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What's The Deal With The Aerie Girls?

We've noticed more than a few rants on these boards about the addition of the Aerie girls to The CW Tuesdays, so we wanted to weigh in.

For those that haven't yet seen the Aeries, let us break it down for you. Basically, a group of high school gals analyzes Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars over commercial breaks, offering their brand of uniquely adolescent insight into the show's relationships. Sometimes one of them will even compare her own high school boyfriend to Gilmore's Luke or Christopher... never mind that there's probably a three-decade age gap there. Innocent enough, right? Well, but there's more to it than that.

You see, Aerie isn't just a whimsical, vaguely-fairytaleish sounding made-up word -- it's a new line of undies/intimates from American Eagle. We haven't made the connection... listening to gum-chomping high schoolers dissect Veronica Mars doesn't exactly make us run to the mall craving a "boybrief" or a "cheeky" (their words).

Furthermore, we feel a little left out. We're not in high school (haven't been for a few years!), and call us crazy, but we suspect that plenty of Gilmore/Veronica Mars fans aren't either. Is this bit of teenage conversation actually a genius bit of harmless cross-branding, or is it an annoying marketing move that ends up alienating more fans than it appeals to? Don't be shy -- tell us what you think of those Aeries!


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the aerie girls must die...theyre stupid and annoying...theyre high pitched voices and theyre uncomfortable laughter....ugh...i juss wanna punch them through the tv

I just want to say that I find this to be an incredibly huge amount of worry over nothing.
I do this weird thing, which is called changing the channel.
Yes the girls are annoying and I don't agree with this use of advertising as it's trying to be more "discreet" (such as their thong lines) about getting our attention.
The problem is, they're trying a tactic that works on less intellectual people in between shows that stimulate your mind more than others... so I suppose the VM fans may be feeling their private eye senses tingling, telling them something is up.
But honestly, just as long as you try and avoid commercials through the art of channel changing, I'm sure you'll manage to survive for the thirty seconds in between when Logan kisses.. whichever of the two girls on whichever show :)

okay. im SO glad im not alone on this topic. the aerie girls dont even watch the show. they try to act cool and seem like they're so into it, but theyre NOT. they DONT know anything about the show, they talk about NOTHING on and on, and id rather listen to lorelai say i love you to chris over and over then listen to these idiots (which says a lot)! i dont know why they havent taken them off the air yet. what ever happened to just watching commercials? better than watching those annoying girls.

Thank God for my DVR. No commercials or insipid Airie Girls for me!

Now if only Amy Sherman Palladino would come back and make 'Gilmore Girls' worth watching again...

I'm 25 and a big fan of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, and I find the "Aerie Girls" incredibly insulting. Both of those TV shows appeal to more intelligent viewers, so who thought it would be a good idea to get inane young girls together and let them talk about the characters' love lives every week? I couldn't believe it when they thought they were sooo clever for getting the double meaning of "mandate" in last week's GG. Uh... Lorelai acknowledged the pun herself, stupid Aerie Girls.

It was a lovely idea but the casting was all wrong. The chosen girls are neither intelligent nor interesting enough to provide the kind of insight into the shows that I think may have been the original intention.

My daughters (12 and 19) and I are avid Gilmore Girls watchers and we all agree that the Aerie Girls must go. We are note quite sure what American Eagle is shooting for in these spots, but the signal we are receiving is that girls who wear american Eagle are idiots. As a result, we are losing interest in wearing our American Eagle jeans and jackets. Abercrombie is beginning to look much more appealing.

I pray they get ride of that Aeries section - I am 35 and a HUGE Gilmore Girls Junky - but the last thing I need after my one hour escape one night a week is to listed to that. The episodes are getting so good and then in order to see the preview of the next episode you have to watch the ding-bats give opinions that no one wants to hear - the purpose of a blog is to share your opinions - not be forced to listed to someones when you don't want to.....


I think the Aerie mini show is just a wast of money on American Eagle's part. The girls are annoying and i strongly dislike their "thought bubbles" (which were shown last night!) Luckily i have TiVo so i fast forward through the Aerie gilrs commentary. But for other viwers' sake, PLEASE GET RID OF THE AERIE GIRLS!!

how on earth did they get this approved in the first place. They must have done some marketing testing. Not a SINGLE comment to this story is anything but against this segment. Thank goodness I'm overseas this year and can watch it without Aerie stuff interrupting my enjoying VM and GG.

I HATE THEM!!! They are always bashing my favorite scenes and it is kind of stupid.

Aerie girls are so insulting to the intelligence of its viewers!! I am a 40 year old mom who LOVES to watch the show with my 2 daughthers, 14 and 11. It has really helped us all to be closer. Does AE Feel a NEED for these "discussions"? Then why not make it a mother/daughter group. (HEY-PR people--KNOW YOUR MARKET/DEMOGRAPHIC!!)Have them discuss the show that point of view...lets not encourage our young women to act stupid and clique.

im glad to see im not alone!! the arie girls have no idea what they are talking about get them OFF THE AIR NOW!!!!!!!!!! one week they say they like something or someone then the next week they dont!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! we dont care about them just the shows so replce their time with gilmore gilrs and get those annoying, poor confused girls off the air PLEAZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

Wow, It's nice to see other people feel the same way. My daghter and I both agree about "Aerie girls", and we don't like them.

i think the aerie girl clips are stupid and a waste of time...why don't you add more of Gilmore Girls and take this aerie crap off the air!

OK, I'm a teenager, and I see nothing wrong with teenagers discussing the show, but...

THOSE AERIE GIRLS ARE SOO ANNOYING AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE SAYING!! First they love luke, than they love christopher. they're full of crap. get them off!!


I CANNOT STAND the aerie girls. They have nothing to add to the show nor do they EVER have anything intelligent to say. They try and weigh in on the show and try to analyze the emotions/actions of the characters but don't understand the progression of the show and characters from the beggining of the series to the present. I really wish that the CW would get rid of their mindless drivel. They really ruin the flow of the show more than any commercial ever could because they are so annoying and unintelligent. Sorry ladies, you shouldn't ever have been allowed on television.

I think the Aerie mini show is just a wast of money on American Eagle's part. The girls are annoying and i srtongly dislike their "thought bubbles" (which were shown last night!) Luckily i have TiVo so i fast forward through the Aerie gilrs commentary. But for other viwers' sake, PLEASE GET RID OF THE AERIE GIRLS!!

I really don't like the Aerie's. I usally end up taping GG, so I can speed through those stupid sections.

Every time they come on I want to throw something very, very hard at the TV. The Aerie Girls are demeaning and belittling to the fans and show. I highly doubt anyone cares for their immature opinions, because I sure don't.

Aerie girls is so stupid. I don't want to listen to them bash Gilmore Girls and Verinica Mars! They should try to create the best shows ever!!!!!!!!

Please, please get rid of the Aeries girls! They are annoying and don't do anything for either show but lower the intelligence factor. Granted this is pretty high to begin with, which is an even bigger reason to dump those air-headed Aerie Girls! This is almost insulting the intelligence of the viewing public who watches those two shows for the witty, have-to-think-it-though writing.

These girls are beyond annoying. I'm 21, about the same age as Rory, and am well past the age group that the Aerie girls target, as is my mom, roomate, cousin, and everyone else I know that watches. These girls are annoying enough to where I'm darting out of the room the instant a commercial comes on to avoid them, and Gilmore Girls is my absolutely favorite show. I'm trying to get into Veronica Mars, but it's hard to do when I'm basically forced to leave during commercials. The more I hear the annoying twits on the commercial, the less I want to find out more about their product, so please stop shooting everyone in the foot and leave Tuesdays to the shows themselves.

Add me to the list of people who dislike the Aerie girls! I hit the mute button or go get a snack when they come on. I don't need someone telling me what the show I am watching means.

so sorry to break it to the CW and to American Eagle...but i have to agree with my fellow GG and VM fans on this one. down with the Aerie girls. i watch them and they are my age and to be quite honest, i feel a tad bit embarassed. i don't think that i am so brainless and whiny. let's get back to corporate ads where ppl try to get us to buy things we shouldn't plz...

BARF! i cannot stand the brown hair, bug eyed girl. these girls need an aerie bra stuffed in their throats so they can choke to death. i'll be happy to watch them then!

These girls are very annoying and don't really understand life yet. I wish they would go away.

I cannot stand those girls. I tune in to watch the Gilmore Girls...not a bunch of teenage nonsense.

they are so annoying! i dont need other people to dissect gilmore girls for me, i do it on my own without any help. they act and talk like they are in middle school and are just annoying. GET RID OF THEM!!!

the aerie girls are SOOOOO annoying...i turn the t.v. off as soon as i can to avoid hearing what they have to say 1. they have really bad opinions cause, well i don't agree with them at all 2. they are annoying (3. logan is amazing and they are wrong about the rory logan relationship)

These Aerie Fairies suck. But they actually are in college/ out of college, like Rory and Veronica. They seem pointless, and when I watch the show with friends we say, "I can't watch, it's those stupid aerie fairy girls..." I love American Eagle, but this is idiotic. The only good thing about it is that the stores will have clips of GG and VM playing on the TVs. What the CW should do is pick random people off the street (girls Lorelai, Rory, and Veronica's ages of course) and ask them what they think about the show, and have different people every week.

The Aerie girls are annoying. I'm 23, so it wasn't too long ago that I was a teenager, and even remembering these times I can't think of any reason people would find these segments interesting or entertaining. They are pointless and it makes me flip the channel (unfortunately I don't have tivo or dvr or I would fastforward). If someone is flipping through the channels these segments are going scare them away. The girls don't say anything worth hearing, and they don't have any screen presence either. It would be more interesting if you had AE pay the actors to talk about the episode with the AE logo in the background or something.

I hate the arie girls they're so annoying. I always disagree with what they are saying. Get rid of them i dont care about what they think!!!

ok, i'm sorry, but i watch the CW religiously every tuesday to watch 2 of my fave shows...GG and VMars..not to watch a bunch of girls sitting in random places talking about the shows

Please, get rid of these girls.

It appears they have never seen either of the shows before, change their opinions every other week, put down the best characters and praise the worst and just don't make sense.

It's insulting to the audience to put these idiots onscreen, just makes me more angry at the CW than i already am (cancelling Everwood, keeping 7th Heaven, etc.).

I, personally, plan NOT to go to AE until these Aerie Girls either die or get kicked off this network/fired.

Tip: never put teenagers on the air during shows that have an audience that mostly exceeds the age of 18.

They have zero relationship experience if they are willing to switch loyalties from L&L to L&C based on a few dates. Luke was there for Lorelai and Rory for 10 yaers.
The show's demographic cannot only be teenage girls.

The Aerie girls suck!!!!!
They are rude, and offer mean comments about the shows and they just tell us what they think for no aparant reason, and news flash-(NOBODY CARES!!!)

I'm not sure what the new CW thinks is doing. They should do away with them. Also whats up with the writers of Gilmore Girls, they really need to rethink there storyline, before they start to lose more of their weekly viewers.

I don't like them if they want to be on the show actually appear almost every second commercial otherwise they are just plain stupid


I hate the aerie girls. The things that they say are the most obvious pointless things ever and they drive me insane. I really think they need to go. They make me really angry every time their on. I dont see what their point is and i wish they would go. Everyone watching the show is intelligent enough to figure out the things that they are saying on their own.

Okay, well I may admit I love American Eagle and really am a huge fan of the Aerie line, but that doesn't mean I want my favorite hour of television, Gilmore Girls, to be disturbed by a bunch of girls sitting around in Aerie and discussing my show. They never really seem to know what they're talking about, and it just annoys me more than makes me want to buy the clothes. I mean they aren't really even showing off the Aerie brand, they're just sitting there talking about the show like they know the characters personally.

Hey Aerie girls, nobody cares what you have to say! So just stick to modeling the brand and leave the discussion to the true fans!

I think that the Aerie girls are so beyond annoying. Their language style and opinions are so fake and cliche it's sickening. I want them OFF.

well i kinda like them but then again i don't i would acctually like to do what they do like i would like to input in their conversations although i don't always agree with them.

they are soooo annoying. i really don't want to hear them dicuss the show during commercials...they are long enough!!

I thank GOD that I am in Canada and can switch to the Canadian station at 10pm to NOT watch them!! I'm sorry CW, I'm know you are trying to make your best of this but really .. Lorelei is 38 and Rory is now 22... (atleast the characters on the show are!) so having teenagers discuss the show seems kind of pointless to me. If you are going to have someone discussing their thoughts and opinions then how about the people who are closer in age range to Lorelei and Rory? Or just not have them at all and give us 10 more minutes of Gilmore Girls at the end!!

those girls are really annoying. most of thier opinions i don't even agree on. but it doesn't really matter because it looks as if they are TOLD WHAT TO SAY, which always irritates me. i usually end up fast forwarding them on my DVR.

I think they should go. They don't really say anything and they don't really understand the shows they are talking about. The segment is pointless.

Im glad that I have Tivo to fast forward throught them, it was definatly worth the money

omg I agree i can't stand them I mute the tv and wait till their done I can make my own commentary about the show I don't need to hear some ditsy ya yas do it. Get rid of them please for my sanity and I'm sure a lot others as well.

Omg i hate the aeries. They are like the stupidest girls ever. Why do we need to hear what they think? I think we as avid watchers of the shows can form our own conclusion. They are just grotesque and extremely annoying.

omg why would they dis the gilmore show during commercial it makes noooo sense, they really need to go, im protesting american eagle clothes until they cancel Aerie Girls!!!! join us in the protest

Make them go away!

That crap belongs on the cartoon network....wait...no...it just needs to go completely away.

I think the whole idea is completely pointless. I'd rather be watching commercials for diapers and shampoo than a bunch of teenage girls. I'm 15, the age this is supposed to be appealing to, but it just makes me mad. I dont want to hear about their own personal relationships and I deffinately dont care about their opinions on the show. I'm perfectly capable of coming up with my own opinions all by myself thank
you. Also, if anything, this makes me want to buy American Eagle pruducts less than I did before I saw the Aerie girls...and i already didnt like AE in the first place. I do, however, love
Gilmore Girls, and I wish they would stop doing things to ruin the show.

I love both American Eagle and Gilmore Girls and it's great that they're trying to merge the two and stuff like that, but the Aerie Girls are... weird. I don't understand the point of them if they sound like they do. Maybe if they sounded more realistic and enthusiastic about the topic, they wouldn't be so out of place.

I just fast-forward through the Aerie bits, so I didn't realize what I was missing! ;-) Yikes. If these ads for undies take away even more time that could actually be spent on the TV shows, that's pretty crummy.

i find the grouping of aerie american eagle and cw tuesday genius since many of the fans can relate to both the shows and clothing line, since bras and undies can be from the age group of 13 to even women in there thirties but the whole aerie girl concpet of girls relating there lifes to those of the characters is pointless. first of all i have only seen them talk twice and it has no relativatly to the clothing line. i saw revamp these girls.

I do have to say that they are sooo ANNOYING...they all almost always have the same opinion about the show...it would be better if they differed a little bit...but i'd say get rid of 'em.

I can't stand the Aeries! They whine and whine and whine! Their opinions of the episodes are dull and not very intuitive. Please for the love of ....get rid of them!

Please take them away!!!

I don't really see their purpose unless they are commenting throughout the show like just before the commercials.

*ugh* Please don't insult my intelligence! These Aerie girls are complete Aer-Heads (no pun intended)! I'm 29 years old. I could care less about the opinion of high school girls who know absolutely NOTHING about real relationships.

I think the Aeries girls are the most annoying thing ever!! I don't really care what they have to say...It's pretty pointless! I have been watching GG since it started and I think this is the biggest waste of air time I have ever seen!!! I don't think they are doing anything for AE...to be perfectly honest they almost make me want to walk right past the store!!!

I do not like these Aeries girls, as they may be nice sweet girls I do not really care for their opinions. I do not always agree with what their commets are and it could alienate some fans. And thank you for asking our feedback on them. I don't think it was a good idea to have their little chat fest about the shows.

They are highly annoying, and break the whole mood of the evening. They've GOT-TO-GO!!!
Down with them!

Most of the time I am glad that I have to tape The Gilmore Girls so that I can fast forward through the Aeries. When I am watching in real time, I try to use that time to do something else because it takes away from the show and its nonsense-- pointless nonesense at that.

The aerie girls are so annoying. Like they think they know all about relationships and blah blah blah. I do not get how that is even advertising. What are they advertising right now? Girls who are not the smartest wearing lacey undies from American eagle out fitters. that is what I get from it.

It might be interesting if the comments were insightful and not just about the fluffier aspects of the show. The viewers know that Logan streaking is awesome, we don't need someone else to tell us that. It's also really obvious that the conversations are scripted.

I find this truly annoying. If I really wanted opinions of these shows, I would ask my friends, not from a bunch of 14 year olds.

We get it, you gotta air them to get $$$ from those promotional people... The least you could do was either 1. show real fans who actually watch the show or 2. hire better actresses. No one is buying the scripted "opinions" these girls have about GG/VM. Plus isn't the target demo 18-34? Seems like you're aiming at a much younger demo.

I'm 14, and they just annoy the heck out of me. It's fake, stupid, and pointless. Please don't show them anymore.

Please kill the insulting, insipid comments dead. I don't mind something intelligent (a quick book club type moment) but making the audience feel as if they're too old for a fast paced, intelligent, cross-generational demoographic is a bad move. Honestly, being all of what six weeks old, you can't afford to alienate the viewers that are willing to give the network a shot. If they have to stay due to marketing contracts, then make it smart. Keep up with the shows. There is no reason to dumb down for an intelligent audience. If the viewers were interested in the "oooh! shiny!" factor, they wouldn't be watching your channel on Tuesdays.

I don't care what the aeirie girls do as long as Veronica Mars gets to stay.

Is the CW listening? Please quit insulting your audience!

the aerie girls are the most annoying people in the whole world. they are ruining GG and VM for me! PLEASE GET RID OF THEM!!!

Please get rid of them! Most people have said it before but they are just annoying! Majority of the viewers don't care what they have to say, since their conversations are just blah blah blah blah blah. We have more intelligent conversations here. During commerical breaks I hit the mute button and walk away because they annoy me so much, but then when i get back to the tv I already missed 7 minutes of the show. Grr. Just axe 'em already!
I'm 16.

I understand that you're trying for new ways of marketing, but the aerie girls just aren't what you're looking for, especially not for this night. One of the things that Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars have in common are that they are considered 'smart', by critics and fans alike. The aerie girls' banter is, quite frankly, dumb. They don't have any real insights into the show, but rather go on about how cute a male character is, or how they had relationship problems once. It's quite frankly silly, and when I try and convince a friend to watch either Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars with me, I find myself insisting 'no, ignore the commercial girls, the show is good, I swear it is'. The Aerie girls serve to alienate a good portion of the audience. I've watched Gilmore Girls since it came out, but when those Aerie spots began to air I started thinking 'am I too old for this show?'

Maybe if the Aerie girls were tweaked, it could be a succesful. If they had something valuable to say - actual plot or character insights, as opposed to 'omg Logan is so cute'. If you were to put it back with Veronica Mars, have them give their theories about the big mystery. It could be possible to save the segment, but at the moment it is skewing much younger and sillier than the shows' demographic.


While they're probably well intentioned, the aerie girls are annoying as hell and should be taken off tv asap. Their insipid conversations add absolutely nothing to either show, other than to annoy the viewer. Get rid of them!

I can't stand the Aerie Girls. I'm sure they're nice girls in real life and all, but their (scripted?) pointless babbling causes me to change the channel every break. Instead of adding to the show, they detract from anything of weight.

There's nothing as trivial as a story about a girl's rape intermixed with girls asking how much the lead male works out.

I think they should fall off a cliff..they don't know what they're talking about most of the time..why are they on there?..why should someone be aired to break apart a great tv show like gilmore girls?..i think they're stupid and pointless..

They are not what you want if you want us to pay attention during commercial breaks. I will TiVo tuesday's so I can ff through THEM in particular.

Their conversations are INSIPID. And I can tell you this after having listened to aprox. 4 seconds of the commercials. You may not be able to remove-- contracts and money and all, but just know that they really, truly accomplish nothing.

Throw them off the face of the earth.
No one loves them, as you can tell.
I'm 14, and I have zero interest on what they have to say. It's obviously all scripted too. Just make them go away. =(

Aerie Girls are the reason I change the channel during commercials!

The girls are pointless!

plus...they support Lorelai they support Lorelai and Christopher and they said that Christopher is changing!!!

PSSHHH YAH RIGHT! i hate their opinions!

I love American Eagle and all, but...

Aerie girls= DUMB.

I don't care about random girls who I don't know and their opinions on Veronica Mars (I only watch VM on Tuesday's. Sorry GG, you just never appealed to me).

Get rid of Aerie girls, please!

I'm in high school and I dont even care about what the aerie girls have to say...they are so boring and pointless, the nly reason they are there is so aeire has an exuse to show their commercial every single commercial break

One word: HATE.

The aerie girls dumb down two of the smartest shows on television. Axe them.

dumb. worthless. they have given me an eye-rolling tic that makes me look crazy all the time. my dog once watched the aerie girls with me, and now he looks at me differently- less respectfully. the scores have fallen on my standardized tests, as well as anyone testing in my immediate radius, after having watched the aerie girls prattling on retardedly. the aerie girls are making everyone dumber. please, make it stop.

I can't slam on the Aerie girls, because I *love* anyone who sponsors my two favorite shows, GG and VM! That said, I agree with the posters who say that having such lame and superficial chat is really not a great fit for these two shows. Both VM and GG are fast-faced, insightful & witty, and so far, the Aerie Girls have been...anything but.

COMPLETELY ANNOYING. You're going to lose any prospective male viewers out there, not to meantion the shows lose credibility.

I hate the Aerie girls with a passion. I turn the TV on mute and go in the other room because I can't stand to listen to their drivel, or even look at them.

They are completely obnoxious and they degrade otherwise quality shows.

I'm 25.

I was never happier with the CW than I was when I realized the aerie girls were no longer featured after Veronica Mars.

I can see the connection a bit more for Gilmore Girls (talky girls!) but the quick, smart dialogue of both shows contrasted with the aerie girls in a really unfavorable way.

Throw in some aerie advertising! Whatevs. But really, "Oh my god, Logan was naked!" is not the kind of post-show commentary that even 13-year-olds appreciate.

HATE. I'm all for clever marketing ideas, but the Aerie girls are neither clever nor do they successfully market anything expect vapid stupidity. I change the channel so I don't have to watch. They make the shows look dumb and the audience feel dumb. I'd say that's lose-lose.

Oh, it's annoying and I'm still in high school. I come to watch Veronica Mars, not hear some people I don't even know basically recap the episode I'm watching. It's not as though their opinions are original in any way. Please, make them stop.

In one word? Annoying.

I'm 22 and have no longing to reminisce over high school days of old. I've always equated my high school experience with Buffy's- it was hell, and I'd only go back if the world was about to end.

I'm glad that the Aerie Girls presence has all but evaporated in my area. Honestly, the way the discussions were cut to focus in on relationship related soundbites made the girls sound inane and made me embarassed to watch GG and VM with my husband. I don't object in principle to round table discussions, but make them interesting and smart - don't talk down to the viewers. And stick to the shows.

We're not all 12 year-old girls, so please don't treat us that way with your advertising.

I love American Eagle products, especially their underwear. In fact, I promote the comfort of AE underwear. I also do honestly appreciate the dicussion that the CW and American Eagle tries to promote about my #1 (Veronica Mars) and #2 (Gilmore Girls) shows. What I really, really dislike is how unintelligent and annoying the Aerie girls come off and it honestly makes me change the channel when they come on and then change back when they're gone.

I think the Aerie girls are a very unwise marketing decision. How can something so obviously targeted at (young!) teen girls have broad appeal? Didn't it occur to them that this was likely to alienate older viewers, and do more harm than good? There are certainly more effective ways to promote American Eagle and the shows.

Those aerie girls should be called the "airhead girls". They are the worst thing yet for the CW. What are they thinking at the CW? Get them off the air just as soon as possible. Get rid of them please!

Aerie Girls=STUPID.

My husband and I watch Gilmore Girls, then I watch Veronica Mars. We're both almost 30 years old. In addition, everyone we know who watches these shows is in the 25+ demographic.

I DO NOT CARE about these silly Aerie Girls.

The CW should've thought of something less annoying, boring and stupid.

Please get rid of them. They alienate everyone outside of the teen-girl demographic, and given that the target demo for the GG/VM night is supposedly women 18-34, I don't see how adolescent girls with zero insight are supposed to connect with the viewers.

The Aerie girls have got to go. They make me feel dumb and I am a smart 19 year old college student. No love for the Aerie girls, CW, no love.

um....GET RID OF IT!! its pointless. i dont need the girls telling me whats happening in the show...IM WATCHING IT!

okay, I get what the network is trying to do, but these girls only seem to say four lines the whole night and to me, that makes it sort of pointless. It they wanted to make it real comments, then lets see them actually talk about it for more than 25 seconds. However, I think it's best to just make this aerie thing something of a wrap up show on Saturday mornings. Go a head, call it aerie saturdays and have the girls talk about all the cw shows. "Wrapping up the week" Show clips, let them talk, let them wear clothes from American Eagle outfitter. But having them say so little winds up making it sensless and making them say more.....that would bite into the show too much. Take the saturday idea and run with it. (p.s Pinoy- you're probably right about them making very little) take care everyone!

The Aerie line is actually pretty nice, but those spots do nothing but annoy me! I'm not teenaged and hearing them prattle on about their 'experience' with the various storylines just annoys me. Veronica Mars has a college age appeal and Gilmore Girls has a lot of older viewers. The Aerie spots do nothing but alienate a large portion of both shows audience.

I'm wearing an Aerie bra right now. It's an excellent line of clothing. Do the Aerie girls do anything to promote it? No. Not at all. Airing actual commercials for the line and how comfortable and well designed it is would be more effective than those mouthy teens.

It's great that American Eagle is a sponsor. I'd just like a better way that then Aerie girls. I know once Veronica's messenger bag was found to be sold there, you couldn't find it anywhere.

The Aerie girl's "brand of insight" isn't all that insightful and it also turns off the non-perv male viewers. It just feels like I walked in on my 13 year old sister's sleepover.

I know several friends who used to watch the CW Tuesday (and WB Tuesday) but have stopped because the Aerie girls are so irritating to listen to. Sometimes they tape the show, but the CW doesn't care about taping...they want the actual live ratings - which the Aerie's are not helping. If I were one of those A girls I'd be humiliated to walk on this earth! I bet they only make $20 per episode too!

By doing this Aerie crap, the CW is trying to make their Tuesday lineup seem like the most popular thing girls can do on those nights. Even my female friends want to vomit after watching them...it's useless. The CW thinks the Aerie girls are going to spark watercooler talk about these 2 shows? Maybe GG a little, but VM - all I'm gonna say is look at its ratings over the last 26 months and tell me it's a popular show!

The Aeries are useless.

Oh, lord, I HATE the Aerie Girls. Dump them.

remove them..they serve no purpose....

plain and simple

Please, for the love of God, get rid of the Aeries! I'm 42, a huge Gilmore AND Veronica fan, and I feel about 90 after I watch that. I understand that this is a network that targets that age group, but come on... don't alienate the older fans!

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