not her fault. Yet, her explanation to Johnny Drama after he apologizes was fantastic.

And that's not the last we'll see of Jamie-Lynn, either. She signed on for a three-episode arc. A little more math: Mrs. Ari, oops, Perrey Reeves, told me on the red carpet at the Season 5 premiere that Turtle gets a girlfriend this season. (Check the 2:50 mark of that video link.)

Hmmm, could it be? I vote yes! (But I'm a bit biased since Jamie-Lynn is a fellow Long Islander and just so happens to be beautiful.)

P.S. Speaking of fellow Long Islanders (actually, shouldn't it be "Writing of . . . "?), did anyone else catch the nod Kevin Connolly threw to his alma mater, Patchogue-Medford High School? That's right, folks. The Raider football T-shirt he wore getting off the plane in the beginning of the episode had nothing to do with Oakland and everything to do with Long Island. 6-3-1 in 'da house!

(HBO Photo)

Entourage 5/8: Why Ari Gold had to stay an agent

Last week, we raved about the beauty of that final scene between Vince and Ari on the tarmac.

That set off a huge reaction among Entouragers about what Ari should do re: the studio job at Warner Bros. Entouragers were outspoken, some saying he needs to take the gig to advance the show while others took the diametrically opposite point of view.

After watching this week's episode and learning that Ari will remain an agent, here's why "Entourage" has not jumped the shark yet:

- He pulled off a slick move, slick even for him, in getting his enemy out of the way and his crony in the way.

- Ari righted a wrong after screwing Dana Gordon out of her job at Warners a few seasons ago and then selling the Billy Walsh-Vincent Chase dream team that delivered "S.I.L.O." instead of "Clouds" last season.

- The scenes between Gordon and Gold are among the best back-and-forth dialogue this show has, and by keeping their relationship's dynamic intact, we're in store for more gems on Sunday nights.

- Ari remaining an agent gives Doug Ellin and his team of writers and producers great flexibility for future story arcs. If Ari took the job, there would be very few ways to further develop and explore the relationship between him, Vince and the guys.

- He is extremely dependent on Lloyd and cares about him, despite all the vitriol he spits at him each week. (This week was potentially his best work on Lloyd all season.) Lloyd's displeasure with the studio job suggests that he would not have followed Ari and that would have sapped the show of a key element. It took the show's execs a few seasons to find the perfect foil for Ari's assistant and we can't lose that just yet.

Entourage 5/8: The Ari Gold Mine

It's not always just a great line and huge mood swing that makes Ari Gold an all-time character in television history. (Although, most of the time it is.)

On occasion, what makes an Ari scene a contender for the weekly Ari Gold Mine (AGM) is his mannerisms when delivering a great line in the midst of a huge mood swing. (Recall his little skippy dance when he fired that agent with the LASIK surgery last season?)

This past episode, the AGM was solidified during Ari's rant on Lloyd explaining what would happen to the agency and Vince if Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) became the studio head at Warners.

His little smirk and hand gesture description capped off a scene that began with Babs and Ari's "You cougar-licious little freak."

Entourage 5/8: Best Printable Line

(HBO Photo)

Wow. That's about all I can say after listening to Ari Gold light up Turtle in the bar at the end of the episode when he finds out that Turtle single-handedly joined the Mile High Club thanks to Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

It was the stuff that makes Best Printable Line worth the time each week.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I'm sure she's got a fetish for guys who are built like a 'South Park' character."

Stunning work, Mr. Gold. Stunning! And it's good enough to give Ari a two-game lead with four weeks left in the race for the Big Knish.

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Entourage 5/8: Writer Props

Putting the guys in coach (except for Turtle) on the flight back from Hawaii flowed well with the "Vince is struggling" theme of the season thus far.

Putting Johnny Drama in between a large Hawaiian man and a crying baby in coach flowed well with the "Subtle but hilarious" theme of Writer Props thus far here at "Entourage: Let's Blog It Out."

Raise your hand if you've been in that position. Seriously, though, can you remember the last time you were on a plane and a crying baby wasn't within two rows of you?

October 23, 2008

Photos: Jeremy Piven in 'Speed-the-Plow'

Jeremy Piven makes his Broadway debut Oct. 23 in the David Mamet play "Speed-the-Plow." My boy Ari Mintz scored access to the dress rehearsals and snapped some photos. Click the Piven below to see them.


October 19, 2008

Entourage 5/7: Ari Gold has a heart

(HBO Photo)

Be it through a screensaver in the background or a marriage counseling scene with Mrs. Ari, the depth of Ari Gold's relationship with Vincent Chase has almost always been addressed in comedic overtones on "Entourage."

No complaints here as the show is, at its core, a comedy. Sure there have been a few touching moments between Ari and Vince -- at the Malibu house after Mandy Moore dumped Vince again in Season 2 and earlier this season when Ari tells Vince he needs a new start.

But in Episode 7 of Season 5, for the first time in "Entourage's" 61-show run thus far, we saw a true a emotional connection between Ari and Vince.

Ari is ready to fly off to Geneva for the night. Vince is ready to jet to Hawaii for a few days. Their worlds collide at Van Nuys Airport. Ari breaks the news to Vince that he's been offered the Warner Brothers studio head job.

"I think I want to finish what we started, but you gotta do what you gotta do," Vince said to Ari.

Ah, yes, it's been a long, strange trip from that first guest spot on "JAG," hasn't it?

In that moment inside the airplane hangar, Ari's expression is one of sadness and confusion. Ari loves Vince as a person aside from just a client, and he gives him that look like he just told Vince he lost his dog while the guys were on vacation. This is why Jeremy Piven wins Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Caught up in the whirlwind of a potentially new job as Warner Brothers studio head, a job with a phattie pay raise (no subprime mortage and 401(k) issues in the Gold household) and a sweet jet, Ari gets a dose of his decision's reality. He'd no longer be Vince's agent and couldn't have that same relationship with him.

It's going to make for an interesting five more episodes this season, because as we all know, nothing in "Entourage" land comes easily . . . except making fun of Johnny Drama and finding Vince a girl to sleep with.

Entourage 5/7: Best Printable Line

Turtle jumped into second place in the Best Printable Line standings after this week, moving one game behind Ari Gold in the race for the Big Knish.

The line was delivered during one of the show's patented walking scenes. Vince was discussing the chemistry he had with Natasha, a model he was about to do a fashion shoot with but had met a while ago on a flight to London.

It was an 11-hour flight, which as we all know, can be very uncomfortable (even in first class) when not sitting next to a woman of Natasha's, um, ability.

"Eleven hours?," an incredulous Turtle exclaimed. "Why didn't you just mile-high it?"

Such a genius question. And in case you're doubting this BPL selection, watch the scene a few more times and pay close attention to Turtle's inflection. So true to his character. So true to any best friend in that situation.

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Entourage 5/7: The Ari Gold Mine

In an episode loaded with Ari Gold moments, the AGM came early and held up throughout the entire show.

Standing over the coffin at Allen's funeral, Ari confesses: "I hate myself for the fact that even today, I still don't like you."

Pure Ari Gold. Always honest and true . . . in his disgust and hatred for people.

Entourage 5/7: Writer Props

I'm wondering who drew those stick-figure sketches of E having sex with that ultra-tall model that Turtle flashed at the bar.

Either way, they were hilarious. For those of you who have the episode on their DVRs and TiVos, or can watch it on demand and have the ability to pause, please do so when this scene comes up. It's worth studying the outrageous "to scale" renderings.

Perhaps Writer Props should be called Artist Props this week.


39624878.jpgHow about our dear ol' pal Whitney Port from "The Hills" scoring a little guest spot in this week's episode?


She had just about as much face time in "Entourage" as she did in some of the early season episodes of "The Hills."

P.S. For those who don't watch the MTV hit, she's kinda hot.

October 15, 2008

Ari Gold wins Episode 6 BPL

Special thanks to all of my dear readers who voted in the Episode 6 Best Printable Line poll.

Here are the results and the updated BPL standings at the all-star break in the race for the Season 5 Big Knish.

The winner

"Wish I could return the compliment, E, but I'd rather come back as one of MIchael Vick's dogs." - Ari Gold (37.7% of the vote)

The also-rans

"Your physical appearance has left you no reason to ever feel confident, but sometimes you appear to be." - Ari Gold (11.7%)

"Working in Fantasy Land don't qualify you to run Iraq." - Johnny Drama (8%)

"What do you want us to do, Dom? You want us to overtake the guards?" - E (10.5%)

"The only putts I see is standing in front of me." - Bob Ryan (21%)

"Me personally, I think I'm more of a Steve Martin kinda guy, but way to play the race card, E." - Charlie (11.1%)

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October 12, 2008

Entourage 5/6: Best Printable Line

Entourage bow wow kevin connolly
(HBO Photo)

Way too many solid one-liners in this episode for me to try to sort out the best one.

Maybe it's the eight hours of football I watched earlier in the day. Or perhaps it's the three-hour nap I'm in need of right now.

Either way, we're going to turn back the clock to a Let's Blog It Out time where I ask the readers to do my work for me and select the BPL. Below are the choices. We'll give to you until Wednesday at 5 p.m. to cast your vote, then post the winner and the updated BPL standings.

"Wish I could return the compliment, E, but I'd rather come back as one of Michael Vick's dogs." -- Ari Gold to E about his playing golf on a Wednesday.

"Your physical appearance has left you no reason to ever feel confident, but sometimes you appear to be." -- Ari Gold to E about his plan for golf.

"Working in Fantasy Land don't qualify you to run Iraq." -- Johnny Drama to Turtle on the comparison of working as Vince's assistant.

"What do you want us to do, Dom? You want us to overtake the guards?" -- E to Dom in jail.

"The only putts I see is standing in front me." -- Bob Ryan to Ari on the golf course.

"Me personally, I think I'm more of a Steve Martin kinda guy, but way to use the race card, E." -- Charlie (Bow Wow) at their pitch meeting.


Entourage 5/6: The Ari Gold Mine

(HBO Photo)

Ari Gold on the golf course is slowly starting to gain traction in the "What's inherently funny?" conversation.

From his work with his therapist while she played golf (Nora Dunn) to a round with Mark Wahlberg earlier in Season 5 to his undressing of Bob Ryan (Martin Landau) this past week, it's all fantastic television.

And since we won't see any Ari-Mrs. Ari therapy scenes this season, we'll have to take the golf course scenes when we get them.

But the Ari Gold Mine (AGM) this week flips the script a little bit. Rather than saluting something Ari did, the AGM goes to something that was done to Ari.

As he lined up to putt, Ryan and Alan, Warner Brothers studio head, hammered away at Ari. Then, just as he began to putt, Ryan pulled a "Caddyshack" and screamed out "Miss it, scumbag!"

Yeah, that's a little better than "Noonan!"

Entourage 5/6: Writer Props

I, like a good portion of Entouragers out there, hated Dom when he was first introduced as a new character.

Of course, that's what the writers wanted us to do.

When I saw in the coming attractions last week that he had a guest spot this week, I nearly canceled my DVR recording. But alas, his "Silent stream" line in the bathroom to E was subtle and hilarious, the two qualities needed for Writer Props.

Let's go Tampa Bay!

I think I just became a Tampa Bay Rays fan, and not because they're playing the Boston Red Sox, the Adam Davies to the Yankees fans' Ari Gold.

Rather, it's because I just watched the Rays beat the Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALCS on a sacrifice fly in the 11th inning. As the celebration at Tropicana Field ensued, overheard on the broadcast was a "Victory!" chant from Johnny Drama.

Presumably, it was played on the Diamond Vision board. If anyone was in the building at the time or has heard/seen it before, please shed some light on the issue.

In the meantime, I will operate as if the Tampa Rays play Johnny Drama's "Victory!" chant when they win exciting ball games.

Go Rays!

October 9, 2008

TiVo alert: Piven on Letterman

A brief little note to let you all know that Jeremy Piven will be on "The Late Show with David Letterman" this Friday night (Oct. 10).

He's promoting his new movie "RocknRolla." My hunch is his spot with Letterman will be worth watching.

If video becomes available, I'll post up here. But set your TiVos and DVRs just in case, my dear readers.

October 8, 2008

Hilarious Emmanuelle Chriqui interview

We've never hidden our love for Emmanuelle Chriqui. She recently showed up as a Girl of the Week on Boomer and Carton's morning show, a radio program on WFAN SportsRadio here in New York.

For those of you not in the New York listening area, that's former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, a hilarious morning sports talk radio tandem that's gaining traction by the minute in this market. (Think Jimmy Kimmel chasing down Leno and Letterman.)

Thanks to Blog It Out reader Sean, I caught Boomer & Carton's interview with our dear Sloan. It's hilarious. Give it a listen below. (And since I know you love her as much as I do, click through these Emmanuelle Chriqui photos while you listen.)

October 7, 2008

Kevin Connolly comes home

Word around town is when Kevin Connolly, our beloved "E" and a reported FOB (Friend of the Blog), returns to his Long Island home, he rolls with the same crew at the same spots and all that jazz.

And this Columbus Day Weekend, Connolly is hosting a party Sunday night at Dublin Down in Blue Point.


October 6, 2008

'Entourage' gets a sixth season!

Rejoice, my dear Entouragers!

HBO announced Monday that it has re-upped "Entourage" for a sixth season. You know what this means: I've still got a job for at least 12 more weeks next summer.

Production is scheduled to begin in early 2009, according to several reports, and the new season should start airing that summer. Thank the good lord for that: summer "Entourage" is good "Entourage."

The announcement is interesting in its timing. Based on a bunch of your comments, a bunch of e-mails, IM conversations and other Internet blogs (seriously, though, mine is the best, right?), this past week's episode appears to be the most divisive. Many of you hated it. Many of you liked it. I'm somewhat on the fence still (I know, right: Way to take a stand, La Monica!).

Next week is the midway point of the season, an all-star break of sorts. We'll post a poll question after the show asking you to rate the season thus far. (Sure we could do it now, but the sixth show could seriously alter your opinion on the poll, and I don't want know no hanging chads or early exit poll results.)

Entourage 5/5: Trippin'

Forgive me for a moment or two as I start tripping about this episode. I just made that drive on I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas five days ago, and there were no porn stars flashing me and Joey Jitsu along the way.

In fact, the closest we got was some freestyle music and a state trooper who pulled me over for speeding on the way out to L.A. Oops, guess I can't plead not guilty to that ticket now. Oh well. At least it just became a business expense and a tax writeoff.

Here's what else didn't happen on the drive: Finding that damn Joshua tree. Oh sure, there are plenty of Joshua trees on the side of the road, but nothing we could see that resembled where the entourage set up shop with Eric Roberts. (P.S. Joey Jitsu does the best impersonation of Roberts in "Best of the Best.")

Of course, we also didn't research it too deeply. We were too busy making sure we got back to Vegas in time to lose money gambling before passing out. (I threw $5 on red at the roulette table, per "Entourage" rules. I lost.)

And that's about as close as I can relate to the mushroom trip. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who can directly appreciate and relate to the trip. God bless. That was never my thing (and that's not just because of BPL rules). I'm a drinker first (and second, and third and so on).

The closest I ever got to that stuff was in college -- shocking! -- when I saw two dudes I knew sitting on a log in the middle of town with the dumbest looks on their faces as I dropped off my DJ equipment at 3 a.m.

However, I have had my share of nonchemically enhanced hallucinations. Freshman year in college. Finals week. Five tests in six days. Day 4: Wicket the Ewok from "Return of the Jedi" helped me study and pass my biology exam. No joke. I will swear to any god you want that Wicket was there. Crazy.

But I digress.

This week's episode was pretty strong, I thought. I enjoyed the "Am I still tripping or is this real?" ending with the firefighters. Just as Vince had decided to collect a $3-million paycheck to do "Benji," he saw himself in a firefighter's uniform fighting the blaze that was on the side of the road.

Nice touch by Doug Ellin and the show creators. And a good way to keep the storylines of struggle and not compromising artistic integrity for money going.

Haven't we all been there? That place where we made a decision to do something we didn't really want to do, only to find inspiration from a random place that keeps up from doing it?

Sure you have. Just think about the last time your friends saved your drunken self from going home with that ugly girl or guy from the bar.

Entourage 5/5: Best Printable Line

entourage08_29_th.jpgIt's about time Turtle found his way onto the BPL scoreboard this season.

Vince and the fellas are in Ari's car discussing whether he should do the "Benji" movie. Turtle first asks who's going to get top billing. I have to agree with what he said after E objected: "Legitimate question."

It is. But don't worry, that's not this week's BPL.

This is.

When Vince asks what the downside would be for doing a movie about a dog in the arctic, before Ari or E or Drama could say anything, Turtle blurts out:

"You won't be banging your co-star."

Strong work, Turtle. And just for fun, let's take a look at Vince's female movie co-stars thus far:

"Head On" - Jessica Alba
"Queens Boulevard" - Unknown
"Aquaman" - Mandy Moore
"Medellin" - Sofia Vergara.

Quite a list, indeed.

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October 5, 2008

Entourage 5/5: The Ari Gold Mine

I know this is not exactly politically correct, but then again this is Ari Gold we're talking about here.

His Asian accent while on a mushroom trip in the desert was beyond ridiculous. Did you happen to notice how it got more dead-on the more he did it? I wonder if it was just the editing of multiple takes, or if it was written that way or if Jeremy Piven just played it that way.

Ari's role-playing with Lloyd was beyond ridiculous. His making Lloyd start every sentence with "Confucius say" was, again, beyond ridiculous.

These types of scenes are the reason we added The Ari Gold Mine to this blog. Without the AGM, why would we ever wake up on Mondays and go to work?

Entourage 5/5: Writer props

My first thought in terms of Writer Props was to immediately give the title to revelation of Eric Roberts as the shroom supplier of Hollywood.

But, seriously, is that so over the top to believe? You've seen "Best of the Best" so you know what I'm talking about. Plus, whacked-out actors and drug trips aren't so new to "Entourage," re: Val Kilmer the sherpa.

Rather, this week's Writer Props goes to he or she who decided to make E take his shroom trip through a peanut butter and mushroom sandwich, followed by a bout of not being able to talk.

Hilarious decision-making. It's like when I was a kid and my dog was sick. He would spit out the pills from the vet ... until we hid it inside a doughnut. After that, my dog loved doughnuts!

The Smoke Jumpers movie poster

Forgive me for being a week late on this, but I was on vacation last week and am just getting caught up on emails.

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, here's the "Smoke Jumpers" movie poster that's been circulating the Internet. Thanks to all those who sent it my way.

Entourage Smoke Jumpers

September 29, 2008

Entourage 5/4: 5 ways to help Drama cope

We love Johnny Drama's meltdowns. We laugh every time. We're supposed to do such things. That's how the show is designed.

And a drunken Drama teetering on the edge after his breakup with Jacqueline is altogether fantastic to watch unfold.

But at some point, you have to feel bad for Drama. We've all been there. We've all been crushed by a significant other at some point in life. It hurts. It stings. It sucks.

In honor of our love for the character that is Johnny Drama, I've decided to whip up a few ideas that may help Drama get over his pain:

1) Fly to France and sign Jacqueline's friend's cast, then get caught by Jacqueline making out with the friend on her couch.

2) Get absolutely loaded, then go to the nearest pet store and "Tweet-Chirp" his way through the store until security escorts him out.

3) Have Shauna strategically place a few outrageous sex scandal stories in the various celebrity tabloids and blogs.

4) Bring back Cassie!

5) Get Billy Walsh's phone number from Vince and place that call.

These are just a few quick thoughts as I wait for my plane to Vegas. While I'm betting $5 on red at the roulette table to start the trip, share your ideas of how to help Drama cope with the absence of Jacqueline.

September 28, 2008

Entourage 5/4: Best Printable Line

Longtime Let's Blog It Out readers might recognize the historic maneuver I'm about to pull. Or maybe not.

Either way, we're about to award this week's Best Printable Line to a group of unnamed characters, aka a bunch of extras.

We know this is groundbreaking and might greatly effect the race for the Big Knish, but it was just too perfect a scene to let go without permanent praise. Plus, there were no curses in this line, and every other line in the BPL running including one of those no-no words.

The fellas go to bail out Johnny Drama from county jail. As Drama is walking out of his cell and down the hall to sign out his belongings, a group of inmates start yelling "Victory!"

It was a truly genius moment in what was a good setup episode for future Sunday night bombs. And while you may be disappointed in that BPL selection, let me ask you this: Did you laugh harder at another line (that didn't include cursing)?

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Entourage 5/4: The Ari Gold Mine

(HBO Photo)

There's a reason Jeremy Piven has won three straight Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

It's because Ari Gold is a genius role, and could arguably go down as this generation's all-time favorite TV character.

His dustups in marriage counseling scenes are legendary. His battles with studio heads are classic. And his verbal sparring matchings with E could be a pay-per-view special.

This week's Ari Gold Mine came early in the episode when Ari, E and Vince were walking to their first general meeting with studio heads. Ari and E went back and forth at an escalating pace, creating curse words that a) I can't write here and b) never even thought of saying in real life.

God bless Ari Gold. And for the love of Pete, can someone at the "Entourage" office please get cracking on a "Best of Ari Gold" DVD. I'm fairly certain it would sell quite well, especially at Christmas time this year.

(P.S. Mr. Ellin: I don't even want any of the proceeds from those sales. Just make it happen and I'll gladly purchase it. Seriously. I won't even think about downloading it illegally.)

Entourage 5/4: Writer props

The morning hangover scene to start the episode rang a few bells in my rolodex of life experiences. No doubt you felt that same sting of a morning gone wrong after a night that went so right (or so wrong).

But it was another alcoholic endeavor that scored this week's Writer Props. It's also extremely subtle, and may not have even been done intentionally. But, it was a perfect inclusion by the show's editors.

Toward the end of the show, a drunken Johnny Drama is seen drinking even more airplane bottles of booze in the back seat of an SUV at the airport.

He's pretty much a hapless soul, drunk and distraught over losing his French paramour Jacqueline. On his sleeveless Hawaii T-shirt, if you look closely, there's a booze stain near his right pec.

Again, it's subtle, but so is Writer Props. Why give this props? Well, think about the last time you were drinking to numb the pain of life gone astray. Odds are, somewhere in between drinks 12 and 16, you looked down and saw the remnants of drinks 6-8 on your shirt.

Heck, I've got part of a coconut margarita on my Jets T-shirt right now.

September 25, 2008

Now that's how to fly Virgin

Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Sir Richard Branson is joined by the boys of Entourage at the launch of Virgin America's new JFK-Las Vegas route on Sept. 4, 2008.


On the plane, or a scene from "Busey and the Beach?" You make the call!

grenier-branson.jpg (Getty Images Photos)

September 23, 2008

Entourage 5/3: The Ari Gold Mine

Genius scene. Perhaps even worth starting the conversation of Best Ari Gold scene ever.

The public calling out of Adam Davies in his own building. The -----slap. The explanation of the -----slap. The apologetic Davies. The exertion of Ari's male dominance.

No doubt that was the Ari Gold Mine for Episode 3. I've watched it roughly 43 times while nursing myself back to health the past two days. God bless DVR! God bless the AGM!

Anyone get the feeling this has Joshie Award written all over it?

Entourage 5/3: Best Printable Line

An Ari Gold-dominated episode will always produce memorable quotes and rarely produce solid candidates for the BPL. This is the world we live in.

Yet, Ari still found a way to deliver this week's Best Printable Line.

Agent / antagonist Adam Davies sent two male strippers to the Miller Gold Agency. They handcuffed Ari to his chair in a meeting room, turned on the male stripper music and began to do their thing.

A furious Ari Gold, with man flesh all up on his custom-made suit, screamed out:

"Lloyd, you speak their language, make it stop."

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Entourage 5/3: Writer props

I'm guessing there are quite a few women in Los Angeles, on college campuses across the nation, and in every city, town and community in the U.S. that are upset with the fellas around them this week.

See, the guess here is that every dude is out and about calling women "hozies" this week after hearing Johnny Drama invent the word in Episode 3.

A "hozie" is part ho' and part floozy, Drama explained.

It may not be the most non-male chauvinistic part of the show, but it's a pro-bro show and a classic Drama moment. And it has Writer Props written all over it.

September 22, 2008

A one-day delay, but for a great reason

It's 4:58 a.m. and I just finished my first watching of Episode 3 of "Entourage."

However, it's 4:58 a.m. and I can barely function, the result of a Sunday afternoon, evening and night at Yankee Stadium for the final game.

So, I ask of thee dear readers, allow me this one week of delay as I bask in the glory that was remembering all the moments I spent at Yankee Stadium, baseball's cathedral and America's version of Rome's Colosseum.

I'll have all the goodies up between Monday night and Tuesday morning, I promise. And I think it will take me quite a few rewatchings to determine the Ari Gold Mine for this week. The man is an Emmy Award-winning genius!

Props to Jeremy Piven

As if we Entourage folks didn't already know the brilliance that is Jeremy Piven playing Ari Gold.

But alas, winning gold statues is always a good thing, so we salute Piven on another Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Lloooooooooooooooyd!

jeremy piven emmy awards ari gold entourage
(Getty Images)

September 21, 2008

OMG, I really just bought Playboy for the article!

kevin connolly
(HBO Photo)

It was Saturday morning, minutes after 10. Inside one of the 832 Hudson News stores at Penn Station in New York City.

Some dude (me!), walking with a purpose, navigated his way toward the back right magazine stand and grabbed the October 2008 issue of Playboy. This dude (again, it was me), walked uncomfortably toward the cashier, gave him the money and quickly asked for a bag to put the magazine in.

See, purchasing porn (whether, it's softcore or not) on a Saturday morning is just weird. Maybe if I was still wearing Friday night's clothes and hadn't slept save for 25 minutes slumped against a pillar in Penn Station after missing the 5:10 a.m. train, it wouldn't have felt so awkward.

But I slept in a bed Friday night and showered early Saturday morning. So am I just a sick perv?

Well, maybe, but not because of this story. I was in Penn Station on Saturday morning because I was picking up two tickets to the final game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday night. Yep, I'll be there.

And this, six paragraphs in, brings me to my point. I bought the "classy" softcore skin mag because I had gotten word that Kevin Connolly was the 20 Questions interview subject this month. And seeing how I'll be in the Bronx saying goodbye to the world's most important and well-known sporting arena on Sunday night, I didn't want to leave my readers without something fresh to digest after this week's episode.

(The BPL, AGM and all our other goodies will go live Monday around lunchtime. Sorry, but dude, this is the last game at Yankee Stadium, America's Roman Colosseum. Surely, you can appreciate that.)

The interview by Ashley Jude Collie is solid. Connolly is honest and forthright, per usual. There is some new insight into the world of "Entourage" and the actors who play the characters we love to quote every Monday morning (and beyond).

My favorite is Question 5:

PLAYBOY: If we're to believe TMZ, you're out on the town every night. What is your typical evening like?

CONNOLLY: Cocktails and dinner first, then I'm like everyone else: I go to clubs and chase girls.

An investigative study of the magazine's Web site on Sunday morning (on my work computer, no less! Hey, it's for work, right?) has me believing that the Connolly interview won't be available online for free until the next issue comes out. In the meantime, you can purchase the article at newsstands or online to read the interview. It's a fun, quick read. Perhaps some creative Googling will help, too.

On a sidenote, there is also a little Web extra called the 21st question. BPL rules prevent me from linking to it directly, but if you go to the location bar in your browser and type in the name of the magazine followed by what we call .com and then follow that with a /21q, you won't be disappointed.

September 18, 2008

Entourage 5/1: The Ari Gold Mine

As promised this past Sunday night when we invented The Ari Gold Mine, we rewatched the Season 5 premiere for the proper AGM scene.

Upon review, just edging out his initial scene of yelling at everyone at Miller Gold, is Ari walking around his office and throwing a script at one of his agents, all while he's hammering E on the phone.

What sealed it was Ari's intonation when he ended the scene with a derisive "You'll call?"

So good. Watch the vid below for confirmation.

September 17, 2008

I'm better than Richard Roeper!


OK, probably not, but at least the headline is amusing.

During a rewatch of Season 5, Episode 1, Roeper hammers "Medellin" and says Vincent Chase's makeup job for Pablo Escobar makes him look like "the love child of Jiminy Glick and a case of twinkies."

Amusing, indeed. But I still contend that my metaphor is funnier. Written after the first time we ever saw Vince's makeup in Season 4: "He looks like former 'Saturday Night Live' cast member Horatio Sanz trying out for a remake of The Beastie Boys' video for 'Sabotage.'"

You tell me, which is funnier?

September 15, 2008

Entourage 5/2: Vinny Chase mans up!

(HBO Photo)

In the days following the season 5 premiere episode, the talk around the Let's Blog It Out offices (OK, so it's really the Newsday office, but whatever) centered around the short duration of a down-and-out Vince on the beach.

Joey Jitsu and I lamented how it didn't last the entire episode. Not because of the insanely hot women running around Vince's little Mexican beach hut (actually shot in Oahu). Rather, we wanted to see the hardship and struggle for the entire episode because of its unique plot twist.

Then along came Season 5, Episode 2.

What we saw here was a continuation of the movie star's fall from A-list to "movie jail," as Ari Gold put it. That's to be expected, since all we heard on the red carpet two weeks ago was how Vince is going to struggle this season.

But what we also saw was honesty and legitimate vulnerability. Ari Gold confessed his true feelings about Vince's future during a round of golf with Mark Wahlberg. He did the same with Vince in his office a few scenes later. Even Vince, the typically unflappable fella, questioned his own career worth (as opposed to his Season 2 Mandy Moore meltdown).

More importantly, we also finally saw Vincent Chase really man up. Gone was that "Dude, whatever happens happens and we'll go back to Queens and work at Sbarro if we have to if E and Ari can't figure something out" attitude.

Arriving was a "Hey, maybe I should man up and take control of my life and make something happen for myself" attitude. Vince claims he's ready "to play the game" that Hollywood is.

Honestly, it was extremely refreshing to see. I tend to view Vince as the shiny nickel in a handful of old dimes. It stands out more than the others in your hand because of its luster, but that dull dime has more value.

That's not to cheapen Vince at all. The premise of "Entourage" requires a movie star, but the other characters more often than not have better scenes and storylines. Granted, that's part of plot evolution.

This week, however, Vince made a statement. How it pans out career-wise, we'll find out as this season unfolds. In the meantime, this should be a very encouraging late Sunday night/early Monday morning for "Entourage" fans (you know, aside from that whole Lehman Brothers and the impending destruction of our financial institutions thing).

September 14, 2008

Entourage 5/2: The Ari Gold Mine

ari_gold-hbo-entourage.jpgWay back in the day when this Entourage blog began (midway through Season 2, to be precise), I've been a huge proponent of character and plot evolution.

It's the most crucial element of creating a successful, long-running television show. And I've tried to do the same with this blog, adding Writer Props in Season 3.5 along with the Joshie Awards.

Well, for Season 5, I've decided to create the Ari Gold Mine, a weekly salute to our favorite Ari Gold scene. Of course, this begins in Week 2 instead of Week 1 (hey, the last three weeks have been insane for me at work so don't hate on me), but we'll double back midweek and submit for your perusal the Week 1 Ari Gold Mine (AGM).

While the Best Printable Line rules were established to give other characters a chance to compete with Ari each week in the race for the Big Knish, we are not bound by any such language rules when it comes to the AGM (although, we can't necessarily give precise dialogue in some instances).

Ari's rants on E and his work on the golf course this week were strong, but the Ari Gold Mine goes to his work in the screening room. Telling Lloyd to pull the plug on the projector and then screaming to have someone fix it was hilarious. Classic Ari Gold.

I'm still laughing about it, and just might pull the plug on the projector the next time I score an invite to a movie screener, if only to do it and write about it here.

Entourage 5/2: Best Printable Line

At 10:34 p.m. Sunday, an email came flying into my BlackBerry. It was from Boss friend Luda Jon.

The contents of the email: "Before you ask, yes, you can use the Lance Armstrong line."

Shhh, my dear readers, I never intended on asking the dude responsible for my paycheck if I could use that line. It was a strong-enough line that I could easily claim the funny clause as my defense if I was called into Luda Jon's office Monday morning.

So, alas, with what amounts to a Papal sanction in this business, I put forth Week 2's Best Printable Line, compliments of Ari Gold as he tried to build up Vince's self-esteem during a meeting in his office.

"You will come back stronger than ever. Like Lance Armstrong . . . but with two balls!"

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Entourage 5/2: Writer Props

tony-bennett.jpg In an episode loaded with guest stars and cameos -- Mark Wahlberg, Leighton Meester, Carla Gugino, Giovanni Ribisi, Lukas Haas -- I was particularly impressed with the old school touch provided by the appearance of Tony Bennett.

With some old-time Hollywood prima dogs, an appearance on a hip, young show such as "Entourage" can reek of forced attempts to remain relevant in a new world.

Not this time. Not with Bennett. All these years and those records, he's the man. Still.

Maybe it's the Italian in me, or maybe it's just a great call by the script writers and casting folks.

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September 10, 2008

Video: Fran Drescher talks 'Entourage'

Fran Drescher did a guest spot on "Entourage." Here, she talks about it.

America pulls a 'Medellin' on Season 5 premiere

The Season 5 premiere of "Entourage" drew 1.6 million viewers according to Nielsen ratings, down 27 percent from last season.

Ouch. Not good. I prefer to think of it has more than 80 million people not being smart enough to know what's good on television.

Let's blame it all on the MTV VMAs, the start of NFL football and the proliferation of DVRs and TiVos.

If I can dig up the "live plus" ratings next week, we're likely to see a much higher number.

What are "live plus" ratings? In December 2005, Nield started distributing its ratings information in three versions: live, the traditional way television is watched; live plus 24 hours (counts how many people watched a show on DVR playback within a day of recording it) and live plus seven days, counting playback within a week of recording.

September 8, 2008

Entourage 5/1: The essence of 'Entourage'


Everyone likes to call "Entourage" the male version of "Sex & the City." There is much truth in that.

Most people in tune with "Entourage" also understand that this show is deeply entrenched in the ideals of long-term male friendship. How guys can have real friendships with each other and how that means you can say anything to each other and it's all good.

That was the deal this past weekend and three of my friends I've known since 1993 and I sat at several blackjack tables for many hours. Just nonstop banter -- some of-the-moment and some old-school bombs -- and rooting for and/or against each other to win some money.

And the same thing was on display in the Season 5 premiere of "Entourage."

Once you put aside all the sweet pieces of patoot on screen and forget about the hot cars, clothes and houses, that's the essence of "Entourage" -- and what makes this show so successful among males 16 to 60.

This is shown perfectly in the penultimate scene of the premiere. Vince is still trying to figure out his way back after the "Medellin" nightmare and just got played by "Danger Beach" director Carl Ertz. The guys are back in their home and the back-and-forth dialogue is as natural as if it were you and your friends in some little shack of an apartment.

They take little potshots at each other for the "Medellin" flop and Vince's makeup (I still say he looked like Horatio Sanz trying out for a role in the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video). Given the severity of this career-threatening bomb, they're still able to laugh at it, make fun of each other for it and still know they've all got each other's backs no matter what.

That's what true friendship is. That's what true "Entourage" is.

'Entourage' 5/1: Best Printable Line

As is customary after the season premiere, we direct new blog readers to the Best Printable Line rulebook just in case you're wondering why Ari Gold doesn't win this thing every week.

Our regular readers already understand the BPL rules, so here we go.

Johnny Drama earned the Week 1 BPL, and no, it wasn't for his "Don't worry about it Vince, the whole country's on meth" line, although that's an instant classic that I'm sure we'll all use this week at work.

Rather, it occurred with Drama on the verge of another meltdown. During a poster shoot for his TV show "Five Towns," the photographer asks everyone to give him a left pose, followed by right pose.

Drama kindly obliges with the left pose but pulls a Johnny Drama when it comes to the right pose. Linda, a female cast member in the shoot, tells Drama: "C'mon, Johnny, let's just get this done."

Drama responds: "Let him shoot you without a padded bra, Linda, and then I'll let him shoot my right side."

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September 7, 2008

'Entourage' 5/1: Writer Props

My chest is still stinging right now from laughing so hard a few minutes ago.

It's 11:58 p.m. EDT Sunday night and I just made it through my first viewing of the Season 5 premiere of "Entourage."

(I know, I know, what kind of loser am I to not watch it "live" at 10 p.m. but I was in Atlantic City trying to rebuild my stack.)

Johnny Drama + golf club + Carl Ertz's car + dead fish + Turtle saying "What are you, The Godfather?" = Writer Props!

September 4, 2008

'Entourage' Season 5 premiere in New York

Two weeks ago, I asked readers to help me do my job and submit questions for me to ask the fellas at the "Entourage" Season 5 premiere in New York on Wednesday night. You did just that, and I did my best to work them in as much as possible.

Most of the questioning in this video was taken directly from your submissions. Sometimes, you just don't know what will make the final edit and what won't. But there are shoutouts to all those who sent in their questions in the closing credits, so I greatly appreciate all that you do to make this blog an enjoyable endeavor.

This is the main video from the night, and there are three earlier posts that include an interview with Bow Wow, a hilarious conversation with "Jacqueline" and some random funny moments. Enjoy them all.

(P.S. We apologize in advance for the lighting during the Kevin Dillon interview. It was HBO signaling it was time to wrap up the all the interviews.)

Entourage premiere: Me and Jacqueline

We all remember the Season 4 finale, right? Johnny Drama and his French paramour Jacqueline? Right!

Well, she was on the red carpet at the Season 5 premiere and I just couldn't help myself here. When the judges looks back on my career in this world -- and when I write my biography (that no one will read) -- we will all look to this moment as the proverbial "left turn" and the spot where I officially lost my mind.

Enjoy this video, I think it just might be my best work since I interviewed LL Cool J and wrote the entire story using his lyrics, song and album titles.

Entourage premiere: Bow Wow

Bow Wow traded some studio time for some camera time with his guest spot on Season 5 of "Entourage." While acting on a television show isn't the first thing you think of when it comes to Bow Wow, he can definitely rock a red carpet interview. Enjoy this clip.

Entourage premiere: Just having some fun

When your spot on press row is toward the end, your time is limited with the bigger stars of the cast. Such is life, no matter where you go.

However, that's never a reason to not try to have some fun with the people you're interviewing. Have a look at some of the other questions and conversations we had with some of the "Entourage" stars.

In other words, these were some funny moments that didn't quite fit in the main video but were definitely worth sharing with my dear readers.

September 3, 2008

Oh boy, Johnny Drama is furious

The Viking Quest game we alerted you to a few posts ago has got Johnny Drama is meltdown mode. And to think the new season of "Five Towns" hasn't even premiered yet.

OK, so there really is no video game or DVD release or anything like that, but it's a hilarious viral marketing plan launched by HBO to hype the Season 5 premiere on Sunday. Below is Drama's rant. Enjoy.

P.S. I'll be at the premiere Wednesday night in NYC and will be sure to ask Drama, er, Dillon about this.

Jeremy Piven at the U.S. Open


Newsday colleague Rob Kahn scored an interview with Jeremy Piven at the U.S. Open on Tuesday afternoon. Have a look at what Piven said and what Kahn wrote.

“This is kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?” Jeremy Piven asked yesterday in tennis-land, where he was dividing his attention between Novak Djokovic (on the court) and David Mamet (on his lap).

The New York-born actor next week begins rehearsing Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow,” ahead of an Oct. 23 opening on Broadway. It’s a revival of the 1988 drama that was Madonna’s Broadway debut — and it’s why Piven had a dog-eared script balanced on his knees all afternoon.

“We have a short amount of time to mount this beast,” Piven said. “For me, it’s my Olympics.”

Yesterday marked the multi-tasking actor’s second day at Arthur Ashe Stadium. On Monday, he saw Serena Williams in her fourth-round victory, then took the court himself, smacking balls into the audience at the bequest of USTA honchos.

“It’s every kid’s dream to lob balls at people,” Piven said, equating the experience to “performing theater-in-the round.” “One of the perks of being a person of some profile is that you get to walk onto a court that you have no business being on.”

Speed-the-Plow” is about Hollywood dealmakers, not a stretch for Piven, who plays name-dropping power agent Ari Gold on HBO’s “Entourage.”

The series begins its fifth year on Sunday. The season finale, already wrapped, was filmed around Queens, which made it “like playing a home game.”

“I really feel like this is my favorite of all the seasons, because it’s finally getting to something,” Piven said. “If it’s just about a bunch of guys [looking for sex] because their best friend is famous, that’s not really that interesting. You start to wonder, ‘So what else have you got for me?’ This season, you’ll see.”


Oh. My. God.

Please click on the link below. You will not be disappointed, I promise. And, yes, it's totally safe for work (although it could royally slow down your productivity today). I just spent three hours here. And, no, I'm not Rick Rolling you.

Click here immediately.

September 2, 2008

A dope idea for last-minute travel

Get this: Virgin Atlantic is launching its new JFK-Las Vegas direct flight (great idea, Branson!), and it's got an "Entourage" hook.

Peep this story and then start digging into your 401(k) for it. And if you man up and do it, send the photos my way and we'll have a party with them.

September 1, 2008

The Michael Phelps cameo

I'm back from Denver and the DNC (dude, all politics aside, sitting in the end zone at Invesco Field Thursday night for the Obama speech was comparable to nothing I'd ever seen), and I just found out that Michael Phelps does a guest spot on Season 5 of "Entourage."

This may be old news to you, but hey, I was a part of history last week and ran out of time to check in on "Entourage" stuff.

Anyway, here's the pic involving Phelps and E.


August 25, 2008

The top 10 women of 'Entourage'

We're getting closer and closer to the Sept. 7 premiere of Season 5 of "Entourage," and I'm more fired up at the end of this sentence than I was at the beginning.

To further whet your appetites, I decided to rank the "Women of Entourage." (Hey, I was bored working on stuff for the DNC and this seemed like a fun way to pass the time.

I factored in overall beauty and sexiness and their roles on "Entourage." The only qualification for consideration was that they weren't allowed to play themselves on the show. (Otherwise, this list would just be Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Jamie Pressley and Mandy Moore.)

Longtime Let's Blog it Out readers already know the No. 1 gal without having to scroll down. Click the photo for a close-up view of these hotties.

malin ackerman 10) Malin Ackerman as "Tori"
Hmmm, a hot blonde down for a threesome with Sloan and E? C'mon! It's almost as unfair writing that as it was watching it.

bai ling9) Bai Ling as "Li Lei"

She may be a little whacky in real life, but she's also dirty hot and and she beat up Johnny Drama. That's a nice double-double.

lauren london 8) Lauren London as "Kelly"

Quite the gorgeous gal, this Lauren London is. Tough dad, though. Yet, she did almost get Turtle to reveal his first name.

7) Carla Gugino as "Amanda"

Powerful businesswoman. Smoking hot. Willing to put the two together. Damn, I need an agent!

leighton meester gossip girl entourage 6) Leighton Meester as "Justine Chapin"

She was hot in Season 1, then blew up and got hotter on "Gossip Girl" and now returns to Season 5 of "Entourage." Set your TiVos and DVRs for when she's on.

beau garrett entourage 5) Beau Garrett as "Fiona"

Insane, even by normal standards, but Lord, remember when she dropped the robe?

perrey reeves mrs. ari gold 4) Perrey Reeves as "Mrs. Ari"

If only I could get away with writing the four-letter acronym that we use to describe hot moms!

holly valance 3) Holly Valance as "Leanne"

The Perfect 10 model from Jamie Pressley's party might actually be hotter than Jamie Pressley.

johanna black2) Johanna Black as "Staci"

Bob Saget said it best: "She's a thoroughbred!"

emmanuelle chriqui 1) Emmanuelle Chriqui as "Sloan"

This should come as no surprise to see Sloan atop this list. We're fairly certain we'll love her forever. By the way, word on the street is we'll see her once or twice this season, too! God bless America!

(Photos from AP, Getty Images, KRT and HBO)

August 23, 2008

Photos from Season 5 of 'Entourage'

HBO released the first official photos for Season 5 of "Entourage" on Friday afternoon. Have a look.

The first photo below has the potential right now, full scene unseen, to win at least two Joshie Awards this season. Take a look at the background and then notice who is conspicuously absent from the photo.


Yeah, that's going to be a great episode!

OK, what if I could show you another photo from Season 5? Would that be something you might be interested in?

ari gold phil mickelson martin landau entourage

Yep, that's going to be another gem!

Had enough yet? No? OK, fine. Let me serve a nice little "Entourage" Season 5 photo gallery for you to enjoy. Are 25 photos enough to get you rolling?

The 'Entourage' comic preview

Pretty neat stuff here, my dear readers.

August 22, 2008

Booyah! Season 5 sneak peek

Props to Blog reader lainiek for the tip on this. It's the opening scene to an episode, presumably the Season 5 premiere.

"Medellin" doesn't fair so well on Phillips and Roeper. More importantly, Long Islanders and New Yorkers (and Charles Wang) will love the product placement involving E's T-shirt.

August 21, 2008

Help me do my job, please!

Barring any unforeseen snafus, we'll be on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Season 5 of "Entourage" on Sept. 3.

I'll be holding the microphone and saying things into it, then hoping the stars of "Entourage" return the favor. All the while, one of my boys will be holding the video camera.

So here's your chance to help me do my job. Got any questions you want me to ask? I'll do my best to get them in (you never know how much time you'll get with the actors, especially since we're just a little ol' blog - an awesome little ol' blog, but a little ol' blog nonetheless -- and not a television station).

I'll even try to name-drop for you if the question is really good.

Fire away, my dear readers, and let's see what I can come up with for you.

August 19, 2008

Is it Sept. 7th yet?

Seriously, how much longer until Sept. 7 at 10 p.m.?

I thought I'd be OK with having my summer Sundays free, but now I'm just a grumpy old man every Sunday at 9:59 p.m.

July 17, 2008

More Emmy nominations for 'Entourage'

Emmy Award nominations hit the masses this morning and there were few surprises in the "Entourage" camp.

Once again, Kevin Dillon tests the strength of his work as Johnny Drama against Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. It would be grand to see Dillon win this time, if only for the high probability of a "Victory" chant. The competition is tough in this category: Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother"), Rainn Wilson ("The Office") and Jon Cryer ("Two And A Half Men").

"Entourage" is also in the Emmy running for Outstanding Comedy Series, up against defending champ "30 Rock," "The Office," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Two and a Half Men." That is some stiff comp right there.

That about does it for the TV awards you'll see handed out Sept. 21 at the Nokia Theater. Other Emmy nominations for the show are:

• Dan Attias for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series (Episode: No Cannes Do).

• Steve Morantz, Dennis Kirk and Bill Jackson for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (half-hour) And Animation (Episode: Adios Amigo).

July 11, 2008

Johnny Drama vs. Phil Mickelson


[Kevin Dillon (HBO Photo); Phil Mickelson (AP Photo)]

So, there I was, staring at the HBO press release, the celebrity guest star paragraph to be precise.

Three words jumped out at me: golfer Phil Mickelson.

Sure, I had already written about his appearance. But now I started to think more, and these wirds jumped into my head:

In real life, Kevin Dillon is the son of a golf coach and knows how to play golf. Mickelson is notorious for collapsing on Sundays at major championships. Johnny Drama has a meltdown every other scene.

So here's my uneducated guess (I have no inside information on this script, which is why this post is field under the Fun & Games categories) as to what we might be in store for:

Drama vs. Mickelson on the golf course.

Who would win the match? Tough call. Who would have the bigger meltdown? Again, tough call.

Let's hear your thoughts on it.

'Entourage' returns Sept. 7

HBO confirmed in a press release on Thursday what we have known for a little while: "Entourage" returns to the airwaves on Sunday, Sept. 7.

My apologies for getting this to you on Friday, but I was swamped with all kinds of other things on Thursday. I know, I know, "Entourage" should take preference over those things, and it usually does, but since this wasn't too earth-shattering news for regular readers, I figured it would be OK.

Plus, most of you should have been out partying on Thursday night and then stumbling into work late on Friday, so now seems like the right time.

It's a 12-episode season which will take us up to Thanksgiving. It picks up where it left off with the boys struggling to survive after sinking all their money into "Medellin."

Guest stars include Leighton Meester, who returns as Justine Chapin. Also on the previously reported guest star list: Bow Wow, T.I., Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Phil Mickelson.

Add to that list Fran Drescher, Lukas Haas, Kevin Pollak, Martin Landau, Paul Ben-Victor, the cast of "The View," Mark Wahlberg, and these two gems -- Eric Roberts and Tony Bennett.

An insider on Entourage: Let's Blog It Out's non-existant payroll who has read most of the scripts so far says we're in for some outstanding episodes this year.

If someone out there has the skills to build me a countdown ticker, I'll gladly post it on the blog. I'm fired up, folks. Get ready.


- La Monica

(Getty Images)

July 8, 2008

Guess the Jamie-Lynn Sigler 'Entourage' arc

jamie-lynn sigler Blogger compadre Verne turned me on to this little nugget from E!: Smoking hot Jamie-Lynn Sigler has a three-episode arc on "Entourage" this coming season.

Early reports have the pride of Jericho (the Long Island town, not the defunct TV show) playing herself and a potential love interest on the show.

Now comes the fun: Guessing the plot line.

I have no inside information on this (at least not yet), so I'm just taking a shot in the dark and letting my mind roll with it. I suggest you do the same in the comments field.

I'm guessing her storyline is intertwined somehow with the New York episode. It's too obvious for her to get with Vince, and given her image as anything but a Hollywood floozy, E seems like the logical choice.

However, that's almost too obvious. Consider Doug Ellin's history here. Most guest spots somehow make fun of themselves one way or another. So, the guess here is that Turtle will visit the "Meadow Lands" in some sort of late-night rendezvous at the W Hotel or The Surf Lodge in Montauk.

Again, it's a crazy scenario but anything is possible. Let's hear what you got.

(AP Photo)

June 20, 2008

Entourage is coming home!

Thanks to Blog reader "entourage fan" for posting this link to a Kevin Connolly interview. In the interview, E mentions that Entourage is doing a New York episode.

Finally, the boys are coming home and it's about damn time!

Any chance they read my script idea from two seasons ago about a New York homecoming episode? I doubt it highly, but it's fun to dream the dream.

June 18, 2008

Entourage, the movie . . . Part II

With "Sex and the City" raking in big bucks at the box office, the topic of conversation for me and a few other friends over a recent breakfast at Chateau Marmont centered on HBO's next movie.

Would "SATC" open the doors for "The Sopranos," "Entourage" and other hit HBO series to go on the big screen?

Mark Wahlberg, in a recent interview with MovieFone.com, hints that there's a movie or two in Entourage's future.

Will it ever happen? Who knows. But I do know I'll be Fandangoing my tickets weeks in advance.

Johnny Drama in 'Hotel for Dogs'

Kevin Dillon has a part in the Jan. 16, 2009 Dreamworks release "Hotel for Dogs."

It looks very kid-friendly, a role we're not used to seeing from our beloved Drama. However, his cameo in this newly released trailer is outstanding. It appears the fake mustache he donned in his "Medellin" cameo went over big with the producers of this flick.


June 4, 2008

Kevin Connolly's new movie

E's got a new movie coming out soon, "He's Just Not That Into You." The trailer hit the web this week. Give it a looksee and see Kevin Connolly in a new role. (Unless you prefer him on the big screen as Chickie the schoolyard bully in "Rocky V.")

June 3, 2008

Entourage 2008 hot stove report, Vol. VII

entourage_season4_dvd.jpg * Time to pre-order Entourage Season 4 on DVD. HBO will start shipping Aug. 26, just in time to get everyone hyped up for Season 5 which will start a few weeks after that.

* This is a week old -- hey, I was on vacation in Hawaii and Vegas -- but in case you hadn't heard, Bow Wow has a recurring role as a stand-up comic in season five.

* According to GoErie.com, pro golfer Phil Mickelson has a guest spot in an upcoming episode of "Entourage." Consider that "Entourage" guest stars tend to make fun of themselves (OK, so the writers and producers make them do it). Then consider that Mickelson is notorious for collapsing in big moments of major tournaments. Oh, this has the makings for some hilarious television.

* Our fave, Emmanuelle Chriqui, breaks down working with the "Entourage" actors in this little interview.

May 14, 2008

Entourage 2008 hot stove report, Vol. VI

* Thank you, GQ! Peep the latest issue of the men's style magazine on newsstands this week for a smokin' hot photo shoot with smokin' hot Emmanuelle Chriqui. Regular Entourage blog readers know about our special affinity for Sloan, and we're begging for a return arc on the show. Please!

In the meantime, here's a funny little story about our favorite Emmanuelle courtesy of the Daily News. If that doesn't make you want to move to Malibu, or start a new career as a photographer, nothing will.

After reading that, head over to GQ.com for more photos. And then peep your head below for the video, compliments of my new favorite magazine Web site.

* Adrian Grenier and his Reckless Productions company joins forces with investment group J. Loar Inc.

* Though we haven't heard an official word from HBO, Kevin Connolly suggests in comments to the New York Post that "Entourage" will indeed be back in 2009 for a sixth season.

May 13, 2008

More guest spots on 'Entourage' Season 5

meester.jpgAccording to various Internet reports, Leighton Meester of "Gossip Girls" fame will take another turn as Justine Chapin on "Entourage" this season.

T.I. is also set to do a cameo on the show this season, which no doubt will help album sales of his sixth solo effort "Paper Trail," which hits stores Aug. 12. Well, maybe it will also boost illegal downloads.

Time for plot guessing with these two cameos. My random guesses are below, read them and then post yours.

For Leighton Meester: The obvious call here is something to do with Vince and a bed (or a coat room), but I'm going in the other direction. I say Drama lands a date with her in some kind of reverse cougar plotline.

For T.I.: T.I. teams up with Rufus, who after installing home audio systems and repairing cars, is now a club owner. Turtle befriends T.I. backstage at a concert, gets on to his tour bus and actually reveals his first name to land a girl. That girl turns out to be T.I.'s sister and Turtle gets thrown off the bus.

Again, these are just random guesses. Your turn.

- La Monica

April 24, 2008

Me and Mandy Moore

Waiting in line to pick up a media credential for UFC 83 at Montreal's Bell Center this past weekend, Mandy Moore strolled right on by with a few friends.

Before I had a chance to get out, "Mandy, why'd you break Vince's heart like that twice?" she was gone. My bad.

But I did promise myself that if there was another Mandy sighting later in the evening, I'd drop that one on her.

There was another Mandy sighting later in the evening.

I broke my promise to myself. But there was a reason for this one:


Yep, Minka Kelly, aka Lyla Garrity from "Friday Night Lights."


Mandy Moore is still kryptonite, but in a good way this time.

April 23, 2008

'Entourage' goes to Hawaii/Mexico

If that headline confuses you, let me explain.

"Entourage" recently has been filming scenes for Season 5 in Hawaii. According to Pacific Coast News, Hawaii is doubling as Mexico for the purposes of the episode's plot. Pacific Coast News also has a bunch of photos from the set.

Forgive me for asking this, but was it really easier for a show situated in Southern California to go to Hawaii to replicate Mexico instead of just going a few miles south to the actual Mexico?

I'm probably just a bit upset for three reasons:

1) Pure jealousy
2) Mad they didn't shoot in Hawaii in late May when I'll be out there.
3) Does this mean the show's one traveling episode per season won't be in New York this time around?

March 21, 2008

Vinny Chase interview

adrian_grenier.jpgHere's a little Q&A with Adrian Grenier from The Guardian over there in the U.K., compliments of Intrepid videographer friend Bobby.

Some interesting takes on stuff.


March 10, 2008

Entourage hot stove report 2008, Vol. V

Season 5 of "Entourage" is indeed in production as I blog, which means these hot stove reports will soon be replaced with things about the new episodes.

* The new season of Entourage is scheduled to start Sept. 28.

* Adrian Grenier wins the Blue Sky Award for Environmental Activism

* Doug Ellin suggests that Dom will return for a few episodes and that Entourage could last eight seasons.

* An enterprising lad compares the characters on "Entourage" to the top teams in NCAA hoops this season.

February 25, 2008

Johnny Drama's defining moment

After delving back into the Entourage hot stove reports earlier today, I've pretty much spent the rest of Monday on YouTube watching clips from Entourage.

I spent at least two hours watching clips of my boy, Johnny Drama. He might just be the best character ever created. So please allow me to pass along his defining scene, a clip from "The Resurrection" in Season 3.5.

Entourage hot stove report 2008 Vol IV.

It's been a few minutes since I checked in with a hot stove report. Sorry for that. Been crazy busy with things, plus most of the news is just gossipy stuff about Adrian Grenier growing a beard. (Sorry, but we don't care about that stuff here.)

* HBO and YouTube are in cohoots to set up a YouTube channel for "Entourage" and other HBO programming. Now we won't have to worry (too much) about copyright issues. There's no specific Entourage playlist as of the time I posted this at http://youtube.com/hbo but there quite a few clips. Enjoy.

* Anybody catch crazy Gary Busey on the Oscar red carpet last night? I think he's suffering from emotional discombobulation.

* Many conflicting reports out there, but quite a few suggest that Entourage will return in the Fall. Will try to nail this down soon.

* Remember Emily, Ari's assistant from Season 1? Well, the actress who played her, Samaire Armstrong, is in the recording studio working with producer Dave Hillis of Starlodge Entertainment on a new album. Thanks to Blog reader Anonymous for the scoop and link.

January 28, 2008

Entourage hot stove report 2008 Vol. III


* Remember the Sundance episode where Vince races the boys down the slopes? He does it in real life, too.

* Happy-go-lucky Vinny Chase takes an evil turn as Adrian Grenier plays the villain in "Adventures of Power," starring Honey Brothers bandmate Ari Gold (no, not that one). The film showed at Sundance.

* HBO on Broadband will allow viewers to download episodes of "Entourage" and other shows to their computers.

* Emmanuelle Chriqui landed a role in "Cadillac Records," the story of Etta James, who will be played by Beyonce. A nice score for us fellas!

* For those still curious about the life of "Entourage" in this writers' strike era, understand this: there's an HBO Entourage party planned at the Super Bowl. It's at Myst on Feb. 1. That can't be a bad thing, right?

* The Honey Brothers will perform at that party.

* If you want to dress like Johnny Drama, you'll need to pick up a pair of New Balance classic 574s.

January 21, 2008

Emmanuelle Chriqui this summer

"You Don't Mess With the Zohan" would appear to be another in a long line of movies Adam Sandler made that he shouldn't have.

But at least this one features Emmanuelle Chriqui in a more prominent role than we're used to seeing. Enjoy the trailer.

January 13, 2008

Piven beats Dillon for Golden Globe

Jeremy Piven just beat out Kevin Dillon for the Golden Globe Supporting Actor in a series.

Props to Ari, even though we were pulling for Drama to score his first award.

Seeing how there's no show and this press conference thing is so whack, there's nothing more to say.

January 10, 2008

Entourage hot stove report 2008, Vol. II

By Mark La Monica

Our weekly/somewhat frequent update on the happenings with the cast of our favorite TV show:

* Drama's finest moment ever -- at the Grand Canyon -- was written specifically to get Kevin Dillon some awards. Turns out others are cashing in, too. David Nutter was nominated for a Director's Guild Award for Comedy series, based on that episode.

* Who will win the Golden Globe for Supporting Actor on Sunday night: Jeremy Piven or Kevin Dillon? We simply won't entertain the notion that the other nominees stand a chance. We're pulling for Drama, just to spread the love around the cast.

* I love the permeation of "Entourage" into other worlds. Check this one out from some animal section of this Web site. Makes no sense, but I'm all for stretching metaphors and anecdotes.

January 7, 2008

Time to officially start worrying

By Mark La Monica

This writers' strike doesn't seem to want to end it, does it? It's as if Billy Walsh were in charge or something.

Initially, most of us didn't really care about the strike since we all figured that once the inventory of new shows ran out, they'd settle the strike and maybe we'd have a week or two of reruns.

That was a few months ago. Now, its time to officially begin worrying if this WGA strike will affect Season 5 of "Entourage."

Adrian Grenier and Rex Lee have already said they're not sure if there will even be a Season 5 this summer. Typically, all the scripts are just about written by now and shooting would start in February.

But Doug Ellin and his crew aren't allowed to write during the WGA strike. (Whether or not they have been writing or at least thinking about script ideas is known only by them.)

Co-executive producer Rob Weiss said last August that they planned on sitting down to discuss the new season in September. How far those talks progressed is again known only by those in the room.

Even if all 14 episodes of Season 5 have been written, they can't be shot until the strike ends, if it ends.

How much longer can the strike go on before HBO moves along with its Sunday night summer programming?

There are other questions at hand, too:

* If the strike ends soon, how quickly can the Entourage crew mobilize without sacrificing show quality?

* If the strike doesn't end soon, how quickly can the Entourage crew mobilize without sacrificing show quality?

* Would the perception and enjoyment of the show for viewers suffer by airing in the Fall instead of summer when we all have a more care-free attitude.

Yeah, I'd say it's time to start worrying. Perhaps the WGA and studios should turn to Jeremy Piven in full Ari Gold mode to mediate. We know he'd get the deal done.

January 4, 2008

Entourage hot stove report 2008 Vol. 1

* "Entourage" scored a No. 11 placement on the San Francisco Chronicle's list of the best in television for 2007.

* Emmanuelle Chriqui gets some love from Slate.com (and us) for her work with Baron Davis on IFC's Framed series.

* Will the writers' strike spell the end of "Entourage?" Adrian Grenier wonders.

* It's not all about the environment for Adrian Grenier. He helps feed the homeless, too.

* Uh oh, maybe my brilliant script idea from 2006 involving Vince and Lindsay Lohan could take hold!

December 26, 2007

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Baron Davis

IFC debuted this series called "Framed" on Dec. 14, but I just got around to watching the first episode.

The show pairs an athlete with a celebrity. The athlete becomes the actor and the celebrity becomes the first-time director for a short film. Neat concept.

Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka Sloan, was first up with Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors. Together, they produced a pretty funky little short. However, IFC's site doesn't have the video available and YouTube searching only resulted in this clip from the half-hour show.

Still, check it out, and look IFC's Web site for future airings. She did a pretty good job with the story pitch.

December 20, 2007

More award nominations for 'Entourage'

The nominations for this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards were released this morning and "Entourage" scored twice.

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin,"30 Rock"
Steve Carell, "The Office"
Ricky Gervais, "Extras"
Jeremy Piven, "Entourage"
Tony Shaloub, "Monk"

Some seriously stiff comp for Piven, but at least it's not a nomination for Supporting Actor as has occurred in the past with other award shows. Baldwin has to be considered the favorite, but let's hope Ari can dig into his bag of tricks and pull this one out.

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
"30 Rock"
"Desperate Housewives"
"The Office"
"Ugly Betty"

Perhaps even stiffer comp here. "30 Rock" is brilliant, even though only 4.2 million Americans are smart enough to watch it. Still, that number is slightly higher than the Entourage ratings, for those who care about that stuff.

I wonder if now the calf implant doctor will take Drama's SAG insurance.

The SAG Awards will be given out Jan. 27 at the Shrine Exposition Hall and can be watched on both TNT and TBS.

December 18, 2007

Kevin Connolly and the Islanders

By Mark La Monica

Kevin Connolly returned home to Long Island to join with Mike Bossy and the Islanders in helping out local kids for the holidays.

Intrepid videographer friend Bobby was on the scene to do some video (8 a.m. was just way too early for me). As a thanks to Bobby, give a click to his new boxing blog, The Neutral Corner.

December 16, 2007

Entourage hot stove report 2007, Vol. V

By Mark La Monica

* For all my Arizona readers -- or for anyone moving to or traveling to the Scottsdale area next year -- Cox Cable is about to hook you up with video-on-demand. That means Turtle in a bunny suit anytime you want.

* Jeremy Piven loved his bar mitzvah suit but not his mullet.

* Lauren London, Rufus' daughter and the girl who nearly tricked Turtle into giving up his first name, is reportedly engaged to Lil Wayne, for those who care about that stuff.

* Ari Emanuel, the inspiration behind Ari Gold, was No. 4 on Entertainment Weekly's smartest people in Hollywood list.

December 13, 2007

3 Golden Globe nods for 'Entourage'


The boys scored three Golden Globe nominations of note this morning.

* Best Series, Comedy or Musical (stiff comp from "30 Rock")
* Jeremy Piven for Supporting actor in a series, mini-series or movie
* Kevin Dillon for Supporting actor in a series, mini-series or movie

We'll deal more with these in the coming days. Right now, it's Mitchell Report, Mitchell Report, Mitchell Report the rest of the way for me at work.

December 11, 2007

Billy Walsh in the office

By Mark La Monica

walsh_cycle.jpgWalked into work this morning . . . saw my boss at his desk wearing a suit . . . a rare occurence.

Naturally, this was the perfect opportunity for a little Billy Walsh start to my day.

"What's up, suit?" I said.

And yes, I later emailed him the "Suits Suck" t-shirt.

Some days, it's good to be in the office.

December 6, 2007

The 2007 Entourage gift guide

By Mark La Monica

For those of you still in search of gifts to put on your Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa lists, or for those searching for gifts to get your peoples, let me lend you a helping hand. I mean, it is the season for giving, right?

I can't sit here (actually, I'm lying down) and set your personal style, so don't look for $1,500 watches, $6,000 suits or $300,000 cars. Try Esquire or GQ for that stuff.

Instead, I've compiled a small group of Entourage items available across the Web that you might want to consider this holiday season

season2dvd.jpg Entourage Season 2 DVD
Sure, Seasons 3 and 3.5 are already out on DVD, but just in case you don't already own the show's finest season on DVD, this is a reminder that you should start functioning like a normal human.

suits_suck.jpg Suits Suck t-shirt
It's the shirt Billy Walsh wore after he thought E leaked the "Medellin" trailer on YouTube. Need we say more?

dogbitch.jpg "Hug It Out" pet tee
Brilliant marketing here. Take the show's catchphrase and put it on a shirt for dogs. Genius!

ariism.jpg Ari-ism No. 6 shirt
We all know and love the way the writers write for Ari Gold and the way Jeremy Piven plays him. This shirt lets everyone else know. It features the Ari quote, ""$4,000 a month? That's what I pay my dog walker" Now, can you remember the scene?

mousepag.jpg Entourage eco-friendly mouse pad
I'm not really sure how a mouse pad can or cannot be environmentally friendly, but what the heck? Everyone is going green lately, so we'll support the cause.

onesie.jpg "Hug it out" onesie
For the really, really young Entouragers out there. Hmmm, I knew a few people expecting kiddies next year. Hmmm, it looks like the HBO Entourage store just made a few bucks.

chicktank.jpg Ladies camo tank top
Ladies are nice. Ladies who appreciate "Entourage" are nice. Ladies who wear tank tops are nice. Add it all up and we can't wait to get turned down by them.

benchdrama.jpg "I Bench More Than Drama" t-shirt
It's just such a good idea for a T-shirt. We recommend the long-sleeve edition because you can wear a sleeveless shirt over it and actually look like you do bench more than Drama. Even though you don't (and really, who does?), it's OK to look the part.

bumper.jpg Gold/LLoyd in '08 bumper sticker
Bumper stickers may be extremely tacky, but at least this one is funny, too.

apron.jpg The Bob Ryan BBQ apron
What's a gift guide for the fellas without something barbecue-related? I'll kowtow to typical stereotypes and include this, but only because of what it says on the front of this apron: "Is that something you might be interested in?" Yes, I believe so.

November 25, 2007

Entourage hot stove report 2007, Vol. IV

By Mark La Monica

So maybe we are just a few days late here with the weekly Entourage hot stove report, but Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we accept and admit no blame in the delay.

Now that we're back on course, let's burn up the hot stove!

* Ordinarily, TMZ video of celebs leaving restaurants are pointless, stupid and woefully unnecessary. However, our boy Kevin Connolly made one worth watching . . . and not for doing something scandalous. Watch the entire 1:26 video and you'll see.

* Rufus' daughter, Lauren London, gets her star turn in "This Christmas."

* The movie version of "Tony and Tina's Wedding," which includes Adrian Grenier in its cast, opens this week in a limited release. Check your local listings.

* Saigon, who has gotten more pub from his scenes in "Entourage" than from his music, is pulling a Ma$e and a Jay-Z and quitting the rap game. And, per the rules of rappers quitting, his new album "Greatest Story Never Told" will be in stores soon.

* For all you "Entouragers" in the Baltimore area, E is in town with Scarlett Jo and Jennifer Connolly, among others, filming scenes for the upcoming film "He's Just Not That Into You." The Baltimore media outlets have been all aflutter that these big celebs have come to their town.

* The UK is beginning to feel our pain here in the States. Take this quote from Inthenews.co.uk, which tells its Brit readership that there's a new release of "Entourage" on DVD:

And the first part of the third season of HBO's fantastic Entourage begins its DVD release this week (can't they just release the whole series in one go?)

Welcome to our world, England. Now you can have David Beckham back. We'll keep Posh, though.

November 15, 2007

Entourage hot stove report 2007, Vol. III

By Mark La Monica

You know how we do every Thursday. Time for the Entourage hot stove report. (Note: We're off next Thursday for Thanksgiving, as should you. No hot stove report until all the Stove Top stuffing is gone.)

jeremy piven* Look for Jeremy Piven to appear in AARP's new campaign for U.S. healthcare and financial security.

* "Entourage" scored a Producer's Guild Award nomination for episodic TV comedy. It's got some tough comp: "Extras" (HBO), "The Office" (NBC), "30 Rock" (NBC) and "Ugly Betty" (ABC).

* Johnny Drama, er, Kevin Dillon, is set to play Lisa Kudrow's husband in "Hotel for Dogs," a family film based on a children's book about two orphaned teenagers who secretly house nine stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. I wonder if Arnold will be one of those canines.

* Adrian Grenier scored the No. 12 spot on this year's People Magazine "Sexiest Men Alive" list.

* Just as he did for Kristin, E bought some jewels for Julianne Hough, for those of you care about that kinda thing.

* Our favorite Emmanuelle Chriqui co-hosts an exclusive screening of Reebok's "Framed" with Baron Davis on the 19th at Tribeca Cinemas.

* Eight-minute clips of "Entourage" on your phone? It could happen soon. HBO Mobile has something going on to make your train rides that more tolerable.

* First is was Jeff Johnson. Now it's Johnny Drama. This getting by on name recognition is something we all need to try to inflate our bank accounts.

November 7, 2007

Entourage book signing photos


Click the pic to see the photo gallery

November 5, 2007

Entourage book review

By Mark La Monica

entourage book cover
Upon possession of "Entourage: A Lifestyle is a Terrible Thing to Waste," the new book about the show, the first thing you need to do is flip to page 49 and laugh.

If you don't laugh at the classic photo of Drama, please return the book and use the money to purchase a self-help book because you clearly have some issues to work out. One (or more) of those Deepak Chopra or Joel Osteen books should do the trick.

The "Entourage" book is a clever repackaging of things we already knew and photos we've already seen mixed in with things we didn't know and photos we've never seen. For example, there's really no reason to read the recaps of every episode since we've all seen them at least 12 times. However, what prevents you from skipping over those pages are the P.S. notes at the end of several episodes of the each season that take you behind the scenes and advance the story a bit.

The first rule of writing reviews is to give the reader a taste of the topic without giving it all away. So, we'll just throw one nugget out there to elaborate on the P.S. stuff mentioned above: The episode recap for "Busey and the Beach" (my all-time favorite episode) includes a note that Busey didn't paint the "Emotional Dyslexia" artwork, but it now hangs in his house.

Here are some more thoughts from the book:

Continue reading "Entourage book review" »

Entourage book signing

By Mark La Monica

This may be rather short notice, and really only affects readers living in New York City, but such is life.

Cast members will be in Manhattan today (Monday) to sign copies of the new book "Entourage: A Lifestyle is a Terrible Thing to Waste."

10.30am, HBO Shop
42nd & 6th Ave, 212-512-SHOP

1 pm, Borders Books
10 Columbus Circle (Time Warner Center)

I finished the book Sunday night and am working on the review now. It will hit the site by noon.

November 2, 2007

Hey, we just got a makeover

By Mark La Monica

Don't fret, dear readers, you're still in the right place. The blog just got a makeover.

What does this mean for you? Bigger photos and direct access to our videos.

Have a grand weekend. I'll be reading the new Entourage book and prepping for the Monday afternoon review of it so you know what you're in store for on Tuesday when you leave work early to buy it on opening day.

October 31, 2007

Hot stove unplugged

By Mark La Monica

Sorry, folks, but this week's edition of the 2007 Entourage Hot Stove has been unplugged. Turns out, we're having some boiler issues in the Blog It Out offices. Plus, with the price of oil at the moment, it's best to repair the issue instead of burning up the office and the money.

Translation: I'm swamped with a big ski project for work (uh oh, here comes a Funkmaster Flex "Buy my CD! Buy my CD!" shameless plug: this ski project launches Sunday at newsday.com.ski), so I don't have the time to compile the Hot Stove Report this week.

In the meantime, I assure you four things:

1) The Entourage book is en route, I'm told by the good people at Simon & Schuster, so we should have a book review posted by Tuesday's nationwide release.

2) During the entire length of this ski project, I've been randomly saying to people, "This looks a lot bigger than the one at Big Bear."

3) During the entire length of this ski project, I've been randomly saying to people, "If you can ski Hunter, you can ski anywhere."

4) The Hot Stove heats up next week with a special double issue.

See you on the slopes. In the meantime, Happy Halloween. I'm going as a fan on Sloan, so basically my costume is the same as any other day.

October 25, 2007

Entourage Hot Stove 2007, Vol. I

By Mark La Monica

"Entourage" is being written now (or at least discussed being written) and will be filmed in the coming months. Of course, we'll have to wait until next summer to actually see the episodes.

"Entourage, the blog," however, keeps blogging it out in the offseason. Frequent readers of this little Internet nook will recall last year's "Entourage Hot Stove reports."

Well, they're back. Every Thursday afternoon, we'll update you with the career happenings of the actors on the show. If there's news, we'll throw it on the hot stove. If not, we'll make some up. Just kidding.

* Ari teaches Mrs. Ari how to handle the paparazzi. Quite amusing little post from TMZ. Hopefully the video will download for you.

* Fashion Week in Los Angeles is in full swing and Perrey Reeves has been on hand, spotted in the front row at Gregory Parkinson and at the opening of a Jenni Kayne boutique, whatever that means.

* Drama only has 8 points on Fafarazzi.com. I don't know what the heck that means but it seems to me he should have more.

* Jeremy Piven makes a special appearance on the "American Hustle" DVD from Katt Williams, to be released Nov. 20.

October 23, 2007

Adrian Grenier's paparazzi documentary

By Mark La Monica

A few months ago, Adrian Grenier, the real-life Vinny Chase, got some online flack (which is probably the most potent and least believable type of flack) for palling around with Paris Hilton.

Some of those pesky online folks didn't believe it was for his documentary about paparazzi and celebrity culture in the States. Some did.

More importantly, who cares?

Of course, the fact that people on the gossip sites and shows wrote and talked about it speaks perfectly to Grenier's documentary topic.

Here's a good story about Grenier and his documentary from an Australian magazine.

Big sale

By Mark La Monica

The good people of HBO are making it slightly easier on your wallet, at least for today.

Today (Tuesday, Oct. 23) from noon-4 p.m., it's 20 percent off whatever you want in the HBO store.

I suggest the MGA T-shirt.

October 14, 2007

Entourage Season 3.5 DVD review


By Mark La Monica

Possession of the Entourage Season 3.5 DVD, officially titled "Entourage, Season 3, Part 2" provides on-demand access to one of the greatest moments in show history: Johnny Drama at the Grand Canyon.

Is there more of a rallying cry or sentimental moment than seeing Drama, post-meltdown, fall to his knees overlooking the Grand Canyon and scream "Victory!"?

Having access to this scene at any point in your everyday life makes it worth the purchase.

But, as with all DVDs these days, extras are necessary. (Gone are the days of "Hey, let's make viewers who purchase 'Goodfellas' flip over the DVD to watch the rest of the movie.)

Included on this DVD is an interesting panel discussion involving the cast, creator Doug Ellin and director Julian Farino. The Museum of Television & Radio panel was moderated by Elvis Mitchell, the guy who interviewed E, Vince and Billy Walsh for Interview magazine.

The panel is from March 2006, but is still interesting to hear the backstories and thought processes behind some of our favorite scenes.

If you're already a subscriber to the Entourage podcast on iTunes, then you've already seen the "Anatomy of Entourage" featurette that goes behind the scenes of the Season 3.5 finale. If you're not a subscriber, then you'll enjoy this 11 minutes. It basically is the real-life version of the "Medellin" documentary that opened Season 4.

One of the traits of "Entourage" is bringing guest stars and periphery characters back to the show on occasion. Remember Rufus, the Home Video Solutions guy from Season 1? He came back in Season 3.5 as Rufus, the auto body repair guy.

In the three audio commentaries, show creator Doug Ellin talks a lot about how and why he brings characters back. He also mentions the new houses for the guys each season and how the lack of continuity isn't much of an issue for the show.

In the interest of full disclosure, in the commentary accompanying "The Resurrection" episode, aka Drama at the Grand Canyon, Ellin hammers Newsday, "my hometown paper," for bashing the show in its first season.

In the interest of fuller disclosure, I had nothing to do with that back then. I was only a sports writer at the time and "Entourage, the blog" wasn't even in my radar.

Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Doug Ellin and Kevin Connolly (in one of the three commentaries) point out their favorite lines in certain scenes and how they went about delivering them or the backstory about how they decided to do things a certain way. It's pretty interesting stuff.

Most notably, in "The Resurrection" commentary, Ellin said he went into writing that episode with the idea of getting Dillon an Emmy nomination. He did.

Epsiodes with audio commentaries:
• "Manic Monday"
• "The Resurrection"
• "Adios Amigos"

September 25, 2007

Me, the Emmys and Vegas


By Mark La Monica

Props to Jeremy Piven for winning another Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. No props to the sportsbook at Mandalay Bay for not letting me bet on the Emmy Awards.

That cost me $50. Of course, it also prevented me from losing $50 on Best Comedy, seeing how "30 Rock" bested "Entourage" and others for that award. (Note: "30 Rock" is a fantastic show. Alec Baldwin is ridiculous. Tina Fey is hot. What else do you need?)

I had no doubt in Piven winning, even with the deserved inclusion of Kevin Dillon as a first-time nominee this year. I was all set to drop some coin on Piven, then go into full-on Ari Gold mode upon collection of my winnings. I never even got the chance. Lloooooooooooyd!

What kind of world do we live in where you can't bet on the Emmy Awards? I mean, really. Sure, it's the Emmys, not the Oscars. But at least we're talking primetime Emmys, not those awful daytime Emmys.

Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they say. I say, whatever isn't allowed to happen in Vegas gets written about here.

(P.S. As to why this didn't get written about here until a week after the Emmys, well, my Vegas Vacation didn't start until Emmy Sunday and didn't end until much later in the week.)

September 14, 2007

Joshie Award winners (Season 4)

By Mark La Monica

We gave you categories. We gave you nominees. You voted. Now, we give you the winners of the Season 4 Joshie Awards, honoring excellence in "Entourage."

Best Johnny Drama Moment

We knew it once we saw it for the first time, but in the interests of democracy, we provided a few other options. It didn't matter. Drama in the bunny suit with the furry smoked the competition with 46.9 percent of the vote.

Best Random Hot Chick

This was a hotly contested battle, but eeking out the win by two votes was Kat, Billy Walsh's girlfriend. She squeaked by the village girl from "Medellin" (played by Sofia Vergara), 29.2 percent - 28.7 percent. Anyone else interested in seeing those two battle it out in an "I Demand a Recount!" no disqualification match on Monday Night Raw?

Best Storyline

It seems the personal life of Ari Gold struck a chord with people besides me. With 36.8 percent of the vote, Ari Gold doing whatever he can to get his kid into private school won this Joshie.

Best Location

No shocker here. Cannes stuffed the other nominees in a crepe and hit them with a baguette . . . and 53.8 percent of your votes.
Cannes (161 responses)

Best Guest Star

No doubt fueled by his brilliant performance in the final episode, Adam Goldberg (Nicky Rubinstein on the show) stormed past Anna Faris for this Joshie. "Line up some rails, we're celebrating!" with 34 percent of the vote, compared with Anna Faris' 26.5.

Best Character You Want to See More of

Sexy lingerie scenes vs. sexy powerful business woman scenes. It's a tough decision, evidenced by Mrs. Ari's five-vote win over Dana Gordon for this Joshie. Final margin: 31.7 percent to 30.3 percent.

Best Overall Performance

Not even close! Ari Gold set a Joshies record with 83.7 percent of the vote.

Best Ari Gold Moment

Despite the sketch on the dashboard, Ari lying to Lloyd's boyfriend Tom brought home 31.3 percent of your votes for this Joshie.

Best Scene

We knew it once we saw it for the first time, but in the interests of democracy, we provided a few other options. It didn't matter. Drama in the bunny suit with the furry smoked the competition with 34.2 percent of the vote.

Best Episode

We knew it once we saw it for the first time, but in the interests of democracy, we provided a few other options. It didn't matter. "The Day ----ers," aka the bunny suit/furry episode, smoked the competition with 42.4 percent of the vote. Honorable mention to "Sorry, Harvey" and its 36.7 showing in the polls. Turtle's Harvey impersonation still makes us laugh.

Recap these and the inaugural Joshies.

September 11, 2007

Drummer boy

Adrian Grenier performs with his band The Honey Brothers at The Pool at Harrah's
in on Labor Day Weekend. (AP Photo/Harrah/Dima Gavrysh)

September 6, 2007

The Biel Ultimatum

By Mark La Monica

And it's Jessica Biel in the . . . with the . . .

Continue reading "The Biel Ultimatum" »

September 5, 2007

The Joshie Awards II

By Mark La Monica

Named after an epic Ari Gold moment, the Joshie Awards salute excellence in "Entourage."

We picked the categories and the nominees and it's up to you to vote for the winners of the second round of Joshies, based solely on Season 4. (The first round incorporated Seasons 1-3.5, mostly because I didn't think of the idea until then.)

Below, you will find 10 categories, each in their own individual blog post. The voting begins as soon I hit the save button and lasts until noon Sept. 12. On Friday, Sept. 14 at 2 p.m., we'll announce the Joshie Award winners. Now get to voting (and vote as many times as you wish.) Victory!

Joshies vote: Best Johnny Drama Moment

He's Johnny Drama, king of the meltdown and the outrageous antics and comments.

Best Johnny Drama Moment
• On the beach with Jacqueline
• Getting painted by Gary Busey
• Losing out on Lisa Rinna in the hot tub
• As a soldier storming Pablo Escobar's home in "Medellin"
• In a bunny suit with the furry
• Kicking people out of his condo
• Trying to get a medical marijuana card and then bugging out

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Random Hot Chick

Is it possible to have a show about a young movie star and his friends making their way through Hollywood without including smoking hot women? Nope. And away we go with the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Random Hot Chick on "Entourage."

• Sammy, the girl that takes Vince to Dennis Hopper's house
• Juliette, E's British chick
• Heather, Vince's British chick
• Jacqueline, Drama's French paramour
• Kat, Billy Walsh's girlfriend
• The village girl from "Medellin"
• Morgan, the girl that Turtle brought home for him

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Storyline

We get plenty of laughs from "Entourage." But, we also need some plot to help carry us from one laugh to the next, and one episode to the next. Here are the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Storyline on "Entourage."

• The rise and fall of "Medellin"
• The Beverly Hills mayor getting caught on YouTube
• Ari Gold doing whatever he can to get his kid into private school
• Unemotional sex and furries
• E branching out to work with other clients
• The leaked "Medellin" trailer on YouTube
• Drama's French paramour

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Location

Studio sets smell. "On location" doesn't smell. Here are the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Location on "Entourage."

• Cannes
• On the set of "Medellin"
• E's new office
• Drama's condo
• The pool at W Hotel

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Guest Star

Cameo isn't just a watch or an old-school rapper. These cameos on "Entourage" had us saying "Word up!" Here are the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Guest Star on "Entourage."

• Anna Faris
• Kanye West
• Shanna Moakler
• The Sklar brothers
• Snoop Dogg
• Adam Goldberg

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Character You Want to See More of

Some characters leave you wanting more. Here are the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Character You Want to See More of on "Entourage."

• Mrs. Ari
• Harvey
• Dana Gordon
• Nicky Rubinstein
• Shauna

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Overall Performance

Even in an ensemble cast, certain characters stand out. The Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Overall Performance by a Character on "Entourage" are:

• Ari Gold
• Billy Walsh
• E
• Vince

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Ari Gold Moment

You don't win a Big Knish Award without having several memorable scenes. Here are the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Ari Gold Moment on "Entourage."

• Hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on the Briar Country Day headmaster
• Locking Dana Gordon out of her boss' office to tell him to make "S.I.L.O."
• Pulling his daughter out of Briar Country Day
• Lying to Lloyd's boyfriend Tom
• Sandbagging Josh Weinstein to get Heath Ledger off "Lost in the Clouds"
• Convincing Javier not to kiss Mrs. Ari in a soap opera scene
• Discovering the valet gave him the wrong car

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies vote: Best Scene

So many scenes, so few nomination slots. Here we go with the Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Scene from "Entourage."

• Billy Walsh interrogating the "Medellin" crew about who was sleeping with the girl in the film
• Drama as a soldier storming Pablo Escobar's house in "Medellin."
• E and Walsh fighting at Barney's
• Ari and Mrs. Ari discovering the valet gave them the wrong car
• Turtle in the bunny suit
• Drama in the bunny suit
• E meeting Sloan and forgetting the other girl's name
• Turtle in the SUV with the girls, the weed and the police
• Billy Walsh in the bathroom with a gun and a bottle of whiskey

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Joshies Vote: Best Episode

Just like when someone else buys a box of donuts, you've got 12 but you really love just four of them. The Season 4 Joshie nominees for Best Episode of "Entourage" are:

• "Welcome to the Jungle"
Behind the scenes on the set of "Medellin"
• "The Day -----rs"
The Turtle Bunny episode
• "Sorry, Harvey"
E sells Harvey "Medellin" then they screw him again, and Ari gets the wrong car
• "The Cannes Kids"
The boys head to Cannes for the premiere of "Medellin" at the Cannes Film Festival

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

September 4, 2007

Ari Gold wins the Big Knish

ari gold entourage jeremy piven

By Mark La Monica

In perhaps his finest work to date (and that's saying a lot), Ari Gold secured his second Big Knish Award for the most Best Printable Lines on Season 4 of "Entourage."

So stand up at your desk and give a round of applause to the man who said, among other things, "Do you know that your man broke out of the Oompah Loompah factory and is up to no good?"

I also suggest an old-school tribute: Walk around your office and whisper "Tse tse fly" to everyone you see.

This is the first solo Big Knish for Ari, who shared the Season 3 title with Turtle.

September 3, 2007

'Way to go, Drama!'

Johnny Drama Kevin Dillon Entourage

By Mark La Monica

The international love affair, whether consummated for three hours on a French beach or not at all, is as time-honored and respected by Americans nearly as much as the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" mantra.

If "International Love Affair" fit on a T-shirt, it would be right up there in the pantheon of Americana with apple pie, baseball, Betsy Ross and "These Colors Don't Run."

This would help explain why we loved the Drama storyline in the Season 4 finale.

Continue reading "'Way to go, Drama!'" »

September 2, 2007

Entourage blog programming note

We've got the BPL and the Writer Props and the new season in review photo gallery below, as per usual.

Here's a quick reminder of what's ahead this week. (Just because Season 4 is over doesn't mean we're done!)

Tuesday: The Big Knish Award ceremony (2 p.m.)
Wednesday: The Joshie Award nominees are announced and the voting begins (4 p.m.)
Thursday: Voting for the "Pick the plotline for Jessica Biel in Season 5" poll ends (Noon)

Entourage 4/12: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

For a television comedy to film in Cannes during the actual film festival is pretty impressive. As was that epic scene of the guys walking the red carpet and up the stairs for the screening. Great filming right there.

And prior to that walk up the carpet, we had delivery of this week's Best Printable Line. In a show that was as much about Drama as it was about Cannes and "Medellin," it's fitting that Drama would deliver the BPL.

Just before reconnecting with his French paramour outside the theater, he's lamenting about losing her. E suggests that it's his celebrity status that landed him a hot and horny Jacqueline.

"Nobody's ever wanted to sleep with me just because I'm a celebrity," Drama said in a tone that was part touching and part pure Drama. "It makes me feels wanted and validated all at the same time."

Well done, Drama.

Ari Gold wrapped up the Big Knish Award for Season 4 last week. The e-ceremony will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. Don't miss it!

Continue reading "Entourage 4/12: Best Printable Line" »

What happens to 'Medellin?'

By Mark La Monica

"Medellin" bombed, just as E (and Raul the film editor) predicted way back in the beginning of Season 4. (He must have read the script for this finale beforehand, huh?)

So, what's next?

We've heard about "Medellin" since Season 2 and now it's a clunker of "Gigli" proportions, at least in the French sector of the movie-viewing world.

Will Harvey actually buy it for a buck and re-cut it? Will it be shelved and never be spoken about next season? So many ways to go with the storyline.

What do you think? Use the comments function here to post your thoughts on the fate of "Medellin."

Entourage 4/12: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

In today's world, finding love has been made easier by Web sites such as match.com, eharmony.com and similar sites. Heck, even MySpace counts to some degree.

Finding a lost love has not quite been simplified by the Internet, Google notwithstanding. However, Drama taught us that such specific technology is not too far behind.

He combed the streets of Cannes searching for his Jacqueline using a picture he took on his cell phone. Simple. yet smart. The perfect way to wrap up this season of Writer Props.

(P.S. BPL rules prevented us from awarding the Writer Props to that ice statue in the second Lloyd scene.)

Read all Writer Props from Season 4.

Entourage Season 4 photos

By Mark La Monica

A little visual treat for you to help ease the pain of Entourage Season 4 ending. Click the pic below to recap the season in photos.

Entourage Season 4 photos

See more Entourage photos

August 30, 2007

Jessica Biel wins, now pick the plot


By Mark La Monica

With 22.4 percent of the vote, Jessica Biel won via plurality. (See the full results)

The people have spoken . . . and they've said they want to see a smokin' hot chick on Entourage next season.

Now for the real fun. We've created a few storylines incorporating Biel into the show. It's up to you to pick your favorite and you've got one week to do it. The deadline is noon on Sept. 6.

A quick refresher: I know the "Entourage" creators have read this blog in the past. I know they'll be sitting down in September to write Season 5. I don't know if they'll read this blog then. But who knows? Maybe we'll shape a future episode. Maybe we won't. Either way, at least we can have some fun now as the show goes into hiatus for the next nine months.

Here are the scenarios. Read, then vote.

Continue reading "Jessica Biel wins, now pick the plot" »

August 28, 2007

The word on Billy Walsh

By Mark La Monica

We here at "Entourage, the blog" have never hidden our enjoyment over seeing Billy Walsh on screen.

However, we here at "Entourage, the blog" realize that we are not the definitive voice on this topic, even though we like to think we are. (We also like to think we're the definitive voice of our generation.)

Ultimately, the final word on crazy director Billy Walsh rests with viewers of the show. In a Walsh-like moment of low self-esteem and self-confidence, I Googled myself. After a few rounds of clicking and clicking and clicking, I stumbled upon an E! Online message board where people bashed Billy Walsh.

Two thoughts popped into my head:

1) These people have an agenda.
2) I wonder what my readers think about Walsh.

So, here's your chance to share your thoughts on Billy Walsh. Use the comments link below. Let's hear it. Blog it out!

P.S. You've got until Thursday at noon to vote for your preferred Season 5 guest star.

August 27, 2007

Kenny Dichter!

By Mark La Monica

This world is getting crazier . . . and smaller . . . by the day.

A few weeks back, I e-wondered aloud how many of these random names in "Entourage" are actually people the writers know. Blog reader Dave gave us the inside scoop back then. This week, he's at it again.

Ari Gold needed a private plane to get him and the boys to Cannes after LAX shut down. (P.S. Blog reader Blastmaster claims you should only fly in to or out of Burbank or Orange County. He works with air traffic controllers, so trust him.)

Ari told Lloyd to call Kenny Dichter and get him a private plane. Blog reader Dave then posted this comment:

"Kenny Dichter - Bellmore Kennedy Class of '86. Starting guard on the basketball team."

I just did some research.

Continue reading "Kenny Dichter!" »

August 26, 2007

Entourage 4/11: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

For those who have bought into the hype (deservedly so) of "Entourage, the blog" and watch the show trying to guess what the Best Printable Line will be, you could have turned off your television two minutes into this week's episode.

Ari Gold dropped a bomb early.

The boys meet Ari and Billy Walsh at a bar to celebrate their departure for Cannes. Walsh lets it slip that Ari is bringing is Mrs. Ari with him to Cannes. Vinny is surprised and reminds Ari that this was supposed to be a boys trip.

"Vinny," Ari said, "when you get married, you'll realize a wife is like a herpes sore. She comes and goes when and where she pleases."


(The views expressed by Ari Gold are solely that of Ari Gold and do not represent the views of "Entourage, the blog.")

Continue reading "Entourage 4/11: Best Printable Line" »

Entourage Season 5 reminder

Just a reminder to vote in out "Pick a Guest Star for Season 5" poll. You've got until noon on Thursday (Aug. 30) to cast your ballot.

Vote here

Entourage 4/11: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

How does Turtle know Kanye West? Who really cares? That scene was hilarious.

Anyone else in that situation would not have been as good. Think of the juxtaposition. On one side, you've got Turtle, a go-fer/driver with no discernible job skills (but we love you anyway, Turtle). On the other, you've got Kanye West, a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning rapper and producer.

Just plain funny. And just plain Writer Props.

As always, use the comments below to share your thoughts on how Turtle and Kanye West know each other.

Read this season's Writer Props.

August 24, 2007

Entourage the book

entourage book cover

By Mark La Monica

An "Entourage" movie hinted at by Jeremy Piven recently is way off in the distance, if at all.

What is definite is the "Entourage" book. The good folks at Simon & Schuster are stepping up their game with "Entourage: A Lifestyle is a Terrible Thing to Waste."

Continue reading "Entourage the book" »

August 23, 2007

Vote: Season 5 guest star

By Mark La Monica

The creative forces behind "Entourage" should begin scripting Season 5 some time in September.

Now, I know for a fact that they have read this blog. However, I can't confirm that they are regular readers. Either way, with the vast array of networks in this world and the ease with which it takes to cut and paste a URL and send an email, there's little reason to think what I'm about to offer to the public doesn't have a chance at reach Doug Ellin, Rob Weiss and the rest of the crew.

With "Entourage" comes guest stars. With Season 5 comes guest stars we haven't seen yet on the show. Here's your chance to vote for the guest star you'd most like to see.

I've come up with 13 choices below. Click on the link underneath the list to cast your vote. You've got until noon on Aug. 30 to vote. We'll announce the winner at 12:30 p.m. and then generate some potential script scenarios for that person. Then, we'll give you another week to vote. Who knows? Maybe we'll see it come to life next season. As always, use the comments link for write-in candidates.

• Alec Baldwin
• Jessica Biel
• Nick Cannon
• Lauren Conrad
• Leonardo DiCaprio
• Hilary Duff
• Mark Hamill
• Johnny Knoxville
• Matt Leinart
• Lindsay Lohan
• Jennifer Lopez
• Hayden Panettiere
• Will Smith

Vote now

August 22, 2007

More Emmy love for 'Entourage'

By Mark La Monica

Already nominated for seven Emmys at next month's award show, here comes more shine for the cast of "Entourage."

Jeremy Piven will be presenting at the 59th annual Emmy Awards on Sept. 16, executive producer Ken Ehrlich announced today. The rest of the cast will also be presenting an award.

No news as to which awards they'll be presenting, though. But let's hope we get a few snarky comments from Piven, sort of like when he crushed Billy Bush on the red carpet two years ago at the Emmys.

August 21, 2007

The female Ari Gold

By Mark La Monica

Constance Zimmer
We've been big fans of Ari Gold since before he even asked if we wanted to hug it out. Heck, we even named the blog after his famous catchphrase from Season 1.

He's manipulative, condescending, arrogant, smug, conniving, smarmy and slimy. Then he shows signs of compassion. In short, he's brilliant.

And Dana Gordon is slowly growing into the female version of Ari.

Continue reading "The female Ari Gold" »

This year's Joshie Award categories

By Mark La Monica

Apologies in retrospect for not creating the Joshie Awards until after Season 3.5. Such is life, I suppose.

But isn't there some kind of something that people who think of cool things late in the game say? Something about good things and the time it takes to be able to enjoy them?

Anyway, the Joshies are back!

The Joshies, named after (of course) an Ari Gold moment, salute the best in "Entourage" performance at the end of each season. We pick the categories and the nominees. You vote for the winners.

For those who need a refresher course on that scene and want to relive the last Joshie Awards, click here.

(P.S. Guess who's the happiest man in town since he only has 12 episodes to go through instead of 42 like when he created the inaugural Joshies that incorporated the entire series through the Season 3.5.)

The nominees for the Joshies will be announced at 3 p.m Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2007. You will have one full week to vote as many times as you wish. The polls close at 3 p.m. Sept. 12. The winners of the second Joshie Awards will be announced Friday, Sept. 14 at noon. The red carpet arrivals are at 11 a.m. The afterparty is wherever you want it to be.

And now, here we go with the categories for this year's Joshies:

• Best Episode
• Best Scene
• Best Storyline
• Best Overall Performance by a Character
• Best Random Hot Chick
• Best Location
• Best Ari Gold Moment
• Best Character You Want to See More of
• Best Johnny Drama Moment
• Best Guest Star

August 20, 2007

Coming Tuesday

By Mark La Monica

Just a a quick note to let my dear readers know what's ahead on Tuesday.

In the morning, we'll be announcing this year's categories for the Joshie Awards.

In the afternoon, we'll have some fun with Dana Gordon.

Sorry about not doing this on Sunday night, but I was at a five-hour Long Island guido fist-pump festival. You may know it better as KTU Beatstock.

Sorry about not doing this on Monday, but I actually took a day off this summer to relax and enjoy golf on Long Island.

Entourage 4/10: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

If not for her brief dalliance as a potty mouth, Anna Faris would have become the first real-life guest star to take home a Best Printable Line title for that Randy Jackson line.

But alas, no cursing allowed here. Such is life.

So, once we sift through the clean lines, we're left with Ari Gold. And not surprisingly, E was on the receiving end of a Golden zinger.

E was missing in action for the first time as the crew went into crisis mode. No one could reach E, who was on an Anna Faris photo shoot in the Hills and has no cell phone reception.

He eventually reaches a reception spot and checks in with Ari, who then spouts out "Wow, it's like finding Jim Morrison alive."

That's quite good, especially in a show that didn't produce too many potential BPLs.

Continue reading "Entourage 4/10: Best Printable Line" »

Entourage 4/10: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

Walsh locking himself in a bathroom with whiskey and a gun came close. But we've come to expect such actions from the director gone mad.

Instead, Writer Props this week salutes the inclusion of Ari Gold locking Dana Gordon out of her boss' office while he pitches the new Walsh script.

It was the perfect move for a slimy, lovable agent.

Read the rest of this season's Writer Props

August 18, 2007

Entourage the movie?

By Mark La Monica

This is so far off in the planning distance, much less the making stages, but in an interview of MTV.com, Jeremy Piven hints at his interest in making an "Entourage" movie.

Again, fans, you're looking at least three years down the road, seeing how HBO just made the official announcement that "Entourage" will get a fifth season next summer. Of course, you could have inferred that fifth season re-up by reading our interview with executive producer/writer Rob Weiss last week.

Still, it's worth a read.

August 16, 2007

Blog reader Deb is a champion!

By Mark La Monica

Aside from writing about "Entourage," one of my other gigs here at Newsday.com is to host ExploreTV.

It's a weekly show online that features different places and things to do for people on Long Island. I'm not much of a self-promoter, well, at least not in this blog, but here's an email I got from Blog It Out reader Deb:

OMG Mark, I just saw you on Explore TV....I'm so excited to put my Entourage man with a face!!!

It was a video with the Bayport Amusement park . . . and the BPL of all time was
"Why am I soaking wet with my guy liner all messed up"!!!

Nice to meet a guy that knows what us women go thru!!!

Keep up the great work!!

Did Blog reader Deb just throw a BPL at me from my own show? Blog reader Deb just threw a BPL at me from my own show!

Amazing! Deb, we gotta hang out.

For those interested in watching me be ridiculous on a weekly basis, click here.

August 13, 2007

Hey jealousy

Ari Gold Jeremy Piven

By Mark La Monica

The dude or dudette who invented the nasty cliche about jealousy rearing its ugly head clearly never met Perrey Reeves or saw her as Mrs. Ari/Kendall Scott parading around in her unmentionables.

Seriously, can you blame Ari for not wanting another man getting within 20 feet of her?

But I digress.

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The last friend

By Mark La Monica

Ever notice how, in life, the last friend you get to join you for a potential mass hookup is always a lemon?

Sometimes we get stuck with the lemon and sometimes, and let's be honest here, we ARE the lemon. And if Turtle is comfortable with that scenario, then so should we all.

Why does life deal us an 8 followed by a 3 so we can double-down and smacked in the face with a 4? There are no answers to this question, except to put another green chip in the circle and hope the dealer is feeling nicer the next time around.

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Entourage 4/9: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Just three episodes left in Season 4 and Drama is right back in the mix for yet another Big Knish Award.

His work in this week's episode pulled the three-time Knish winner within one of co-leaders Ari Gold and Turtle. It's going to be a heated race in the final weeks.

In an episode short on BPL nominees, Drama iced it when Turtle came back from the supermarket with a carload full of food and women.

As Turtle led the three ladies into the new digs, Drama mutters under his breath to Vince: "Looks like someone came home with fresh meat from the market."

He wasn't talking about the food.


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Entourage 4/9: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

It's such a basic statement among men that this week's Writer Props likely went unnoticed and unappreciated . . . until now.

Early on in the episode, the guys are hanging outside on the deck of their new home when E comes after getting into a car accident with Anna Faris.

Drama believes E doesn't have a chance to get with her and makes a typical male statement about betting the left side of his package to be proved correct or incorrect. We've all said it. None of us mean it.

Then Turtle responds sarcastically, "Gee, there's a bet I'd love to win."

It was a great, original response to a throwaway line we all use. And it begs the question, what happens if you actually win that bet? Or worse, lose the bet?


Read the rest of this season's Writer Props

August 12, 2007

A short programming note

By Mark La Monica

Just a quick note for my Sunday night and early Monday morning readers.

The Blog It Out satellite office is experiencing technical difficulties with its Internet connection, so it looks as if we'll be posting the BPL, Writer Props and thoughts on tonight's episode Monday morning around 10:30 a.m.

We regret the delay but appreciate the reminder that we are all at the mercy of wires running across this land of ours.

In the meantime, rewatch the episode on your DVRs and TiVos. Or just read my Q&A with "Entourage" executive producer and writer Rob Weiss below.

August 9, 2007

Q&A with Entourage writer/producer Rob Weiss

By Mark La Monica

He gave us Turtle Bunny.

He gave us Dom.

He gave us many of the Best Printable Lines we champion each week here (and quite a few of the best quotes that we can't reprint here.)

He's Rob Weiss, an executive producer and writer on "Entourage."

Weiss, who grew up on Long Island before moving out to Los Angeles, dialed into our "Entourage, the blog" offices this week for an interview. I asked him a bunch of questions. Some of those questions were mine, some were the ones you emailed me. He answered them all.

Continue reading "Q&A with Entourage writer/producer Rob Weiss" »

August 7, 2007

Get your Entourage questions answered

By Mark La Monica

I've got an interview scheduled for 5 p.m. EST Wednesday with "Entourage" writer Rob Weiss. He's the man who brought us Turtle Bunny and more than a few BPLs.

If you have any questions you'd like me to ask him, email them to me at mark.lamonica@newsday.com. I'm a full-service blog, people (which is why you should vote for me!)

No guarantees, but I'll do my best to get a few of them in there. I can't promise I'll be able to write his quotes down once I hear him describe the Turtle Bunny scenario. Again, I'll do my best. I'm still laughing at those visuals.

Oh yeah, you can read the interview here on Thursday.

August 5, 2007

Entourage 4/8: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Just a handful of episodes left in Season 4 of Entourage, and we've got ourselves a tie at the top of the Best Printable Line Standings.

After Episode 8's performance, Turtle moved into a deadlock with Ari Gold for the Big Knish Award, given to the character the most BPLs each season.

Turtle's work went like this:

Continue reading "Entourage 4/8: Best Printable Line" »

Entourage 4/8: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

If old-school WWF announcer Gorilla Monsoon were doing play-by-play of this blog, this is where he would utter his famous phrase of "The irresistable force meets the immovable object."

And really, when Best Printable Line and Writer Props come this close to converging, it's about as earth-shattering as King Kong Bundy going up against Andre the Giant in "The Colossal Jostle" at Madison Square Garden in September of 1985.

Continue reading "Entourage 4/8: Writer Props" »


By Mark La Monica

I normally don't get involved with the coming attractions for next week's show (I have media access to future episode info, but I refuse to read them).

However, if anyone would like to discuss Mrs. Ari in lingerie, I'm all ears.


Dangerously. Gorgeous.

Dear. God.

I'm going to need a few more minutes than normal before sifting through the episode for Best Printable Line and Writer Props. My mind is not operating at full capacity after those scenes.

The British chick Heather

Emma Lung, Entourage

By Mark La Monica

To answer your biggest question from last week, Heather the British chick that hooks up with E was played by Emma Lung.

She's an Australian actress who won the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Outstanding New Talent at the 2007 Logie Awards.

I have no idea what any of that means. However, peep the Emma Lung IMDB profile here.

Vote for me! Please!

By Mark La Monica

In light of recent events here at Entourage, the blog, I figured it's time to beg, plead, pander and beg, plead and pander for your votes.

We set an Entourage blog record with 67,513 hits in July. Woo hoo! Now, I'm asking for your help in sending me to Las Vegas. Don't worry, it won't cost you any money at all. Or frequent flyer miles.

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August 2, 2007

My Entourage blog readers rule!

By Mark La Monica

You guys and gals rock! As if you didn't already know that.

And as if you didn't already know this Entourage blog kicks some serious patoot (damn those BPL rules!), July 2007 will go down as a glorious month on our calendar.

With 67,513 hits to the blog last month, we set a new "Entourage, the blog" record.

I promise to keep rocking and rolling if you promise to keep reading. Let's go for 80,000 next month. Tell your friends. Tell your parents. Heck, read my stuff every day, again and again. Really, I don't mind.


I knew it!

By Mark La Monica

After watching Drama drop a "Judy Galipnick" on Turtle outside the furry's house, I wondered aloud in this blog how many of these random names we hear on "Entourage" aren't so random. How many are people the show creators know somehow?

Blog reader Dave L. from D.C. injected some truth serum into my random tought. Here's his blog post about it. Pretty funny stuff.

I love it when I'm right.

July 31, 2007

Entourage soundtrack coming soon

The release date is set for Aug. 14. Pre-order the CD now at Amazon. Throw some Ds on it.

Meeting the Ex


By Mark La Monica

It may very have been the most perfectly acted scene in the history of "Entourage." Not the funniest, just so we're clear, but the most perfectly acted.

E runs into Sloan at the pool at the W Hotel in Westwood while he's flirting with Heather the hot British chick.

He approached Sloan to say hello. It was awkward. Always is. The dialogue went like this:

E: "Sloan, this is Juliette."

Heather: "Heather."

E: "Wow. Really."

It continued from there, but you get the point. It always happens that way. You never get anything right the first time you run into an ex, except of course for the ex's name.


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July 30, 2007

Who wants Turtle Bunny wallpaper?

Click the thumbnail below for the larger image, then save it to your desktop. Better yet, save it to someone else's desktop. (P.S. Boss friend Lil Jon is gonna be mad.)

Where do we start this week?

By Mark La Monica

It had been a crazy seven-day, 489-hour week of work for me, one of those weeks where you know on Tuesday that the only time you'll have to relax is on Sunday night at 10 p.m.

Praying for a memorable 30-minute break from reality (OK, 25-27 minutes) the past six days, the good people of "Entourage" answered those prayers.

They delivered with one of those random plotline episodes (except for Ari Gold and the private school) that maximizes the escapism I was seeking.

So, here we go with random thoughts from this episode, the title of which does not agree with Best Printable Line guidelines.

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July 29, 2007

Entourage 4/7: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

With great dialogue being spewn every other line in this episode, the Sunday night Best Printable Line judges had to sift through and find words that were actually printable.

After a brief consult with the BPL magistrate, we decided that Drama produced the line that was both the best and printable.

As the guys debate E's ability to have non-emotional sex, Drama finally put his foot down and staked his claim to this week's BPL, his first of Season 4.

"All people need to get laid, except that whackjob who only needs a good book, a cup of tea and a nice long hug."

Well done, Drama.

Continue reading "Entourage 4/7: Best Printable Line" »

Entourage 4/7: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

Will the person or persons who sat in on the creation of this episode and said, "Let's put Turtle in a giant pink bunny outfit" please show yourself immediately?

You are in need of being interviewed. And we are in need of paying postage to send you your Writer Props for this week.

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July 25, 2007

Saigon returns, sort of

Saigon, everyone's favorite rapper from "Entourage," will be part of the Black August Hip-Hop Project 10th Anniversary party at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square on August 26.

Worth looking into tickets, just to say you did.

Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Dead Prez will also be there.

That is worth purchasing tickets, which are $30 and go on sale July 26 through Ticketmaster, 631-888-9000.

No word on whether Drama will be dangled from the top floor of the Nokia.

July 23, 2007

Our savior Ari Gold


By Mark La Monica

He makes things happen. Some bad, some good, all hilarious.

He says a lot of things. Some bad, some good, all hilarious.

He shows emotion. Some bad, some good, all hilarious.

He's Ari Gold, our Sunday night savior.

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July 22, 2007

Entourage 4/6: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

The next time you broker a deal at work or negotiate a truce with your wife or mediate a dispute between friends, you will use this line.

That is the essence of Best Printable Line. And for the third time in four weeks, Ari Gold embodies the true spirit of the BPL.

After getting Heath Ledger off the "Lost in the Clouds" project and replacing him with Vincent Chase and the "Medellin Dream Team," he tells E to go meet with Dana Gordon.

E balks at working with Walsh again. Ari is having none of that lip from E when he ends the conversation with, "I parted the Red Sea for you, E. Don't piss on the sand."

Footnote Mr. Gold accordingly upon your frequent usage of that line this week. And that dude at cafepress who keeps creating new shirts based off "Entourage" each week, feel free to print my URL on the left sleeve of that shirt.

Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 3
Turtle 2
Vince 1
E 0
Drama 0
Billy Walsh 0

Entourage 4/6: Writer Props I

By Mark La Monica

Ranking high among Ari Gold's many brilliant acts of lunacy, anger and tyranny is his firing of the mailroom kid in Season 2.

Ranking high among the Entourage creators' many brilliant acts of lunacy, anger and tyranny is the mailroom kid attempting to fill in for Lloyd as Ari Gold's assistant in Season 4.

Just in case you need a refresher on the Joshie Award nominated scene, click this link to watch the YouTube video.

Entourage 4/6: Writer Props II

By Mark La Monica

I had been hypothesizing this week that Harvey somehow copied the "Medellin" trailer during his screening with E and leaked it on YouTube to get back at the boys for shafting him yet again.

The Entourage writers had a better idea. That's why they write the show and I write about the show.

July 20, 2007

Pablo not good enough for Benicio

Benicio Del Toro held up fictional production of "Medellin."

Turns out, playing Pablo Escobar wasn't good enough for him. Now, we know why, thanks to the AP. Click the jump to find out.

Continue reading "Pablo not good enough for Benicio" »

July 19, 2007

Scarface vs. Medellin


By Mark La Monica

When "Medellin" first found its way into the "Entourage" plotline way back in Season 2, they called it the new "Scarface."

The comparison has continued ever since. And what kind of Entourage blogger would I be if I didn't do a tale of tape between the two movies? Here goes.

Scarface vs. Medellin

Lead character
Scarface: Tony Montana
Medellin: Pablo Escobar

Edge: Scarface
Why: Tony Montana is fictional.

Scarface: Al Pacino
Medellin: Vincent Chase

Edge: Scarface
Why: Guy, you gotta even ask why?

Costume & makeup
Scarface: Pacino's scars on face, dark tan
Medellin: Chase's wig, mustache and fat suit

Edge: Medellin
Why: Vince looks like Horatio Sanz trying out for a remake of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video.

Scarface: Pacino's over-the-top Cuban
Medellin: Chase's subdued California Latin

Edge: Scarface
Why: It's so bad, it's good.

Hot actress who has a role in the film because the producers wanted a hot chick in the film
Scarface: Michelle Pfeiffer
Medellin: Sofia Vergara

Edge: Push
Why: Pfeiffer is crazy gorgeous. Vergara very sexy with a killer bod.

Scarface: Brian DePalma
Medellin: Billy Walsh

Edge: Medellin
Why: "Suits Suck"

Crazy screenplay writer/contributor
Scarface: Oliver Stone
Medellin: Billy Walsh

Edge: Push
Why: Oliver Stone was a lunatic when he wrote this script. Walsh is a lunatic.

Scarface: Drugs, murder
Medellin: Drugs, murder

Edge: Push
Why: Drugs, murder. Drugs, murder.

Memorable Quote
Scarface: “Say hello to my little friend”
Medellin: "Ari, we want 'Medellin.'"

Edge: Scarface
Why: Scarface is imminently quotable every day, nearly as much as Chris Rock comedy specials.

Absurd cameo
Scarface: Richard Belzer
Medellin: Johnny Drama

Edge: Medellin
Why: Johnny. Drama.

Issues surrounding production
Scarface: Protests, death threats
Medellin: Money, cast & crew

Edge: Scarface
Why: What the Scarface people had to go through to make this movie was more insane than giving Walsh final cut.

Post-mass murder cinematic carnage scene
Scarface: Pacino falling into the pool
Medellin: Chase walking through reception

Edge: Scarface
Why: It's the epic climax to the movie.

Crossover appeal
Scarface: Every rapper quotes Scarface at least once per song.
Medellin: This movie isn’t even real and look at the buzz it’s caused.

Edge: Medellin
Why: Every rapper quotes Scarface at least once per song.

Scarface: Authentic '80s music
Medellin: Authentic Colombian music

Edge: Scarface
Why: Push it to the limit. Welcome to the limit.

| | | |

July 15, 2007

Vincent Chase in Medellin


By Mark La Monica

OK, now this is impressive.

Even more impressive than when the HBO folks took out a two-page ad in Entertainment Weekly congratulating "Aquaman" for breaking the opening weekend box-office record set by "Spider-Man."

The plotline for this week's episode focused on the trailer for "Medellin" being leaked on YouTube. Then, HBO showed the trailer at the end of the episode.

And yes, I checked the URL they showed in the trailer.


It's a pretty good Web site. But here's the really impressive part. They built a Web site for a fictional movie and have every fan of the show wondering "Could this be real?"

Well played, HBO.

As if using the hot-spot locations in Southern California as an unofficial character didn't already connect people to the show, real movie trailers for a fake movie on a scripted comedy show should do the trick.

And we'll all be in the office and on email and message boards saying "Do you think they'd really make the movie?" and "You know, they did that first episode this season on the set of 'Medellin' so maybe they actually filmed the movie and are trying to capitalize on the show's success" and "Hey, they've got a clothing deal with AG and a huge word-of-mouth following, so maybe . . . just maybe . . . "

In reality, we know it won't happen. But, just like the show says, maybe you can have it all. Or at least dream about it. That's what makes Sunday nights awesome and Monday mornings painfully awesome.

| |

Entourage 4/5: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Cursed be the one who first penned the rules governing the Best Printable Line here at Entourage, the blog!

Ah yes, that would be me.

And it serves me right to stew in my own madness after this episode. Billy Walsh and Ari would have garnered the second-ever BPL split vote. But, alas, in this world, we have walls. And those walls are protected by BPLs without curses.

This week filter let the bad stuff slip through and kept Turtle in its colander for his work upon entering the medical marijuana facility with Drama.

"Wow, something about getting my weed legally just never seemed right," Turtle said. "But this seems OK."

This puts Turtle in a first-place tie with Ari for the Season 4 Big Knish Award with seven episodes remaining.

Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 2
Turtle 2
Vince 1
E 0
Drama 0
Billy Walsh 0

Entourage 4/5: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

snoopdogg.jpgGangsta-rapper turned G-funk rapper Snoop Dogg cruising through Barney's and trying to determine the proper way to pronounce "Cannes." ("Cons" vs. "Cans")

Two words: Wrizzleter. Prizzleops.

Now, if only asksnoop.com still existed! For those of you in the know, pour a little out with me for our shizzolating homies. For those of you not in the know, google "ask snoop" and then get mad.

July 10, 2007

Entourage 4/4: Vince wins BPL vote

By Mark La Monica

The fans have let their voice be heard, and they chose the voice of Vincent Chase for the Week 4 Best Printable Line.

It was a squeaker, with E leading most of the way. But, clearly, Vince texted everyone in his phone in the final hours. And the movie star always beats out the manager, unless of course, Sloan is involved.

Let's set the scene.

E walks into a bar called Winston's with Harvey and meets the guys. He has a sheepish look because he's afraid of screwing over Harvey again, this time by not selling him "Medellin."

Vince blurts out, "He looks like a POW."

The perfect line for E's expression.

See the final poll results

Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 2
Vince 1
Turtle 1
E 0
Drama 0
Billy Walsh 0

July 9, 2007

A throwback

By Mark La Monica

Time to pony up with the truth, people. Which number was greater on Sunday night: the number of times you watched Turtle's impersonation of Harvey or the number of ribs you broke from laughing so hard the first time you saw it?

We'll wait . . .

. . .

. . . Now, if you claim you did neither of the two, you're lying through your plaque-filled teeth and we'd all prefer if you left here and read something else. I hear there's a script for the remake of "Leonard, Part 6" floating around. Is that something you might be interested in?

Turtle's impersonation of overbearing Hollywood heavyweight/big galoot Harvey was dead-on non-strikes accurate. And hilarious. And comic genius. And the symbol of an episode that can be considered a throwback to the old days of "Entourage."

Continue reading "A throwback" »

Entourage 4/4: Best Printable Line -You Decide!

By Mark La Monica

This episode may go down as the most fruitful of repeatable lines in this blog, thus making for a more stressful Sunday than usual.

Normally, the judges reserve the 10-o'clock hour for the weekly premiere of a new episode of "Entourage" followed by a repeat viewing. By then, the judges have their Best Printable Line selected and just let the episode run on loop for another hour or two, just because they can.

But this episode was way too stellar with BPL nominees. They came at us like a Roy Jones Jr. (in his prime) barrage of punches. One right after another. Boom, boom, boom! It felt like DMX in his heyday releasing full-length albums every six months or so.

Maybe it's the sweltering summer Sunday, or maybe I'm just fried for life. But I couldn't pick the BPL this week. Too many options. So, it's up to you, dear readers. The nominees are listed below, and you've got until noon Tuesday to cast your vote. Then, at 3 p.m., we'll announce the Week 4 BPL winner. (Editor's Note: I bumped the times back a bit on Monday evening when I realized I've got a video shoot Tuesday morning out east. Sorry, but hey, that's just more voting for you.)

The nominees (in no particular order):

1) Vince: "He looks like a POW."
Said when a sheepish E walked into the bar with Harvey the producer/galoot to meet the guys.

2) Ari: "Indians and improv. No greater match."
Said to M. Night Shyamalan about his new script.

3) E: "Are you expecting a fire or you just hoping to slide up and down their pole?"
Said to Drama after he says he introduced himself to the Beverly Hills Fire Department.

4) Drama: "That Barbie is a Ken."
Said to the Beverly Hills mayor after Drama told him his new lady friend was really a dude.


July 8, 2007

Entourage 4/4: Writer Props (Part I)

By Mark La Monica

As Ari Gold approached the door late at night in Oxnard, Calif., I was expecting a cameo bomb to be dropped. Something like Erik Estrada, or Luke Duke or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Then as the plotline developed and the housewife's husband pulled into the driveway, I was expected the driver of that car to be someone such as Judd Nelson or, again, a reasonable facsimile thereof.

No such luck.

Just two random people with no star power. Great call. Writer props!

Entourage 4/4: Writer Props (Part II)

By Mark La Monica

It's about time TMZ.com, a Web site that "covers" celebrity life in Hollywood, made its way into "Entourage," a cable sitcom based on celebrity in Hollywood.

And the fact that Drama wasn't the butt of the joke made it even better. That would have been too easy. Writer Props!

Did anyone catch Turtle's line at the end of show when they paused the video? Brilliance. Not repeatable here. Actually, it might be repeatable here, but I think the bosses are back from vacation this week, so why push it to the limit?

Jessica Biel & Johnny Drama

By Mark La Monica

Some things in life simply are not even close to being fair. Topping this week's list: the image below.


If you are man enough to eventually open the magazine, you'll find an eight-page spread of Ms. Biel. Reportedly, two of those pages contain words worth reading.

After you're done punching yourself in the face four times per picture, man up a bit more and turn to page 151 and read Johnny Drama's thoughts on golf.

And now that we've all got Jessica Biel on the brain, don't you think she'd be a great cameo on the show?

| |

July 4, 2007

Introducing Mrs. Rachel Gold


By Mark La Monica

Where would we be with Blog reader Anthony? I'll tell you where. Living in a world that didn't have Rachel as an option on a "Let's name Mrs. Ari" poll!

Props to you, Anthony. The people at Drexel should eliminate your student loan debt strictly on principle. Want me to make a call?

"Rachel" nudged out "Melissa" and "Allison" to win the "Let's name Mrs. Ari" title. See
the Mrs. Ari poll results for the complete breakdown.

Now on to an important issue in this little feature of ours.

A pair of Blog reader Brians caused quite a stir in the "Let's blog it out" wing of our "Entourage, the blog" office when they raised the issue that Mrs. Ari already has a first name. They said Terrance addressed her as Dinah in "The Bat Mitzvah" episode from Season 2.

We went to the videotape and studied that episode quite a bit (roughly 243 viewings of the scene in question). The judges ruled that Terrance wasn't audible enough to truly distinguish what he said. He might have said Dinah. He might have said Dena. He might have said Donna. He might have said "Dahling." Who knows? Inconclusive evidence. Ed Hochuli wouldn't overturn this, so neither will we.

As for the Wikipedia listing, well, that's just not as credible as people think. Anyone in the world can edit Wikipedia, which means you could go on there right now and say Mrs. Ari's first name is Rachel, and show a link to the fan voting from this blog. Plus, Wikipedia killed Sinbad! (And, Wikipedia no longer lists Mrs. Ari as Dinah.)

So, in the judges' eyes, she's still Mrs. Ari. Or, as the fans have spoken, Mrs. Rachel Gold. In time, we may learn that Dinah was correct. Should that occur, we'll give the two Blog reader Brians their just due.

Thanks to all those who participated. And thanks to the two Blog reader Brians for keeping me on my toes.

Next week, we'll give Turtle a first name.

July 3, 2007

Being a good wingman


By Mark La Monica

Drama reminded us men of the uber-importance of having a good wingman. A broham who will do whatever it takes to get the job done . . . for the other guy.

It's the mark of a true friend.

Turtle reminded us men that at some point in life, you have to be on Ready 5 when it comes to hooking up a close friend with a hookup. Most wingman operations are planned in advance, which adds to the dedication and importance of the craft.

Of course, Turtle the wingman wound up winning out while Drama the lead pilot had a grenade jump on him. Despite what you may read in Penthouse forum, that never happens in real life. The wingman never wins like that (except when Iceman can't get the shot and Maverick has to step in). Nor should he. That's not his job. It's a flagrant violation of broham-dom. That's like telling your friend that pink shirt he's wearing is cool and the girl with the webbed feet and no ear lobes he's dating is smoking hot.

There's an art to being a good wingman. We here at "Entourage, the blog" will attempt to put forth a few good rules to help you perfect your skills at helping your friend get the girl.

Continue reading "Being a good wingman" »

July 2, 2007

Entourage 4/3: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

His scenes were limited this week, but they were powerful. Ari Gold swiped the Best Printable Line for this week from E, who had swiped it from Turtle.

Turtle's line of "E thought Rocky IV sucked when it came out. I mean, what does he know?" was the early front runner. E trumped him a bit later with "The French have the biggest mouths in the world."

But Ari Gold stuck his claws into this week's BPL trophy -- his second straight week after a 13-episode losing streak. E stormed into his office and the two went at it over the "Medellin" movie and trailer. So, Ari goes straight to the top and calls Vince to try and get him to control E.

"Do you know that your man broke out of the Oompah Loompah factory and is up to no good?"


Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 2
Turtle 1
Drama 0
E 0
Vince 0
Billy Walsh 0

Coming This Week
Tuesday: Being a good wingman
Wednesday: Mrs. ??? Gold

Entourage 4/3: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

This week, Writer Props is not so much about subtlety but rather creativity.

Turtle scored a cougar. And he didn't need Vince or money to do it. An impressive plot twist for the hard-luck tortoise.

June 29, 2007

Parenting tips

By Mark La Monica

After the second episode of Season 4, I wrote about Ari Gold, the father. I asked readers their thoughts about his actions as a parent.

While the incoming emails didn't exactly force the network that hosts my email to shut down (what did I expect, really? I mean, a blog about "Entourage" isn't exactly the same as Parents & Children Magazine), I'd like to share two of the more enjoyable emails.

Blog reader Lisa T summed it up perfectly, I think:

Dear Mark,

Anything less than taking a bullet for one’s child is unacceptable.


Well said, Lisa.

Blog reader Phil M. wrote:

although i am not a parent, i would love to show a little ari in myself when i am - he shows everything a parent needs - love (at times) - ruthlessness - quick thinking - intelligence - and most of all hes like a chamelieon (didnt spell it right) because somehow in any situation ari makes himself look like the hero - quote from last episode "Im gonna save the day again honey" i mean if the guy wasnt a superhero- why would he have a batphone? - hahah anyway i believe ari is a wonderful father - and Mrs. Ari is smokin hot.

Right on all counts, Phil.

Anyway, I got some inside information that says in an upcoming episode, Ari combines his two loves: Slimy, smarmy agency underhandedness and family life. So, we can always revisit the parenting angle again later on.

June 28, 2007

Vote: Mrs. Ari's first name


By Mark La Monica

In real life, Mrs. Ari is known as Perrey Reeves. In "Entourage" life, Mrs. Ari is known only as Mrs. Ari.

When he's not calling her "the wife," even Ari Gold calls her Mrs. Ari.

But what is her first name on the show? We have no clue. Same thing with Turtle.

This week, we ask our loyal and brand new "Entourage, the blog" readers to vote on a first name for Mrs. Ari. In a few weeks, we'll do the same with Turtle.

In the meantime, we'll send the final results to Doug Ellin's people. No guarantees he or they will read it, but we'll send the email anyway. You never know in this crazy world what can happen.

To me, Mrs. Ari strikes me as a Melissa. Maybe a Janet. Perhaps even a Julie or an Allison. Emily is an option, too. How about Barbara? Toni? Melinda? Jenn? Stephanie? Jamie? Roni?

So many options. Here's your chance to vote for Mrs. Ari's first name. You've got until midnight Tuesday July 3 to vote. We'll post the results at noon on July 4, just before we head out to the beach and barbecues.

If you think there's a better name, use the comments link for write-in candidates.

July 3 Note: Poll is now closed. Winner will be announced at noon July 4.

June 25, 2007

More Billy Walsh!

By Mark La Monica

Walken needed more cowbell. La Monica needs more Billy Walsh.

It's a fair request. The "Entourage" creators and writers haven't done much with his character in the past, so there's plenty there to develop. There's a reason they brought him back in Seasons 3 and 4.

That reason is because he's hilarious. At a time when the Drama comedy schtick is slowly becoming stagnant (it's sad to admit that), Billy Walsh is that new kid in school with the weird accent. You can't help but want to talk to him just to hear him speak.

Walsh's disdain for E is kinda funny. Even funnier is his commitment to that hatred every episode he's in. Gotta admire that type of dedication. And as he continues to go mad with the post-production work on "Medellin," Walsh maintains that anger toward "Suit."

I had decided to dress as Spanish-speaking army man Johnny Drama for Halloween this year. Then, Walsh imported a streetwalker from Colombia. Pure brilliance, for the character, that is. And that solidified me growing my hair out by October 31 so I can go as Billy Walsh. (Think about it: It's a license to curse and disrespect anyone in your way. Ah ha!)

We can all sympathize with Walsh right now, which makes his character that much more appealing. Who among us hasn't had a monster project at work or in school to complete quickly and felt the pressure coming from all sides? It's a fact of life.

Heck, my freshman year in college, I had five finals in six days. By the fourth day, I could have sworn Wicket the Ewok from "Return of the Jedi" was sitting next to me in the library as I studied.

In keeping with the study metaphor, let's recap briefly:

More Billy Walsh!

Of course, there's that little matter of Wally Balls, just in case you needed more ammunition to love Billy Walsh.


More this week:
Thursday: Pick Mrs. Ari's first name
Friday: Ari Gold Parenting 101

Entourage 4/2: How far would you go?


By Mark La Monica

I have not yet experienced the joy of fatherhood, which is more the fault of the ladies who I talk to not wanting to talk to me. Such is life. Their loss.

However, I was thoroughly intrigued by the quagmire Ari Gold found himself in for this episode. He and Mrs. Ari (who is dangerously gorgeous, by the way) were trying to get their son, Jonah, into Briar Country Day School.

The lengths at which Ari went to to pull some strings were lengthy, from blackmailing his dentist buddy by mentioning his cumare to spitting off his monetary contributions to the headmaster of the school and offering to give more.

I imagine all the fathers and mothers out there reading this right now are saying to themselves, "That's exactly what I would have done."

I, too, am saying that although I don't have the luxury of looking at a photo of my son in a Little League uniform while saying that. Yet, I want to believe I would do exactly what Ari Gold did, which was whatever's necessary for my children. (However, I can confirm I would also have pulled my other child out of that same school. That's just good business.)

My question here is for all the parents out there. How far would you go for your children?

E-mail me your comments at mark.lamonica@newsday.com and this Friday, we'll post your responses.

OK, so maybe parenting is slightly unexpected for this space, but that's the beauty of this episode: Character development. The Turtle-Drama party planning isn't new. Funny, but not new. The storylines with Mr. and Mrs. Ari are new. And good.

Here's a brief parental history on "Entourage:"
- Mama Chase, terrified of flying, got on a plane to L.A. for the "Aquaman" premiere in Season 3.
- Ari doted on his daughter at her bat mitzvah in Season 2.
- Terrance offered a job to his daughter's boyfriend, E, in Season 2.
- Turtle's mom wore an adidas jumpsuit on the tarmac in Season 3.

(OK, that last one had nothing to do with the theme of this column, but it's still funny a year later.)

Coming this week
Tuesday: We need more Billy Walsh
Thursday: Pick Mrs. Ari's first name
Friday: Your parental responses

June 24, 2007

Entourage 4/2: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Now that Ari and Vince are back together, the show has regained its proper continuity. It also has Ari Gold back as Ari Gold, with brilliant one-liners and brutal treatment of other people.

Ari took home the Best Printable Line this week, his first since Episode 8 of Season 3. (That's a 13-week absence for those counting). He earned it early with his "It's the 'Gigli' effect," but that's not what won the BPL. Although, comparing Vincent Chase to Ben Lopez, er, Garner, er, Affleck is hilarious in its own right.

Rather, Ari Gold wears the BPL crown for his work in the meeting at Briar Country Day School. He and Mrs. Ari were talking with a woman who suggested their son, Jonah, wouldn't get accepted into the school because he hit another kid with a ruler who supposedly stole his Power Ranger.

"I teach my son never to let people to just take things from him," Ari said. "It's my Israeli blood."

Stunning work.

Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 1
Turtle 1
Drama 0
E 0
Vince 0
Billy Walsh 0

Entourage 4/2: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

Billy Walsh brings home a street walker from Colombia.

I'm not sure anything else needs to be written to explain why that gets this week's Writer Props.

June 20, 2007

Video: Billy Walsh

A moment with Rhys Coiro, aka Billy Walsh, aka Wally Balls. He might be as crazy in real life as he is on screen.

Video: Quick hit with Jeremy Piven

We only had time for one question. We asked two.

Video: Ralph Macchio

We're not quite sure why the Karate Kid was at the New York premiere of "Entourage." Then again, who cares why. What matters is he was there and we wouldn't let him walk by without saying hi. (P.S. Props to Lindsey for hooking that up.)

Video: Interview with Kevin Dillon

He's Johnny Drama, but for a few moments, we let him be Kevin Dillon.

Video: Interview with 'E'

Kevin Connolly, friend of the blog, was kind enough to indulge us and be interviewed in character. Here's the full clip.

June 19, 2007

It's always about a girl

By Mark La Monica

For a fella, everything in life comes down to a girl. Always.

What we wear. What we say. What we do. It's always about the girl. Either we're trying to get the girl, or we're trying to keep the girl.

It's not a bad thing, except when that quest leads us to interrogate an entire film crew like Billy Walsh did. (Early running for Joshie consideration as Best Scene, by the way).

Think about the things in your world right now. How many of them can you truly say is for or about you? That shirt you just bought, yeah, you bought it to look good for the ladies at the club. That painting, guy, c'mon. We all know why you ponied up the cash. And we all know why you learned how to cook.

Now think about this: Despite what George Lucas says, the entire Star Wars saga boiled down to a girl. That's right. If Anakin Skywalker didn't possess such powerful feelings of love toward Padme, the force would never have been disturbed.

Ninety percent of the music you listen to is about relationships. Some dude on a quest for the love of a girl.

So, when Billy Walsh struggled to write the ending to "Medellin" and subsequently became even crazier than normal in the Season 4 premiere of "Entourage," we all felt his pain. We've all been there, pining away for a girl. It stings even more when she's pining for anyone or anything but you.

The romantics among us chase this notion that a woman's love gives a man his soul and lifts his spirits to unimaginable heights. It's a noble cause, one definitely worth chasing.

When a man works and lives in the presence of his muse, he can do anything. When he loses that muse, his powerful inspiration for life, he crumbles. Remember when Mandy Moore crushed Vince for a second time?

For a fella, everything in life comes down to a girl. Always.

June 17, 2007

Entourage 4/1: A phattie!


By Mark La Monica


That's how you open up a brand new season of "Entourage."

To quote Jimmy Conway (Robert DeNiro) in the "Goodfellas" scene where Henry Hill pays Paulie his tribute, "It's gonna be a good summer."

After an up-and-down Season 3.5, the boys came back strong and full of original stuff. Season 3.5 dragged a bit. It felt a little dated, since the episodes were shot more than a year before they aired.

Not so anymore. Billy Walsh had an expanded role. And in talking with Rhys Coiro (the actor who plays Billy Walsh) last week at the New York premiere, that's something we can expect in Season 4. More Billy Walsh! Seriously, don't we all need a little more Billy Walsh in our lives.

That character is turning into a gem. I fully expect every one of my readers to morph into Billy Walsh this week at work. When your boss asks you where that report is or why you didn't do something yet, if you don't respond with "Percolating, suit!" please stop reading this space. The judges will also accept "Percolating!" as a fair response and award your points accordingly.

Fat Vincent Chase is hilarious. He looked like former Saturday Night Live cast member Horatio Sanz trying out for a remake of The Beastie Boys' video for "Sabotage."

We even got to see Adrian Grenier acting as Vincent Chase acting as Pablo Escobar. That was kinda cool. And, any time Drama speaks in a foreign language, it bankrupts insurance companies from all the broken rib cases in the emergency room. Instant hilarity.

The idea to do the first episode as a behind-the-scenes documentary made for intriguing viewing. It had all the elements that we've come to expect from the show: Turtle-Drama comedy, E-Vince work dynamics, Ari Goldisms and a real plot line. Mixing in this new way to present those elements helped us not even realize until the end that the actual episode ran 28 minutes.

Keep it up, dear Entourage creators, producers, writers, directors and actors. A strong beginning.

Coming Tuesday: "It's Always About The Girl"
Coming Wednesday: Video interviews from red carpet

Entourage 4/1: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Often with great episodes such as this one, the search for Best Printable Line takes a little more time than usual.

But Turtle saved us from multiple viewings Sunday night near the end of the episode. Billy Walsh began interrogating the entire crew of "Medellin" to find out who was sleeping with the actress he was trying to get with (played by Sofia Vergara).

E puts a stop to it, then the documentary cuts to a confessional from Johnny Drama, who predictably claims it was he who got with the actress.

Turtle stars laughing (didn't it feel like a real laugh and not an acted laugh?) and spurts out, "No shot, no shot. But please bust out a polygraph machine."

Score one for Turtle on the opening night of Season 4.

Season 4 Best Printable Line Standings
Turtle 1
Drama 0
Ari Gold 0
E 0
Vince 0
Billy Walsh 0

P.S. For those new to Entourage, the blog, or for those who just a need refresher course, here's the explanation of Best Printable Line: The weekly honor of Best Printable Line comes with the caveat of the quote being able to be reprinted for people of all ages. If not for this rule, Ari Gold would win every week. If not for this rule, I'd have been fired for dropping too many curses and lewd material in this blog.

Entourage 4/1: Writer Props

By Mark La Monica

What book was first-time producer reading on the set?

"Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?" by Bob Ryan.

Brilliant reference back to Martin Landau's character at the end of Season 3.

June 15, 2007

Entourage Season 4 NYC premiere

By Mark La Monica

The good folks at HBO let us back on the red carpet for the New York edition of Entourage's Season 4 premiere. Here's the video, produced by myself and Intrepid videographer friend Bobby.

P.S. We'll post a few full-length video interviews with the fellas next Wednesday.

The Joshie Award winners

By Mark La Monica

We'll dispense with the formalities and get directly into who the readers voted as the winners of our inaugural Joshie Awards, which honor excellence in "Entourage."

Best Character You Want to See More: Sloan
Sloan scored a plurality with 30.7 percent of the vote.

Best On-Location Setting: Playboy Mansion for pajama party
The Mansion won fairly easily with 37.9 percent of the vote.

Best Lady Friend of Vince: Mandy Moore
In a heated contest, Mandy edged out Amanda, 20.32 percent to 19.78. It was a matter of three votes.

Best Guest Star: Bob Saget
In a bit of an upset, Saget took home the Joshie with 26.1 percent of the vote.

Best Johnny Drama Meltdown: Golf club attack on a car on PCH
Drama's attack on Point Break scored a Joshies record 44.3 percent of the vote. Even Drama agrees. I asked him. Watch the video next Wednesday.

Best Turtle-Drama Hijinks: Searching for food at the bat mitzvah
34.4 percent of the vote, and make your own ice cream sundaes.

Best Ari Gold Moment:Verbal undressing of Josh Weinstein at beach party in Malibu
The scene that spawned the title of these awards garnerded 30.5 percent of the popular vote.

Best Scene: E and Seth Green's entourages fighting in Vegas
27.5 percent of the voters belong to the "We don't drink Jager" crew.

Best Episode: Season 3: One Day in the Valley (Episode 24)
Somewhat surprisingly, this episode scored with 28.7 percent. No blackouts here.

Thanks for playing along. In the future, we'll do the Joshies after each season, so remember to vote in September. (Don't worry. We'll remind you a few times.)

June 14, 2007

Entourage Season 4 premiere photos

Scenes from the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre in Manhattan for the New York premiere of Season 4 of "Entourage."

Photos: Entourage Season 4 premiere

June 12, 2007

Thanks for voting!

By Mark La Monica

Thanks to all who participated in the voting for our inaugural Joshie Awards. The winners of the Joshies will be announced at noon this Friday.

In the meantime, as a small token of our thanks for your participation. here's a little photo gallery from an "Entourage" filming in Cannes late last month.

P.S. We'll also have video of Season 4 New York premiere on Friday afternoon for your viewing pleasure.

Photos: Entourage in Cannes

June 5, 2007

The Joshies: Nominees announced

By Mark La Monica

To help get us through the bye week between Season 3.5 and Season 4, we here at Entourage, the blog have created the inaugural Joshie Awards.

The Joshies celebrate excellence in "Entourage" over the first 3.5 seasons (42 episodes) of the show.

Below you will find nine categories to vote on. The winners ae determined solely by the readers, so vote as early and as often as you wish. Spread the word across the Internet if you wish. Digg it, Technorati it, email it, link it. Your choice.

Polls close at noon on Tuesday, June 12, thus giving readers a full week to cast their votes. The winners of the inaugural Joshies will be announced at noon on Friday, June 15, the day after the Season 4 premiere in New York and two days before the new season starts airing on HBO.

Note: With 42 episodes to work through, the Joshies committee did its best to compile the most worthy in each of the nine categories. In the future, we'll do the Joshies after each season.


Joshie Nominees: Best Guest Star

From the show's pilot, when Mark Wahlberg and his entourage crossed paths with Vince and his entourage, we've been treated to guest stars and minor-arc recurring roles from established stars.

The nominees for Best Guest Star on "Entourage" are:

Gary Busey (played himself in Season 1)
Beverly D'Angelo (played agent in Seasons 2-3)
Seth Green (played himself in Season 3)
Val Kilmer (played a sherpa in Season 1)
Martin Landau (played a producer in Season 3)
Malcolm McDowell (played Terrance in Season 2)
Bob Saget (played himself in Season 2)
James Woods (played himself in Season 3)

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Turtle-Drama Hijinks

Comedy has its individuals and its tag teams. The emergence of Turtle and Johnny Drama as the comic relief duo has had as big an effect on "Entourage" as did the uniting of Randy "Macho Man" Savage of Hulk Hogan as the Super Powers tag team back when it was called the WWF and we all though pro wrestling was real.

And the Joshie nominees for Best Turtle-Drama Hijinks on "Entourage" are:

Stealing a box of Froot Loops from Dr. Joyce Brothers' wagon at the supermarket
Digging around the house to find the Shrek doll Dom stole
Racing to lunch meeting with Ari
Hunting down Saigon to find out why he missed his record-deal signing
Getting dates and tickets to "Aquaman" premiere
Searching for food at the bat mitzvah
Turtle and Drama going to the dog park to meet girls

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Lady Friend of Vince

He's a modern-day Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty combined. Vincent Chase macked the ladies just about every episode, but who was his best score?

The Joshie nominees for Best Lady Friend of Vince on "Entourage" are:

Sara Foster
(the girl on Jimmy Kimmel Show in Season 1)
Justine Chapin
(the singer saving herself for someone special)
(the vegan)
(the madame)
Li Lei
(Martial arts instructor played by Bai Ling)
Mandy Moore
(his agent played by Carla Gugino)

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best On-Location Setting

Set in Hollywood, "Entourage" has perfect on-location sets built in to its background. And on occasion, the camera trucks travel to other places. The settings bring life to the scene and the show as a whole.

The nominees for Best On-Location Setting on "Entourage" are:

Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas
House in the Valley for "Aquaman" blackout
Park City, Utah, for Sundance Film Festival
Playboy Mansion for pajama party
Prey Nightclub in Los Angeles, various scenes

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Johnny Drama Meltdown

Johnny Drama lives up to his nickname nearly every week, amusing audiences with his angst, paranoia, self-consciousness and other bits of insanity.

Here are the Joshie nominees for the Best Johnny Drama Meltdown on "Entourage."

First meeting with new agent Adam Davies
Ripping the TV from Davies' wall after getting dropped from the agency
Golf club attack on a car on Pacific Coast Highway
"CSI: Minneapolis" audition
Driving to the Grand Canyon after "Five Towns" reviews
Starbucks and parking ticket meltdowns prior to pilot audition

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Character You Want to See More of

Some had a moment. Some had a few. And some we want to have their names listed in the opening credits.

The Joshie nominees for Best Character You Want to See More of on "Entourage" are:

Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves)
Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer)
Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo)
Rufus (Marlon Young)
Shauna (Debi Mazar)
Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui)
Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro)

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Ari Gold Moment

He's quite possibly the most outrageous, most hilarious character in television sitcom history, or at least in recent years. He's lecherous yet lovable. Slimy yet endearing. He's Ari Gold.

Here are the Joshie nominees for the Best Ari Gold Moment from "Entourage."

Therapy session with wife before "Aquaman" premiere
Verbal undressing of Josh Weinstein at beach party in Malibu
Firing an agent named Rob by using the whiteboard
Therapy session with wife after Vince breakup
Call to Lloyd from the car as he's about to get fired by Terrance
Getting fired by Terrance, then going off in parking garage

Smashing a Mongolian statue on Lloyd's desk
Yelling at the guy splitting 10s at the blackjack table in Las Vegas
The "Hollywood Executive -----.com" phone call to Dana Gordon's assistance
Firing Peter Cole, the "agent' who was actually a mail room employee

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Scene from Entourage

These are the moments you talk about, search for on YouTube and re-enact whenever possible.

These are the Joshie nominees for the Best Scene in "Entourage."

Ari Gold crushing Josh Weinstein at a Malibu beach party (Season 1)
E laying it on the line with Vince on the tarmac before going to New York (Season 1)
Stealing cereal from Dr. Joyce Brothers' wagon at a supermarket (Season 2)
Ari Gold's speech as he gets fired by Terrance (Season 2)
Drama telling a guy to sit down in the theater at "Aquaman" (Season 3)
James Woods yelling at Drama and Turtle for his premiere tickets (Season 3)
E and Seth Green's crews get into a fight in Vegas (Season 3)
Ari rescuing Lloyd from Jay Lester (Season 3.5)

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

Joshie Nominees: Best Episode of Entourage

Not every script can be a home run. Occasionally, there's a strikeout, a fielder's choice, a double-play grounder with runners on first and third with one out and a one-run deficit.

However, of the 42 episodes of Entourage thus far, there were quite a few that were out of the park. The Joshie nominees for Best Episode of "Entourage" are:

Season 1: Talk Show (Episode 3)
The Jimmy Kimmel episode
Season 1: Busey and the Beach (Episode 6)
Turtle breaks Gary Busey's sculpture; the guys go to a beach party in Malibu
Season 2: The Sundance Kids (Episode 15)
The crew goes to Sundance Film Festival with "Queens Boulevard" and come home "with Aquaman"
Season 2: The Bat Mitzvah (Episode 18)
Terrance begins his usurping of power from Ari Gold.
Season 2: Exodus (Episode 21)
Mandy dumps Vince, who then wants off "Aquaman." Terrance fires Ari from the agency.
Season 2: The Abyss (Episode 22)
Vince nearly gives up his career and livelihood
Season 3: One Day in the Valley (Episode 24)
The "Almost Famous" episode
Season 3: Vegas, Baby, Vegas (Episode 31)
The "We Don't Drink Jagr" crew
Season 3.5: The Resurrection (Episode 40)
Drama melts down and winds up at the Grand Canyon

Poll is now closed. Thanks for voting. Winners will be announced Friday, June 15.

June 3, 2007

Episode 8: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

To fully appreciate the Best Printable Line from the Season 3.5 finale, you need to understand two words:

1) Billy
2) Walsh

He's a whackadoo character on the show, and every time he shows up on your television screen, he refuses to disappoint.

Of course, he didn't win the BPL this week because every fourth word out of his mouth is an F-bomb or worse. But, his new (and fitting) arc as a porn director gave rise to an unlikely BPL victor: Vince.

Vince and E rolled onto Walsh's set to discuss Medellin without knowing anything about his new gig. After discussing what movie it might be in the car ride over, Vince and E walk into a porn set with a pool table, leather outfits, naked women and men and, of course, Billy Walsh.

Vince turns to E and quizzically opines about Walsh's new movie, "Boogie Nights 2?"

Funny on so many levels.

The Final Season 3.5 Best Printable Line Standings
Drama 2
E 2
Turtle 1
Vince 1
Sloan 1
Kelly 1

The Big Knish Award, Season 3.5

By Mark La Monica


After a full season away from the top of the heap, Johnny Drama returns to share Entourage, the blog's coveted Big Knish Award for Season 3.5. He splits the title with E, who delivered his share of one-liners in this short season of eight episodes.

This marks the second straight season of co-champions in the race for the Big Knish Award, given at the end of each season to the character with the most Best Printable Lines, those memorable and printable quotes from each episode.

Similar to rounds in a boxing match, the judges rate each episode individually. They don't look at the running total until after each week just to update the standings. And since so many things go on in real life during the seven days between episodes, the judges don't remember the standings.

Props to both Drama and E for giving us so much good material to use in the office on Monday.

The Final Season 3.5 Best Printable Line Standings
Drama 2
E 2
Turtle 1
Vince 1
Sloan 1*
Kelly 1*

Big Knish History
Season 3.5 -- Drama, E
Season 3 -- Ari Gold, Turtle
Season 2 -- Johnny Drama
Season 1 -- Johnny Drama**

* As determined by the readers those weeks based on voting.

** Entourage the blog began midway through Season 2, but we went back and did the research from Season 1. Not surprisingly, Drama won that season's Big Knish, too.

Best Printable Line rules
Just to refresh your memory, the weekly honor of Best Printable Line comes with the caveat of the quote being able to be reprinted for people of all ages. If not for this rule, Ari Gold would win every week. If not for this rule, I'd have been fired for dropping too many curses and lewd material in this blog.

Entourage Writer Props, Week 8 (part 1)

By Mark La Monica

Sloan was unpacking E's things at her apartment. Just before she pulled out the oversized dice, she removed two boxing gloves. They were white with red and blue stars and stripes on it.

Those gloves bore a striking resemblance to the gloves worn by Apollo Creed when he fought Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV."

Kevin Connolly, the actor who plays E, made his movie debut as Chickie Grabowski, the schoolyard bully who eventually gets beat up by Rocky's son in "Rocky V."

Subtle, but impressive.

Entourage Writer Props, Week 8 (part 2)

By Mark La Monica

Did anyone else happen to see that naked midget walking in the background on Billy Walsh's set when he, Vince and E were discussing "Medellin?"

Perhaps the most outrageous subtle bit this year. Hello, Writer Props!

May 30, 2007

Medellin: A short story

By Mark La Monica

I didn't really get upset about the week off from Entourage. At least, not until Tuesday night.

On this night, I offered to lend a proofreader's eye to PhD friend Lina on part of her thesis. By no means am I intelligent enough to offer insightful comments about a PhD thesis, especially one in history, but I can catch a typo or a missing comma like nobody's business.

The topic had to do with the history of Colombia, or at least I think it did. Again, I'm not that intelligent. However, life threw me a bone on page 13 of 24. There it was, in regular type, 12-point, Times New Roman font.


I put the paper down and laughed. Culture shock. How did Entourage wind up in a history thesis?

Oh yeah, Medellin isn't just a movie script on a television show. Still, it was funny.

Note: Paul Haggis and Vincent Chase were nowhere to be found in the thesis, which is probably a good thing for PhD friend Lina.

But here in Entourage, the blog, I thought it was worth a few paragraphs of our time.

May 22, 2007

Kelly wins Episode 7 BPL vote

By Mark La Monica

The voters have spoken, albeit much quieter than the last time. Such is life. The winner of the Best Printable Line for Episode 7 of Season 3.5 is Kelly, Rufus' daughter.

Her bomb carried the way for the readers of "Entourage, the blog" in what was an average episode.

While hooking up with Turtle in the car, she asked what his real name is.

"What, you think I'd have sex with someone saying 'Oh Turtle!'?"


The results make the Season 3.5 finale on June 3 that much more important. Drama and E are tied for the Big Knish Award, given to the character with the most BPLs in a season.

Drama won the title in Seasons 1 and 2, and Turtle and Ari shared it in Season 3. Can Drama get the hat trick? Or will E sneak up and claim his first crown? Or can Turtle cause a three-way tie atop the BPL standings?

Best Printable Line Standings
(with one week left)

Drama 2
E 2
Turtle 1
Sloan 1
Kelly 1
Ari 0
Vince 0

May 20, 2007

Episode 7: Vote for the BPL

By Mark La Monica

We'll waste no time and dive right into this week's nominees for Best Printable Line.

1) Johnny Drama, after telling the guys he was just offered a part in "Rush Hour 3" without having to audition.

"Johnny Drama don't shine shoes no more."

2) Turtle, moments after Drama's line above

"I knew my life would suck if Drama got a career before I did."

3) Johnny Drama, after Brett Ratner tells him the only parts he has left for "Rush Hour 3" are French part.

"Je pas francais."

4) Kelly, while hooking up with Turtle in the car and asking what his real name is.

"What, you think I'd have sex with someone saying 'Oh Turtle!'?"
Vote now. Poll closes when the clock strikes Tuesday.

Entourage Writer Props, Week 7

By Mark La Monica

I was once asked Jerry Ferrara if he'd ever get a last name on the show. He wondered what his first name would be.

Then comes Kelly, daughter of Rufus the home video solutions/auto repair man. She inquires about his first name.

Turtle hesitates.

Earlier, she asked him to take his hat off. Turtle laughed.

Those two scenes combined to earn this week's Writer Props. Small and subtle scenes, but in the bigger picture of the series, brilliant.

May 18, 2007

Another BPL contest

By Mark La Monica

That's right, folks. To quote Daniel LaRusso, "It's coming around again."

It's another chance for our loyal "Entourage, the blog" readers to decide the Best Printable Line for Episode 7 of Season 3.5.

All the same rules apply. The nominees will be posted shortly after 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 20. You'll then have 25 hours to cast your ballot. Vote once, vote twice, vote 300 times. Whatever you want.

When the clock hits midnight on Monday night, the polls close.

Then, Tueday morning, we'll announce the winner.

Best Printable Line Standings
(with two weeks left)

Drama 2
E 2
Turtle 1
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Vince 0

May 16, 2007

Announcing the Joshie Awards

By Mark La Monica

Season 4 of Entourage begins on June 17. But there's a bye week on May 27, Memorial Day weekend.

Not much we can do about that. But, there's still a way to have some fun leading up to Season 4.

It is my honor to proudly announce the inaugural Joshie Awards, celebrating excellence in "Entourage" performance.

The award name stems from the "Busey and the Beach" episode of Season 1. In this particular scene, Ari Gold shows up at a party in Malibu and completely undresses his former assistant turned agent Josh Weinstein. To add even more insult, Ari calls him "Joshie." And so a legend was born. It's truly golden television.

Here's the scene, just in case you don't remember.

The categories for the first Joshie Awards, which will include all episodes from Season 1 through Season 3.5, are:

Best Ari Gold moment
Best Johnny Drama meltdown
Best On-location Setting
Best Lady friend of Vince's
Best Turtle-Drama hijinks
Best Character You Want to See More of
Best Guest Star
Best Individual Scene
Best Episode

Oh yeah, by the way, who wins is entirely up to you, dear readers. We will announce the nominees at noon on Tuesday, June 5. You will then have a week to vote in the polls. We'll shut down the voting at noon on Tuesday, June 12.

Then, on Friday, June 15, just in time to get you pumped for Season 4, we'll announce the winners of the first Joshies.

May 13, 2007

First, the news

By Mark La Monica

Before you get to the Best Printable Line, Writer Props and more from Sunday's night episode below, we at Entourage, the blog have an announcement to make.

Well, really, it's more like an announcement of an annoucement. But, why argue over semantics?

Peep this little nook of Web escapism after your lunch break this Wednesday and Friday for two major Entourage, the blog announcements.

Here's a hint for Friday: The BPL for Episode 7 may or may not be in the hands of the readers again. Then again, Medellin is on again. And off again. And then on again. So, please, keep me employed and check out what happens this Friday.

We now return you to your normally scheduled blogcast.


By Mark La Monica

Typically, when you avoid work on Mondays to read this space, you find the BPL, Writer Props and a specific riff on something from Sunday night's episode.

Today, we switch it up a bit. Don't worry, the BPL and Writer Props aren't going anywhere. But rather than blog it out about one specific thing, we're going to hit you up with random thoughts off a show where quite a bit happened. And here we go:

(NOTE: "Sopranos" spoiler at the end, just in case you didn't watch it yet this week)

* The feeling here is that episode will serve as the jumping-off point for major plot developments in Season 4. Only Doug Ellin and the cast know for sure, though.

* It's time for the writers to create a new movie title for Vince to pursue.

* Drama's "Victory" scream at the Grand Canyon has me searching Orbitz for flights out there. A watershed moment for those of us in the Drama Club.

* I never thought I'd see two people spark a relationship over sneakers. Clearly, we've all been looking for love in all the wrong places. Someone call Mars Blackman. It's gotta be the shoes!

* Prediction: Lloyd is going to become an agent at Miller Gold soon and work magic for Drama's career.

* Prediction: E is going to manage Drama's career.

* L.A. friend Skirts read for the part of Variety writer Paul Schneider. Here's a snippet of an email he sent late last week:

Thought of your blog today. It was a bittersweet moment for Skirts today. I read for the part of the TV reviewer who hates Drama's new TV show in next week's episode of Entourage, but I didnt get the part. They went with some nerdy looking guy.

Tough break, Skirts. You would have killed in that role.

* Carla Gugino is hot (even hotter in real life as I learned at the "Gardener of Eden" world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, but I didn't miss her this week on the show. It's strangely comforting to have Ari back in the driver's seat.

* What job will Rufus have next? First he pimped home video systems, now he's pimping rides. Is his daughter next?

* Turtle as a girl's boyfriend is making a serious bid for "inherently funny" status. (Right now, it's just chimps, midgets, farting, people falling down and Johnny Drama).

* Vince and E as producers is an interesting turn for the show to take. Let's see if they stick with it.

Here's the spoiler alert, for those of you who read over it the first time 

 * I'm still a little shocked that Christopher Moltisanti died an hour earlier.

Episode 6: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

This week was a tight contest, with random un-named characters challenging for a place on the Best Printable Line leaderboard.

But we had to throw a bone to Turtle for his dig mid-show on Drama. The race for the Big Knish is tight with just two episodes remaining in Season 3.5.

After he wrecked the freshly refurbished car for Drama, he pleads with Rufus (formerly of Home Video Solutions) to fix it for him ASAP.

"This isn't even for me," he said. "This is for Drama. You know Drama. You know what a sad life it's been for him."

That stings.

Best Printable Line Standings
(with two weeks left)

Drama 2
E 2
Turtle 1
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Vince 0

The massage parlor

By Mark La Monica

Operating under the governance of "Best Printable Line," i.e., not repeating curses or things like that on this family Web site, we can't delve too deeply into the hilarity of "the scene" in the massage parlor.

However, feel free to know that whatever you were thinking about that scene (including the subtlety of Drama's hand placement), I was too.

Entourage Writer Props, Week 6

By Mark La Monica

Since "Entourage" began in 2004, Johnny Drama has always found himself in strange places. And no matter how strange those places are, someone seems to know him.

It was no different in this episode as Drama and some dude exchange quick greetings at the massage parlor.

Perfectly done by the script makers, and winner of this week's Writer Props.

May 9, 2007


By Mark La Monica

Judging by the increased ratings for the show, all its branched-off marketing deals and the ever-increasing readership and community being constructed in this blog, "Entourage" has hit a nerve with us.

It has accomplished the very thing all television shows seek: a place in the mainstream vernacular of Americans.

Seriously, how many times do you quote Drama or Ari in everyday life? And can you watch SportsCenter anymore and not hear Scott Van Pelt scream out "Victory!!!"? And if Google and YouTube didn't exist, how would we ever get through Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the office?

As I watched the most recent episode -- again -- last night, I began to wonder if there's such a thing as "Entourage Overdose."

Overdose not in that "This is my new favorite song and I'm going to listen to it every four minutes for the next month and then I'll hate it after that."

But, rather, overdose in the sense that there's only a finite number of total viewings of "Entourage" that one man can endure before he quits his job, packs up the car and drives off to California. Or at the very least, quits the career and goes to manage a Sbarro's.

We love life at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. About 28 minutes later, we want to shave our heads, throw the television in the street and shred what we once thought of as "nice" clothes. That's the beauty of the show.

There just may come a Monday morning when Entourage, the blog's thousands of readers log on to find out the Best Printable Line and more from the show and see nothing but a photo of a slice of pizza from Sbarro's and the Santa Monica pier.

May 7, 2007

Quick question

By Mark La Monica

Just a quick question.

How much longer can we hear about "Medellin" before Vince finds another movie to do?

OK, just one more question.

How much longer can this guy go without working? Seriously, doesn't he need a job soon? "Aquaman" isn't out on DVD yet, and he doesn't appear to be investor-savvy, so how much of that "Aquaman" paycheck is left?

May 6, 2007

Episode 5: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Johnny Drama appears to be hitting his stride with the mighty lines that leave us temporarily crippled from laughter.

While at Del Mar's racetrack playing the ponies with the boys, Vince learns he has another shot at landing the lead role in "Medellin."

E works with Ari to help set up a meeting at Ari's temple with the co-executive producer and Amanda.

She hesitates about going to the temple on the holiest day of the Jewish religion.

Turtle interjects and says "She'll go to temple for Vince."

Drama fires back: "She'd go to the Gaza Strip in a yarmulke for Vince."

Best Printable Line Standings
(with three weeks left)

Drama 2
E 2
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Vince 0
Turtle 0

Entourage writer props, Week 5

By Mark La Monica

Ari Gold is operating once again, this time at temple during Yom Kippur services. Mrs. Ari catches him using a cell phone outside the temple.

In her strict (yet sexy) delivery, she demands possession of Ari's phone. And his secret bat phone.

Now, that double-secret probation phone could have been hidden anywhere on Ari's person. His other jacket pocket. His belt. Up his sleeve.

But no! He digs it out from his sock, a subtle furtherance of sleezy/lovable Ari Gold. It was the perfect placement for Ari's phone, and thus earns Week 5 Writer Props.

May 4, 2007

Instant Replay

By Mark La Monica

"Maybe you can have it all."

That's the tagline associated with Season 3.5 of "Entourage."

Here's a little story to let you know that I can't have it all. That the closest I'll ever get to having it all is 27 minutes (or less) for at least 24 more Sundays.

I rolled into the Replay store in SoHo for the launch party for their new line of Replay organic jeans. (Crazy soft denim which, by the way, is made from natural organic cotton denim and other "green" products.) After I paid my respects to DMC, one half of pioneer rap group Run-D.M.C. who showed up three seconds after me as if we came in the same adidas, my hookup at the door ran down the list of celebs already in the house and those expected to arrive shortly.

emmanuellechriqui2.jpg"Emmanuelle's here already," Jono said.

I looked at his list. There it was, in boldface type with a checkmark next to it. Emmanuelle, followed by Chriqui. This party's picking up!

My hookup ripped off a few other names, none of which made it to the listening comprehension section of my brain. No disrespect to Jono, but he could have just stopped at Chriqui. I certainly did.

Now, I've never hidden my opinions on Miss Chriqui being among the most perfectly beautiful women floating around this little planet of ours. And I won't hide it now. She's make-you-mad hot.

Armed with this knowledge, my ultra-observant eyes scanned every part of the top floor of the Replay store. No luck.

I made the quick beeline downstairs to scout out the unsurveyed bottom floor of the Replay store. And to snag a few drinks. No luck on the Chriqui front. Plenty of luck on the drinks front.

Armed with this liquid courage, I decided to return upstairs and continue my search. I even boycotted the elevator and took the one flight of stairs. Couldn't chance missing an accidental passing in the stairs just to save some energy for Thursday's softball league opener.

At this point, I began to think about what I would say if I "accidentally bumped into her." I had nothing. "Damn, you're hot" didn't seem too smooth. Nor did, "Hey, Sloan" or "Ms. Chriqui, I write this Entourage blog. Care to hook me up with an exclusive interview?"

As I scoured my small brain for the memorable line, I spotted Emmanuelle checking out some jeans. I then severed a kidney and ripped my ACL to shreds just looking at her.

We made eye contact -- in my mind.

Within 10 seconds of spotting her, she rolled out of the store with a fella she was with.

Some things in life just aren't fair.

Maybe some people can have it all. Me, I got 10 seconds.

May 3, 2007


The good people of KTLA had a sit-down with Rex Lee, known the world over as Ari Gold's assistant, Llooooooooooooooooyd, on "Entourage."


May 1, 2007


By Mark La Monica

Late last week, we posted our video interview with Kevin Connolly at Tribeca Film Festival discussing "Gardener of Eden," the first feature film he directed. (If you missed it, click here to watch.)

This week, we've got the outtakes for your viewing pleasure. Actually, it's just one outtake, but it's pretty funny. Listen closely to the background and you'll hear two or three loud noises, which elicits a response from Connolly.

It's a pretty funny scene from a genuinely nice guy.

April 30, 2007

No more Pauly!

By Mark La Monica

This week's show had more cameos than a "Word Up" karaoke contest.

Artie Lange's turn as Scottie, Ari's friend from college, didn't seem to make much sense in the grand scheme of the show other than to show Ari in a more personal light.

Chuck Liddell, the UFC champion, was hilarious.

But Pauly Shore has to go. His career "got got" about 12 years ago. Why people find him amusing is beyond comprehension. His act was lame when he was popular. His act, which hasn't changed since people chilled with the weasel, is even lamer now.

In an episode that won't make the series' top 10, Shore gave us all a reason to get back those 30 minutes of space on our DVRs and TiVos. Liddell should have popped Shore in the grill three times and then made him tap out.

Shore has made three cameos on the show, including getting thrown out of the Playboy Mansion and sitting in Drama's agent's office at the end of Season 2. He's received more than enough free face time on "Entourage."

The majority of cameos on the series involve the person doing the cameo making fun of themselves to some degree. With Shore, you almost get the feeling he thinks these bit parts will help get him a steady gig elsewhere and return to the spotlight.

Celebrity Deathmatch should feature a Pauly Shore vs. Dom match to decide the worst side character in the show's run.

If Kevin Dillon wasn't already the real-life Johnny Drama, then Pauly Shore would be. Only one problem with that: Pauly Shore is painfully not funny.

April 29, 2007

Episode 4: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

It took four episodes but Johnny Drama finally jumped into the race for the Season 3.5 Big Knish Award for most Best Printable Lines.

He ripped off about a dozen or so great lines in the Chuck Liddell parking lot encounter, but he capped it off with an ultimate gem when he got back to the house.

In one of his patented "Falling Down" hypochondriac meltdowns, Drama tells the guys: "I got a lifetime of looking over my shoulder to look forward to. I'm like Henry Hill."

Best Printable Line Standings
(through four weeks)
E 2
Drama 1
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Vince 0
Turtle 0

Entourage Writer Props, Week 4

By Mark La Monica

For the entire run of "Entourage," Johnny Drama has been clamoring to restart his once almost-successful career.

Every movie or commercial Vince got, Drama begged for a part. He even found his way onto Kimmel when Vince did a spot on the talk show. Whatever he Drama do to pull off some face time and make some scratch and get back in the game.

It's been the best running joke on the show.

With this is mind, did you happen to notice the small uptick of excitement in Drama's face when, after bashing Pauly Shore, Turtle tells Drama that Shore wants him to be in his new hidden-camera TV show?

That bit of subtlety earned Week 4 Writer Props.

April 27, 2007

E & 'Gardener of Eden'

By Mark La Monica

In the offseason of television series, actors often find other projects to occupy their time, fatten the wallets and satisfy creative urges.

In between seasons of "Entourage," Kevin Connolly has been directing his first feature film entitled "Gardener of Eden." The film stars Lukas Haas and Erika Christensen, with a small role by played by Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle.

We scored a sit-down with Connolly hours before the movie made its world premiere Thursday night at the Tribeca Film Festival.

April 23, 2007


By Mark La Monica

Hokies friend Lloyd launched a text message in my direction at 10:25 p.m. Sunday night, or right about the time agent Amanda, played by Carla Gugino, offered up her wonderfully delightful body up to Vince Chase on "Entourage."

The message was simple and similar to the ones I get all the time: "I want to be Vincent Chase."

I sent the only response necessary: "We all do."

It's such a standard reply that I have it saved it in my cell phone as a quick text. It's quite the time-saver.

carla-gugino.jpg It would seem that Amanda, Vince's new agent, doesn't like sexual tension in her workplace. Plus, the quite-hot brunette is in the throes of a power struggle with Ari Gold for Vince's attention and business. So, she decides to offer Vince something no other agent in the game can: the opportunity to, um, do things with her. (Damn you, Best Printable Line guidelines!)

Right about at that moment, a collective "I hate my life" was heard all over Man Town, U.S.A.

Let us get this straight: The woman in charge of shaping Vince's movie career wants to eliminate any future issues between the two by engaging in a whole bunch of unattached and exquisite sexual encounters, and she tells him this without hesitation after he says she's cute?

I want to be Vincent Chase!

The dream of a sugarmommy has lived in the male brain for quite some time. Forget the stereotype of rich, powerful men playing the rich, powerful role for the ladies. We here at "Entourage, the blog" believe wholeheartedly in equality.

Give us a sugarmommy any day. An assertive, powerful woman who can support herself (and us) more than comfortably and is secure enough to overtly go after a dude she works for.

I would vacuum the house every day. Tend to the vegetable garden. Water the lavenders every other day. Whatever. Mr. Mom? Please! Michael Keaton wouldn't hold a candle to a sugar-mommied Entourage, the blog writer.

Not even Tom Cruise when he comes back to New York from Jamaica in "Cocktail" would come close.

Sugarmommies are dreamy. Alluring. Coveted. Hot.

(Hang on while I go check my thesauras.)

Enchanting. Captivating. Magnetizing. Enticing. Charismatic. Bewitching.

And so far away from happening to us regular fellas.

Damn, I want to be Vincent Chase.

April 22, 2007

Episode 3: Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

Vince and E just got railed on by their new agent, Amanda, about the "Glimpses" project she presented them in the Season 3.5 opener.

Rehashing the scene outside as they talked to Drama and Turtle, E came through with this week's Best Printable Line.

Since E and Vince are going to reread the script for "Glimpses," Turtle says he and Drama are going to head to the Dodgers game.

E wasn't having any of that.

"Just for that, I'm getting four copies," E said. "You guys can read some Edith Warton, too. Let us know what the retards of America think."

Season 3.5 Best Printable Line Standings
(through three weeks)
E 2
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Drama 0
Turtle 0
Lloyd 0

Entourage Writer Props, Week 3

By Mark La Monica

Ari Gold lost his mojo for most of this episode. Suddenly, his abrasive, brutal (yet endearing) charm returned quicker than Drama's celebrity spotlight.

Once he confessed his emotional problems over the Vince breakup to his therapist, he snapped back into place, stormed back into his agency and very publicly fired an agent.

Fueled up from that energy, Ari walks out of the conference room and sees an overweight girl in the office walking the hallways eating a candy bar and blurts out to her, "Skip it, GInny."

Harsh and punishing to the girl's soul.

It was a classic Ari Gold moment destined for his highlight reel on the Ari Gold Experience DVD, and the recipient of this week's Writer Props.

April 18, 2007

Entourage personality test

By Mark La Monica

This one is just pure brilliance. Props to Web friend Cocoa, who earned instant Friend of the blog status upon receipt of this link.

I won't even waste yours or my time explaining what this is. Just click this freakin' link and enjoy.

P.S. That link pops off into a new window so you can do what it tells you to do and then easily return here to post your results.

P.P.S. I'm E, who are you?

April 17, 2007

Sloan wins Week 2 BPL fan vote

By Mark La Monica

emmanuellechriqui.jpgProps to the people responsible for 1,357 votes in our first-ever "You pick the BPL" feature after Episode 2 of this season.

The poll results are in, and at this point "Entourage, the blog" is calling the Best Printable Line vote in favor of Sloan. In a race featuring five contenders, Sloan won a 52.2 percent majority vote with her dig on her boyfriend E.

In Episode 2, Sloan tries to convince E that they should go on vacation alone, not with Vince and a lady friend. E doesn't think that's possible. Sloan says, "You're a little Vince's boy."

The complete final results:


Season 3.5 Best Printable Line Standings
(through two weeks)
E 1
Sloan 1
Ari 0
Drama 0
Turtle 0
Vince 0
Lloyd 0

April 16, 2007

Best in show: Dogs always work

By Mark La Monica

Television shows that strike a direct chord with their target audiences soar in the popularity contest of network and the less official but more crucial word-of-mouth ratings.

"Entourage" did that in its first season. It has become the quintessential "Oh my God, that's me and my crew minus the money and access" show for males 18-34 (or 45, for those in the Johnny Drama demographic), just as "Sex and the City" was for women.

Every now and again, I see something on the show and become convinced that Doug Ellin and the show's other creative people have been secretly filming and recording the things I do and say. Or maybe it was just something in the water in Merrick, the town we both called home, back in the 1980s.

This latest occurence, not surprisingly, involved Drama, Turtle and the dog park.

Continue reading "Best in show: Dogs always work" »

April 15, 2007

Vote for Episode 2's Best Printable Line

By Mark La Monica

For those who didn't thoroughly enjoy last week's season premiere, here's hoping you thoroughly lost your mind at all the bombs dropped in Episode 2: "Dog Day Afternoon."

And for those of you who missed Friday's Big BPL announcement, here's a refresher course. It's the readers' turn to choose the Best Printable Line. We're putting up a few nominees and you've got until 11:59 p.m. Monday night to cast your vote. Vote once, vote multiple times. Tell your friends. We'll announce the winner Tuesday morning.

Nominee 1: Sloan
Sloan is trying to convince E that they should go on vacation alone, not with Vince and a lady friend. E doesn't think that's possible when Sloan says, "You're a little Vince's boy."

Nominee 2: Turtle
Drama and Turtle arrive at the dog park in order to scam on the ladies. Once they arrive and see the talent, Turtle blurts out, "All these years I've been wondering where girls hide during the day."

Nominee 3: Ari Gold
The ultra non-PC Ari is walking through a gay club and is clearly uncomfortable. As he tries to navigate his way through the shirtless flesh on the dance floor with the music blaring, he mumbles, "Coming through. All right. Civilian. No touching."

Nominee 4: Ari Gold
Ari goes to the club in an attempt to save Lloyd from the grasp of Jay Lester, the client that Ari went after by exploiting Lloyd's sexual preference. Lester is ready to take Lloyd home, but Ari won't allow it. Lester then says he won't sign with Ari. He's OK with that and tells Lester, "We may be whores in our agency, but we ain't pimps."

Nominee 5: Johnny Drama
Turtle played the Steve Nash to Johnny Drama's Amare Stoudamire on this one. The two were lamenting another failed afternoon delight as Turtle defends his decision to yell back at the girl he was fooling around with. "I can't take a girl over Arnold, Drama, he's like a brother in arms," Turtle said. Drama responded, "Yeah, well is that brother gonna help you with them blue balls?"

Vote for this week's BPL

Entourage Writer Props, Week 2

By Mark La Monica

We saw glimpses of the human side of Ari Gold last season. In this episode, we got a full-frontal view of a decent human being inside Ari Gold's expensive suits.

llooooooooooooyd.jpgDriving with Mrs. Ari, Mr. Ari experienced a gut-check moment about pimping out Lloyd to help sign a TV writer named Jay Lester.

Obviously bothered by it, he tells his wife that he sold his soul today. He flips on the radio to help create a diversion to his thoughts.

Here comes the script touch and subtletly that embodies our new Writer Props acknowledgement. The song that just so happened to be playing on the radio? "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer.

You could almost hear the show's writers and producers clapping and screaming when they came up the song choice during a brainstorming session.

It was the perfect song choice to enhance the 180 in Ari's emotions.

April 13, 2007

The big BPL announcement

By Mark La Monica

Here's my turn to thank all the loyal readers of "Entourage, the blog." (By the way, that number counts out five digts to the left of the decimal point, which is both crazy, humbling and cool.)

For Week 2 of Season 3.5, I proudly turn over the Best Printable Line contest to you, the fans of the show and this blog. Well, sort of.

This Sunday, for the first time in the two years of "Entourage, the blog," readers will determine what the BPL will be. That's right, people. You can effect history. Rock the vote!

On Sunday night around 11 p.m. or so, we'll announce the nominees for this week's Best Printable Line. Not sure how many nominees we'll have. That all depends on Doug Ellin and the writers.

You will then have until midnight Monday to cast your vote.

Vote once. Vote twice. Vote as many times as you want. Email your friends in the other dorm and tell them to vote. Call your parents and tell them to get in on the BPL madness. Send out bulletins on MySpace.

BPL fever, catch it!

We will close the poll on Monday night and then announce the winner Tuesday morning.

This is just our little way of saying thanks to the people that make this blog a must-read on Monday mornings.


April 12, 2007

New for Season 3.5: Writer props

By Mark La Monica

In keeping with the notion of character and plot evolution, a topic eluded to often in this space, "Entourage, the blog" is pleased to announce a new weekly feature for Season 3.5.

It's called Writer Props.

This is where we highlight subtle touches in the show that stand out for their hilarity in the face of subtlety.

For example, in the first episode, the light being out of Johnny Drama's billboard was the perfect touch to wrap up that story arc. It also happened to be absolutely fantastic and perfectly scripted for the character.

So look for this new feature each Monday morning in addition to the Best Printable Line and weekly column based off something from the show.

April 11, 2007

Thanks, Tony Soprano

By Mark La Monica

tonysoprano.jpgA common complaint about "The Sopranos" the past few seasons is that nothing ever happens on the show anymore, aside from the occasional 30 seconds for a whacking.

Well, here's one thing that did happen: it gave quite a boost to the ratings for "Entourage."

Last Sunday's Season 3.5 premiere for Entourage received a 7.8 rating / 11 share. Translation: 3.8 million people watched the show during its initial airing Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO, the mothership of its multiplex network.

The Season 3 premiere, which did not have "The Sopranos" or any other significant HBO property as a lead-in, did a 6.0 rating / 8 share, or roughly 2.7 million viewers.

An HBO source did point out that these numbers reflect only the initial airing and do not include repeat airings later in the week across their other channels or HBO on Demand.

What does all of this mean? Entourage isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

April 10, 2007

Entourage season premiere photos

By Mark La Monica

Just a little something to help hold you over until the next episode this Sunday. Click the pic below to see photos from the Season 3.5 premiere party at The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

Entourage Season 3.5 premiere party photos

April 9, 2007

Your next birthday bash

By Mark La Monica

My wildest birthday party consisted of Mama La Monica trying to figure out how to make me a Pac Man-shaped cake when I turned 10.

OK, there were a few wilder ones once vodka-cran and rum-and-coke became legitimate replacements for record holders and NERF footballs as birthday gifts.

However, I doubt anyone reading this blog has ever had their birthday bash on a huge boat with more than 800 invited guests. And corporate sponsorship! (If you have, shoot me an email because I've got a few side projects we should discuss.) Then again, perhaps the Entourage boys are fans of this Internet nook and cyber-cranny.

If the Las Vegas episode from Season 3 didn't make you want to call in sick to work on Monday morning from the pool at the Hard Rock, then this episode will make you wish your birthday was around the corner and your crew had some juice.

Imagine you had a high five-digit budget to throw your friend (and best financial asset) a sick birthday party. You'd need to cash in three sick days and a personal day just to recover from the afterparty. Then again, with a Victoria Secret-sponsored birthday party on a beautiful luxury yacht with the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio on one arm, do you really need an afterparty?

People, this is possible. To some degree. The beautiful people are up to you, but the other stuff is doable.

Take a lesson from Turtle. Alcohol companies will donate plenty of bottles for parties. All you need is the right phone number and the right pitch. Of course, Turtle can just say "Yeah, my boy, A-list movie star Vincent Chase will be photographed drinking your [insert preferred type of booze here] at his birthday party which will be loaded with plenty of young, hot people in the Hollywood industry that set the trends for young regular people all across the country."

We Z-list people may not have that luxury, but the free swag is there for the taking. We're not dressing up in a bright-colored suit with question marks all over it to prove it to you, but you can find free stuff for your next big bash if you know where and how to look.

Seriously. Google some PR companies. They love to give out clients' free product more than we cringe at paying ATM fees.

Gift bags aren't hard to create. Call a company that thrives on reaching the young people with some disposable cash. Say the right things and they'll force your local UPS or DHL person to buy a new pair of workshoes. Start with magazines and cosmetic companies. Take a look at small clothing boutiques. Can't hurt to try, right?

Bottled water is another great avenue to drive down for your party. It's a competitive world. Make the call. It's worth a shot.

Cartier won't throw wristwear with diamonds in them at you for a small gathering at the local dive bar. But you might be able to get free T-shirts out of Billy Bob's Pizza and Rib Road House. You never know. Again, it's worth a call.

It all depends on what you believe you can do.

Thing big. Think small. Huh?

Cast as wide a net as possible and hope to reel one in. Aim high, but have a Plan B, C, D and E.

This good life doesn't have to just be for celebrities in Hollywood or New York City. You can get a taste.

Just be sure to invite me. I'll bring the Pac Man cake.

P.S. Plenty more thoughts on Episode 1 below.
P.P.S. Check back here on Friday for a BPL big announcement.

Still solid

By Mark La Monica

As I live into my 30s and reminisce more and more about the good ol' days with college friends, it grows more obvious that nothing lasts forever. Same goes for television.

The sad reality is that there can only be a handful of seasons left for "Entourage."

But, dang, the series in Season 3.5 is still going strong and showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, it can only grow its audience now that the longest hour of the week, the 60 minutes leading up to the first airing Sunday nights at 10 p.m., is filled with what is known in some circles as "The Sopranos." In this circle, it's known as "that pesky little pregame workout."

Ari Gold is still a conniving wiseass and brilliantly funny. Vince is still care-free. Turtle is still hustling. Drama is still Drama. And Sloan still makes me mad for being so ridiculously beautiful.

The start to Season 3.5 had everything we've grown to expect, along with a few new wrinkles. Vince's new agent, Amanda, played by Carla Gugino, seems tough and tender. She's the antithesis of Ari as an agent, but can scratch and claw just like him.

Ari is on the outside looking in. That's a new dynamic. It was almost too painful watching the awkward (but perfectly acted) scenes between him and Vince in the first episode.

Drama's got his own show, "Five Towns." It remains to be seen how he'll screw it up, but the guess here is that the 18-34 population in Cedarhurst, Hewlet, Inwood, Lawrence, and Woodmere will double in three months. (Non-Long Islanders and New Yorkers can read about the Five Towns.)

The first episode of the new season (OK, technically, it's part of Season 3, but a seven-month hiatus makes it feel new) has to handle setting up new storylines while maintaining the continuity of the previous seasons. It's not an easy task. But this opener move the series forward while looking back just enough.

P.S. Check back here on Friday for a BPL big announcement.

April 8, 2007

Episode 1: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

After three seasons and two Big Knish Awards, it's easy to default to Johnny Drama for Best Printable Line. In fact, it's almost surprising when he doesn't take home the weekly BPL honor.

He's sort of like Tiger Woods at a major golf event. The standard is set so high that when he doesn't win, you immediately wonder what went wrong. It's not that another golfer won, but Tiger lost.

ebpl.jpgAlthough Drama hit some great shots, E sunk the putt on 18 to win the first BPL of Season 3.5. Of course, It was a zinger at Drama.

Quick refresher: We're a family Web site and I need the steady paycheck, so Best Printable Line is just that: the best line from the show that is reprintable. Of course, the lines with cursing are often more repeatable and reusable in life, they are not reprintable.

The entire episode, Drama was all about the billboard advertising the Ed Burns pilot that became a new show on NBC (in the show, not in real life . . . yet.)

As Vince is preparing to make a wish before blowing out the candles at his birthday bash, Drama suggests Vince include him in his wish.

E steps in and shoots out: "What do you want him to wish for Drama, that someone recognizes you?"

Season 3.5 Best Printable Line Standings (thru one episode):
E 1
Ari 0
Drama 0
Turtle 0
Vince 0

P.S. Be sure to check back here this Friday for a BPL big announcement.

Entourage Writer Props, Week 1

By Mark La Monica

We pause to praise the writers for their appreciation to detail. The light being out over Drama's billboard near the end of the episode was the perfect touch to the Johnny Drama story arc for the first episode of Season 3.5.

Well done.

April 5, 2007

Entourage around the country

By Mark La Monica

I've been avoiding reading most stories about the new season of "Entourage" for fear of ruining my Sunday nights. I also turned down a DVD of the first five episodes, but that's another story.

Speaking of stories, "Entourage" is getting plenty of them from all around. Its new programming position, right after "The Sopranos," has done wonders for expanded media coverage. It also shouldn't do anything but boost ratings.

For those of you who wish to read more about Season 3.5, here's a list of links to recent stories in the news. Warning: Some of these may ruin surprises, some may not. I don't know. Proceed cautiously.

Newsday: Friends getting too familiar
AP: It's all about location on 'Entourage'
Mercury News: Show returns to amuse hip audience
USA Today: 'Entourage' men hug it out in manly way
Montreal Gazette: A girl among the guys
Newsday: 'Entourage' ready for its big break

April 4, 2007

Entourage & Ellen DeGeneres

By Mark La Monica

You can't blog it out and not throw props and kudos to the readers who help make this little area of our beloved Internet so successful and enjoyable.

So, thanks to blog reader GZ for this DVR/TiVo advance tip: The cast of "Entourage" makes its first trip to Ellen DeGeneres' morning talk show this Friday in preparation for the Season 3.5 premiere on Sunday night.

Check your local listings for the time and channel. In the meantime, watch a little video fun put together by the folks at "Ellen."

Upon further review

By Mark La Monica

Once again, we're back with another shoutout to a blog reader.

In the Season 2 Best Printable Line category, Entourage, the blog gave th BPL award for Episode 14 to Pauly Shore for his zinger to Drama, "What are you, a cast member on the ‘Surreal Life?"

Upon further review, at the pointing out of blog reader "The Lightweight Pen-Stealing ----face," our judges have ruled that entry ineligible. Turns our Shore actually cursed in that line, and that's a no-no in the BPL by-laws (minus the opening episode of Season 3 when we thought we could get by with using the -- dash in certain instances; a panel was convened and they ruled against that notion.)

So, we watched Episode 14 from Season 2 and, not surprisingly, Drama takes the BPL.

Drama, Turtle and E are waiting in the SUV outside James Cameron's office as Vince talks with the director. E is considering taking a job offer with Terrence, the agent who had just fired Ari Gold. Drama and Turtle decide that E is going to take the job.

Then, in classic Drama angst, he says, "I could already see his future. He's going to move in with Sloan, drive her daddy's Bentley and join a country club that restricts us."

For the sake of posterity and accuracy, we have updated previous entries in Entourage, the blog to reflect this change.

Thanks again to "The Lightweight Pen-Stealing ----face" for keeping us in check. Although, technically, we shouldn't even repeat that name, but in the name of the Big Knish Award, we'll do it this one time.

Revised Season 2 Best Printable Line Final Standings
Drama 6.5
Ari Gold 3
E 2.5
Turtle 1
Vince 1

Continue reading "Upon further review" »

April 3, 2007

The princes have new clothes

By Mark La Monica

mannyribera.jpgManny's dream in "Scarface" was to have a line of jeans with his name written across the girls' patoots. A noble dream, despite Tony Montana's thoughts.

Well, once again the boys of Entourage are living the dream.

A few weeks ago, the denim clothing brand AG Adriano Goldschmied debuted the new AG for Entourage collection. AG partnered with HBO to help further the lifestyle image surrounding the show.

Plans call for the star from the Entourage logo to be incorporated somehow in the designs of each article of the men's and women's clothing line. The AG for Entourage collection will include denim jeans, twills, T-shirts, jackets, woven tops and leather belts.

"Since you can't be them, the least you can do is dress like them," said Alissa Friedman, a PR/marketing manager for AG.

Fair point.

Every Monday, a good portion of the 18-34-year-old men in this country hate themselves for the lives they lead. Just think how much better your days could be when you're strutting around town in a "Viking Quest" or "Medellin" T-shirt.

The collection should be available this Spring/Summer in AG retail stores and upscale department stores.


April 2, 2007

Season 2 Best Printable Lines, the complete edition

By Mark La Monica

While Johnny Drama was already crowned with Season 2 Big Knish Award for most Best Printable Lines, we here at Entourage, the blog, thought it would be fun to go back and recap all of Season 2 and see if Drama still won the title or if we'd have to put an asterisk in the record book.

See, this blog began midway through Season 2, but thanks to a steady paycheck and the advent of TV on DVD, we can exist in a world where every episode of "Entourage" exists in perpituity for the masses.

And here we go with the complete edition of Season 2 Best Printable Lines:

Episode 1: The Boys are Back in Town

The guys return from New York and head to Ari Gold's office where they are greeted by his new assistant, Lloyd, a gay Asian.

When the guys ask about Lloyd, Ari delivers a typical Ari Gold response: "He's cute, and he fills two quotas."

Episode 2: My Maserati Does 185

E just cheated on his girlfriend, Kristen, with a Perfect 10 model. The guys then go to a jewelry store so E can buy an apology necklace. They're praising E for his work with the hot girl, played by Holly Valance, when Drama drops this gem:

"Kristen's cute in that 'I want to marry so I can divorce you someday' kind of way, but that girl last night, she could start wars."

Episode 3: Aquamansion

Despite the Johnny Drama-Ralph Macchio hilarity in this episode, E takes the BPL title this week when the guys are shopping for pajamas for a Playboy Mansion party.

Turtle gives the dialogue a quality start when he says to Vince, "You can go to the Mansion in Underoos and still get laid, Vince."

E closes it out Mariano Rivera-style with this lights-out verbal cutter to Turtle: "Yeah, and you can go wrapped in bearer bonds and still not get laid."

Episode 4: An Offer Refused

Drama has been lamenting his inferior calves for two episodes when he finally goes to a plastic surgeon. The doctor implies that bodily imperfections are often based on genetics. Drama fires back: "I was a double victim. We used to say about Pops, 'No child support, no calves.'"

Episode 5: Neighbors

It was tempting to praise Ari Gold for his "You look like Michelle Kwan in drag" zinger to his assistant Lloyd. But, that is pretty much par for the course with Ari, and given the basis of the show (guys mooching off their star friend), we went with Vince for the BPL.

Vince is having money problems and he's the only one who doesn't know it as the guys all sit for lunch. The check comes and Turtle and Drama both offer to pay. Drama also said he didn't need the new calves and Turtle says he doesn't need the new plasma TV. Surprised by the attempted givebacks, Vince blurts out "You guys haven't paid for anything since '95. What's going on here? Am I getting Punk'd?"

Episode 6: Chinatown

Vince needs work. Ari finds him a commercial for the Chinese equivalent of Red Bull. Vince balks. Ari tries to convince him to do it because the director is very talented, clinching the BPL with this quip: "Tarantino has already decided he's the next guy he wants to steal from."

Episode 7: The Sundance Kids

This one may be a bit regional, but Drama left us no choice but to defer to our Northeast roots here at Entourage, the blog.

When the guys land in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, they're talking about hitting the slopesfor some skiing and snowboarding. After some back-and-forth banter, Drama seals the deal with "If you can ski Hunter Mountain, you can ski anywhere."

Episode 8: Oh, Mandy

Clearly, Jerry Ferrara spoke to the script writers before they sat down and crafted this episode because Turtle took the gold, silver and bronze medals this time around. Even though it only counts as one point in the standings, we'll list the three gems in ascending order:

Bronze medal: When first seeing their new digs (Jessica Alba's house in Malibu with an outdoor pool), Turtle yells out "This is like Far Rockaway minus the crackwhores."

Silver medal: When trying to explain how much Vince's head was screwed up after the Mandy Moore breakup, Turtle tells E, "He made a mix tape!"

And the gold medal . . . and the BPL for the week: Drama is having a classic meltdown on the PCH when a surfer dude gets out of his car to call out Drama. Turtle, trying to reign in Drama, says, "Why we picking a fight with Point Break?"

Continue reading "Season 2 Best Printable Lines, the complete edition" »

March 27, 2007

Nice work, GQ

By Mark La Monica

When the boss stands over your desk at 5 p.m. holding a bound document of roughly 300 pages, life pretty much chugs.

Lucky for me, yesterday was an opposite day when Boss friend Lil Jon hovered over my desk with a three-quarter inch stack of paper.

Turns out he was offering up the April issue of GQ Magazine with my "Shiny Nickel Superstar" Lindsay Lohan on the cover.

What's a Shiny Nickel Superstar? Well, it's that person that always distracts you no matter what you're doing. I could be in the middle of a story on deadline and if someone sticks a picture of Lohan in front me, you'll be looking at a house ad instead of a story the next day.

Boss friend Lil Jon knows how to boost employee moral!

Wait, there's more.

Then he suggested I turn to page 136. He was even kind enough to stick a few of those subscriber cards in there as a bookmark.

So, I flipped to page 136 and saw this headline: "These Girls Did More Than Hug It Out."

It's a scorecard of all the hotties that have appeared on "Entourage" and what they did with each character. Props to GQ's Kyla Jones and Leah Zibulsky for putting it together.

The intimacy key, which can't be repeated here, is quite amusing, as are some of descriptions of the ladies, such as "Juice Box Janeen" and Yet Another Blond Pool Girl." It's worth a trip to your local newstand to pick up the April issue as you prepare for the start of Season 3.5 on April 8. In case you're wondering, the cover looks like this:

Click pic to read the issue

March 22, 2007

Turned-down service

By Mark La Monica


I scored the offer of a lifetime from my connects at The TV Zone: an invite to borrow an advance copy of the first five episodes of Season 3.5 of "Entourage."

It was a tough decision. It was a brain-wracker. A gut-turner. A craving tormenter.

How does one decide? On the one hand, it's brand new "Entourage" available simply by walking downstairs and picking up the DVD. I could be the first kid on the block to see it and then tell everyone if the new season is good or bad.

On the other hand, watching the first five in one sitting (because you know how easy that is to do) would basically ruin the every Sunday in April and the first one in May. It could also effect the spontaneity of reacting and writing off the show each week, the No. 2 reason this blog has been so successful. (The No. 1 reason is the 60,000 or so folks who read this blog last August and the tens of thousands who continued to read in the offseason.)

But, still, it's brand new Entourage!

I had to seek outside counsel from several circles of my world. Some had solid advice. Some just wanted to know if I could burn them a copy.

Leaning toward turning down the offer, I was convinced it was the smart move after reading a quote from Mark Wahlberg in an HBO interview.

"The next eight are phenomenal," he said. "I don't even want to read stuff anymore, I just want to turn on the TV on Sunday night and watch it like everybody else."

When one of the executive producers is so fired up about his own show that he won't let the surprise of each new episode be ruined by script readings, you know you're onto something big. (Or, the EP is mad lazy. Not the case this time.)

So, I turned it down, content to be among the people when it comes blogging it out about "Entourage."

P.S. I did reserve the right to borrow the DVD in-season in case I'm away one weekend and can't feed my addiction on the road one Sunday at 10 p.m.

March 16, 2007

Season 1: Best Printable Lines

By Mark La Monica

We began this blog midway through Season 2, but thanks to wonderful advances in technology, the first episodes aren't lost. DVDs are a good thing, dear readers.

So, for historical purposes, I went back and watched Season 1 to determine the Best Printable Line from each episode. The winner, listed at the end, receives our Big Knish Award for Season 1.

For those who are new to this blog or who just need a refresher course, we're a family Web site. So, the truly funniest lines each week often involve cursing, and we can't reprint those. Hence, "Best Printable Line."

Episode 1: Entourage

Johnny Drama and E are discussing Vince's career when Drama unloads with this gem:

"The guy does two years of Queens Community, suddenly he runs this town."

Episode 2: The Review

The guys are cruising in their newly purchased Rolls Royce. They come to a stoplight when a girl in the passenger seat of a Jeep leans over and looks at Drama.

"Hey, you look familiar?" she said. "How do I know you?

Turtle interjects.

"You watch Cinemax at 5 a.m.?"

Episode 3: Talk Show

The guys are shopping for new suits as Vince is picking out new clothes to do the Jimmy Kimmel show. His publicist, Shauna, rips into Turtle and Drama laughs. Never hesitant to hammer on Drama, Shauna says:

"What are you laughing at? Maybe I'll get u on Montel with Don Swayze, Joey Travolta and the other retarded star siblings."

Episode 4: Date Night

This one is pure Drama. Gearing up for a quadruple date on the opening night for "Head On," Drama is seen on the phone talking to his girl when he says:

"Baby, I know you like my hair natural but I'm gonna put a little product in it, OK."

Episode 5: The Script and the Sherpa

The guys are in the gym with Vince's vegan lady friend, Fiona. It's a going-away shot of something herbal/organic to celebrate Fiona before she leaves for another country. About the stuff the boys are about to drink, Drama says:

"I don't trust it. I lived on this stuff in '93. By the end of the year, I was sleeping standing up."

Episode 6: Busey and the Beach

Drama has a mini-meltdown after meeting with his new potential agent Adam Davies, hand-picked by Ari Gold to revive Drama's career. After he goes off on Ari and Adam in the elevator, he tells Vince to fire Ari. Turtle has other ideas and says:

"Whoa, Fredo is angry."

Episode 7: The Scene

Ari Gold and Mrs. Ari are away for a romantic weekend when his phone rings. She gets mad and storms out of the room. Ari, who took a Viagra pill beforehand, yells out:

"I'm ready to go here. It's like R. Kelly at recess."

Episode 8: New York

The gang is ripping on E, who's having a bit of a crisis. Turtle gives E a little lip and E tells him to be quiet, although not in those words, when Vince steps in and drops this one:

"You had 10 waiters underneath you, but you can't handle one little Turtle?"

And the Big Knish Award for the most "Best Printable Lines" in Season 1 goes to . . .

Johnny Drama

Final Standings
Drama 3
Turtle 2
Ari Gold 1
Vince 1
Shauna 1

March 8, 2007

Entourage trivia quiz

By Mark La Monica

One month to go til new Entourage episodes enter our world!

In order to kick off our monthlong celebration/hype-up for Season 3.5, we decided to begin by testing your brains with a trivia quiz from the first three seasons. Take the 20-question quiz and see if you're an A-lister or the next episode of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

January 22, 2007

Where was Ari?

By Mark La Monica

I thought Jeremy Piven's monologue on "Saturday Night Live" was quite amusing. The wigs he wore throughout the show were even better.

Tough call as to which was better though: His wig of '80s sleezeball curls on the MacGruber skits or his '80s combover as a music exec in the Blizzard Man skit with Common.

Other than that, the show was average. Clearly not Piven's fault. He nailed all the skits written for him, especially the Jim Nantz bit. That was classic.

But the skits were average at best this past week on SNL.

Still wondering why there were no spoofs of "Entourage" on this episode. Typically, SNL writes skits where the guest host can mock himself. No such luck this week. After the show, I asked myself "Where was Ari?"

It was quite disappointing, especially since April 8 seems so far away. The only remedy? Cue up the "Busey and the Beach" episode and watch Ari Gold at his finest when he hammers Josh Weinstein at the beach house.

January 14, 2007

Jeremy Piven to host 'SNL'

By Mark La Monica

Just a friendly little note to inform the good people loyal to "Entourage, the blog" that Jeremy Piven, aka Ari Gold, will be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming week.

Set your DVRs now because there's no way this SNL episode on Jan. 20, 2007, won't be hilarious.

Given the nature of "SNL" and its track record with guest hosts, there's likely to be a skit or two based on Entourage and Piven's character, slick-talking agent Ari Gold. And seeing how the rest of the Entourage cast is from New York, there's a 50-percent chance we'll see a guest spot or two.

For those of us who can't wait until Season 3.5 on April 8, this is the next best thing to hold us over until then.

In the meantime, root for Piven to bring home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor on Monday. Then, watch SNL on Saturday and return here Monday for our thoughts on the show.

January 13, 2007

The boys are back, almost!

By Mark La Monica

No witty lede this time around, just straight news and information:

"Entourage" will return to HBO with Season 3.5 on Sunday, April 8, 2007. It will follow "The Sopranos" which is in its final season.

Circle the date on your calendar. Program it into your BlackBerry. Type it into your Outlook calendar. Stick a Post-it note on your forehead.

Do what you gotta do, but for the love of Pete, don't be anywhere aside from in front of a television on April 8, 2007.


January 9, 2007

Piven vs. Cusack

I saw the story on the AP wire and figured I'd share with my loyal readers. This story implies there is a bit of tiff going on between Jeremy Piven and John Cusack. Enjoy the read, compliments of the AP:

Jeremy Piven played second banana to his friend John Cusack until his recent breakthrough in HBO’s “Entourage,” winning an Emmy Award last year for his role as sharklike agent Ari Gold.

Now Piven and Cusack, who studied acting at Chicago’s Piven Theatre Workshop, which was run by Piven’s parents, appear to be on the outs, or so Piven suggests in an interview in the February issue of Best Life magazine, on newsstands Friday.

“No comment. I mean, you could fill in the blank, I bet,” the 41-year-old actor says when asked how Cusack has handled Piven’s recent success.

Piven played supporting roles to Cusack in films such as “Say Anything,” “Gross Pointe Blank” and “Runaway Jury” before getting his big break on “Entourage.”

“... I was always proud of him, and I was always in his corner,” Piven says of the 40-year-old Cusack. “Always.”
The Associated Press was attempting Tuesday to reach a representative for Cusack, who stars in “Grace Is Gone,” which will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, later this month.

Piven, who co-stars with Ben Affleck in the upcoming film “Smokin’ Aces,” a Universal Studios release, says he values loyalty.

“It just says so much about a person if he has space for other people’s success,” he says. “I have always been so proud of my friends’ success. I own that proudly because I come by it naturally. I was raised on that spirit of collaboration. ... You start getting into trouble in life when you start comparing and contrasting your life to anyone else’s. You don’t win when you do that.”

December 20, 2006

Entourage hot stove report 6

By Mark La Monica

I told someone in Chicago the other day that I was a producer. My friend backed me up and said the name of the movie was "Queens Boulevard." The not-in-the-know bartender said "Cool."

I then added that I was going to the Palm Springs Film Festival and hoping to win the blue ribbon. Ah, where would we be without "Entourage?" What did we do with our time before Johnny Drama entered our world?

As you ponder those life questions, time for the hot stove:

* Ari Gold continues to be loved by all, including those people who like to vote on nominations. For the third straight year, Jeremy Pivenwas nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV series or mini-series. Piven should win in an "Aquaman" landslide. If not, throw your television sets in the street because it's all bullshtein.

* "Entourage" was also nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Television Series -- Comedy or Musical. This is the first award nomination for the show in this type of category, so it's hard to predict how it will play out. Entourage is up against "The Office," "Desperate Housewives," "Ugly Betty" and "Weeds." Given all the hype behind "Ugly Betty" this season, they're likely the favorite heading into Jan. 15.

* Ari Gold's catchphrase of "Let's hug it out" made its way on to the back page of Newsday on Dec. 20, 2006, although slightly modified. Have a look. The hot stove is definitely burning up now!


* Once again proving he's far from Vincent Chase in real life, Adrian Grenier co-hosted a charity event in Manhattan that was part of a non-profit initiative to help build fresh water wells in Africa.

* According to the gossip page in the Daily News, Grenier was among the people taking part in a sleep-over under the great whale at the Museum of Natural History after the premiere of Ben Stiller's movie inspired a 100 or so stout-hearted kids to spend a "Night at the Museum" Sunday night.

November 27, 2006

Entourage hot stove report 5

By Mark La Monica

Flipping through the channels on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend during a break in the Jets-Texans game, I came across "A Walk to Remember" on TBS. It's no longer possible to see that movie -- or even see a mention of the movie -- without laughing about "the incident" between Mandy Moore and Vincent Chase.

But, it did spark the desire to drop Volume 5 of the Entourage hot stove report.

* Adrian Grenier's band, The Honey Brothers, played at the Borgata the night after Thanksgiving. He then hosted the after-party at the Atlantic City casino's new club, mur.mur. Would've been nice to know that before I just wrote it.

* Watch The Honey Brothers' video for Some Of Them Are Nice Days. Grenier's mustache is classic.

Some of Them are Nice Days"

Visit their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/thehoneybrothers.

* Season 3 just debuted in Australia this past weekend. If you don't have HBO On Demand, perhaps you could vacation in Australia some time soon to catch up on any episodes you may have missed. Did you know Ari Gold is Australian for tsetse fly?

* The boys of "Entourage" co-hosted the 2nd annual Comedy Cares Celebrity Poker Tournament at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas on Nov. 18. Peep the pix.

* I think Ari-killer agent Adam Davies spent part of his offseason doing a commercial for Kay Jewelers. I'm not sure yet and their Web site doesn't give much detail, but it really did look like him in the commercial. More details later on that one. Davies, if you're reading this, since you screwed Drama out of representation at the end of Season Two, the least you could do is chime in here to confirm or deny this rumor.

November 19, 2006

Entourage hot stove report 4

By Mark La Monica

Think fans of this show aren't starting to long for new episodes? Even Boss friend Lil Jon can't stop sending me info for the next Entourage Hot Stove report.

It's getting out of hand, this offseason, but we're back with Hot Stove No. 4:

* Hinder is now my favorite band of all time. Not because of their music but rather because of their video for "Lips of an Angel." The angel in that video is Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka E's girlfriend Sloan. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time more than three minutes, you know my feelings toward Ms. Chriqui. If you've seen the video, or any photo of her, you know my feelings are pretty much on point. We'll forgive the lead singer of Hinder falling into the worst video cliche ever -- singing into a phone -- if it brings up more clips of Chriqui. Speaking of clips, watch Hinder's video for "Lips of an Angel" video.

* Beau Garrett, aka Fiona the vegetarian who slept with Vince non-stop for an episode or two, was in the November issue of GQ. It was just one of those one-page "Here's this hot chick in skimpy clothes with a few quotes from her" things, but she is a pretty hot chick . . . and the clothes covering her patoot were quite skimpy.

* This one is a few months past due, but I never watched "Shark" on CBS until last week. The show includes Sarah Carter, better known to "Entourage" fans as Cassie, the girl who voluntarily -- more impressively, without money exchanging hands -- had a threesome with Turtle and Drama in the Sundance episodes. Oh yeah, "Shark" is a pretty good show, too.

* After watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Jack Nicholson, I'm thinking Vincent Chase's has a bit of Jack in him. Just a bit. If this is an obvious observation that you've all made already, my apologies for not seeing it earlier. But, I didn't know too much about Jack until this show. Of course, Jack's golf club to the windshield incident was pure Drama. Keep an eye on E! for its next airing. (Hint: It won't be on until Saturday Nov. 25 at the earliest, based on their Web site's schedule.)

* Kevin Connolly's uncle, Pat, was struck by a van in Bay Shore last month. (Read the story here) He's reportedly doing OK, with no major injuries and no broken bones. Raise a glass and toast to his good health. I've chatted with him before for a story. He's a good man.

* I hung out on Queens Boulevard two weekends ago and had trouble not laughing about it.

* Some punk was driving a little too close to my rear bumper the other day. I channeled my inner Drama and yelled out to him, "Why do you find it necessary to drive UP my ass?" He kept driving. Clearly, he's not a fan of the show. Or maybe he is and knew he'd get his windshield smashed.

November 6, 2006

Entourage hot stove report 3

By Mark La Monica

The hot stove is heating up and we're still three months or so away from Season 3.5 of "Entourage."

Levittown friend 0-2-2 has been taking his cheap shots at me via IM of late, questioning the need for an "Entourage" offseason report. I repeatedly tell him to shut up, since this is the best show on television and I feel the need to treat my readers to some "Entourage" information when possible.

So here we go with Hot Stove Report No. 3:

* Medellin is going to happen! Javier Bardem is set to star in "Killing Pablo," the movie about notorious Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar. According to the Oct. 27 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Paramount just put the project into turnaround.

* Blog favorite Emmanuelle Chriqui was listed as No. 14 on the Young, Hot Hollywood list in the November issue of Maxim. Always nice to see her get some pub. Even nicer to see pix! Emmanuelle, you're still No. 1 on our list and that's all that counts.

* If you want more Chriqui, keep an eye on your local movie listings for the release of "After Sex." She's co-starring with Bai Ling (another "Entourage" cameo girl), Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning in the edgy comedy that uses sex as a background to examine intimacy and vulnerability. Fellas, I know what you're thinking but I doubt it.

October 17, 2006

Entourage hot stove report 2

By Mark La Monica

Inspired by a comment from blog reader Billy D and an IM from Levittown friend 0-2-2, we're back with another hot stove report to cure your jonesing for "Entourage" stuff.

* At the end of September, "Entourage" made its way onto ESPN SportsCenter when anchor Scott Van Pelt dropped a "Victory" chant and properly footnoted Johnny Drama. Outstanding.

* On Monday Night Football, Tony Kornheiser was raving about Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. He remarked about his charming good looks and ability to grow beard stubble on an hourly basis. "He looks like the guy from 'Entourage.' Vinny Chase." Gotta love the pilgrimage "Entourage" references has made from the water cooler to the office meeting to CNBC to MNF.

* People Magazine confirmed that Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly are no longer a couple. No snarky quips here. Breakups suck. Just ask Vince.

* According to TVTattle.com, "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin is working on his next show for HBO. It's pitched as a comedy about life on Wall Street. It explores the question of "What if the Entourage guys grew up?" Sounds like "Boiler Room, The Series." Could be good.

* For those of you without HBO On Demand, earlier episodes have been airing in one-hour blocks on various HBO channels. Check your cable guide and set the TiVos and DVRs. Or just go buy the DVDs.

September 27, 2006

Entourage hot stove report

By Mark La Monica

We're still in a world where there are no new episodes of "Entourage" each Sunday. Quite depressing, indeed. Seriously, how many more times can we listen to the analysis of Captain Obvious on Sunday Night Football?

But in the Entourage offseason, we still have some things worth noting. Here's the hot stove report so far:

* This is old, but just in case you didn't hear it already, "Entourage" has been picked up for a fourth season. That's a dozen more episodes, at least. Victory!

* Also, Season 3.5 is scheduled to air along with the final eight episodes of "The Sopranos" in early 2007.

* Johnny Drama, uh, excuse me, Kevin Dillon, is hosting an "Entourage" party on Thursday, Sept. 28, at Mirage nightclub in Westbury, Long Island. Dust off that viking helmet and have some fun, people.

* Constance Zimmer, the actress who plays the deliciously bitchy but good-hearted Hollywood executive Dana Gordon, carried on that tradition in the season premiere of "Boston Legal" last night on ABC.

* Emmanuelle Chriqui seems to be showing up everywhere lately. Of course, who in their right mind would complain about that?

That's it for now. More to come when things happen. In the meantime, only about four or five more months to wait for new episodes.

September 4, 2006

Sunday blues

By Mark La Monica

Last night hurt. As I was picking up some dinner at All-American, I checked the time: 9:15 p.m., my cell phone reported.

First reaction: Damn, only 45 minutes til "Entourage" starts. I better hurry because I don't think I set the DVR to record.

Four seconds passed.

Second reaction: S-bomb! The season finale was last week.

Another four seconds passed.

Third reaction: Well what the heck am I supposed to do with my Sunday nights now? This smells.

As if Labor Day Weekend isn't already one of the most depressing holidays, I need this? It's bad enough summer is over and a carefree attitude in September is be considered laziness. Now, you're telling me I can't watch new episodes of "Entourage" anymore. That is a double-double I care not to order.

At least next Sunday, there will be some football to watch on Sunday night, but then we have to deal with Al "I know everything" MIchaels and John "Captain Obvious" Madden. Life is unfair. Then again, it's not like I lost three movie roles in the span of one season.

What am I supposed to do now, read?

August 29, 2006

The Big Knish Award

By Mark La Monica

We here at Entourage, the blog, wish to extend our congratulations to Ari Gold and Turtle for winning the Big Knish Award, given at the end of each season to the character with the most memorable and printable quotes.

It was a heated contest each season and Turtle came on strong late to earn a share of the title.

Congratulations again to both Ari and Turtle for giving us so much good material to use in the office on Monday.

Final Season Three Standings
* Ari Gold 3.5
* Turtle 3.5
E 2
Drama 2
Turtle's mom 1

Big Knish History
Season 3 -- Ari Gold, Turtle
Season 2 -- Johnny Drama
Season 1 -- Blog didn't exist

Best Printable Line rules
Just to refresh your memory, the weekly honor of Best Printable Line comes with the caveat of the quote being able to be reprinted for people of all ages. If not for this rule, Ari Gold would win every week. If not for this rule, I'd have been fired for dropping too many curses and lewd material in this blog.

August 28, 2006

The breakup

By Mark La Monica

They're never good. Never easy. Never simple.

Oh sure, we map out in our heads just how we'll play it when the time comes, but breakups are always awful to deal with. They never end well, which of course, is usually why they're ending in the first place.

Doesn't matter how justified in the decision we feel, there's still discomfort and awkwardness. Whether you're ending a relationship or a friendship or even leaving one job for another, it can be painful. Too many memories, and they always pop up later on at the worst times.

Watching Vince debate whether or not to fire Ari Gold, the only agent he's ever had, was unpleasant. Kind of like when you're making a mental list of pros and cons about your significant other and then discussing them with your friends when trying to decide if you should dump them. (Don't even act like you haven't done that at least once in your life.) It's not fun to do, but it has to get done.

True to form, Vince's friends played both sides. Drama favored Ari, not because of his status as a client, and gave a passionate speech for maintaining the status quo. Turtle had the complete opposite point of view. Real life at its finest, which is one of the biggest compliments we can give to the show's writers. (For the record, this was the best written episode of the season, perhaps all three.)

When E stepped in at the end of the season finale and actually said, "You're fired," the verbal groin kick delivered to Ari resonated with every one of us Entouragers. We've all been there at least once, be it the dumper or the dumpee. Neither is enjoyable.

No matter how slimy Ari is, he's a very lovable character. You root for the guy to win, and deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want him to win by doing something shady.

That's why we laughed when Ari pretended to be E and canceled their meeting with another agent. That's also why it hurt so much to watch Ari and Vince break up for the second straight season. Ari lost and we've got at least four more months until we find out what happens to him next. (The remaining eight episodes of "Season Three" won't air until January at the earliest.)

"Entourage" without Ari Gold is like a commuter without E-ZPass. It makes no sense and everyone involved suffers. So, we're comforted by the fact that during this post-breakup phase, there's still a chance for reconciliation. Hug it out and make up!

Episode 12: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

Just my luck. Work kept me away from the original 10 p.m. airing of the season finale of "Entourage" and now I have to spend the first hours of Monday morning sifting through the best written episode of the season for "Best Printable Line."

Great lines were flying in all directions in the season finale. Turtle had a few. Ari had a few. Even Lloyd and E came through with quotable material.

But, after careful analysis, Week 12's BPL goes to Drama.

He locked it up early in the episode when he was trying to explain to Vince and the guys that they should meet with other agents before firing Ari.

"Nobody appreciates their girlfriend til they get herpes from the next broad, know what I'm saying?" Drama said.

Just a brilliant line and delivered in classic Drama fashion. I immediately lost it when I first heard that line. Of course, I also immediately knew we'd have a tie for Big Knish Award, given to the season-long winner of Best Printable Line.

I tried to find a Turtle or Ari that could top Drama's just to avoid that awkward "Bud Selig I guess we have a tie" shoulder shrug. Turtle came close with his printable "I'll give them 10 for amenities . . . " but that would have been forcing the issue only to avoid a tie.

That's just not ethical. That would be like an 3-12 NFL team intentionally tanking the last game of the season just to ensure the No. 1 pick in the draft.

So, we're left with a tie as Turtle and Ari split the Big Knish Award. We'll have a ceremonial blog posting on Tuesday celebrating their co-victory.

Best Printable Line Standings
* Ari Gold 3.5
* Turtle 3.5
E 2
Drama 2
Turtle's mom 1

* co-champions

12:36 a.m. and I'm still furious!

By Mark La Monica

12:36 a.m. and I'm still furious!

Tonight was brutal with a capital BRUTAL.

New-to-the-land-but-quick-with-the-wit friend Dooley tried going through an intermediary in an attempt to ruin my world by telling me what happened in the season finale.

Intermediary friend Eileen was wise enough to ask me first if such a thing would be considered safe for the health of these people involved with the subversive tactic.

My response was: " i will stab her in the eye if she opens her mouth. i got it on DVR."

With that fire successfully put out, in came the comments from readers. I love my readers dearly, and I love the success of this blog this season, but the little "Hey, dude, you got an email" indicator on my computer was a form torture not even Rumsfeld knows about. It hurt to see so many comments come flying in within 30 minutes after the season's end.

Bam! Boom! Bing! Pow!

It was like being in the ring with Rocky in the 15th round. Just crazy left-right combinations to which there is no defense.

Chi-town friend Autonacci even tried to IM some stuff, but I had to instruct him about the health risks that accompany such acts of aggression.

I'm not sure if I did all my Emmy work for the site to the fullest, but I know I can't sit here anymore and wonder what happened. Time to leave and pray that James Dolan's Cablevision DVR worked properly.

August 27, 2006

It's 10:32 p.m. and I'm furious!

By Mark La Monica

It's 10:32 p.m. and I'm furious!

Not because of what happened on the season finale of my favorite television show, but because I don't know what happened on the season finale of my favorite television show.

See, it's Emmy night and the way it works here is I have to work Sunday night to deal with those awards. Sure, it's fun, but not on season finale night.

Two points of comfort:

1) At least Jeremy Piven won an Emmy. (But will he win the more-coveted Big Knish?)

2) Boss friend Lil Jon, the one who makes the schedule, sent me a text message earlier today that his cable box is messed up so he can't watch the show until HBO West airs it at 1 a.m.

You reap what you sow, pal!

Piven wins Emmy!

After impressively clowning an NBC interviewer on the Red Carpet at the Emmys, Jeremy Piven won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Hug it out!

August 25, 2006

Random pre-finale thoughts

By Mark La Monica

Season Three comes to a close this Sunday, which is quite a sad moment. It means the summer is just about over and we have no idea if any of the new primetime shows will be any good.

Hopefully, some of you were smart enough to keep at least a few of the 12 episodes saved on your TiVos and DVRs.

Some thoughts as we await the finale of "Entourage":

- Firing Ari seems to be an end-of-season tradition on the show.

- He may get canned, but we know he won't be off the show. He's too vital to the on-screen dynamic and to the overall success of the show.

- Turtle or Ari? Who will take home the Big Knish as winner of the "Best Printable Line" season title? This is nail-biting.

- Will Reggie and Jay return E's Maserati to the dealership before the lease expires at the end of August?

- If there are eight more episodes set to air some time early next season, will they package that as Season 4? Season 3 1/2? This could affect DVD complete season purchases later in life.

- If Sloan and E are really dating, they never seem to spend much time together.

- Vince loses more jobs than a secretary in a temp agency, so I'm guessing somehow the Ramones project will work out nicely for him.

- I still want to be able to buy tickets to Queens Boulevard, the black & white version.

August 22, 2006

Readers results: The List

By Mark La Monica

As we've learned in life -- and Episode 10 of Season Three -- couples keep lists of celebrities they are allowed to sleep with while in a monogamous relationship and it's not considered cheating.

Last week, we here at "Entourage, the blog" asked readers to submit their version of "The List."

The response was overwhelming. Thanks to all who participated, even the ones who didn't take it seriously. At least you made the bean counters laugh, and that counts for something.

A quick analysis of the data shows readers have a wide range of tastes. The 165 votes cast for females included 95 different women. Of the 30 votes cast for males, 18 different men were represented. (And when you eliminate the 10 joke votes for men, there were still 16 different people represented on the ballots.)

The most lusted-after woman among readers is Scarlett Johansson. There are two obvious reasons for this: 1) "Entourage" fans support those who do cameos on the show; 2) She's insanely beautiful.

The most desirable male* is no surprise either: George Clooney. Two reasons for Clooney's selection: 1) He's Danny Ocean; 2) He's a handsome man.

(* "Mark Lamonica" received five votes, all of which were submitted by the same person at the same time. The judges were greatly amused at that reader's wit. They also decided that since the name was not spelled accurately as "Mark La Monica", they must have been referring to "Mark Lamonica," and that my dear readers, would be pro wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley. "Charlie Zimmerman" also received five votes at once, but we don't know who that is. Is it this guy? Or maybe this guy?)

Click on the link below for the entire list as voted on by our readers.

Continue reading "Readers results: The List" »

August 20, 2006

The Drama Club

By Mark La Monica

He introduced the world to "Victory!" and the world has never been the same.

Now, Johnny Drama gives us something unspellable, something illiterate, something with an indeterminable number of syllables. But it is just as outstanding as his "Viking Quest" chant. Drama's personal rallying cry before auditions and actual acting should resonate with all fans of this show.

With this new chant meant to psych himself up before a big moment, Drama has solidified himself as the fourth noun, fifth concept overall, to be considered "inherently funny." (The others, by the way, are chimps, midgets, farting and people falling down. Hey, some of these things may not be nice to laugh at, but they are just plain funny. Next time you see someone you don't know trip over a curb or fall down in the office, I challenge you not to laugh.)

The next time you have a big meeting or a big conference call or big whatever, a Drama scream like we saw in this past episode is in order. It could be the difference between closing the deal and updating your resume.

It's the 2006 answer to Bud Fox in "Wall Street" -- looking in the mirror before his meeting with Gordon Gekko and saying, "Well, life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them."

Although the Bud Fox line is an enjoyable movie reference to work into your daily routine, it won't cause innocent bystanders to look at you weird. And really, what's the point in psyching yourself up if innocent bystanders won't look at you weird?

I have a meeting a 2 p.m. on Monday and at 1:59 p.m., I absolutely will look in a mirror and scream indecipherable syllable(s) to get ready. And when people stare at me, I will say, "Hey, it's a Drama Club thing. Go read my blog."

COMING TUESDAY: The final tally of readers' entries for "The List."
COMING THURSDAY: What will happen to Ari Gold?

Episode 11: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

If "Entourage" were only five minutes long, Ari Gold would have locked up the Big Knish Award for winning the Season Three "Best Printable Line" title. The clincher would have been the Liberace mugging line about Martin Landau's car.

But alas, this show only seems like five minutes long. Turtle came in with a gem to steal this week's honor and force a first-place tie with Ari.

Vince guided Turtle down some sketchy looking back alley in Los Angeles and then handed him a thick envelope full of cash. Vince refused to explain why they were there, but just told Turtle to ask for "Jimmy."

Turtle responded, "Vince, what the hell's going on? I feel like Sonny Corleone at the toll booth."


There's only one episode left for Ari and Turtle to battle it out for the Big Knish. Based on the coming attractions, which the BPL judges mistakenly watched for the first time all season, Turtle has been installed as the favorite heading into the week.

Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 3.5
Turtle 3.5
E 2
Drama 1
Turtle's mom 1

August 15, 2006

The List

By Mark La Monica

I first was introduced to "The List" several years ago in the pool at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. My first reaction was "This is stupid." Clearly, that was the rum talking because this is a great game to play with significant others.

Great . . . until the significant other actually accomplishes the mission and then tells you about it. Now, you may be thinking "Why the hell would I tell the person I'm with about this?" Well, what's the point of making a list of celebrities it's OK to sleep with when you're in a serious relationship if you can't talk about it when it happens?

It's all fun and games until someone loses his or her Celebrity List cherry. Then it's just plain painful. Imagine being the dude who comes home and hears "Honey, I just slept with Vincent Chase right here in the same bed you and I sleep in every night, but it's cool because he was on my list" from the woman he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with. Gee, that's about as precious and heartwarming as slamming your package in the glove compartment.

Watching the scene when the girl tells Vince she's getting married is equal parts id-satisfying fantastic and soul-damaging brutal. "The List" is so far-fetched in reality that when you see or hear someone accomplish it, you have to admire it. But the word "married" and its various grammatical cousins should still be something of nourishment for our moral fabric. If you watch closely, Vince's expression includes a bit of disappointment and shock when hearing the news of the girl's pending nuptials.

That being said, let's have a little fun. We'll assume Turtle and Drama could hold a steady girlfriend in order to activate "The List" and hypothesize for the entire crew. (Top five listed alphabetically).

Halle Berry
Jennie Finch
Angelina Jolie
Maria Sharapova
Charlize Theron
* It's about as fair as a baseball hit behind the plate for this guy to have a list, but fun is fun. And I'm all for equal rights.

Diane Lane
Julia Roberts
Mia Sara
Brooke Shields
Sloan (E's girlfriend)

Mischa Barton
Paris Hilton
Susan Lum (think waaaaay back!)
Suchin Pak
Tori (Sloan's friend)

Drew Barrymore
Jenna Jameson
Lil Kim
Jessica Simpson
Sloan (E's girlfriend)

Geography plays a key role in the game. In the 2005 U.S. census, 99.2 percent of Americans reported still holding on to unchecked lists. That successful 0.8 percent all live in or around Hollywood.

In the interests of fairness and full disclosure, I shall reveal my top five because I want you all to use the comments on this blog to submit your list. We will compile those results and produce the official "Entourage, the blog List," so feel free to forward this around to your friends. All genders are invited to participate.

Jessica Alba
Lindsay Lohan
Jennifer Lopez
Michelle Rodriguez

Your turn!

August 14, 2006

Ice, Ice Drama

By Mark La Monica

If you didn't see the shafting of Turtle's record deal with Saigon coming, then maybe you should take a few days off from work and go see Dr. Melfi.

Two reasons it could never work out: 1) Two big-time players in the show would detract from the show; 2) The record industry, especially the rap side of it, is extremely shady.

However, it was quite amusing to see Drama being dangled off the balcony by Saigon's new/old manager. And the fact that this manager knew Drama was in "Viking Quest" was an eloquent touch by the writers.

If you're wondering "Where have I seen that before?" the answer is simple:In 1990, Vanilla Ice claimed that Death Row Records entrepreneur Suge Knight dangled him off a 15th-story balcony of a hotel demanding royalties from "Ice, Ice Baby."

Come to think of it, Drama and Vanilla Ice have a lot in common. Both were one-hit wonders with "Viking Quest" and "Ice, Ice Baby." (Although, some could successfully argue that Ice's song "Stop That Train" was good.) Both are now washed up and desperate for work.

Could this possibly be the stage-setting for an episode in which Drama gets a call to be on "The Surreal Life" or some other reality show for old-school celebs? That would be so beyond hilarious that it's not even funny.

COMING TUESDAY: "The Celebrity List"

August 13, 2006

Episode 10: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

In the perfect world, Martin Landau would win the Big Knish outright for his work in this episode about Brando and the maid. Such precision, such deft. That's why he's a big dog in Hollywood.

But, the world is far from perfect, so we're going to have to stick to the rules of "Best Printable Line" and give it to Turtle again this week. He's making a strong run at Ari Gold for the title.

Drama is driving Turtle through Saigon's neighborhood en route to his house. Drama explains he's not happy about being in this town for the second time without his nunchucks (honorable mention for BPL, by the way).

Turtle retorts with a great line, both in the wording and the recipient of such wording.

"Oh, you're not happy. I've got 40 grand riding on finding Saigon in the next four hours. If I don't, I'm gonna kill myself by eating all your Propecia pills."


Best Printable Line Standings*
Ari Gold 3.5
Turtle 2.5
E 2
Drama 1
Turtle's mom 1

* Ari Gold has a 1-game lead with two weeks left in the race for the second Big Knish Award.

August 9, 2006

Shalom, Entourage

By Mark La Monica

Educator friend Avram sent me an IM a week or so ago. It was part-informative, part-taunting. The HBO gem "Entourage" was going to be filming scenes for an upcoming episode at his place of educational business.

I was thoroughly enraged by his mocking of my geographic inferiority, but I calmed down and thought of my readers. Maybe they'd like a little first-hand retelling of someone else's first-hand experience.

So, I put the kid to work and made him commit to writing about his day on set for this blog. Nothing wrong with a little free content, especially when it's exclusive and for the betterment of the people.

Here's Educator friend Avram's tale about being on set during an on-location filming of an episode of "Entourage," set to air in the second half of the third season:

"It was difficult not tripping over all of the cables running through the hallways of the synagogue today while a future episode of Entourage was being filmed. It turns out the location scout for the show was attracted to the 'hippie/liberal' feeling of the synagogue where I work. He also said the large parking lot and walkway to the front door of the building had an authentic Reform Jewish feeling to it.

"Living in Los Angeles, it is not so unusual for me to accidentally hit on the likes of Jessica Biel or spot Carson Daly or Phil Jackson chowing down on Mexican food at the local cantina. Star spotting is fun to tell your out-of-town friends about because they always seem excited to hear it, but truth be told, it happens frequently in Los Angeles. What doesn’t happen frequently is that an HBO television series invades your workplace.

"As I sat down to my free catered lunch with my colleagues and 200 Entourage extras, I felt like I was in the movie 'The Sting.' Remember the scene where everyone is getting into costume and pretending to be high-class horse gamblers? Well, I was in a tent full of people dressed like Jews, ready to pray, but none of them were who they were dressed like. I asked one production person and his guestimate was that only 20 percent of the actors were Jewish. I was watching old married couples filling their plates with salads and fruits, thirty-something actresses in sheitels (wigs that orthodox women wear) eating seared ahi tuna, and men in white yarmulkes trying to keep the chocolate syrup off of their blue and white prayer shawls.

"My star sightings today included Jeremy Piven, his on-screen wife Perrey Reeves, and their on-screen daughter. I didn’t have any interactions with the 'stars,' but the extras were quite happy to see a smiling face that cared about them. During the shoot extras are basically treated like cattle and since I had nothing invested in the shoot, I was happy to reach out to them and hear their stories. I tried not to disturb them during their sudoku games, crossword puzzles, and cat naps. Oh to be an extra.

"I’m excited to see the episode which is supposed to air sometime in January. Even my assistant got in on the action. They hired her to be an extra for the day, great news for her, but I had to answer all my own phone calls."

August 8, 2006

Random thoughts on the Vegas episode

By Mark La Monica

"Entourage" plus Las Vegas requires more than just one day of blog material. So, here we go with my famous "Random Thoughts" blog:

* Althought it was nice to see Seth Green virtually reprise his role as a jerk from "Can't Hardly Wait," if I ever come across him in real life, there's going to be a misunderstanding. I can't allow such disrespectful things toward my Sloan to go unchecked.

* I'm wondering if skateboarder Chad Muska had advance knowledge of this past episode. In case you didn't hear, Kevin Connolly (real-life E) clocked Muska in Hyde, a Hollywood hotspot, after Muska, the guest DJ that night, made a disparaging remark about real-life girlfriend Nicky Hilton. Interesting sidenote No. 1: Connolly has some boxing background in his family. Interesting sidenote No. 2: Connolly made his movie debut as Chickie, the bully who beat up little Stallone in "Rocky V." Don't mess with Connolly. The fella can throw hands.

* Gotta love Ari Gold cursing at everyone in sight at the blackjack table. I feel your pain, Ari. I've been there.

* As a former DJ and lifelong appreciator the blending of music and movies/television, I thoroughly enjoyed the use of "Luchini" by Camp Lo when they boys hit the casino floor.

* The $5 bet on red at the roulette table to start the weekend is a nice tradition. I may have to include that in my repertoire, somewhere in between the playing of "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones immediately upon landing and "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra en route to the airport.

* I hope Knicks coach/president/general manager Isiah Thomas makes more crazy trades soon. I want to see how many ill-advised trades can be reflected in Knicks jerseys worn by Turtle. (Steve Francis made the cut this episode.)

* This was the first time "Entourage" went on location outside of the Southern California area. This gives hope to my homecoming episode idea for Season 4.

August 6, 2006

Blackjack, baby, blackjack

By Mark La Monica

Maybe it's just me and my disturbing devotion to the sport of blackjack, but once I saw Vince Chase get dealt that second 8, I sat up on my couch and began screaming "Split em!"

Force of habit, perhaps.

I hoped the next card out would be an 8. "Split once, split twice," I said aloud, as if I were at the table myself with a stack of chips. Boom, there's the third 8.

Full disclosure time: Last week, I was flying home from a vacation where I gambled in two states, geographically speaking, that is. On the flight home, I tried to imagine the actual number of hands of blackjack I've played since my first trip to Las Vegas in 1999. According to my math, it's at least 250,000 hands.

I've been faced with the three 8s scenario before. It's exhilarating. And it always happen once you ramp up your bet. Just ask the Venetian. Back in 2001, I went to four 8s, doubled three of them and won all four hands. Of course, it was only a $25 bet (hey, that's big money for me), but that turned into $175 in the span of about 11 seconds.

Typically, you'll get one, maybe two chances to double. Vince gets one chance and the dealer gave it to him hard. A sweet looking 3 to go along with his 8-3 combo. That's a straight groin kick right there. Trust me, it hurts. That's why, when playing these dream hands, you have to ask the dealer to keep that double card down so you can't watch the actualy foot being delivered to your sensitive area.

When the dude sitting third base (Paul from "Cheers" by the way) split his kings against the dealer's six, I heard myself, Lawyer friend Steve, Carpet King Billy Drama, Party promoter friend Jann, Film friend Sirr and the rest of my Blackjack Maniacs -- all in different parts of the country on this night -- stand up and scream "Are you a freakin' idiot? Do not split those kings or I will beat the crapola out of you and your family." Give or take a word.

As Carpet King Billy Drama preaches, "You only split kings against a six when you're drunk as a skunk and you moon the dealer when you do it."

Truer words may never have been passed down from one generation to another.

It turns out the move helped Vince and Ari because the guy on third base pulled two 10s. The dealer flipped a 5, then drew a 3 and a 10 for a 24 and busted. Vince just won $300,000 on that one hand. God bless the sport of blackjack.

The blackjack table can ruin lives. Strangely enough, though, it breathes life into life at the same time.

Episode 9: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

Back on the night of June 18, 2006, the judges came within a receding hairline of giving Drama the first-ever non-spoken Best Printable Line weekly honor for his dive into the pool.

Nearly two months later, we come close again. His right haymaker to one of Seth Green's boys was priceless, especially when watched in slow motion.

But since we didn't do it the first time, and that dive was better than the haymaker, we must look in another direction.

Seth Green came close right before the punch, and it would be printable. But I can't allow such disrespect of Emmanuelle Chriqui to be rewarded with anything but a vicious Drama haymaker.

So, this week, Best Printable Line goes to Turtle for his poolside chat with a bunch of strippers all trying to curry some favor in advance of the upcoming, um, "beauty contest."

"Fortunately for you ladies, I left my integrity in Los Angeles," Turtle says to the ladies by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. "My vote is 100 percent for sale."

Turtle solidified this week's top honor later in the show. Vince finds out about Turtle's maneuverings and suggests that his vote can't be bought just because a girl promised to sleep with Turtle. Turtle responds with, "I don't care who wins. I cut deals with all of them."

Outstanding. Vegas, baby.

Best Printable Line Standings*
Ari Gold 3.5
E 2
Turtle 1.5
Drama 1
Turtle's mom 1

* Ari Gold has a 1.5-game lead with three weeks left in the race for the second Big Knish Award.

August 2, 2006

A day at the races

By Mark La Monica

As I watched another three bets go the way of the loss in the third race at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club last Saturday, I got mad.

Time to flip open the rest of my race program to see what else this day of financial ruin has in store for me. I began from the back and found a horse named Make Mine Vodka in the 10th race. Well, it was time to apply my new theory of "I drink it, I bet it." I would find out later in the day that this was a smart theory.

A minute or so later, I flipped back another page and found the card for the ninth race. Hmmm, this No. 6 horse looks interesting. His name? Entourage!

Boom! Let's bet it out!

"Oh, hell yeah!" I announced to a small group of my friends and a much larger group of non-friends. "We're playing the No. 6 horse in the ninth race. I'm betting Entourage and betting it hard."

Time for the newfound "I watch it, I bet it" theory.

They claim life on the West Coast is much more laid back than here on the East Coast. For the most part, this is true. But an East Coaster vacationing in Southern California on occasion needs immediate answers to important questions.

I pulled out my Razr and called the boss. Sure, it was a Saturday and I was on vacation, but this is the Age of Information, and dagnabbit, I needed some information.

Boss friend Lil Jon knows my track record of ridiculousness, so he was wise not to pick up the phone. I left a message, which went something like this: "Jon, I'm at the track in Del Mar and a horse named Entourage is running in the ninth race. How big a bet will Newsday reimburse me for so I can effectively blog about this day?"

He texted me back something to the effect of "You're a complete lunatic . . . but if you win, we split it." Sadly, no reimbursement form was attached.

That wouldn't stop me from playing big. Well, big for me, that is.

An immediate decision was made: the races in between would help build a bankroll to play Entourage in the ninth.

The eighth race paid nicely. Becrux, the Italian-bred horse (is there a better reason to bet it?), won and my crazy blind exacta yielded a lovely $66 payout.

Uh oh, only 24 minutes to post for the ninth race. I approached the window. (Turn on 1989 Richard Dreyfuss voice.) "Let it ride!" (Turn off 1989 Richard Dreyfuss voice.)

I took Entourage across the board, then decided to hedge it a bit and play some exactas. Life is about having options, like Vince with movie roles after the "Aquaman" release. Of course, all those exactas had one rule, not unlike E for his threesome with Sloan and her friend. They all had to include Entourage.

Regardless of the rules, E still won. I didn't.

Entourage came in seventh out of 11 horses. Was never really close either.

Ouch. And I was all set to buy mini Aston Martins for my friends who were with me if I won those bets.

At least the show hasn't been canceled yet and this blog is progressing nicely, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Make Mine Vodka and make it a double!

August 1, 2006

Starring Johnny Drama in 'Falling Down 2'

By Mark La Monica

Forget all this talk about low pressure fronts meeting with high pressure fronts and the inconvenient truth behind the melting of glaciers.

The real source behind this summer heat wave that suffocated Los Angeles and San Diego last weekend and is in the process of paralyzing the Northeast today is the energy sent into the atmosphere by Johnny Drama's classic meltdown in Episode 8.

One scene after another, something went wrong for Drama. And we laughed each time. Drama is coming dangerously close to being the fourth noun considered from the rarefied status of "Inherently funny."

Those positively charged Dramalecules from the parking ticket meltdown combined with those from the Starbucks meltdown to form a serious heat wave of hilarity this week. And lucky for Drama he was kicking indoors, where the weather couldn't adversely affect the Ed Burns pilot script he sent through the uprights after showing up late for an audition.

Lawyer friend Steve called it perfectly Monday night when he said, "All I gotta say is Johnny Drama is Falling Down."

Of course, I had yet to see the episode when he said that to me, so I did the noblest thing possible: I hung up on him. But he's right. Drama pulled a Michael Douglas in the movie "Falling Down." If you haven't seen that movie yet, stop reading, go to Netflix and move it to the top of your queue now!

Drama doesn't resort to violence and destruction during his mental breakdown the way Douglas did in the movie, but that's why "Entourage" is a cable sitcom and "Falling Down" is a dramatic movie that just so happens to be hilarious, too.

We've all had "one of those days" and "one of those weeks" and "one of those years." The daylong versions are so much more painful. Everything goes wrong twice. Then we hit the breaking point, erupt like mad men and women and eventually the natural order restores itself.

Drama goes crazy trying to get this pilot. He predictably falls all over himself en route to the audition. He shows up late and never meets Burns. Then he gets a phone call from Burns telling him he got the part. Natural order restored.

In Season Two, Drama took a golf club to Point Break's hood. He still landed the role he had just auditioned for and was excited a few episodes later when he found out that little anger meltdown wound up on "Celebrity Justice." Natural order restored.

Just another case of Drama being Drama.

Episode 8: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

Some things in life just are not even close to staying inside the foul pole at the wall in left field. That list includes writing about a well-written show on cable television for a newspaper-based Web site. The show's writers are bound by nothing.

Oh what a world we'd live in if Best Printable Line was actually Best Line Regardless of Content. Of course, Ari Gold would win every week and he would have won about 11 times over during this past episode.

Alas, we are bound by honor and reprintability. So, after writing down every line from the show on a separate piece of paper and putting them in the cursing colander to filter out the unusable ones, we here at "Entourage, the blog" (OK, it's really "I" here at "Entourage, the blog" but I am both of and for the people) are still left with Ari Gold standing tall.

Barbara Miller (you may remember her from the Mandy Moore episodes last season), the sultry yet mighty super agent played by Beverly D'Angelo, cons Ari into a lunch meeting that includes his ex-boss Terrance. Ari is enraged by the Miller double-cross.

She then shows up at the Ari Gold emergency crisis summit lunch at the Hamburger Hamlet. Ari, in true Ari Gold fashion says, "Hey, Babs, the Traitorous Skanks Anonymous meeting is next door."

Wow. And printable!

Best Printable Line Standings*
Ari Gold 3.5
E 2
Drama 1
Turtle's mom 1
Turtle 0.5

* Ari Gold has a 1.5-game lead with four weeks left in the race for the second Big Knish Award.

July 30, 2006

Sunday morning blues

By Mark La Monica

It's 9:10 on an overcast San Diego Sunday morning and I'm furious.

Not so much because I'm awake and the weather is not the Utopian temperature the people out here glow about. Rather, my furor resides in the fact that HBO East does not exist in this little nook of San Diego that I have chosen to end a weeklong dance on the West Coast.

My flight takes off a few minutes after 10 p.m. Pacific time, leaving me Entourage-less on a summer Sunday night. That was poor planning on my part. No, wait a minute, this is all the fault of HBO programming people and airline flight schedule makers.

A Sunday night without "Entourage" just isn't a nice thing. And it's soooooooo 2003. What did we do Sunday nights before this show began three seasons ago? We weren't actually productive, were we? We didn't pay bills, clean the house or talk to people, did we?

Maybe there really is an East Coast media bias. Back at home in Long Island, I can watch "Entourage" at its scheduled 10 p.m. start time on HBO and then again at 1 a.m. on HBO West. (Not to mention two or three times in between via DVR.)

This will be a troubling Sunday, and I will have to avoid the water coolers at work on Monday because my luck suggests this will be an explosive episode.

The point here is that Best Printable Line and more thoughts on Episode 8 will be posted in the wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning. And for an added bonus to make up for my Weak 8 (pun intended), come back Wednesday for a fun story.

July 24, 2006

The Last Temptation of E

By Mark La Monica

Stranded in the living room, Eric was the Everyman. Caught between what he already has, the sickeningly beautiful and loving girlfriend that is Sloan, and what he desires "just because," the nearly-as-ridiculously attractive other girl that is Tori.

It's the classic struggle many men (and women) have dealt with. Often times, we chase what we don't have only because we don't have it and that "it" is something different. Different doesn't mean better, but the male mind is a very strange place to be, let alone try to live with every day.

Nice guy Eric got caught up in a lust triangle with his girlfriend and her best friend after their little experiment in last week's episode. Always portrayed as the smart, emotional one of the group, E's brain went to mush. That put Vince in the role of advice-giver and situation-resolver, a side we rarely see from him. Usually, it's the other way around. But if there's one person on this show who understands sex and women, it's Vince.

E was all whacked out because emotion is involved. Sloan is his girl. Threesomes with emotion rarely produce happiness for everyone . . . the day after. The human brain is not built to deal with all the questions being asked it by yourself. (Did she like it? Am I selfish for enjoying it? What do I say to her when she asks? Am I with the right girl? etc.)

It's a vicious cycle of emotion, guilt, inner questioning and bewilderment.

We've al dealt with these types of situations in our relatonships. Maybe not standing in our boxers in our girlfriend's apartment trying to figure out if we can sleep with her best friend before she leaves for the airport, but in other ways.

You meet someone one night and she's cool, then you go home to your girlfriend. After she falls asleep, you're sitting on the couch watching television and wondering what the other girl is doing right now.

The strange thing is that the girl you're already with is fantastic and is everything you could ever ask for in a woman. Except for one thing: she's already yours.

Credit Tori for being the smart one here and walking away. This just further supports the theory that threesomes are safest when a financial transation occurs first. Well, maybe not from a health standpoint.

Episode 7: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

First off, apologies to my loyal Sunday night readers who are on this site at 11 p.m. seeking the Best Printable Line. (Don't laugh, you Monday and Tuesday readers, the Sunday readers are out there.)

But I'm on West Coast time this week and HBO East is not a privilege. But I'll trade that for my view of the pool and golf course. And I did have a keyboard sent to my room so I could provide the good people of some Entourageness and that kind of dedication should count for something somewhere sometime.

This week, E wins for Best Printable Line. He was sweating out the aftermath of his soiree with Sloan and her friend Tori. E woke up "snuggling" Tori instead of Sloan and was tweaking about it. The boys gave him some good-natured ribbing.

Drama explains to E that are no such things as accidents in threesomes. E responds with, "Yeah, you and Turtle crossed swords in your threesome. Accident?"

Bang. Drama got checked.

Best Printable Line standings
Ari 2.5
E 2
Drama 1
Turtle's mom 1
Turtle 0.5

July 20, 2006

Entourage midseason report card

By Mark La Monica

Inspired by last week's All-Star break in Major League Baseball, we present the world's first television blog midseason report card.

Season Three of Entourage is technically 20 episodes, but the final eight won't air until sometime in 2007 as part of HBO's new plan of extending seasons for what reasons I still don't grasp. So that leaves us with a 12-episode run concluding Aug. 27. With six episodes already saved to our DVRs and TiVos, let's review. (We'll deal with the final eight episodes next year once HBO figures out when to show them.)

Brilliant, as always. The writers have kept up the high level they set for themselves with the previous seasons. Lisa Alden, new to show’s writing staff, delivered a terrific episode (No. 6: Three’s Company) in her first official full-script credit.
Grade: A

Character Development
It’s the biggest reason a show succeeds or fails. No advancement means stale stories. Not the case here. Vince Chase became the biggest grossing movie star ever (until Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 2,’ that is) but still struggles to land the roles he really wants to do. Johnny Drama has a pilot en route. Turtle is becoming a music management whiz. Ari Gold is building his own agency and has a softer side. So far, E hasn’t progressed much from last year, the threesome episode notwithstanding. But that’s why we have a second half of the season.
Grade: B+

The first three episodes did a good job of carrying us from the second season into this third season. The next three episodes advanced the new stories just touched upon in the first three episodes and introduced a few new ones. From Vince’s next project and the conflict with the studio to Ari repping Drama and Turtle to the brief look into Ari’s home life, Season Three has a solid overall flow.
Grade: A-

Every episode has the same underlying theme: four old friends maintaining their friendships as they deal with what life brings them. (And the life they lead brings them quite a lot of goodies.) The trick is dressing up that basic theme in different clothes each week to keep viewers interested. Watching Ari Gold’s progression during the “Aquaman” blackouts in the second episode was a unique way to tackle a box-office debut weekend. As was the same start dates for the filming of "Aquaman 2" and "Medellin," two movies supposed to star Vince.
Grade: B+

Guest Stars
This is based on general star power, storyline and performance. James Woods was outstanding as himself. His breakdown on the guys’ doorstep over premiere tickets was hilarious, as was the interaction with Drama. Any time you can get big-dog directors James Cameron and Paul Haggis, you’ve done well. Add Bruno Kirby, who played the young Clemenza in “The Godfather II” back in the day and everyone is happy. Domenick Lombardozzi was exceptional in his performance of “Dom.” We were supposed to despise that guy and, oh lord, did we despise that guy. But, for the love of Pete, more Emmanuelle Chriqui!
Grade: A-

Just read the six previous “Quote of the week” entries in the archives section of this blog as the cast vies for the Big Knish Award as this season’s winner of Best Printable Line. Enjoy the laughs those quotes evoke, then realize the significance of “printable.” The best stuff usually has a curse or 12 in it, so I have to avoid repeating those, in print that is. And, seriously, has there been a funnier scene on television this year than Drama diving face first into the pool when the blackout hit at that high school graduation party?
Grade: A

Leaving plotlines open from one season to another is what whacked “The Sopranos” down a notch in recent years. At the All-Star break here, there are a few loose ends. Fans of the show may be wondering whatever happened to “Queens Boulevard.” The guess here is we’ll find out something soon. And what about Mandy Moore? No mention at all, not even one little crack here and there about her after the huge “Aquaman” release. Surely, Turtle or Drama could have been given a line somewhere.
Grade: B-

Hot chicks
Sorry, lady readers, but the nature of the show begs for such a category on the report card. Although we demand to see more of Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), we haven’t been disappointed with the bevy of eye candy floating around the scenes, even the girl who was “top tall” in the season opener.
Grade: B+

July 19, 2006


By Mark La Monica

Lawyer friend Steve called me Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. to discuss the show. This is a normal occurence. This time, he wanted to discuss the coming attractions.

I've known this guy since we played on the same travel team in PBC soccer 23 years ago, but this may have been the first time I was seriously ticked off at him. I had to explain politely that he should cease speaking unless he didn't mind talking to a dial tone.

He knew better than to attempt to discuss coming attractions. I don't watch them. That would ruin the next six days, 23 hours and 30 minutes. I won't log onto HBO's site after Thursday for fear of seeing a brief plot summary or a photo from the episode. (Although, I have bookmarked the Parapazzi Chase game. Try it here if you haven't yet. It's a great way to kill time at work.)

drama.jpg I don't even take full advantage of the perks this job provides. Since July began, I've had access to the plot lines for every episode this month. Can't read them. Won't read them. Why destroy the one 30-minute block of stress-free, enjoyable life each week? It takes extreme discipline. After the strength of the past three episodes, it's getting harder and harder to not look. I may need therapy.

"Entourage" is one of those shows you don't TiVo until it starts. (Note: I love how TiVo was originally a noun but has revolutionized the way we watch television so much that it has become a verb.)

Setting your TiVo or DVR to record this show in advance of Sunday nights at 10 p.m. should cause those machines to immediately delete their hard drives and unplug itself from the wall, just to teach us a lesson. Even worse, Cablevision should send those who pre-record the show a pair of Knicks tickets. That'll set people straight real quick.

Re-arrange your schedules. Leave a little earlier from your summer house. Heck, stay later and watch the show there.

Just be in front of your television at 10 p.m., then you can hit record. It's for posterity and future viewing, not a catch-all for incomptence.

July 18, 2006

Vinny Chase wears Prada

By Mark La Monica

So, I got roped into purchasing tickets and walking into a movie theater that happened to be showing "The Devil Wears Prada" on Saturday night.

Not my first choice, but I'll try anything once. Plus, the smart man does what she says, even if the she is just a good friend having a bad day.

I knew nothing about this movie other than it was a popular novel first, has chick flick written all over it and that I was about to watch it.

prada.jpg Within the first minute or so, who pops up on the screen? Adrian Grenier.

"Oh [s-bomb], that's my boy Vinny Chase!" I said loud enough for the gaggle of caddy chicks to my right to shoot me one of those "shhhhh!" looks.

Suddenly, this movie got a little better. I've seen 28 episodes of a great TV show talking about this guy's movie acting abilities and here was a chance to watch it happen.

About 20 minutes into the movie, I thought to myself, "How cool would it be if Vinny Chase's movies from 'Entourage' were actually real movies?"

To this point, 2.5 seasons into the show, all we've seen of Chase's on-air talents is one scene in a looping stage from "Queens Boulevard," a commercial for the Japanese equivalent Red Bull and a dive off the end of a pier in "Aquaman."

No, seriously, how awesome would it be if "Queens Boulevard" became a real movie? Or "Head On." Or "Aquaman." I may be a lunatic experiencing a temporary break from reality with this thought, but I know I'd see you all waiting in line for tickets on opening weekend. Don't even try to front. You know I'm right.

Think of the ultimate power play that would be. A fictional movie created on a cable sitcom about Hollywood turns into a real movie. That's explosive. Send me some ideas and I'll start working on the script.

P.S. "The Devil Wears Prada" was actually a pretty funny movie. Watch the trailer | Read the review

July 17, 2006

Helloooooo, Sloan!

By Mark La Monica

sloan.jpg As if we didn't already want to spend the rest of our lives with the real-life Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui)!

She returned to the show for the first time this season (minus her half-second, non-speaking cameo in the season premiere), and she made her presence felt.

Seeing how this is a "family Web site," and I enjoy receiving paychecks for writing this blog, I can't fully delve into the ramifications of Sloan's performance in Episode Six. But I can tip my cap to her mindset and say that I support Turtle's assessment of the situation when the guys returned to the house after hanging out at night in the first part of the show.

The ultimate male fantasy aside, Sloan's return gave E an episode that was predominantly about him while weaving in the rest of the cast. Turtle had his episode last week when Saigon blew up on radio and Drama is likely to have one soon. (It could happen next week, but I won't know until then because I refuse to watch the coming attractions so as to not ruin the surprise for next week.)

It also gave us another reason to drool Sunday night. Apparantly, the heat wave here in New York simply wasn't strong enough to drain us of all our excess fluids. Sloan is just plain ridiculous. As I wrote two days after meeting her (I needed that long to fully regain all my faculties):

There's TV hot, Internet hot and movie hot. Then there's Emmanuelle Chriqui hot.


Prince, in 1994, asked the question in the first lyric: "Could u be the most beautiful girl in the world?" Clearly, Prince hadn't met Chriqui yet. If he had, he'd know that there's no need to ever ask that question.

These still hold true.

July 16, 2006

Episode 6: Quote of the Week

By Mark La Monica

Episode 6 brought the pain like Method Man on his first solo album. Great lines flowed from beginning to end.

For the first time in the history of "Entourage, the blog" we have a split decision for Best Printable Line.

Maybe it's a cop out, or maybe it's just a nod to the brilliant writing of Lisa Alden from Episode 6 of Season Three. Either way, who really cares, because in the end, we all win for being able to watch this show.

The first co-winner, based on the episode's chronology, is Turtle.

Since Vince was ignoring his agent, Ari and Lloyd show up at Vince's house. The bell rings and the guys see Ari and Lloyd on the security monitor. Turtle turns to Vince and says, "This must be serious. He brought his muscle."


Shortly after that, Ari Gold claimed his share of this week's title. Ari is explaining, loudly, to Vince what will happen if he plays hardball with the studio and can't get around on the studio head's fastball. "He will sue you," Ari says. "He'll take everything you have. He'll take the house, the cars, maybe even Turtle."

Equally ridiculous.

We're six episodes in and the race for the Big Knish Award and Ari Gold is starting to pull away.

Best Printable Line Standings
Ari Gold 2.5
E 1
Drama 1
Turtle's Mom 1
Turtle 0.5

July 13, 2006

The softer side of Ari Gold

By Mark La Monica

Encased by the snide facial expressions, the self-esteem-destroying comments and the cursing mini-monologues is the softer side of talent agent Ari Gold.

The man talks hard and fast in the office, at the club and on the cell, but at home, his wife rules. Known simply as Mrs. Ari (played by Perrey Reeves), she seems to be the only one that can put a dent in Ari's armored facade.

In the first two seasons of HBO's "Entourage," we saw very few glimpses into the private life of Mr. and Mrs. Ari Gold. We knew he had a few daughters and a very impressive house.

As with all successful television shows, each season brings new story lines. Otherwise, it's the same old, same old and the viewing public will eventually change the channel. Yes, it's true even for a show this good. If there's no character development, there's no show development and no show development means no audience development which means no ratings development which means no marketing development.

Humanizing Ari Gold this season has been a terrific development for the show's growth. He's still that crass, obnoxious jerk at work, but then he comes home and deals with real life. And when he does bring work home with him, the family dynamic is still there. It's not unlike what made "The Sopranos" such appealing television in its first few seasons.

Episode 5 this season (officially, it's Episode 27: Guys and Doll) beautifully illustrated this dichotomy. He didn't want his 14-year-old daughter to date tween actor and next door neighbor Max Ballard. So, he sacrificed his own client (Jimmy Whitaker) and made sure Ballard got a movie role that sent him to Kazakhstan for 24 weeks.

Sure, his daughter wasn't happy about it, but she doesn't know how the deal went down. Ari was just trying to protect his first-born child from a world she doesn't yet understand. Fatherly instinct.

We got a chance to see how fatherhood affects Ari in this episode. When his daughter asked to go on a boat trip with "the math club," he knew she was lying (he has a spy in the house). She asked how he knew it was Max, not the math club.

"A father always knows when his daughter is lying to him," he said. "It's heartbreaking."

From there, you could see he was emotionally affected by the thought of his little girl growing up. How else can we explain his being so nice to Turtle and Drama and agreeing to be their agent. This might have been the most underrated startling moment of the show's three-year history.

Human Ari Gold is pretty cool. Now, let's hug it out, get drunk with Russell Crowe and head-butt some kangaroos.