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Supernatural: Naked Sam -- and Werewolves!

We have so much love – and more than a little lust – for this episode. We’ll get to the well-reasoned commentary in a minute, but first, we have to get something out of our system…

Omig0dz Sammy was nekkid and h0t!!1!! And then he… and then they… and and and…. Squeeeee!

Right. Sorry. It had to be said.

We’ve always loved werewolf stories --- there’s just something so delightfully shivery about the thought of a kind, rational person being turned into an unthinking monster by forces beyond his or her control. We loved how they brought out the feeling of helplessness and fear a werewolf implies, and liked the secondary evidence of the beast – the lines gouged out of the walls, the broken glass and blood, and, of course, the heart-free corpses. But was anyone else somewhat disappointed in the makeup and effects for the werewolves themselves? Seriously, they looked like people in need of manicures and cosmetic dentistry, not slavering wolf-beasts. Oh well.

We also loved how light-hearted this episode was at first. Detectives Landis and Dante – hee! (For the uninitiated, they were behind “The Howling” and “An American Werewolf in London.” If you haven’t seen them, get thee to thy Netflix queue.) Then there was Dean’s excitement at going after a real iconic beastie – one that they already knew how to kill. And Sam getting wrapped up in “All My Children?" Bliss. And oh, oh! the rock-paper-scissors match to see who would stay with the hot girl rather than track down the monster? And Dean pulling scissors a second time, even after Sam called him on always pulling scissors? We’re still laughing.

And then…. things turned. (Much like werewolves themselves, we guess.) It went from a sort of breezy little story (with gore) to a grand maelstrom of angst. Oh, poor Sam as he realized this cute girl he liked was actually the monster. And it just got worse – the guys did everything they could to save her, and it wasn’t enough. That last, horrible, heartbreaking scene, where Madison begs Sam to “save” her by stopping the monster once and for all… when she asks Sam to be the one to pull the trigger… when Dean tries to spare him from that duty… and when Sam finally, weeping, takes the gun to kill this woman he liked, maybe one day could have loved… we’re getting teary again just thinking about it. All three of the actors totally blew us away in that scene.

And we can’t help but think this will – or should – have ramifications down the road. What do you think will be the outcome? Finally, Sam got a feel for what he’s been doing to Dean, asking him to pull the trigger to stop him from going bad. Will this make him stop asking? Or will he give up hope now that Madison equated “saving” with killing? Will Dean ever admit defeat with Sam, like he did with Madison?

Finally, we’re also more than a little worried about Sam’s psyche when it comes to sex. Let’s see, one girlfriend gets toasted on the ceiling, then the next woman he does the bouncy bouncy with (and ooooooh, the hotness) turns monster and has to be killed? We’re thinking it will be a while before Sam gets physical with anyone else again. We’d offer to help cure him of his potential neuroses in this regard, but to be honest, we’re a bit afraid we’d end up zombified or absorbed by the Blob or set upon by malevolent demonic weasels.

So: What did you think? Did you like their take on the werewolf myth? Did guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier impress the hell out of you? What were your favorite lines? What are the potential ramifications of Sam pulling the trigger on Madison? Or are you still too busy drooling over naked Sam to process anything else? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Very late late posting in regards to an episode in Season 2 but I became a fan half way through this year so forgive me.

The final scene of "Heart" was amazing, especially Jensen flinching when the gun went off. But other than that, I think it wasn't one of the best episodes of Supernatural. It felt like the sex scene was forced into the storyline(considering sam only knew madison for 3 days! not a lot of time there).

With this show, romance really kills the story and it's probably because the audience expects it to be about the brothers and them fighting against the supernatural.

i love all episodes of both seasons,i pray for season 3.both guys are hot stuff.

IT Is fuNny seeIng Dean get emotional hee hee and lose rps vs. Sam whyd he pick scissors again?? there should be a vampire,werewolf,demon episode someday....

Did I come off bitchy or what?

BDGravity: ok this wasn't the right time to rant in excess. I'm frustrated because I feel this season would have been better off with out Jo. This has been my one big disappointment with SN.

When I wrote 'toning down the hunting urge' I meant that old-Jo would have followed Dean instead of listening to him. And demanding answers from Dean isn't stupid considering everything that SamDemon had done and said. As for wanting to find Sam, that's not so crazy either in that situation. I was never a big fan of Jo and I think Dean/Jo wouldn't have worked. However, I like this new Jo. The change in clothes, hairstyle, maturity, respect complimanted her age; it wasn't like watching a child next to Dean. That's what I meant when I said they looked better together. Alona Tal is a great actress, watch her on Cold Case. CSI or Veronica Mars, and I think serving in the Isreali army qualifies her to play tough. I wouldn't made Jo dropping by every once in a while, the brothers' need some friends.

By the way, I love Jared. I think he's a great actor. And I've heard from very relaible sources that he happens to be an awesome guy. Sam has really grown on me since the start of the show. I don't mind a Sam-centered episode and I really did like the plot idea, I just have issues with the writting.

I have to ask: is it really essential to post twice on how much you hate Jo because of one sentence that really wasn't meant to be about Jo in the first place? I'm sorry if this seems mean. I'm just really tired of the constant bashing of Jo, and by default the poster, everytime someone mentions something remotely postive about her. For those who just thought she seemed to young, they matured her. For those that hated the schoolgirl crushing, they stopped it. For those who hated the gungho hunting, they made her stay behind. For those who hated her as a love-interest, that's out the picture. Sometimes you just don't like a character, that's the truth, but to say she hasn't improved at all seems a little extreme in the hating.

I have three things to rant about:

1) My rant on those that have been dissing Jared's talent: Jared's performance was so amazingly spectacular in BUABS that I think some SN fans have raised their expectations of him and put him on a pedestal. Both JP and JA work their asses off and deserve respect for their efforts.

2) To all those who think there has been too much “Sam” focus in the last two episodes: Would you rather have another Jo-centric episode like (gag) “No Exit”? It's not like Dean's appearance has disappeared. Yes, sometimes Jared may get a little more screen time, but then again sometimes Jensen does too.

3) Sorry, I must continue my Jo-hate ranting in regards to BUABS.

Right after Dean cut Jo free she tried to stop him twice.
Here’s a quick recap of the BUABS scene in Pub after Sam darts through the window:

Dean cuts Jo’s wrists free with knife and starts after Sam.
Jo stands up and says to Dean “He was possessed?!”
Dean stops, turns, looks at Jo then continues after Sam.
Jo says forcefully “DEAN!”
Dean ignores her and remains focused on Sam.

Honestly, the thought that ran through my mind was this: “Bitch, let him go after his brother damnit!”

I guess she thought Sam being possessed by a demon shouldn’t have been as important to Dean as she should be.

The fact that TPTB had to resort to one of the main characters mentally torturing Jo in order to gain some sympathy for the character flashed a red flag that this character still is not working.

Ok. Got it all out. I'm done now.

"when they toned down Jo in BUABS (stopping the must hunt now urge and showing Dean respect) Dean and her looked a lot better together."

Are you kidding me? She forced Dean to resort to treating her like a child by putting his foot down and telling her "this is MY fight". Just because "Meg" used Jo as bait, Jo thought "she was in" the fight too. Jo's selfishness and immaturity shined through during BUABS. The biggest problem I have with her is that she lives under this delusion that she is a hunter like her father. What she doesn't realize is this: she's too inexperienced to be on a hunt. In No Exit she almost got herself killed. Instead of continuing hunting, Dean had to stop and save her lousy ass first. Dean should have sent her home before Ellen called. In BUABS we see that Dean learned from his mistake. She obviously didn't.

IMO: Jo is more of a danger to "REAL" hunters than demons are. If she was included on a hunt, the "hunter" would have to focus more on her than the hunt. She would have to be protected like an "innocent".

I wish Kripke would kill her off already. I have absolutely no desire to see this character return.

I'm really surprised so many people are loving this episode; I had a hard time watching it at certain points. To start with the positive: I loved the werewolves' aspect (going back to the classics), Dean and Sam acting like brothers, Dean's reaction to the shot. But that's about all the positives I have.

My biggest problem was with Madison. I like the actress fine, but the character really wasn't interesting. Madsion was a Mary-Sue. Everything about her was perfect: she was smart, clever, pretty, and independent. Her and Sam just had soo much in common. Maybe this would have been okay if her and Sam had any kind of chemistry, but they didn't. I just couldn't care about her. But I didn't actively dislike her until the end. Sam has tied her up, accused her of being a monster, scared the crap out of her and yet the first thing she does is jump into bed with him when she's in the 'clear'? And then when she finds out she is that monster instead of killing herself she asks the guy she knows cares about her to do it. Now I can understand it being difficult to kill yourself and not having the guts to do it, but why doesn't she just ask Dean to do it? Try and spare Sam some heartache girl.

Another problem I had was the sex scene. I know, what straight girl has a problem with naked Sam, but it wasn't Sam that bugged me. It was just funny. Everything was romantic and desperate, but animalistic at the same time. It was skin and posing, nothing came across as true.

The acting bugged me too. Not Jensen; he was perfect as Dean. I love how understated he played the part. Him flinching at the shot effected me more then anything. Sam/Jared was just to over-the-top for a girl he had met three days ago. If it was Jess I would completely understand, but Madison? I know that more factors come into with Sam's own situation, but I changed the channel.

I want Night Shift and Born Under a Bad Sign back. Heart was just bad to me.

This is rather off topic, but does any one else notice a theme with the love interests on this show? The writers made Madsion and Sam alike the same why they tried to do with Jo and Dean. It doesn't really work. I thought the writers were starting to get that: Sam's chemistry with Ava and when they toned down Jo in BUABS (stopping the must hunt now urge and showing Dean respect) Dean and her looked a lot better together.

I know I've posted but there's something else I want to comment on.

Quote: "I have to say I am a bit sick of all the Sam focas and Sam destiny focas and I would Like to see more of Dean and some Dean centric episodes for a while."

"Heart" was a Sam focus episode? Didn't notice. Ask yourself these questions:

Why do you think the focus was on Dean at the end of "Heart"? Why do you think it wasn't important to visually show Sam killing Madison?

This episode focused on the mytharc roles of both Sam and Dean.

Mytharc roles: So far, it seems Sam has more of a YED victim role and Dean has the protector/savior/hero role. Which do you think is more important?

What has been clear since the beginning: Supernatural is about the destiny of two brothers.

great ep that i've seen but i cant get the song that was playing at the end out of my head need to know who sings it and name of song

I want to watch it again it made me cry

Not every attraction is obvious.

I liked the unspoken attraction between Sam and Madison. Madison notices that Sam is nervous, she responds in a flirty/teasing way by folding her undies in front of him. This was her way of reciprocating the vibe Sam was giving off.

You see, at first, Sam was attracted to Madison but was unsure if she was attracted to him, so it was up to her to make the first move on a man who was watching over her and trying to be her savior.

Now go back:
Lori, a preachers daughter whom Sam was watching over, made the move on Sam. Because it was too soon after Jess's death, Sam ended the kiss.

Sarah made her attraction to Sam known immediately, brought it up in conversation and respectfully left it up to Sam to make a move.

Ava, be reminded, was engaged to be married. Yes the actors had onscreen chemistry, but Ava was not a romantic interest. Sam cared about her in a friendly way.

I know some fans are not too keen on romantic interests for Sam and Dean. There would be a hole without a sense of romance for these two twenty-something men. There have only been two sex scenes - one for each. The writers are not overdoing the romance. So far, the only romatic issue I've had is with the Dean/Jo pairing because it was too juvenille/highschoolish. I've come to realize the episodes with Jo flow better when I fast forward through the Dean/Jo mumbo jumbo.

By anonymous: "To me Madison seemed more like Dean's type."

In an interview Sera Gamble gave, they originally toyed with the idea of making this a Dean sex scene. But there was an issue: Dean has no problem having emotionless sex.

Think about how utterly unemotional and dull the ending would be if Dean had to shoot a werewolf that he had sex with? Another problem...would Dean knowingly have sex with a supernatural creature even if he thought she was cured?

A link to the interview can be found at www.supernatural.tv

[quote] "Gosh, JustMe, I'm sure you'd be perfectly stoic if you had to blow someone's brains out. Madison wasn't right for Sam because she was too "sexually aggressive"? Is this the 1950s? She was a perfectly lovely woman who made the first move. We have no idea how Jessica was with Sam. She may have decided he was the finest man she ever met and jumped his bones during their first date--and that's okay. It doesn't make them bad women."[/quote]

Heh! burgundy12 I suppose I came off sounding more prudish than I intended. In fact I quite liked Madison as a character and the episode as a whole.

But the point I meant to make was that I didn't feel like Madison found Sam uniquely attractive. And no I'm not calling her skanky or anything like that. It's just that it struck me right from her first scene with the boys that she didn't seem particularly interested in Sam over Dean or even the casserole guy for that matter. So when she dumped her underwear in front of him, she seemed to be teasing him like she would any cute, shy guy sitting at her kitchen table rather because there was any burning attraction on her side.

I felt like if Dean had won rock/paper/scissors she would have done the exact same thing to him and the story would have essentially played out the same way except that Dean would have gotten to the shagging much faster.;) Of course once the whole werewolf thing came out there was definitely a connection, but again it seemed to me like it was born of the circumstances rather than any unique interest in Sam.

Now this isn't really a big deal except that Sam was so obviously taken with her so the relationship just felt lop-sided to me. Maybe he was just responding to her wolfie pheremones or something, but if that was the case, I needed a clearer indication than just the whole any guy would want her routine. That doesn't work for me because Sam is not just any guy. This is the first woman that he's really pursued since Jessica so I needed more than she's an incredibly hot, sexually confident chick, of course he wants her.

As I also mentioned in my earlier post, Jessica, Sarah, Ava and even the damsel in Hookman all seemed to have a certain sweetness and innocence about them that Madison lacked. Like they hadn't been touched by the kind of darkness that Sam wants to leave behind and that may have been part of the attraction for him. (And yes I know they have all been exposed to the supernatural but I'm being figurative rather than literal.)

I didn't dislike the character at all, I just didn't really get why Sam, in particular, was so taken with her. To me Madison seemed more like Dean's type.

And no I'm not saying I wanted this to be a Dean -romance, I'm just saying that they needed to make the attraction between Sam and Madison less circumstantial (something they managed nicely with Sarah) especially considering what a milestone this was for Sam how it led up to all the soggy angst at the end of the episode.

Great job on everything...you just can't complain about this show. i love how this show is so different then the other love triangle shows. and what you don't expect to see you definatly see i think that so amazing i very much hope to see this show for a long time i think the CW needs it...something different

OMG. I absolutely loved this episode!! Each moment built up to the sound of the gunshot and Dean's flinch and tear. I cried for both Sam and Dean although I can't get into the details for the tears will start again.

So the Werewolf makeup was simple...I'm glad SN didn't go the same route as others with this creature. Was the all-over-body-hair overly done typical werewolf idea needed? Not in my book.

"I did Not buy That Sam would be this over the top for some chick he knew all of 3 days"

The way I see it is that Sam knowingly had a one-night-stand. It's about time he rebounded from Jess. He's a twenty-three year old man with sexual urges. Think about how long it's been since he's had sex. He was physically attracted to Madison and she to him. Women don't bring out their underwear in front of a man for no reason. Also, it doesn't take 3 days for a man to figure out he is attracted to a woman, it takes one look. With his sexual inhibition, I'm surprised it wasn't him who made the first move. Another thing, Sam didn't fall for her. Why do you think Sam was able to pull the trigger? If he truly had fallen for Madison, do you honestly think he would have been able to go through with it?

It's apparent that we're supposed to see a parallel between Sam shooting Madison and Dean possibly having to kill Sam. Dean is Sam's brother: he raised, protects and loves him. Madison is someone Sam knew for a few days. There is no emotional parallel. Was this a seed planted once again by the writing team and Kripke to make us believe something is going to happen but really isn't, so they can shock us later?

Over the top Sam?:
Yes, men can get sucked into a soap opera. I've seen it happen - a few times
His flirting? The dude was nervous. Give him a break.
Sam's sensitivity and emotional state: this is part of the character that keeps him separate and different from Dean which was executed beautifully in this episode.

Something to ponder:
There was another reference to Sam praying in this episode and it made me wonder. At some point, will Dean, when he feels all hope for Sam may be lost, turn to god and begin praying for Sam?

IMO: Both Jared and Jensen were fabulous in this episode.

Bardic: Do you have a link to the ratings you mentioned?

Re: The fist pump and Dean being Sam's "pimp" -- that didn't bother me at all, because it's been well established that Dean is all about using sex as tension release, as a way to take his mind off things, heck, even as a way to pass the time. For the most part, to Dean, sex is supposed to be meaningless fun, and he doesn't understand why Sam doesn't think that way.

In his opinion, Sam's unwillingness to hit on girls, his discomfort with Dean's sex life, even his squeamishness about porn, all meant that Sam was forgoing a sort of useful tool that could help him. In short, Dean was of the opinion that Sam desperately needed to get laid. And he's a dork enough that he wanted to show his approval for it happening -- hence the fist pump.

Of course, that encouragement is going to come back and bite him in the butt, since Sam is going to be even more scared for life about sex now -- he's predisposed to thinking it's all his fault, and now, with him having to shoot Madison? I'd be surprised if he didn't immediately go out and buy himself a chastity belt.

I thought it was a great episode. The angst, for both brothers was amazing.

And as for those Dean fans who are upset over the Sam focus, now you know what we were feeling in the first half of the season. I understand why they split it up as Dean first, Sam second, but I wish it would have been more balanced from the start.... make everybody get along better=p

Good comments Kelsey! Yes, each thread ties into something earlier. I too caught the significance of Sam saying "I pray." Also, as you said, he really freaks out about everyone around him dying and in this case, the first woman he is with since Jessica died, he has to kill. Sammy will never be the same and the pressure on Dean keeps building as well. I'm terrified of what the season finale will bring. Please CW, keep this show going!

This episode was wonderful. It was so multi-layered. Sam finally decided to let go of Jess, knowing that she would not want him to remain a monk all of his life. I loved Madison and thought that she would have been good for Sam. Maybe they wouldn't have stayed together but she had many qualities that obviously attracted him and would have helped him move on.

I think the reason he clung so desperately to her once he found out she didn't know she was a werewolf was because as he said, he knew what it was like to be both possessed by something evil and to know that in the future he might hurt someone he loves, mainly Dean. His frantic efforts to save Madison were all mixed up with his frantic efforts to save himself.

The last five minutes were absolutely devastating. Sam said to Sarah in Provenance that he would never open himself up to pain again and here he was overflowing with it. As was Dean. As many have stated, Madison's request let Sam know just what he is asking of Dean. Sam had to shoot and kill an innocent woman who was possessed by evil. How much worse for Dean who may have to shoot and kill his brother whom he has protected all of his life. By offering to shoot Madison himself, as hard as that would be, Dean once again tried to throw himself on the sword to save Sam. This time Sam wouldn't let him. His heart was breaking for Sam and for himself. He knows that may be him someday. What agony for all of them. Dean's tear and his jump when the gun went off said it all.

The acting, writing, and directing were absolutely beautiful in this episode. It took me a good while to recover from those last five minutes. Way to go Jared and Jensen.

I lovelovelove this episode. Yeah, more angst, but I love it. =]

So first off: I'm a little torn about the whole werewolf costume thing. On one hand, I'm really glad they kept it simple. I don't think the traditional werewolf costumes would have worked too well seeing as it would have looked incredibly lame. On the other hand, though, I kinda wish they did a little bit more with the costumes. Oh, well. At least it wasn't completely over-the-top cheese-tastic.

Show, I love you. You want to know why? Because every little tiny detail is in character and can be traced to previous episodes. I loved it when Sam said, "I pray that it doesn't come to that" or whatever he said when Madison was tied up. The main point is that he said "I pray." I. Love. That. 1) It shows continuity from HotH. 2) It is totally and completely in character. If that was Dean, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have said "I hope" instead of "I pray." Again: show, I love you.

Another reason why I love this show: I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe one minute(rock, paper, scissors...Dean at the strip club...), and then squeeing soo hard at Sam's amazingness in "the scene" (you all know the scene I'm talking about....yeah, that one ;] ), and then sobbing uncontrolably...ALL IN ONE HOUR! That has never, EVER happened before (outside of Supernatural, of course). Not to mention that I've only cried during two movies in my life and yet I've cried during at least four Supernatural episodes.

As for Sam being "over emotional," I can see where people are coming from, but I could not disagree with that more. Think of how screwed up Sam must be because of this happening. It seems like everyone around him that he's ever loved or liked has died (except Dean who has had more than his share of close calls). I think he wasn't only crying because of Madison, but also because of how screwed up his life is. Plus, I hope Sam now realizes just how impossible Dean's situation is. Sam has known Madison for a few days and is emotionally torn up by having to kill her. Imagine what Dean must be feeling, whose job his entire life was basically to look out for Sam. Maybe now Sam can lay off of Dean for a little because he knows how hard it is. (Although, to play Devil's Advocate with myself, he could also be showing Dean that if Sam could do it then Dean has to do it. He made it very clear that he had to kill Madison because she asked him to and she wouldn't want anyone else to do it.)

Which brings me to Dean. Oh, Dean. He kills me every week. He loves Sammy sooo much, its just ADORABLE! Which reminds me...I totally thought this episode was going to be the episode where we finally got some brother hugging. But no. I was wrong. ='[

J2, you blew me away this week, as always. This show would not be half as good as it is without you guys.

I enjoyed the episode overall but there a couple of things that caught at my suspension of disbelief.
I didn't like the look of the werewolves, the makeup was not NEARLY as convincing as it could have been. I also felt the timing of Sam and Madison's hookup was off.
I didn't enjoy Jared's performance either in his interactions with Madison. Far too much with the facial titchiness.(It worked with Molly, it doesn't work here.)
Jensen was good..his performances are less patchy than Jared's.
The last minute or two were an excellent tie in to the "Sam turning evil" arc. Dean hearing in the mercy shot that kills Madison, the future shot that he may have to give Sam.

Oh, yeah, the first ramification i thought of, right after the show ended, was, his father comes back and clarifies the 'ending of the bloodline' Telling them they hadn't killed the 'main wolf' and if they had, the line would have broken and she would have been saved! OH, the pain of that for Sammy. This ep was awesome. The only problem I've ever had with this show is that the lighting is always so dark it's hard to make everything out! We know, it's mostly all at night, but come on....we still have to see what's going on!!!!

Gosh, JustMe, I'm sure you'd be perfectly stoic if you had to blow someone's brains out. Madison wasn't right for Sam because she was too "sexually aggressive"? Is this the 1950s? She was a perfectly lovely woman who made the first move. We have no idea how Jessica was with Sam. She may have decided he was the finest man she ever met and jumped his bones during their first date--and that's okay. It doesn't make them bad women.

Loved the episode but Dean was off in some scenes and all. Jaed did a good job acting. :) I think EV is better at being evil like in oth.

Come on! The problem was not Jared over the top or whatever, you silly Deangirls!
It was the extreme boring and lame romance crappy story!
That's why so many shows are lame, because romance sucks.
This was the "Sammy gets laid" episode, but who cares who gets laid, this is no freaking soap!
Like Sam is some 14 years old virgin, WTF???
Let them have sex off camera and show us the real good stories.

Worst thing of the episode?
Dean fist pump, that was so embarassing!
Stop with Dean being Sam's pimp please!

Great episode I thought, and another hint of things to come for Dean and Sam. I think it's leading to a similiar decision for the brothers in the finale and I can't wait for it. And yes, Sam was gorgeous as ever in this episode.

"Sam was too over the top and emo for me. I mean between the cringe worthy flirting and the Wacthing Soaps and insisting on going to Disney Land and wanting to settle it with RPS. So lame and to sensitive Sammy for my taste."

Yeah that was some fine over-acting by Jared. I found the same thing with Roadkill. I guess Tall Tales Sam wasn't much of an exaggeration after all.

I also didn't really buy Madison as a love-interest for Sam but that's more about the character than the actress. She came across a bit too hard or maybe just too sexually aggressive. Jessica, Sarah and even Ava, all had a certain sweetness and innocence to them that Madison definitely lacked so I didn't really get Sam's attraction to her despite Jared's excessively hard work trying to sell it.

As you say, Dean really saved this episode for me too. Jensen really does make it all look so effortless.

wow......wa.....wa....ummmm ,ya ok i can speak now ,that episode was wow ,Sam ,Dean ,Madison!it was all very good,very good .OH and with sam's destiny and Dean having to...i think his sam destiny won't be for awhile so....let's HOPE that Dean can keep his brother for a while eh?

I liked this episode but it is Not my favorite. With the Exception of Nightshifter and BUABS I felt alot of the episodes have gone down hill since Croatan and I have been less then impressed with Tucker and Gambels solo work this season but I did love CRB and CSPWDT. How could the writters who gave us Faith imo one of the best Supernatural episodes slip so badly this season?

The SL was ok. The warewolfs where lame and dissapointing and I would have rather see them focas on a real Warewolf vrs. Winchester stuff and saved the Sex scene for another time.

Sam was too over the top and emo for me. I mean between the cringe worthy flirting and the Wacthing Soaps and insisting on going to Disney Land and wanting to settle it with RPS. So lame and to sensitive Sammy for my taste.

I did Not like Maddison at all she looked too old for him and they had No chemistry so their scenes where very uncomfortable to watch. The sex scene did Nothing for me. I did Not buy That Sam would be this over the top for some chick he knew all of 3 days it seemed very forced to serve a plot point of the Destiny angel and getting a Sam sex scene. Had they done a love scene with Ava/Sam or Sam/Sarah who he did have feelings for and chmeisrty with it would have been diffrent. JP was too over the top for me and I was Not feeling him in this.

Dean for me was the saving grace of this episode. He was so funny and badass and compitent and awsome and Jensen was as insanly hot as ever. I was imbarresed for Dean having to do RPS and the lame fist pump but I still love Dean. I adore Dean in compitent Hunter mode and when he is shown as the best big brother ever. Dean's heatbreaking love for Sam and his need to always protect his baby brother where so real and heartbreaking and the fact that Dean would have killed her so Sam could be spared the pain really hit home that Dean would do Anything for Sam and loves him so much and the Single tear and flinch from JA killed me dead. He is such a fantastic actor and was so on tonight.

I have to say I am a bit sick of all the Sam focas and Sam destiny focas and I would Like to see more of Dean and some Dean centric episodes for a while.

Amazing episode!!!!! Definitely one of the best episodes this season.
Dean......always the big brother, willing to take an innocent life(again) for the sake of his family.
The last five minutes had me in tears. The tear rolling down Dean's face as he sees what he might one day have to do, and the flinch as the bullet is fired, OMG....wow. Great performance by Jensen and Jared. And Kim, i love you, wonderful direction.

My heart still hurts after watching this episode. All three of the actors blew me away, but man did the boys nail that last scene. Dean offering to take the plunge, but Sam declining the offer. Ouch all over the place.

I thought it made sense that Sam had sex with Maddison. He may not have been in love with her, but he liked her and he's a healthy 23 year old. Not a nun

There was a great mix of light and dark in this episode, and I very much enjoyed it.

Sammy will never, ever have sex again. Poor, hot-guy. Dean will have to handcuff him to the Impala to stop him from running off to a monastary.

Speaking of Dean. He is frackin adorable and hot of course, and still manages to break my heart when I least expect it. Oh Dean, you are the bestest big brother ever and your immediate future is indeed looking bleak.

Nice episode overall but the last five minutes were made of awesome. Supernatural shines brightest when it's all about the Winchester family dynamics.

Although I was a bit puzzled by Madison because it felt to me like she was kind of playing Sammy right up until the morning-after phone call. I kept expecting the twist to be that she was lying about the werewolf blackouts and that she could actually turn at will or something.

I guess they had to go the route they did to make sure the "Dean you promised to kill me" parallel was completely nailed into our skulls.
But I wonder if they changed the ending to incorporate the mytharc element and didn't re-work Madison in the first half of the episode to match. Because the attraction seemed a bit less genuine on Madison's side than on Sam's. Although I guess I can wank that she's more worldly and used to men fawning all over her, and that she was rather amused by Sammy's adorably inept flirting and was just teasing him for her own kicks until she realized the harsh reality of her situation. Just my opinion of course.

Okay Kripke, that's it, you owe me a bottle of Motrin!!! I cried for 15 minutes after that episode, and I'm 50~! What an episode. Eric why don't you drive over to Calgary this weekend and just rip my heart out and stomp on it! I really can't believe some of you watch the same episode as I do. What can't you get? Poor Sammy, lost Jess and Mom, feels guilty over Ava (yes she's coming back) let's himself go (finally) with Madison and then he has to kill her. Doesn't matter he just met her he's super sensitive and he's thinking of Jess, Mom and Ava and all that he's lost and could lose. I agree, he realized what he's been asking Dean to do and it all came crashing in on him. He'll never trust or love anyone again. There will be much angst and feeling sorry for himself now. Poor Dean, he wanted to spare Sammy and once again couldn't. Now another dry spell. You guys are lucky in the States you can watch the episodes over the net, here in Canada, we are unable to access them. But, we can do free, legal downloading. Once again, superb writing, acting, directing, etc. Can't wait for "Hollywood Babylon" the spoilers and previews look great, shades of Tall Tales. Remember to watch for McG in that one. Only 5 episodes left then it will be a long, long dry spell!!! Don't forget to vote to bring Supernatural back on as many sites as you can (e-mail CW too) and vote as many times as you can!

My least favorite episode of the season, unfortunately. To me, it was a watered-down version of "Bad Sign" -- and it wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had hoped.

I was hoping to be given a little more insight into Sam's psyche, but I just felt that all of Dean's issues were being transferred onto Sam. There wasn't any new emotional ground covered in the episode. Yes, we know that Dean may have to kill Sam one day, but the emotional toll of this duty has already been addressed in several episodes this season. The episode was just too heavy-handed for my liking.

I also wasn't feeling the chemistry between Sam and Madison. It just felt awkward. And I just couldn't see the intimacy or sexual chemistry in the sex scene, which again leads back to a perceived lack of chemistry between the Sam and Madison.

The one thing I did like about the episode was the ending. Great way to end the episode with a gunshot and a flinch.

I'm hoping this episode may improves on the rewatch, as most of Sera Gamble's episodes tend to for me.

I do think this is a better episode to hook newer viewers with, than "Bad Sign" strangely, because (1) it does explore the heavy emotional issues that have been driving season 2 and (2) it does so without delving too deeply in the mytharc. But as a pretty faithful SPN watcher, this episode just didn't cut it for me.

I am a big Supernatural fan and never miss the show but I got to say I was really dissapointed with last night show. It was suppose to be about werewolves and they had Madison and the other guy dressed up to be vampires. What is up with that?
Totally Bad!!!

The Day Dreamer

I loooooved this episode!!!
And Sammy naked, just blew my world(soooo hot!)
I was in tears when Sam had to shoot Madison! Then when that one little tear drop ran down Deans face I thought I was just gonna die!! One of the best episodes ever!!!

I REALLY wanted more hunting action with the werewolves, but it was good....and Sam's arms....DAYUM!

I thought this was a really good episode but it did leave me asking some questions.Like, there was one who bit Madison, what about him? Not like they actually got rid of them so i was a little like..er?

I feel like the "scene" was kind of..wrong. How could Sam just meet a girl once and fall so madly in love with her that out of nowhere it would happen? Maybe they shouldve waited for that scene of his and brought back that actress who was in provenance with them..i forgot her name, but that way i feel it would've made more sense.

As for the crying, yeah it was really sad but i dont think it was so much because he was going to kill Madison, afterall he like..JUST MET HER, i think it was more because he realized that maybe he could turn like this one day too..he could really relate with madison.And there would be no other option but to shoot him..and that was probably really scaring him.

It was cool, i liked it.

I thought Emmanuele did great as Madison. I really liked her and thought she and Sam would have been great together.

No, I wasn't at all bothered about no big warewolf costume. I enjoyed the reality of these people & their fangs and such. It was subtely done where as if they put on costumes, it could have gone over the top.

Everything about this episode was spot on perfect. Brilliant, stellar. Everything that shows why Supernatural is the best show on TV.

I just died a little bit inside because I was unable to watch it because of some new fangled sport called Basket-ball **I only kid**. I won't be able to watch it until SATURDAY!! >:( So far away...may not make it.... Darn all men except Jensen and Jared!!!!!!

It wasn't just about Sam crying for a girl he'd only known for 3 days--which any person should do if they have to blow the brains out of a very nice person who doesn't deserve to die BTW. It's cumulative. Sam's been through unfathomable stress, not the least of which is thinking something terrible is going to happen to him because of something he can't control--just like Madison. That isn't supposed to get to the guy? That he still gets to live but she has to die? She was a nice lady, and I'm not saying that just as a horndog who thought she was beyond beautiful. Madison had a warmth that men would respond to if they aren't little b**** ass punks. Sam's human. I like him more for not even trying with the bulls*** stoic routine.

I'm a guy, and I liked this episode. Damn, does Dean love his kid brother or what? I always like that in this show. There isn't a man alive who wouldn't want his older brother to look after him like that. Plus, I now see werewolves as victims. That's gotta mess with the perspective of the brothers Winchester and YES!!!!!


I thought Heart was magnificent for script, for performances by both Jared and Jensen, and for the direction by Kim Manners. The last five minutes left me on the floor. This episode should be submitted for Emmy consideration, not that a genre show would get anywhere - but it really deserves to be seen.

I was delighted to see the ratings numbers on the fast nationals, which put the show high, with a solid 85% retention of the Smallville audience, and with an increase for the second half of the episode. YES!

Ok so i liked how Sam finally got some.The sex sceen was'nt discusting (As so many are bleh!)But i hated how fast it developed!It was like "you are a freak rapist!" to "WOHOO!"
Anf wtf was with all the tears at the end!You meet her.... what 3 days ago?
Disapointing way for Sam to finally get laid.This would have been beter if they keept it on a more inocent level until maybe they dont kill her until an ep later and in THAT ep they kill her.Still alittle rushed but i think slightly more plausible.
And as for the acting.WTF was THAT!!!On JP's part he soooo over acted it.Ya know.I liked the girl though she was good.Ecsept for that WTF ending!
Oh and i loved the rock paper sissors bit.BWAH!!!
Oh and just curious but the roaring fire place in the sex sceene?Um....wtf...it's not set in winter and i didnt see it at any other time.
Why do the writers even attemp to do the romances for the boys.I mean lets face it.Every one comes out bad!DeanJo (Though i KINDA like it.Very unpopular)DeanCassie(uber hate :()SamSarah(ok so this may be alittle unfair seeing as i dont accualy know that charecter poularity.I didnt get the net till a bit ago.) The only one that even whent over well was SamJess and thats because the audience knew thar for a grand total of 1hr!
Comon Supernatural writters kick it up a notch!

if sam dies, i cry, best episode ever, and i was thinking it was going to be the worst, kudos =] <333SAM!!

Loved this episode, it was funny at times and sad at times and well HOTT at times great episode, Jensen and Jared did a amazing job loved it and I hope it stays on for many seasons it definitely deserves to.

Man, this episode was lame. Sure it was all touching and aimed at framing Sam's destiny and Dean possibly having to kill him. Yet again. I think we get it. Sam "might" turn evil and Dean "might" have to kill him. Only, you know it's not going to come to that, so it's all just dramatic posturing that will have no real payoff most likely.

Poor Sammy having to kill his first roll in the hay since Jess. Sure it sucks and all but I was really looking forward to the werewolves and not this dragged out insta relationship drama.

I'll have to rewatch it without my expectations so high and maybe I'll enjoy it somewhat:/

I hope I'm not the only one who didn't like this episode. It was advertised as the SEX! episode and that alone was already annoying, I thought this show was better than this.
The werewolf make up was horrid and Emanuelle whatever is not a very good actress.
Madison is one of the worst characters I've ever seen and I didn't feel the chemistry between her and Sam.
That's why all that crying in the end deserves a WTF?
Why Sam was so upset for a girl he met just a few days before?
Makes no sense.
But if the only thing the fans want is some naked guy to drool over than why bother with intelligent stories anymore.

Once again, the combination of a Sera Gamble script, Kim Manners' direction and the fabulous skills of J2 have, once again, torn my heart into little pieces!

Overall, Heart, IMO, was a beautiful episode. While I do admit that I found the pace at the beginning a little slow, it picked right up the minute Madison showed up in werewolf form and knocked Dean out. I spoiled myself silly for this episode and did not once see this episode playing out the way it did. I really thought that Madison knew she was a werewolf, and the revelation that she, and obviously other lycanthropes completely threw me! I truly wonder what Dean must think now, looking back on that last werewolf hunt, realizing that the person they killed died unaware of what was happening. I know that Dean watching that guy die definately shook his world and I can't wait to see how the reprecussions of this new knowlege, along with yet another person's blood on his hands (yes, he didn't have a choice, but I doubt Dean is going to be so forgiving of himself) plays out. Speaking of Dean, JA did a fabulous job, as usual, and watching Dean go from a giddy kid to a complete horndog, to a dangerous hunter, to a big brother desperate to spare his younger sibling, the most important person in his life, from pain and realizing that this was one thing that he couldn't protect him from still leaves me reeling. I also was pleasantly surprised by the Sam/Madison interactions, which, though I at first thought seemed a little rocky/rushed, completely sold me by the end. I was pleasently surprised at how they had Sam's first night at Madison's start out awkward and then move to something more comfortable; I liked how they had Madison hitting on Sam and him trying to be a good guy and how they waited until after Sam thought they had cured Madison before they had the two of them hook up! I can only imagine what Sam must have been like sitting on Madison's couch watching whatever soap she was watching and the two of them talking, laughing...Sam must have seen something in her, past her looks, during their time together to ask her what she was doing with a guy like Kirk. By the time that night was over, I really did believe that Sam liked and that it was more than just a physical attraction this woman. JP, too, did a fabulous job as well - taking Sam from annoying younger sibling, to the slightly shy, sweetheart that we all know and love, to a trained, yet empathetic hunter, to a man who has just found happiness only to have it torn away in the cruelest way possible!

As for the sex scene, I thought that it was tastefully done. Not too much skin and the like - hot and steamy for sure, but not done in a way that left nothing to the imagination (which would have been tasteless, IMO).

Althought a small part of me wonders whether what has happened in this ep. will tie in with the next, but if it doesn't I'm not too worried, Krikpe and Co. have been great and ensuring that events that leave their mark on the boys don't just disappear!

Props to whoever I saw on LJ who called the werewolves "vampires with a moon". 'Cause that's what they were. Lame.

And the sex scene... I'm a Dean girl, but my ovaries spontaneously combusted during that scene. Must. Watch. Again.

I hope this episode does have future ramifications for both Sam and Dean. It happens to often in shows where something life-altering happens, then is rarely or never mentioned again.

This was one of the bset episodes of the season, IMO, after In My Time Of Dying & Born Under A Bad sign.

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