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CW Source Exclusive: Allison Mack, Part One

Jason C. chatted with Smallville's Allison Mack on the set in Vancouver about her foundation, her generous fans, and Chloe's new powers! As usual, Allison is so warm and down-to-earth. We adore her.

Note to the unspoiled: Allison reveals some plot details in this video clip. Consider yourself warned!


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It's possible to have the part 2 on CW Source because the second part is in the video section but just for the USA.

Please post here the second part, those interviews on CWTV site are only for USA residents, it's unfair!

allison is my fantastic love,i love her every day in front my t,v

Allison Mack best acting as being role as Cloe..Go forward Allison and good luck for you

cloie has a secret to keep so she knows how clark feels now , maybe they might get closer and have a fling, that kiss she laid on him before he went into the phantom zone was more than just a kiss for each of them, remember how clark acted when he returned, he asked right away about that kiss.

I wont get my hopes up about her losing her power.

Just because she loses it doesn't mean she won't gain another. She is meteor infected aferall.

I love her she is my favorite person on smallville and l cait wait to see what she brings to seson 7 of smallville l just hope that mamey clark and her get to gether finaley.

Thanks for the 2nd part, when will we have the next interview. I really like Allison Mack and her character Chloe, it always cheer you up when you see her smile. Also congrate on her second win of the TCA. She is simply the best.

Allison is the ONLY and MAIN reason I watch Smallville. She is such a talented an underused actress.

I'm glad they're bringin her back. Because if she's gone, I'm gone.

I know the show is about Clark Kent, but it is her and Michael Rosenbaum that MAKE the show.

Can't wait for the new season to begin. :)

Nice interview! When is part 2???

Chloe, and Clark are my favorite characters on Smallville! Well, actually the Kents, too! I just wish they would have Clark and Chloe get together before the whole Lois and Clark thing. I like Lana but they have really over did the whole Clark and Lana thing.

Hi Ally, greetings from Chile Latin America, we love you here. You are a great actress, your talent is beyond a tv show. I'm glad you are still in smallville but i want to see you in a huge movie, because your talent needs a bigger screen.

Thanks very much for the interview. Like many others, I am looking forward to the second part. It is a always a pleasure to see Allison Mack in the spotlight. Celebrity becomes her, and she wears it with class, never failing to be gracious and considerate toward fans. It is fitting that a charming person like Allison plays a strong and well-loved character like Chloe Sullivan.

About the spoiler: First of all, I am glad Chloe’s power will be only temporary. Secondly, I am happy it will be an exaggerated physical manifestation of one of the character traits that makes her the strong (though non-superpowered) individual that she is: the ability to empathize with others. Knowing Chloe, I sort of hoped it would be something like that. This aspect of her character is what makes her such an understanding, loyal, and trustworthy friend to those who draw upon on her personal strength. However, the very appeal of this quality is that it reflects the depth of her humanity. To take this notable human quality and then permanently transform it into just another superpower would rob Chloe of her distinctive personality. This would constitute a sacrilege that flies in the face of all that is good in Smallville and in Chloe Sullivan. On the other hand, a well-done temporary story arc focused on such a power could serve to further define and highlight this aspect of Chloe’s already compelling character.

Chloe’s empathy for others reminds me of another of my favorite characters, one from DC Comics’ past. That character’s name was Tora Olafsdotter, and her moniker was Ice. Let me hasten to say that Chloe and Tora are undeniably 2 very different characters. As portrayed in Justice League International, circa 1987-1992, Tora was shy, sweet, self-effacing, and respectful. (Although, like Chloe, Tora would not hesitate to voice strong disagreement with a friend when she believed that person was wrong. Likewise, Tora would readily call out her friends on bad behavior when necessary.) Unlike Tora, Chloe is outgoing, dynamic and self-assured, with a healthy dose of irreverent snark thrown into the mixture. Yet one trait shared by these two characters is their empathy for others. In both cases that empathy is intrinsic to their respective personalities, and is not fueled in any way by extraneous superpowers. (Tora does have a super-power, but that is power is unconnected to her endearing personality. She can generate and sculpt large quantities of ice and snow through her hands.)

Not unlike what is about to happen to Chloe, Tora had a brief time in which she experienced a different superpower that was above and beyond her customary abilities (“Be Careful What You Wish For,” Justice League Quarterly #5, Winter 91). In this case, that power involved using a Green Lantern ring in a way that was beyond the capabilities of even seasoned Green Lanterns, by involuntarily powering the ring with the strength of her empathy and desire to help others. “Be Careful What You Wish For” was an example of a well-done story, because the additional super power was only temporary, and because that power ultimately underscored the quality of Tora’s innate love for her friends and for humanity in general, rather than detracting from it.

Unfortunately, TPTB of DC Comics later ruined Tora’s character by changing and distorting her personality, and then tacking superfluous powers onto her, like super-strength and flight). Shortly after that, they killed Tora off. This was probably a mercy after the character-assassination they had committed. I read somewhere that DC claims to have brought her back this year. However, I seriously doubt that a corporate entity capable of ruining such a lovable character in the first place, could possibly restore the character to her original appeal.

Hopefully, TPTB of Smallville will not follow DC’s bad example in this respect, and will give us a story arc to look forward to, rather than one to dread.

Thank you for putting up this interview with Allison. I think she's the best. I will be looking forward to seeing PT 2.

Is there any way you could get another visit with Allison in the Spring to find out spoilers then too?

i love this girl from her selfless ways and her fantastic acting skills do ur thing allison

Allison is a living doll and has developed a wonderful character in Chloe. Nice to see her in your interview as we can see that she has a kind and humble spirit - always a nice thing to see in a person who has experienced certain levels of successes. It shows good things about her character.

Thank you SO much for posting an interview with Allison! Glad to hear there is a second part!

"He's Superman. He's here for a reason."
That's what I like to hear!

Can't wait to see Allison as Chloe in the S7 premiere of Smallville and the fun scene she is talking about with Tom/Clark. Sounds like she had to do some weird stuff in the morgue, but I'm sure it will pay off with some wonderful acting!

Thanks again for actually paying attention to Allison and her work as the character of Chloe Sullivan.

I have really gotten into Chloe since Season 5 (we haven't seen all of Season 6 here in Australia) and I really like Chloe and Allison Mack is such a charming young woman.
Again, another intelligent, thoughtful interview. Keep it up Jason. Your doing a good job. Remembering that we not all teens and neither are they.

Thank you for that interview.It's also a joy to see the CW utilize her to promote the show. Allison is amazing and charming. She has probably the most beautiful smile of the galaxy. Her facial expressions are fabulous. It's not surprising she won the TCA 2 times. She is the sunbeam and the spirit of Smallville.Her performance in Opposite sex was fantastics and she was adorable.

Woot! Thanks for this soooo much!! Allison is such a lovely being, and it is soooo amazing to see her finally getting all the attention she has deserved for years! Can't wait to see the second part!

Allison Mack is a fantastic actress and remains THE reason to watch Smallville and actually the CW in general. Thanks for the interview...keep showing Allison the love CW!

What a wonderful interview with Allison. I'm looking forward to part 2, soon.

Thanks for the interview. It’s so nice to hear from the stars. Thanks, AM! (And totally, she mentioned Tabby. How cool is that?!) Looking forward to Part II, too. :)

Thanks for the interview! I love seeing more with AM. She's so nice and personable and I swear she gets prettier everytime I see her!

Wonderful to find an Allison Mack interview. She makes Smallville worth watching.

Thank you so much for the interview. I love Allison and I think it's amazing what she does for charity's. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us this coming season :)


More Allison! Great interview and thanks for posting it. I can't wait to see the rescue scene! Best of all? A sucky power and plot developments gets "fixed"!! Then she can get to her real power with her journalism! I hope there's more soon!

Yay I'm so glad to get this interview from Allison Mack. Will there be more please?! I'm such a huge fan of her character Chloe and of Allison Mack. She's amazing!

Thanks for the Allison Mack interview!! This is a great treat.

I can't wait to see the scene between Clark and Chloe! I'm so glad AM is still on the show and they didn't really kill of Chloe. I think that this season is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see Chloe figure out how to use her power. I'm sure Clark will be there to help just like she was there for him. Yay Chloe!

Good interview. I think the Chlark scene in the premiere will be very good. I can't wait for part 2!

Thanks so much for posting this! How exciting to see another interview with AM, and to know there's at least one more part on the way.

I can't wait to see the rescue scene-- Clark and Chloe together always rock:-). And I'm glad to hear AM suggest her character is working toward "fixing" her meteor power. Chloe doesn't need a power-- her superpower is the power of the press. I want to see her dedicating herself to her career in investigative reporting, and I really hope that's what we'll see her doing for most of this season.

First off YAY! Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting for the full interview. Can't wait to see the next part.

I love Allison. She's my fav on the show. And YAY! for Allison mentioning Tabby. She and the other mods who contribute to AMO.com do awesome work.

I'm still hate the power but if its more than just healing I might be able to get behind it. But I want it gone in Cure but I don't think it's going to be gone that soon. And I can't wait for the morgue scene!

Thanks again for interviewing Allison!

Oh wow -- thank you for posting that interview with Allison! May we see Part 2 very very soon! I can't wait to see the rescue scene...but I agree that there had better be some serious emoting on Clark's part beforehand!!

Thanks for the clips, Allison really rock. Hope for the second part soon.

Yay, I'm so glad to get this from Allison! It's also a joy to see the CW utilize her to promote the show...what's not to love about a classy, well-spoken, beautiful, talented young woman?

You know, the power is cute for a short arc, kind of to put Chloe in her best friend's shoes for a while. Still, giving Chloe the power of empathy just opens way too many bad critiques of her character. For example, it would be easy to think she's only a fantastic friend or reporter because she feels the emotions of those around her. It's a terrible cheapening of all Chloe's best qualities.

I really look forward to the morgue scene! I hope we get some really good "my best friend is dead" emotion from Clark before the rescue.

please tell me there are at least 10 parts to this interview? i could watch her all day

(yes, powers be gone!)

Thank you for that interview.
Allison Mack is a very talented actress and my only reason to watch Smallville.
I can't wait to see her in the premiere!

It's always great to hear from Allison! I'll bet being toe-tagged and put in a morgue drawer was indeed an experience.

While the empathy power did come out of left field, it might work out if it soesn't kill Chloe every time it comes into play. I'm glad to see they are going to focus on that but I also hope they never sideline the real core of Chloe's character, which is that she's a reporter who searcheds for the truth and wants to help people in that way. That is first and foremost the story we want to see along with her clsoeness and easy rapport with Clark. They have always had the best chemistry on this show in any situation and the more of that we see, the better!

Allison is great (and she mentioned Tabby! Hurray!)

Thanks for the interview. Allison Mack is amazing!

I hope that this "super power" disappears forever. Chloe Sullivan does not need a "super power" to make a difference in the world. She's been making a difference since day 1 by investigating (and reporting on) the weird, the Luthors, Level 3, Level 33.1, Zoners, etc. She makes a difference by being Clark's partner, best friend and sometimes rescuer. Her strength has always been going after the truth and reporting it - at the Daily Planet.

I love Allison! I'm so glad there was more to that thirty second thing from before. Thanks cw.

It's great that Chloe's back, and even better that the power will go away. I want this girl back to reporting. Thats what Chloe needs to be doing anyway. The sooner this power thing is over (which sounds like it'll be five episodes), the better!

Can't wait for the superman rescue scene, it'll be awesome!


But man isn't she just too cute for words? I can't wait for the premiere - GREAT clips too!

I'm really glad Allison's Birthday was a huge success. One of the things I love about Allison is that she is so caring and giving. I can't wait to see the season premiere and see how it's all going to turn out with her new power. I'm really glad they didn't kill Chloe off. Smallville wouldn't be the same without their #1 reporter. :) Can't wait to see Part two of her interview.

Allison, you're so sweet, and so lovely a person. I really admire you. I can't wait to see you in season seven. Hopefully something romantic will solidify between Chloe and Clark this season!

ALLISON! love her!

I am so glad her birthday event was a success, hopefully more to come in the future.

The power, I heard a "how to fix" it in there...PLEASE tell me it will go away, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Funny rescue scene?!! just what I expected!!! I can't wait!

Thank you for posting this Allison interview! the cw source rocks! Now I will wait for part 2 :D

Thanks Jason for this juicy tidbit :) Love AM!


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