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Broward taking in victims from largest puppy mill raid in history.

On deadline for another piece, so I gotta make this fast...
Our "Sun-Sentinel" Web site just posted a story on the Humane Society of Broward County taking in 130 animals rescued in raid on a Tennessee puppy mill over the weekend by the Humane Society of the United States. This is said to be the largest emergency action against a puppy mill in history.

Click here for the South Florida story:

Here is the first video about the raid:

Click here to read more details about the rescue from the US Humane Society, and see some of the follow-up videos. Some of the puppies and their mothers died in these stacked bare wire cages without food and water, covered with feces that dripped down from the dogs above them. Heartbreaking.

Remember: If you are buying dogs over the Internet, or from a pet store that won't show you real documents as to where their animals come from, you could be contributing to this horror. Don't support puppy mills.

In fact, these refugees from Tennessee will need good homes. Instead of buying a dog, why not adopt one of them?


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I have to say, I am very angry about this whole situation.

If,as the coalition trying to get Animal Control to go no kill is correct, and we are "euthanizing" 10,000 to 12,000 dogs and cats per year here in Broward county, then WHY is the Humane Society driving over 1600 miles(Spending somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500.00 in fuel) to another state to "Import" dogs when there are many that will die across the street?

The thousands of $$$ that they spend could have been spent on the dogs that will die this week at Animal Control.

I really am angry about this....yet, some want to infringe upon my rights as a dog owner(mandatory spay/neuter), etc....Shucks, we can't even clean house at home...what are we doing going out of state....

Oh, wait, I forgot, it's all about making money.


OK, this is a pet peeve of mine with the Humane Society. Now by no means get me wrong, because I wholeheartedly think puppy mills should be busted and the animals removed.

How come the Humane Society of Broward can always rescue Katrina dogs, puppy mill dogs, etc. but they can never do anything to help out with the large numbers of pets turned into the county shelter?

They get their name in the paper about their wonderful act of kindness, but they have also brought in 130 dogs that will now take even more homes away from anything turned into the county shelter.

....and people wonder why the euthanasia numbers are so horrible for the county shelter.

Diane Lade:

Good points from KCK and Karla (and I appreciate that we can have an intelligent debate about it here...)

And I thought of both of your points, too: If we are euthanizing thousands a year here, why are we importing more?

On the other hand, things like this raid and Katrina bring immediate public attention to these problems. It's a chance to be in the spotlight and maybe get more homes not just for these companion animals but for others. And as someone said on the Topix comments board, some of these animals will go to foster homes, not into the shelter.

Then yet again: Is is just about gaining money along with the attention?
I am wondering why Broward was the one to take about a sixth of these animals. But it's also hard for me to be that cynical.

As you can see, I am conflicted...


If the Humane Society of Broward's FIRST concern was finding homes for unwanted pets, then they would assist the county shelter on a regular basis.

HSofB has a state of the art facility compared to the Animal Control facility, they have the backing of large monetary donors like Huizenga and Animal Control has nothing. The only thing Animal Control has is tons of red tape because it is a county facility.

A big part of the problem with Animal Control euthanasia rates is the antique facility. It is almost impossible to keep dogs and cats healthy with improper ventilation and close quarters. Secondly, it is not a pleasant facility for the pubic to visit to look to adopt a pet.

The animals at Animal Control had no choice where they were dumped and they deserve an equal chance at a new home too. If HSofB can afford the time, gas and space to house 130 dogs, then they can afford the money to take and house and treat 130 animals from Animal Care. There is only one big difference. Taking animals from Animal Care won't get Humane Society's name in the newspaper.

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