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December 31, 2009

J.C. Penney offers coupons for new year's weekend

Here's a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase or $15 off a $75 at J.C. Penney's, either in-store or online:

J.C. Penney coupons

The coupons are good today, New Year's Eve, through Saturday, Jan. 2. So if Santa didn't bring you want you wanted, buy your own presents with this New Year's weekend deal. -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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December 30, 2009

Coupons in Advance: Over $750 in coupons in Sunday's Sun Sentinel 1/3/10

coupons1.JPGAfter a slow holiday coupon month, you will be happy to hear there are two Smart Sources and a Red Plum this weekend, chock full of coupons.

A few generous coupons will make it worth your while to hang out at your local coffee shop recycler, or hit the newsstands for at least one extra paper, so you can take advantage of two coupons when there's a BOGO. Some of our readers get 8 papers on big coupon Sundays. How many papers will you get?

One of our favorites, the $2.50 Electrasol dishwasher detergent coupon is included this weekend. For those of you new to couponing, last year Publix had a buy one get one free sale on Electrasol while a $2.50 off coupon was current. If you bought the small box for $3.99, you got two boxes, used two $2.50 off coupons, and VOILA, free dishwasher detergent! Actually, we made $1 each time we bought two! I'm still thankful to Andrea for that suggestion.

Sometimes we get some great stimulating and controversial conversations going after I post something like this. Let me answer before it gets to that. "Yes, you can use two coupons with a buy one get one free...straight from the Publix coupon policy." Okay, we have that settled. And next...yes, you are taking a chance saving the coupons waiting for that BOGO. They could expire while you are waiting. Kenny Rogers sang about that, like in a poker game "Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em." Okay, now that's settled too. But I hope it's not, lets get a little banter going here. Leave your comments below.

There will also be another $1 off Oikos yogurt, $5 Olay, $1 Tylenol, lots of Lysol coupons and more. I feel some serious strategic shopping coming on. You guys need to jump back on board after a busy holiday month...we need to save to make up for all that shopping. Click here to see the rest of the list.

---Super Saver Kathy

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December 28, 2009

Coupon Chaos: Enter your best savings tips to win free coupons

coupons1.JPGWell, typing 2010 is going to take some practice. 2010...2010...2010. My fingers want to push that second zero...we've had two zeros in a row for a whole decade. Does anyone else feel like 2009 zipped right past us?

After a few slow coupon weeks, the holidays are always like that, you'll be happy to hear we have over $750 in savings in Sunday's paper. Check out coupons in Advance on Friday for the list. And with the holidays behind us, we'll make time to get back into our couponing routines. Won't we?

I heard Walgreens is giving us a great week. Where else are you saving this week? Post your savings tips in the comments below. If two heads are better than one, our collective heads can be awesome.

--Super Saver Kathy

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Ruby Tuesday to give away mini burgers on New Year's Day and throughout 2010

Here's a great freebie for 2010: On New Year's Day, Ruby Tuesday will give bar patrons a free Ruby Mini and fries with their first $3 drink.The restaurant will continue the free Mini offer throughout 2010 for bar patrons ordering their first $3 drink after 9 p.m.


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December 27, 2009

Storage boxes on sale at Target

It's almost the new year and the time to get organized!

Get large plastic storage boxes and other organizers on sale at Target for $4-$6 each. Target is advertising its red and green Christmas wreath and wrap organizers on sale, but you can find non-seasonal plastic boxes as well.

I bought a roll-under-the-bed box for $12.99 plus four 66-quart storage boxes for $5 each. Instead of the large plastic wreath holder, I opted for a fabric one for $6.

Now I just have to find places to put all my plastic boxes. -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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December 24, 2009

Coupons in Advance: Over $125 in coupons in Sunday's Sun Sentinel

Just like over the Thanksgiving holiday, Proctor & Gamble surprised us and will include a P&GbrandSAVER in this weekend's paper. It's chock full of over $88 in coupons.

No Smart Source or Red Plum, as usual for a holiday weekend. Click here to see the list of coupons in the P&G insert.

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December 22, 2009

Coupon Chaos: Enter your best savings tips for coupons

coupons1.JPGIf you've wondered what's up with old 'Super Saver Kathy' wonder no longer. I've had the flu. I can't be the midnight blogger when I'm not up to it. I'm glad a few of you missed my usual 'Coupons in Advance.'

I still don't have the energy to hold my arms over my head for an hour to blow dry my hair, so I won't be posting any pictures. Whew, scary!

We had some nice discussions on this board last week, you left good savings tips, in spite of busy holiday schedules. Thanks for your input, and I'd like to send some coupons to Bonnie for her tips. Email your address, Bonnie, to Congratulations!

And I haven't been studying the brochures for couponing. So it's up to you to take up the slack! Please leave your tips for saving here. If you find a good deal, we ALL want to know about it. --Super Saver Kathy

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Free $4 credit for Amazon Video On Demand

Do you watch movies on your computer or own a web-enabled game system or media device? Now you can have a movie night on Amazon! Just click here and enter the code AVODGIFT to get your $4 credit.


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Printable coupon: $10 off at Honeybaked Ham

ham.jpgOnly 3 days left to use your $10 off coupon for Honeybaked Ham.

Click here for coupon. --Super Saver Kathy

EDIT: We've been notified that the above $10 off coupon is not valid in Florida, so here's a $7 off coupon that will work instead. OR, the site says you can upgrade the $7 coupon to $10 off by sharing your email address at

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December 21, 2009

Holiday shopping experience: Good or bad?

How has your holiday shopping experience been this season?

Did you get some great deals? Did you find retail employers helpful or frustrating? What shopping strategy worked for you, or backfired?

Post your stories here! -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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December 19, 2009

Printable coupon: 20% off one item at Pottery Barn

Not sure about you, but I sure don't remember running a Pottery barn coupon before. Wow! Now's your chance to get 20% off at Pottery Barn with this coupon.

Happy shopping! --Super Saver Kathy

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December 18, 2009

Steve Madden at Aventura's Macy's on Saturday


Meet the designer behind this shoe! Shoe designer Steve Madden is scheduled to make a personal appearance at 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19, at Macy's store at the Aventura Mall.

Style mavens are invited to pose with the fashion footwear mogul for a complimentary photo while he autographs free Steve Madden tees and tote bags.

Also on Saturday at Aventura:

Get a free Santa's Rice Porridge face mask with a $40 skincare purchase at Lush, lower level.

Zingara opens with its Latiin American line of bohemian print bikinis and silk cover-ups, upper level Aventura.

At Bloomingdale’s, from 2 to 4 p.m., get tips for best last-minute gifts and looks for holiday glam from Michael Cohen from Bravo's "Miami Social." Get a 1-hour style consultation with Cohen.

Happy last weekend of holiday shopping! -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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Two Borders coupons: 40% and 30% off

tidors.JPGNeed a last minute gift? Here's a coupon for 40% off DVD sets at Borders. For example, The Tudors, the wonderful Showtime series, pictured, is regularly 42.99, with the coupon, pay $25.79. You might do better buying it online, but it's late now, so this is a nice offer to get it locally. But hurry, coupon is good Dec. 18th and 19th only.

And here's a coupon for 30% off any one item, good through Dec. 21st.

These coupons are for Borders Rewards members. Membership is free, just sign up at checkout. --Super Saver Kathy

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December 17, 2009

Home Goods has gifts $5 to $20


Still need that holiday gift for a friend and not sure what to get?

Check out the gift possibilities at Home Goods where I found unique, quality presents for under $20. A few were on clearance for $5 or less.

Martini glasses, holiday candles, European soaps and candies are just some of the choices. Home Goods also has holiday towels for under $10 and other decor, if you haven't quite fiinished your decorating.

More gift ideas under $20 are available at Home Goods -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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December 15, 2009

Purses 20% off at Coach Factory Outlet

Get 20% off at Coach Outlet through Dec. 27 with this coupon:
Coach coupon

Some good gifts for $39 are Coach's small purses to take a credit card, lipstick and keys out in the evening. coach.jpg

Coach Factory is located in South Florida at Sawgrass Mills Mall.

Alas, too late for my sister who wanted something from Coach for Christmas 'cause I'm done with my holiday shopping for the family. But perhaps not too late for you. -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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Printable coupon: $10 off $25 at Macy's- Good 12/15 and 12/16

Hot off the presses! Another great Macy's coupon good Tuesday and Wednesday until 1pm. Get $10 off when you spend $25. Click here for coupon.

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Coupon Chaos: Enter your best savings tips to win free coupons

coupons1.JPGOh my goodness, could we get any busier? Does anyone have time for coupons at this time of year?

We need to hear from you!!! Where are you saving?

Leave your ideas for saving here, if you find a good deal, we ALL want to know about it.
--Super Saver Kathy

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December 11, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus (at Macy's)

Macy's is offering a $10 gift card today to anyone who can prove that his or her name is Virginia. The department store is offering the gift in celebration of "Macy's National I Believe Day," and its "Yes, Virginia" holiday special, which airs tonight on CBS.

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$10 off HoneyBaked Ham

HoneyBaked Ham has another holiday coupon offer — $10 off an 8 pound or larger ham. Simply fill out the form, and the coupon is sent to your inbox.

We buy a HoneyBaked Ham every year for Christmas brunch. The line is always out the door, so pick up your ham early if you hate to wait. If you are in line on Christmas Eve (as I probably will be again), there may be a reward for your trouble. Last year, staff at the Federal Highway location asked trivia questions and gave coupons for free lunches to those with correct answers.

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December 9, 2009

Coupon Chaos: Enter your best savings tips to win coupons from Shop-O-Matic

coupons1.JPGOkay, folks, lets get back to coupons....we need to save on groceries so we can afford to get through the upcoming holidays!

Thanks for your interraction on 'Coupons in Advance' post. I missed you, everyone disappeared around Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Leave your ideas for saving here, if you find a good deal, we ALL want to know about it.
--Super Saver Kathy

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Coupons in Advance: Over $350 in coupons in Sunday's Sun Sentinel 12/13/09

For those of you keeping track of the coupons, here's make up list of coupons from Sunday December 13th, 2009. There were over $350 worth.

I can foresee lots of savings scenarios, so please put your thinking caps on and let us know what you find.

Click here for coupons.

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Macy's $10 off $25 coupon in Sun Sentinel

There's a $10 off $25 Macy's coupon in today's Sun Sentinel, section A. I know we are all busy, didn't want you to miss it. It's only good today, 12/09/09.

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December 7, 2009

Make money while you de-clutter!

It's almost that time again. Last year's New Years Resolution to get organized will be renewed again this year, although I have made some progress.

When I saw the needlepoint I hand-stitched for my daughter in her yard sale pile (after I got over the heartache) I got inspired. Since then, I have made four trips to a local consignment shop with items I still love or that are sentimental, but have no place in my current home. "Bite the bullet, Kathy, the memories will have to suffice."

Sometimes I go to Decades, 2661 N Federal Highway, Ft Lauderdale. I love that shop and have recommended it several times in this blog. The owners have a good eye and they price things to sell. Click here for more.

This time I took carloads to the Las Olas Mini Mall, 1517 Las Olas Blvd, which I also told you about in a previous post, click here. My vinyl LP collection, I don't even have a turntable...he's already sold 15 of them!! My mother-in-law's antique Italian prints sold the first day they were there. Go have a look, I suspect you'll be glad you did.

How do you keep up with your clutter? Do you have a favorite consignment store? Or do you sell things online? Donate? Yard sales? Or...heaven forbid...toss?

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Get organized: A last minute reminder by the door

doorway.bmpDo you forget things as you rush out the door in the mornings? Refrigerator magnets with post-its don't help me, I need front door magnets!

I like this idea...a whiteboard with a basket for reminders right at the door. Of course, I would like it better if I still had a garage door...not sure I want this in the foyer for all to see. I'm contemplating one with over door hooks that is removable, but once removed, it becomes clutter. Dilemma!

The picture at the left is from Martha Stewart. These items can be purchased at any office supply store. You can get the same effect with a variety of looks, such as a wicker basket or a canvas sack. Several houses ago I had a wonderful Nantucket basket hanging on the wall by the garage door, the perfect place to put things I needed to grab on the way out.

Click here to

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December 4, 2009

50% off holiday dresses at Bella Boutique

It's unusual to find something affordable at The Shops at Boca Center, off Town Center Circle in Boca Raton.

So I was shocked to see a sign proclaiming 50 percent off walking by Bella Boutique. Even as I entered the store I thought, "yeah, 50 percent off of $300."

Imagine my surprise when I saw stylish holiday dresses and tops for $60 to $100, and they were all half off. Everything in the store is discounted 50 percent until Dec. 31, says owner Christina Poulos.

Warning: The dresses and tops are younger styles, fitting on the tight side.

With New Year's Eve festivities around the corner, you'll do yourself a favor by heading to Bella Boutique as soon as possible. -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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Printable coupon: 20% off at Coach Factory Stores good thru 12/13/09

Remember when we waited a long time between Coach coupons, and then they were only good for a day or two? Now it seems I get a notice of one each week. Click here to get coupon for 20% off at the Coach Factory Stores, good until December 13th.

I heard the Coach store at Sawgrass Mills was 'smokin' on Black Friday, starting at midnight!! Did anyone go? Do tell!!!

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December 3, 2009

Coupons in Advance: Over $550 in coupons in Sunday's Sun Sentinel 12/6/09

After a few slow coupon weeks, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, you will be happy to know that there will be over $550 in coupons in Sunday's Sun Sentinel. A Smart Source and a Red Plum for our shopping enjoyment.

I got really busy and haven't been 'couponing' like I should. I got a taste of it last night when I ran through Target to use the Command $1 off coupon from Target with the $1.50 one in the Publix Winter Savers book and, voila!, FREE picture hooks. Or click here for $1 manufacturers printable coupon.

For those of you new to couponing, when an item is going to cost less than the coupon value, its best to have a filler item, so your coupon works. I usually throw in something that doesn't get coupons, like milk or bananas. It's best to plan your filler, it saves you from grabbing that candy while rushed at checkout. What is your favorite filler item?

Click here for the 12/9/09 list of coupons.

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Gift idea for men: Black sock subscription


Do you know a man who is always losing his socks? Or, horrors!, doesn't have black socks to match black trousers and wears brown or whatever is clean

Problem solved with this gift idea: A black sock subscription from:
Black Socks.

For an annual subscription of $89 (includes shipping), “sockscribers” receive three pairs of socks every four months for a total of nine pairs annually. The socks are manufactured in Northern Italy, using yarns with long fibers that pill less and are more durable. Sockscribers have the option of calf socks, knee socks, and cashmere silk socks.

At $89 for 9 pairs, that's $9 a pair -- not bad, especially with the convenience. Hmmmm. Good present for my son! -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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Nine West Friends & Family sale: 30% off coupon

Click here to print the coupon for the Nine West Friends and Family sale...generous at 30% off. Good through Monday December 7th.


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December 2, 2009

Macy's Friends & Family sale: Extra 25% off with coupon

The savings abound in a bad economy....they make it so tempting. Well, shoppers, what do you think? Is 25% off enough to loosen the purse strings?

Macy's is offering an extra 25% off now through December 7th (10% off small electronics, personal care electrics, technology, furniture, mattresses and area rugs.)

Print this coupon and use it throughout the store or shop online with special code MACYSFF during checkout.

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Makeup artist Sue Devitt Thursday at Bloomingdale's

Go on a beauty adventure with international makeup artist Sue Devitt from noon to 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3, at Bloomingdales at Town Center in Boca Raton, 5480 Glades Road, 561-394-2018.

The Australian-born Devitt, whose roster of celeb clients include Eva Longoria Parker and Jennifer Lopez, is known for scouring the world for awesome ingredients to include in Sue Devitt Beauty, her natural line of color-infused cosmetics and skin care.

Learn more at Doreen Christensen


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December 1, 2009

$20 rebate on $50 Oil of Olay purchase

Oil of Olay is offering a $20 holiday rebate on the purchase of $50 in Oil of Olay purchases including moisterizers, facial treatments and cleansers.

NOTE: This is not a coupon, it's a rebate. So you must purchase the products, keep the receipt and USP codes from the packaging and mail it in with the form.

Here's where you'll find the rebate form:
Oil of Olay rebate

The rebate is good for purchases by Dec. 27; rebate form must be postmarked by Jan. 8, 2010. -- Marcia "Bargain Hunter" Pounds

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Coupon Chaos: enter your best savings tips to win free coupons

coupons1.JPGWow, it was quiet last week! Are you all shopping? Getting Black Friday deals?

I bought myself a GPS online before BF, when the nice folks at the Daily Press found me a good price on Amazon for the model I wanted. Did anyone else go to the live chat? It was fun, wasn't it?

Let's get back in our routine with our coupon savings tips. There's a deal at Walgreens this week BOGO Scotch tape, use the manufacturer's coupon from the Publix Winter Saver book for $1 off.

Leave your ideas for saving here, the best tips will get an envelope full of coupons from Shop-O-Matic. Maybe two winners this week!! --Super Saver Kathy

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