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Style File: Sophia's Fashion Week Ensemble -- Do You Like It?

Sophia BushSophia Bush never shies away from fashion experimentation, and that's why we love her: she's willing to take some risks. Many of you adored her Teen Choice look: a form-fitting strapless dress, red heels, and conflict-free diamonds.

But she tried something totally different for NYC's Fashion Week, pairing high-waisted shorts with a white top, fishnets, and ankle-strap peeptoes. And check out the new shorter 'do! Do we approve?

See Sophia's Fashion Week look -- then tell us whether or not you like it!


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i can't say i like it. I find Sophia a gorgeous person, but this just isn't something i would pick for her. She doesn't look sleezy, but i would take away the fish nets and unbutton the top a little so it doesn't look like she has no neck. Doesn't look awful, but it isn't my favorite piece.

she looks gorgeous in everything i normally wouldnt pick this outfit for her but she did manage to wear fishnets and look like she just got offf a couture runway and not a whore...she shouldnt cover her neck but she stills looks amazingg

she looks good the shirt isnt that bad but she shouldnt cover up her neck next time....she was able to wear fishnets without looking like a whore she should get props...she looks gorgeous no matter what

Ew! she looks like a hooker and the shorts make her ass and thighs look big

I didn't like the outfit compared to what she normally wears but she choose a classic Gwen Stefani look. It was very appropriate for the LAMB show

I love Sophia and all of her outfits.!!!!!

i thoughtt it wass cutee lol

i didnt like the outfit at first, but then, i stopped and thought of the show she was at... she was at the L.A.M.B. show, and sophia always dresses accordingly for every show she goes to. the outfit is funky, just like L.A.M.B.. i think sophia dressed well.

She looks gorgeous i think! i'm not a fan of fishnet stockings but on her they look hot!

i love most of sophia's fashion choices. i just think she has great style but i don't love this. however i think she makes it work where most people wouldnt. she still looks gorgeous as always

no the fish net ruins the outfit but other than the fish nets it would be a cute outfit

Sophia is gorgeous and has a great sense of fashion but these shorts make her thighs look bigger than they are. She is gorgeous and skinny and this outfit just does not show it.

I don't like any of the outfit, thte fishnets don't look good with those shorts. She should have worn the shorts without the fishnets. Sophia has a great sense of style, but this outfit doesn't show it.

Daring to be different & thats why such a huge fan of sophia. She looks amazing always does. She has the legs & the karissma to wear something like this so why the hell not?? This outfit is cute & funky & fabulous compared to some of the idiots fashion sence in young hollywood these days. Sophia you rock!!!

SOOOO I normally love anything she wears... but i wasn't tooo fond of this one...

A skirt to replace the shorts and she's got my vote.

Yeah... I'm not the hugest fan myself. She looked great when we saw her at Teen Choice, so I was shocked to see her so off with this outfit. I like the hair, the shoes and the bag... but not all together. And the shirt just doesn't flatter! She can do better.

Her head looks like it was photoshopped onto that body I'm sorry I usually love everything Sophia Bush wears... but that outfit does nothing for her.

OMG Sophia! what were you thinking?!?

Usually she wore very elegant and beautiful dresses uhm

This is a weird choice for her!

Sophia I love u anyway :)

please, someone give this girl some advice, her taste in clothes sucks big time!

She looks like a cross between a school marm and a hooker, on a bowling outing. Feh.

Good lord, her head looks huge in that first picture of her.

That high collar shirt was not a good idea.

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