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Pussycat Dolls: Dawn Explains It All

Dawn Ostroff
Dawn Ostroff is getting more flak for the news that not only is Asia not joining PCD, but also that she was under no obligation to do so—and that the group was under no obligation to take her. According to Buddy TV, one critic asked point-blank why anyone should bother to watch the show when the prize is meaningless. Ouch.

Here’s Dawn’s response: “Sometimes the winners [on this type of reality show] aren't the ones that have the big fame. It's the runners-up that have the fame,” she said. “There's no guarantee for how any of this will turn out.

“What the participants get is exposure,” she continued. “What participants get is to genuinely go into an experience where the experience is very pure. At the end of the day you can't make anybody do anything, but you've given them an opportunity. If the program is entertaining and it's fun or it's engaging in some way, that's what our responsibility is.”

Some of us might argue about how “pure” any entertainment PCD might provide would be, but we can kind of see her point. In competitions like this, the journey—or at least the episodes where we get to see pretty people act badly towards each other—is as important as the destination.

What do you think? Do you agree with The CW’s rationale that as long as we were entertained, it doesn’t matter if the winner joins the group? Or does this call the whole show into question for you?


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I believe the best preformer won! And I am glad and surprised the winner was not obligated to join PCD group;because after the stressful contest you may decide working with a bunch of women is not something you choose to do, but you still go for the exposure which is better as the winner.The other girls can still apply for the job, since the winner decided to go solo.

That's so not fair!! Asia was one of those one time girls who just want to be famous on their OWN! But the other contestants like Melissa R. who had their heart in what they wanted, were the ones who really deserved it!!!

I really think there was more to it... I don't think Asia just up and decided I don't want this... When Dawn commented about it the runnerups that wins and not the winner... That told me Mellisa R. and CHELSEA is probably working for Robin... I don't think Mellissa R. should have won. She was a deer in head lights. She did not know what she really wanted. Mellissa was Doing it Just to inspirt her parents. Once she saw it was a possibility she was unsure of herself... CHELSEA can sing and she is pretty, but she don't look like she would fit in with the Pussycat Dolls. Asia should have won, and I am disappointed... I was one of the shows biggest fan... We would get together and watch every wednesday night.Not sure if I want to keep watching the new season since I know the truth.
A very disappointed fan...

She killed many girls hopes.She should be thankful she got in the PCD.Why did Robin waste her special time?Chelsea or Melissa R(or the other 6 girls)would never have done that!Asia said"I am doing this for my daughter and myself.This has always been my dream".WHAT HAPPENED!?Oh well.It is her career.Atleast she will be happy and people will like PCD again.

I represent the baby boomers and I would have bet all my money on Chelsea. She was the best, a unique style and the cutest. I believe she has a big future in music. Kudos to you Chelsea hope to see you soon in a group or as a solo artist.

I agree Melissa R should have won coz she had it all!! Asia wants to go solo but she wont she's rubbish.If melissa would of won she would have been a great pussycat doll and solo artist!!!!

i agree Chelsea should've won :(

Melissa R. should've won! She was so good at singing and dancing and Asia was NOT! And now she is not even in pcd so that was a waste of time . MELISSA R SHOULD'VE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!11

THAT'S IT !!I LOVE YOU CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think it is a waste...the band itseld doesnt make any sense cuz only one person is singin in that band the rest are per say back-up singers:(...they have great songs...they can also sing really well(so said)but wat sense is it if u can't hear everyone's voice individually:(...gosh man!!

Katie, don't know what radio stations you listen to , but Fantasia is playing often.

the contestants sign up for the show for the main purpose of being the next pussycat doll. right? But they know that only one will win that prize.when that person wins they expect to get the prize so i dont understand why these ppl would even start the show if they knew(most likely knew since the group was overcrowded already)this.And worse yet they use the pathetic excuse that she decided to go solo.It was misleading to everyone and shameful to see what ppl would do for a quick buck.If I was Asia i would have gone to all the entertainment news and shame the cw producers and especially DAWN!!!!

asia quit? solo artist i wasnt even surprise. she was a fake at 1st seeing how she was react she wantin all (for herself). She was using the group for fame. She keep sayin the pcd are her insipiration right?? basically, she made herself look bad in publicity.

Also, for the judges why didi u guys say melissa r. sound like nicole in the season finale thats just an excuse for her to let go. Stupid poll to go to asia she stupid, ignorant,conceited, selfish, rude and immature.

The judge should pick melissa r. she has watever it takes she has everything even the judge saids she has the WHOLE package. I say bring MELISSA R!!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuu to Asia I think it that it was a mistake from Robin to choose her now she wont be in the PCD which I dont care but I do care that they let go Melissa R she was the girl to be inthe PCD Now I dont think Asia will survive as a Solo Singer.MY OPINION

Okay, watching the last episode now... asia is bawling.... "the career starts now".... you'd think shed be in it?! Well, at the end of EACH EPISODE AT ELIMINATION, robin ends with "Im sorry but you will not be the next pussy cat doll" and tells the others, "You are still in the running to be the next pussycat doll".

Now you KNOW Asia didnt do CRAP for her daughter. "My dream"?? too many times ive heard it. She just wanted to get it all for herself.

I KNOW she wont make it as a Solo artist. And i dont think people will be as trusting with CW. This whole experience was misleading. If melissa r or chelsea won, they would have done it. T_T

really dude this is bull. Really. What a waste of time. DARN IT ROBIN KIM AND RON! See?! Stupid stupid stupid!

THis is such bull........there was no point for the show if the winner didn't join the group. Now I just think that the band is bullshit........way to stay true to the fans guys!

well..wat a waste

I absolutly LOVE the pussycat dolls everything about them their music, clothes... just them in general... i think its a little disappointing to hear that aisa is going solo and so is the main singer NICOLE SCHERZINGER but i guess that they have the right to do their own thing and if there is a PCD sequal show you can count on me to be watching it!!!

i think it's a wase of time, my time actualy. They abuse this girls in some way and it's wrong. making them working so hard for something tha's not even real.i know that in show busness they don't need to have a conscience.

button line,they just lost my vote,i just lost interest to anything what concerne pcd. I think I SHOULD TELL A FEW GIRL AT MY UNIVERSITY.THAT WASTED THEIR TIME WATCHING OR LISTEN TO THE PCD.

They are not worth it...........

screw them.

I couldn't stand the show after watching a few minutes of it. My hormones had no interest in what was being shown, so that was one strike.
Strike two was when they kept claiming that Pussy Cat Dolls were strong. Powerful.
Um. Pussy cat is a tiny little feline fluffball, and a doll is at best a chunk of fabric with stuffing. Worse, it could be *plastic*.
That's some solid woman power connotations going on there, except its the opposite.
And people being mean to each other on TV, posing it as 'real'? That's worse than violence on TV, it's showing... showCASING the worst of human nature. Strike three.
I'd rather see a football camp where the guys all had to go through the whole thing before learning who was on the team.
Just because the formula worked before doesn't mean it will do it again. Eventually even idiots will figure it out.

i agree with TeDium as well, except i do think dawn and the cw corporate idiots are completely bashable, just like any of these tv folks putting garbage on tv for the sheer money of it all... their audience probably won't even care since i don't think anyone would have noticed asia in the dolls anyway. the drama of the show is what they watch for, and that's still gonna be there since most of these reality shows are faked up to increase the drama value. but, it just looks bad when your reality shows' prizes are meaningless..

Ditto to what TeDeum said. Also, since PCD is considered “successful” for the CW, they are most definitely interested in repeating another season. If Asia actually joined the group, there would be no sense in doing this all over again. After all, just how many pussycats does the group really need to have? By using the excuse that she wants to go solo, and by allowing her to do so, the CW now has the perfect excuse to run a whole new season of the hormonal eye-candy that is PCD. Simple Business101, folks. Just use plain logic to figure it out. No need to bash Dawn or the CW for chasing after the almighty dollar in this manner, especially since viewers continue to support such... umm... “entertainment”.

Oh shut up, critics. People are only mad at the PCD competition because its ratings were more successful in the Tuesday 9pm slot than those of the putredly-viewed Veronica Mars. Hell, even the Wednesday encores of PCD rated higher than VM. And now people are trying to attack the reality series as "meaningless". If PCD didn't make Veronica Mars' numbers look so humiliating, we wouldn't be speaking about this as much today.

By the way, if competitions are all about winning and success - and runner-ups aren't as important - then does someone want to tell me what the heck the point of American Idol is then? Haven't heard Ruben, Fantastia or Taylor on the radio lately!

*eye roll*

I guess it didn't matter whether or not the winner joined the group, but it would have been nice to know up front, about that possibility.
It still makes the whole concept of the show then, quite pointless, to me anyway.
It was just weird listening to Asia over and over, how it was a dream come true to be part of the dolls, so she wins, and then what...all of a sudden she doesn't want it anymore? It's just weird.

I guess I would think that if you have a show that revolves around competition to become the next Pussy Cat Doll, that logically the winner of said competition should indeed have to become a Pussy Cat Doll. Isn't that a logical conclusion? But then this IS the CW, so, yeah...not at all surprising.

Oh, and check out the ratings for the Pussy Cat Doll's Sunday repeats...ouch! Supernatural's ratings on Sundays were much higher. Just saying.

Funny how the whole show Asia was sooo determined to win because she wanted to be a PCD and that it was her dream and she was doing this for her daughter but then she quits and decides to go solo. What is up with that? Like most reality show winners she will be forgotten and I doubt that she will have a successful solo career. I think she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame!!

Huh? I'm sorry, I don't watch this show but wasn't the purpose of the show to find the next PCD? That is just wrong.

You can't compare it to American Idol, which I don't watch either, because they don't claim that you will get a record deal. To me, The Pussycat Dolls implied that the winner would be the next Pussycat.

Dawn, I'm sorry but you are wrong!!!

'Sometimes the winners [on this type of reality show] aren't the ones that have the big fame. It's the runners-up that have the fame,” she said. “There's no guarantee for how any of this will turn out.'

Translation: Provided we get viewers, we don't care who ends up where.

'What the participants get is exposure,'

Translation: We have an inexhaustible supply of lemmings.

'What participants get is to genuinely go into an experience where the experience is very pure.'

Translation: The CW is selling nothing but sensationalist flimflam and anyway, caveat emptor.

'At the end of the day you can't make anybody do anything, but you've given them an opportunity.'

If contestants don't have the sense they were born with; or if they are ignorant, inadequate or conflicted - that's not our problem.

'If the program is entertaining and it's fun or it's engaging in some way, that's what our responsibility is.'

Translation: The responsibility of the CW is to entice viewers by any cheap trick in the book because they can provide the bread, so we can provide the circuses.

In conclusion: Civillization? Dawn has never even heard of it.

The CW has no control over happens post-contest. Just like American Idol: Not everyone remembers every winner, nor does every winner become a platinum recording artists. Look at Kelly Clarkston versus Ruben Studdard? How about Fantasia versus Taylor Hicks? Even ANTM's winners aren't always successful immediately after the season finales.


If people didnt think the network was a joke before... I think they will now.

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