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Top Model's Jaslene Graces The Cover of Latina Mag!

Jaslene GonzalezGreat to see Top Model's Cycle 8 winner Jaslene on the cover of the August issue of Latina! She looks fantastic, we have to say. Did any of you get your hands on the mag yet? Check out this Jaslene Q & A they've posted online -- she talks about her dreams of becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel, growing up in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, and how much she loves to eat (really!).

We've highlighted some choice Jas quotes. On being a Latina in the modeling industry:

"As Latinas, we have that natural swagger—we're more vocal and we don't hide anything. I'll open up to you, pour my heart out. People appreciate a person like that, especially in this industry, so I just decided to be myself."

On overcoming an abusive relationship:

"What helped me was having faith in God, and this book my mom gave me called Your Best Life Now, which changed my life. I found my inner strength, and I have no regrets."

Tell us what you think of Jaslene on Latina!


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Congratulations Jaslene! I am so proud of you.

I dont understand why it is considered pathetic that becoming a Victoria's Secret model is the epitome of modelling for Jaslene. Firstly, as a woman of color that is an accomplishment. I mean, look at the stepping stone it was for Tyra. Leave her alone and stop hating. Who else came through ANTM more than once, only to take the whole thing? She earned it!!

Jaslene is beautiful and will be a top fashion maodel. You go girl...

OK~ Am I the only one who thinks it is pathetic that Jaslene will "know she has really made it" if she can become a Victoria's Secret model? Come on~~~~

I think Jaslene looks very beautiful in this mag cover. Perfect for your magazine!

she looks like a square.

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