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December 13, 2011

Police presence at mall makes me remember the Bochicchios

It is really creepy to know that the killer of the Bochicchios is still out there somewhere.bochichio.jpg

I thought for sure the police would apprehend him quickly after the mother and daughter were killed four years ago after Christmas shopping at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. The killer had such a deranged modus operandi: He tied them up in handcuffs and put blacked-out goggles on at least one of them.

A similar crime had occurred at the mall a few months before. I thought he would keep striking. But he has remained out of sight.

I think of the Bochicchios whenever I see the heavy police presence at the mall. There are city police cars and mall security cars all over the premises. Emergency telephones were also installed in the parking garages after the deaths.

But I wonder if this increased security will make any difference if the killer decides to strike again. Unfortunately he seems to know how to steer clear of the police.

Photo: Courtesy Timmy McCurdy

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December 8, 2011

Teacher tells fourth-graders there is no tooth fairy

My fourth-grader daughter's teacher told the class that there is no tooth fairy.

Lily told me on our drive to school this morning. I'm kind of glad. And I don't want to get the guy in trouble. He's a pretty no-nonsense teacher who tells them all kinds of interesting things about his life.

She said, "Mom, Mr. (Name Withheld to Protect Him from Crazy Parents) said the tooth fairy is our moms and dads!''

I burst out laughing and asked for the context. She said a boy who gets in trouble all the time was messing with a loose tooth, and the teacher said, "What, are you waiting on the tooth fairy? Well it's just your mom and dad, so give up."

I laughed some more, and she never did ask, and I never did tell.

I'm thinking fourth-graders, ages nine and 10, are probably a bit old to still believe in fairies and yes, expensive notions like Santa Claus that require us to buy two sets of gifts. I don't even remember how old I was when I stopped believing. Do y'all?

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December 7, 2011

Can yoga become a source of stress?

My yoga class has become so crowded that I dread going.yoga2.jpg

That's a good reason to stop going, right? And I have, for now. I'm hoping the multitudes will lose interest sometime soon.

The room is large but more than 50 people have been squeezing in. You have to get there as soon as the previous class ends to find a place for your mat. If you don't, people will move their mats over so you can fit in, but only begrudgingly.

It's a gentle class with several poses that move your legs and arms off the mat, so you end up bumping into your neighbor. The teacher encourages everyone to laugh about this, but no one wants to be touching or kicking their fellow yogis during our moments of peace.

So I am saying goodbye to yin yoga for now and will find another class to keep me calm. I promise to return when it becomes less popular.


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