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Supernatural: A Place for the Obsessed

We like to think we’re pretty knowledgeable about the Supernatural universe. We can rattle off the types of beasties the boys have taken out, identify the various people they’ve saved (or failed to save), and present a thoughtful critique on the proper method of salting and burning bones. Plus, all things Winchester have bled over into our regular lives: We’ve got 169 songs on our Mullet Rock playlist. We keep up with the antics of the Plastic!Winchesters. We have seriously considered keeping a bag of rock salt in easy reach of the desk – just incase.

But every once in a while, we get stumped. What was that song on the jukebox? Who wrote that one episode with the tulpa? How do the boys fit all of their belongings into one little duffle bag apiece? When questions like these arise, we know exactly where to go: Super Wiki, an encyclopedic look at the world of Supernatural put together and maintained by fans.

These people are – and understand, we mean this in the best possible way, and we say it with more than a fair bit of awe – completely insane. They’ve collected and dissected nearly every aspect of the show, the behind-the-scenes world, and the fan community, and laid it out in stunning detail. You have a question about something related to Supernatural? Most likely, someone on Super Wiki has answered it.

While we appreciate Super Wiki for the big-picture items – who wrote what, what happened in what episode, that sort of thing – it’s the completely random pages that captivate us. As an example, consider the Laundry Lists. Not only has someone painstakingly written down every article of clothing that various Winchesters have ever worn, they’ve also calculated the odds – with pie charts! -- of a particular shirt or jacket being worn. They’ve even contemplated how often the guys would have to visit the Laundromat – presumably so they can stake out likely washing establishments on the off-chance that the guys would show up with a load of whites.

Or take a look at the Dudemeter – another exercise in statistical madness that shows how often Sam and Dean say “Dude,” who is more likely to pick a lock or shoot a gun, and just who gets to call Sam “Sammy.”

So check out the Super Wiki while you’re waiting for a new episode. Be warned: it’s an enormous time-suck, but we guarantee you’ll find some new fact or facet to entertain you.


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hey, love the {mini movies} yall are great actors. i almost forget yall aint really brothers{lol} i hope yall are in this for the long hall b/c i would hate to finally get a show that i love and it go away,i don't watch much t.v only on my SUPERNATURAL nights. my momma also loved the show and she passed here not too long ago,i also saved to get the 1st season and i finally got it I LOVED IT then it got stollen with all my movies but ya know they couldv'e kept all if only they left my supernatural! i guess i'll just have to forgive them and save for another.well anyway thanks for 2 great seasons i hope there will be more to come {can't wait until #3 your supernatural fan racheal knighten

Super-wiki is the best! I go there for all my info on the boys, their eps, and yes even the laundry list! Great job, Super-wiki!

Yay, finally someone mentioned the Laundry List. My sister is the one who writes that out and I can tell you she's put a lot of work into that. She totally deserves some recognition for an amazing piece of work. And considering she sucks at math, thats saying a lot. Love ya Charlee!

WHOA!!! I never knew about the "laundry-list"!!! that's a-freaking-mazing!!!
sorry, i'm an aspiring costume designer, hence the geekier joy....awesome!!! and thanks!

Hi Guys,
I had the awesome opportunity of visiting the set last week. Check out the story. I'll be posting more all week. Thanks!

Yay! Thanks for linking to my baby. I'm glad you like it :)

- Hope (Super-wiki Admin)

Kay: "the list of girls who beat Dean up, how and how many times"

OK, where's that? I haven't stumbled upon that yet. URL, please!

Wow who ever worked on that laundry list deserves some major props! and those pie charts too! i think some people got Excel happy

I love sn! Keep it coming!

The only thing this fandom lacks is constraint.
And that's meant completely as an endearment and a compliment.

...but Supernatural's just too damn nice not to obsess and flail about, pick to pieces...;)

You forgot the list of girls who beat Dean up, how and how many times! That's got to be the best of them all, though Clex's laundry list is awesome.

I remember watching that site grow from a little livejournal post. Who would've thought it would go that far? The Super-Wiki is hands down the best source for SPN canon information. Thanks for drawing attention to their hard work!

Super-Wiki and the Harry Potter Lexicon are the best fansites ever. I dare you to find a reality show that inspires that level of devotion. ;)

Thanks, I didn't know about this.
I'm gonna check it out now, I love Supernatural!

Gotta love the pie charts. The laundry lists rock my (clean and not at all evil or scheming) socks.

Super-Wiki RULES! I love that site, and yes, including the laundry lists!

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