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Ask Smackdown's MVP Your Question!

Smackdown MVP

He's flashy, he's cocky, he's Miami's Montel Vontavious Porter, also known as MVP! What would you ask WWE Friday Night SmackDown Superstar MVP? Post your question. We may use it in our upcoming online video interview!


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we is the undertaker coming back to the wwe

why did you go to jail

montell all you have to do is to win cause i wants you don give up you can do its

u should go to ECW and beat matt hardy for the ECW championship belt

u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u suck. your dirty ass will be cleaned soon so watch your but.

hey...mvpyou r Great!! But why u r not getting the RESPECT u DESERVE frm WWE??????

Why are you so conceited and are you really enemies with Matt and Jeff Hardy

r u really this cooky and r u friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy or r u enemies

Um M.V.P. or Alvin Burke, Jr.
if that your real name, now your currently heel, did you ever decided to be come a face or a good guy.

m.v.p. you should face big show , triple h, batista, rey, kane, undertaker, shawn michaels,

MVP what happens if you lose to the daredevil Jeff Hardy? I think you will go for the Wwe but im just saying you wont get IT!

Are you ready for your big match with Jeff Hardy at Summer slam? Lets just say you beat him whats your next aim in
Smack down? Do you want the WWE title?

Does the reinstatement of Undertaker scare you? Why?

do you think you would make a come back for the united states champion.

i dont have a question but i want to tell you ur not my #1 favrite superstar but i think your very good and ur like my #6 favorite i just want to tell you i dont thin your a mean or bad wrestler.

Did You Watch WWE/WWF As A Kid And If You Did Who Was Your Favorite Superstar And Why?

you stink so bad your momma don't even like you

r u friends w/ shelton benjamin because i saw u at the airport taking a flight w/ him early june.

you ever consider to fight Elijah Burkes?

get a new theme song

How did it feel being trianed by chris benoit? Could you belive what he did last june? If you could face anyone in the past or present who would it be?

M.V.P why do you want the United States Chapion Back from Matt Hardy ?

R u married bcuz u mad sexy

Have you ever considered getting into a different ring such as boxing? The athleticism you possess and physique fits the bill for light heavy weight and possibly heavy weight.

Just a thought.

Most Vilanced Penese thats what u stand for

MVP you are not a captain, but you are a captain Loser just like Edge is. Sorry you not my favorite WWE Superstar.Plus Where is your Title now.

From:Burbank C.A. M.A.P.

P.S. I'm Better than you

why are u such an ass hole u have been a punk scent u got on smack down.I hope u go to hell and kiss my black ass.I hate u and all ways.u cheatted with almost all the westslers and u know what u can suck my butt hole

you have beginning to shock Smack Down every week. i love to watch you wrestle. i don't care what anyone says,to me Your a "Terrific Wrestler"

How did you decide to come on WWE Samckdown?

Hello MVP, First off, your great at your job thats for sure. Nobody makes it to the WWE without great talent. Thanks for the Entertainment! My question is.....Do you think prison gave you the inspiration or drive to succeed, and if it did, would you trade the life you have today to get the 9 years of jail time back.

hey ya mvp, i really dont like you but id like to know how u got in jail

dear sir the undertaker is world champion and vickie had no reason for giveing great khial title shope on friday night smackdown and the undertaker will get his belt back .thank you bigmikegill57@yahoo.com

mvp u suck. i bet i could beat you anywhere and anytime. i challenge you to a match one day on smackdown or raw. i bet i could beat you in 1 sec unless u cheat again. i dare u to face undertaker kane batista big show hbk triple-h jeff hardy matt hardy john cena and chris jericho. they could all beat you. i bet hornswoggle could even beat you. so u better shut up. becuz im better than you. so is matt hardy. u only win by cheating. i saw a no holds barred match between u and batista. u say u beat him. well u beat him becuase umaga samoan spiked him. or else batista would of whip your ass. SO YOU BETTER SHUT UP! BECAUSE I AM BETTER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yo mvp u suck. matter fact im 12 years old and im even better than you! so is matt hardy. he beat you at backlash. u cant compete against undertaker, kane, big show, batista, triple-h, john cena, hbk, jeff hardy, matt hardy. and u say ur better than anyone everytime i watch a match of u u always lose. sometimes you win by cheating

Mvp you suck so bad Matt Hardy is going to beat you today at Backlash good luck

what up mvp can u tell me if fighting in wwe is fake please and u rock

why do u suck so much!!!!

u suck B

your a loser

why do u alwayz come out sayong u r better than every body then half the time u lose the match

did u have anything to do with it when rey meysterio was wrestling edge and the lights went off?
e-mail me at playjohncena773@yahoo.com i have another personal question for u about another question

where smackdown on

yo mvp sup which channel is smackdown movin to u are goood

mvp do u feel the need to act like u are all that after u were imbarresed by undertaker and kane? what would u do if theodor long put under taker and u in a infornal match? and how would u feel?

Dude u suck I could beat u with 1 hand.U should marry Egde.U both suck,u both cheat,and u r both jackasses. later, prick ps.Im 11

hi my name is ariana and i love you you so cuit and hoy don't worry what they other say a bout you because your more better than them ps:I love you

you suk!

MVP you suk and you always cheat! And you think your better than anyone??? Than go fight The Giant.If you lose,say you will go to hell! Thats why you shall be called LOSER!

hey Montel vantanious porter what would you do if batista took your united states champion?plz write back.
ps:you are a good wrestler

Do you think Vickie Guerrero is an evil witch.If so tell Edge the ugly about this message.


If you think your an MVP, then why don't you try to beat edge for the world heavy weght championchip without cheating?

You Know His Real Name Is Alvin Burke or Antonino Banks.

MVP, do u need a boadyguard? If so, my name is Marcello, i'm 6ft7intall and 360pounds. we have to look out for each other. I've been a fan even before u came to the wwe. If u need one please let me know. Forever your fan Marcello.


sup (mvp) i think u are smackdowns (mvp)..........well after (619),batista,hardy,undertaker....the list goes on and on,but atleast ur 1 spot behind (festus)latterz champ

Why are you scared of Batista , if you are the best? Why do you run from batista? Are you chicken? Aren't chickens fenced in or caged in to keep them from running away. Do you need a cage to keep you from running and hiding from Batista(The Animal)? That would be a great match to see you caged with The Animal and his BIG GUNS, don't you think? Could you tell Batista I'm his biggest fan? Thanks. Oh, man! I think, that I just wasted my time. Chicken can't talk,read,write,type,or even in your case fight. Batista Please win the belt. Batista Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm 5 years old. Could you tell Batista(The Animal) that I'm his biggest fan?

Do you think your the best. And do you like Matt Hardy as your partner?

I have a question for you personally. I personally think you're a great heel on getting the audience to boo at you. But sometimes is it hard to put up with the discrimination you get from the audience? I think WWE heels take a great amount of courage but I can't say that I'm actually rooting for them because I'm actually buying their act. Please respond.

guess what mvp. u suck. jeff hardy, john cena, matt hardy, triple h, the showstopper, the nature boy, the undertaker and kane are my boyz. if anyone agrees email me with the subject wwe.

yo,how come every Friday you say you're the best?but you always get you're behind whooped!plz reply

Why are you the stupdest person in the WWE!!!!!!

why are you hating on hardy so much? hes my favorite.

why did you hurt matt hardy

are yall gone to any other channel when yal leave cw33
come back hit me back wih a text message at 2149091110 or 4697676612

As good as you are, you haven't been in the WWE long enough to say that you are the MVP. If I had the chance, I'd show just how you are not the MVP of WWE.

By the time I'm through with you, you'll end up like the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42

yo mvp the man i was wondering how u get into the wwe please comment me back

halla halla player

i love you

yo mvp why ya being so uncool to my man matt and sexy batista.you better whach out becuase in the next macht you'll get your suck ass beat up.so stop[ showing off cause your ain't crap chit awright.hhhhaaalllaaa./yyt

u r an hor mvp wat were u thinking im 36 and i want a piece of ur ugly additud! wat ^ wit de gey outfits

Why did u hurt Matt Hardy? He is awesome and you know u will never beat him!


MVP, i know how the wwe has a storyline on ric flair retiring if he loses a match, i was wondering did you really want to end his career?

why are you a jerk to ric flair? wat he do 2 u? he always compliments you on ur talent and you trash talk him. ur entertaining and all, but i wish u would put your money where you're mouth is!

mvp are the beast play are you scread of the undertaker kane matt hardy and jeaf hardy

MVP,you are nothing like the future United States Champion,Matt Hardy.MVP you are a loser

MVP, everyone knows that you're the US Champ. But what kind of feat are you going to accomplish using this title?

MVP, your nothing can you even beat Matt and Jeff Hardy?

Hey MVP, What do you think of C.M. Punk?

When you were growing up who was the wrestler you looked up to ?

i your friend the best wreseler it it the wwe real or fake fake or real

hey mvp u think u r better than everyone else. u cheated in mostly every match especially against matt hardy that was just unspected u r such a loser u r not half man half amazing u r half boy half loser

mvp u say u are better then eveyone and no doubt u are good but to be the best u have to beat the best and i dont mean by cheating i mean make them tap out or pin them 123 becaues if u cant prove that u will never be world champ or wwe champ

If you are so amazing are you better than the wrestling god (JBL)?

Whoever just said that MVP could beat Everyone in the roster haaaaaaa
You mean everyone could beat him
lets start with Batista The Undertaker, Matt, Rey
MVP you make me puke thinking ur the best ur never going to get that World Heavywheight champion

MVP why are you so cocky your are a pretty good wrestler but you can't beat up all those good and legendary ones like undertaker, batista, john cena, rey mysterio etc. i know that finaly cheated and i know you would of beat him. it all happened because of the stupid hornswoggle. so are you ready for the royal rumble? i would love to see you retiring ric flair.but be ready because he is old but he is really good. he might become a hall of famer. well good luck!

hey MVP are you scaerd of the undertaker because i like the undertaker but i dont like you so if you thinck your tough fight the undertaker call him out and put your us title on the line against undertaker on smackdown

how can i become a wrestler M.V.P

I want to know what happened when ray misterio was fighting with edge. And then the under taker came and the light whent off what did the under taker do!!

are you afraid of the 619 so called champ??

let me have one of your chains because I knew when you entered smackdown I knew you were gouing to win a championship.And I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!

Why did you beat up Matt Hardy

Why dont u like Matt Hardy, and why do u think u r so cool, cuz all the WWE fans think u r lame.

YO!!!MVP FROM MIAMI FLA!!!!!!!!!!Thats right you know we 305 livers know that no one can beat MVP!!!!!

I'm spanish girl and I have anything for you (personal) now, where I can write you. Please, answer my question and email me at: lunnae29@hotmail.com

M.v.p if u think your better than everybody than try to bet the Great Khail,Kane,The Undertaker,or Hornsoggle.

Hazel Mena
P.s. Do u like a dive or have a wife or a girlfriend and answer my question .And email me at hazelrock2@verizon.net.

u know and i know, u are better than the whole smackdown roster. thats why u should be the world champ and not edge. u are the best.

MVP You are the best wrestler. You are right you are better than everybody. I was wondering what type of woman are you looking for? Please e-mail me at herbertcd27@juno.com

Mvp Why did you do that to Matt Hardy . Outside of the ring do you have respect for him

get back.

He y awhat'sup m.v.p i just wanted to tell u im you nuber one fan and i wanna ask you how did you get to become a wwe superstar and i just wanna tell all you're haters that they need to get a life in stat of siting they little but's on this cumperter talking chit and they all needa stop haten on you because u doing it big in you're life and yall needa clam down because if you cant read it say's ask him something not send hater mail to him and 3rd of all that stuff beteen him and rey and matt is a joke wwe is a joke but i still support it!! and you m.v.p!

MVP just shut up shut up and fight the undertaker and kane saying you r tough you are nothing alright you are nothing but a cheater and a loser you got the title from chris benoit when it belongs to him alright just shut up and fight the tough guys in smackdown YOU SUCK!

why u whent to jail? what did u do?

why u done that to Matt hardy i think u done it because u scared of him and u know tha t since yall lost he title would come after your title and u would lose against him because he's better then you and rey mysterio was right you need some respect for upper upperclassmen

I see that you have a lot of haters. It's kool, cuz I do too. I just wonder if it is difficult to do the playmaker. It seems complicated to cause damage with that type pf move.

yo M.V.P. your special the playmaker is asowm

MVP ive gotta say i am a real wrestling fan and i reconize a good wrestler when i see one. I dont like you one bit...batista will destroy you and 2night your title reign ends when my boy mysterio beats you 1 2 3 !!!cw11 i love you !! you give all my shows plz show south park more often and earlier time plz...

Hello, Mr. . erm. . Burke. Or M.V.P. You are extremely egotistical, yet I think you're a very good wrestler, (the Playmaker is mind-boggling!) and you make a very good heel. I thought your current ring name, M.V.P., stood for "Most Valuable Player." But, well . . . it's not. So I want to know, why does your name stand for "Montel Vontavious Porter," and why did you choose it?

hey mvp you suck and no one likes you and matt hardy is wayy better than you heck, even pooor poeple are better than you. so just shut it and than SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
WHAT!! oh was that too much words for you to read?

Why do you think you are better thanevry

Mvp why did you take our Matt hardy?

MVP I think that you is a jackass because you always cheat when you have a match against someone like batista, undertaker and kane but I bet if you fight big daddy V,or Mark henry then you can call yourself a champion but until then shut the hell up okay.

Hey Montel,
I've got to see some of your work on the indies where you were known as Antonio Bank$, i was wondering if there was anything that you miss about your days in the indies?


my sister likes you?

i bet you would've lost against rey misterio if you
didn't cheat

hey mvp your cool.......not youl never be cool

Do u have problems with m godbrother,john cena?if so why don't you have didn't u haveamatch with him at servivor series?

what made you decide that you wanted to be a wrestlr for smackdwn why not ecw or raw??????????

So, the "Mouth" thinks you're a shining star..i.e., a mass of gas ready to explode,if we're lucky. Enjoy it while you can. And, by the way, get another get-up..you look like one of the toys that have been recalled.

Hey i was wondering if you have a myspace account

u need to take out rey mysterio just like you took out matt hardy!! you are way better than rey.

MVP U R NOTHIN BUT A CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey dude wuts up
ur pretty good.
i hope u keep ur title for a long time.
like jbl said ur a wrestling god.

can u please email me
at lilcubfan25@aol.com

so,you thnk tha u r better than everybody else re match rey!!!!!


I was just wondering which style/design of cornrow/braiding do u like best and why?
Georgie xoxox

Rey mysterio was right you are cocky and you are been a jerk to matt hardy if not beat the undertaker,kane the big red machine, big daddy V and cm punk and great khali and HBK if you win them you are better then them and your enemy is kane go v.s kane into a hell in a cell or do it with the undertaker and battle rey mysterio he did 619 to you 2 time and you are acting so tough u had to pin holding the rope and thats cheating so YOU SUCK! even Rey mysterio can beat you SUCKER! go to ECW and battle CM PUNK alvredy. SUCKER!

why did u go to prison for 9 years???

Hey MVP do Hell in a cell in amrageddon with undertaker and batista alright to see if you are tough and edge should be in your team

Hey MVP You Rock

Do You Love to Be in the WWE With Matt Hardy the cheater

and oh yeah without cheating dont cheat like you did before with matt hardy even HBK can sweet chin music you if u think u r the best so dont cheat or else is not fair for others

MVP i dont think ever think u r better then batista or matt hardy u r like randy orton or edge so violence even the undertaker can beat you in hell in a cell thats a shame even the phenom is better or kane v.s the undertaker or kane or khali or cm punk or batista or HBK or triple H if you win them then u r the best if u did not win them then u lose!

why did u beat up matt hardy he was good he was trying his best if u like to fight him fight the undertaker or khali or HBK in RAW or Triple H the king of kings they are your type


hey mvp whats up happy thanksgiving u rock

I just want to know why you are so jealous of Matt? Is it beacause the girls love him and guys wish they were him?

hey sexy i just want you to know i think you are so sexy and you should own every title belt there is .

hey MVP,
i want to let u know that u r not cool & hot like batistia,rey mysterio,matt hardy & randy orton.please tell batistia to call me at
1-863-368-1466 !!
see ya sucker!!

u did the right thing getting rid of matt hardy. he was just keeping down your real greatness. us should of took him out a long time ago.

hey man wats up? 1st i reckon ur awersome u talk tough and fight even tougher ur smart, sophistikated & 1 dayt im gonna join the wwe & im gonna beat the shit outta ya, lolz keep up the good work, & can u plz beat the shit out off kahli hes pissing me off man
comment me on myspace,


You are a great wrestler. YOu have the moves. I think you and matt hardy should go for the world tag team belts

ur cute.how many championship belts do u think u will win?

Why dont you fight jeff hardy? He is still Matt hardys family, sucker!!!!!!!!

u should be world heavyweight champ right now, not batista

do u think u can beat batista?

MVP,why cant you be like the other wrestlers? and why did you do that to Matt Hardy? I never trusted you in the first place! I believe Matt Hardy. You will never be better than anyone, including me. You suck!

Hey there MVP!

Well, obviously 99.9% of the questions on here were posted by those who are, shall we say, sophisticatedly challenged. Down to business:
First, congratulations on turning your life around to something so positive and lucrative. I think you deserve public recognition of that alone. With the brief allusions to your sorted past tossed around by the announcers, I think your story would translate excellently into a book or DVD.
Second, still being relatively new to the WWE and having climbed the ladder of success to where you are now, what do you say to those who are heavily criticizing WWE for terrible story lines, the numerous suspensions by way of the Wellness Program and the unavoidable Nielson ratings?

Lastly, many wrestlers who are no longer with WWE, have echoed similar sentiments regarding the treatment of WWE talent. Being treated like side show freaks is a common phrase in these discussions. Can you comment?

Take care Bro.

When are you going to fight someone worth of fighting like Batista, or Mark Henry? Since you are the greatest, fight someone worthy of your talents. What about Jeff Hardy instead of beating up Matt Hardy all the time. :)

What's wrong with your partner Matt Hardy, he sucks and you are cool and hot the US Champion and WwE true tag tem champion captain!

you should fight the undertaker

Hey MVP, if you could chose anybody in a match who would it be and why?

Why do you always try to be a jock and tag yourself in?

Hey M.V.P,

You travel all around the world & you must have a favorite country, state, city, etc. So, if you had to chose just one contry, state or city as your favorite which would it be & why?

will you marry me sweety???

Hey Mr. Porter what is ur favorite macth that u have ever been in so far in the WWE?

I Love u ur My Hero
Devin Turner

Ur Ballin!!

How does it feel to be the most ballinest, most flossinest, most shot-callinest superstar in wrestling history?

HEY M>V>P why want you give some more deseven of a title shot to prove to the world your the greates champion in world wresling entertaiment. say like kane or Mr.619,but don't worrie i think your the best.

Hey MVP, why dont you try to go for the World Heavyweight Championship I know your really good and I know that you can get the world championship so why dont you go for it?

Hey MVP, let me start off by saying that you are the biggest rising star of Smackdown and certainly a main event waiting to happen, but what makes you stand out out of all the athletes in the Smackdown locker room, and who do you think is your biggest competition? By the way, you're hot!!

What's ur favorite outfit of yours?

y do u treat matt hardy like u do r u jealious of him cuz he looks better n he can fight better n he did more stuff better then u can n he is so sexyy

hey MVP u r so sexy ur a great wrestler.

luv u,


hey MVP just have one quick question r u & matt hardy freinds or foes

Hey MVP,Just wanted to say you're Awesome. Who would you like to fued with next?

Is it true that you are related to Bobby Rogers?

will u ever fight 4 the wwe champiopnship

Hey MVP,
You wasted no time in making a huge impact on sports entertainment, when you signed the highest paid contract exclusively to Friday Night SmackDown. In your own opinion has being competitive always driven you to success, in and out of the ring?

Marc Baker.
United Kingdom

Why do you think there is a captain in a tag TEAM?

wasup mvp last friday was a nice match you and matt had

hey MVP, my questions are

1-do u remember me, i meet u at the spotlight live, july 24th, hears a pic of you and me hears the url
i asked you for a pic and u said "why should i take a pic with you" i said "cuz ur ballin"
and mvp u are ballin. my second question is if you had the chance to be in the money in the bank ladder match and won when would you cash it in? would you cash it in right away, or wait until the right time, like edge?

I absolutely love you. I love the cocky self confident wrestlers like you, Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, etc. A lot of guys are totally opposite in real life of the characters they play on WWE. Do you have the same personality in real life as you have on the WWE? LOVE YOU!!

I think [b]YOU[/b] MVP should step up a bit in the storylines, maybe make the VIP lounge a bit better...

But for my question...

Will you [i]EVER[/i] give Matt a chance at the US championship?

Hey Montel, how's it like to be a partner of one of wwe's most talented superstar Matt Hardy?

Hey Montel my Name is nick and i want to ask you what got you into the wrestling buisness?

Hey MVP,
If there was any wrestler in the world Past or Present, Who would you want to face the most,

Keep up the excellent work,

Who was your greatest influence in your life?

Hey MVP What is up?

Um MVP my name is Devin Turner from Durham NC I have a question do u think that u can be the best Champion on Smackdown?

Ur My Hero MVP!!!

I Love ya

hey man just wanited to say hi i a big fan i got to see you in action when you where in cleveland ohio on raw i was in the 3 row take care man chris

Hey MVP, I like your style cause that makes you unique from other wrestlers. Your moves are great too. Btw, do you have an inspiration in becoming a wrestler? If there is/are, who is he/are they?

Hey Montel,

You're the US Champion and one half of the tag team champions, are in one of the best feuds in wrestling today and have had some of the best matches in WWE in the past few years.
During your time in WWE, what are you most proud of accomplishing?


are you scared of any one

Which superstar(s) do you want to have a feud against in the future?

Do you ever see yourself as being the next World Heavyweight Champion in the next 2-3 years?

Do you plan to stay long in Smackdown or do you plan to move into Raw later on in your career?

What kind of special stipulation match would you like to participate in in the near future (Hell in a Cell, Ladder Match, Elimination CHamber, etc.)?

Hey M.V.P see i aint going to be IGNORANT like all these other people,ima be straight up.I think you are a pretty good wrestler.Ever since I first saw you, i knew you were going to be a champion.And you may be a World Champion one day.Matt Hardy is also a good wrestler, I just can't believe he hasn't had a world title yet.Well anyway when are you guys going to fight for the United States Championship.And are you ever going to change your costume.Well it's been nice talking to ya.Later

I heard you took Religion Islam while you were in prision.How it influnced your life and are you still an Islam follower?

Mvp are you afraid to defend your U.S Title against Matt Hardy

So have you liked what you have expreinced in the WWE so far in your career?

how u an matt get along ? are u still being onfair to matt at every game u guys playing. by the way is matt on hi5. u r my friend on hi5. u an alot of other wrestlers lke batista,maria,undertaker.an goo dluck in all your matching u an matt have together

MVP, is it true that WWE makes you wear the Power Rangers attire because you have a Malcolm X tattoo?

u suck mvp but u r hot

why do you wrestleand can i have one of yo chains im yo biggest fan#1fan

hey MVP

Do Ric Flair's chop really hurt and also does it hurt you ears when the fireworks come out for your entrance?

is wwe hard

POWER RANGER!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you think that you're the captain of the tag team? Matt keeps beating you in everything!

Let me tel u somethin MVP. u r not better than Matt Hardy. Face the facts that Matt can beat you in anything. Matt and Jeff hardy ought to team up on you and beat you like a drum.
If, you beat undertaker, or batista for the world heavyweight tiltle then maybe you are better than Matt.
You better get ready because matt is gonna turn on your so called "friendship"
and get u with a twist-of-fate.

you should defind ur title so you could show if you are that good


MVP, when are we going to see you in better matches than tag team or against Matt and wwhen are we going to see MVP more agressive for single championships?


Since joining the WWE what or who was your biggest challenge and what has been your best moment?

If you can choose any superstar in the WWE in a match with the stipulation of your choice who would it be and why and what would the stipulation be?

Are you afraid of the Undertaker and his brother Kane

MVP are you a playhater or a playmaker?

MVP are you overrated?

hey mvp you suck you can't even beat matt hardy that rerminded me you got creamed in basketball by matt hardy. Batista will crush you any time any where and matt hardy will get your belt. buy Mvp!

Are you oing to defend the u.s. title againist matt hearty

hey MVP!~!~!~!
wats up!?!?
I just wanted to say that u should be nice to ur partner Matt Hardy
he is a very good wrestler
and maybe u guys can keep that title 4EVER if u 2 beocme the best of friends....which i knw that will NEVER happen

P.S keep looking hot!~!~!~!
1 question......r u younger than all the wwe wrestlers?!?!?!? w/b

I know it's all akout paper but y don't u shake Hardy and get a more believable, compatable,player like ur self partner?

Hay MVP I think you and Matt Harddy are a good match up and I dont care what others say about you. And for any one else who says Matt Harddy is better then you then there damn wrong and this is comeing from a 13 year old.

MVP u suck Batisa is the best and he'll beat u any time and any where.u can't even beat matt at basket ball one of your best sports. It was funny when u got knot out by the boxxer that's what yo big head get I KNOW U AIN'T BETTER THAN ME.


what would u do if u were matt and u wanted a us tittle shot

Hey M.V.P., I was watching a match that you had with Rey Mysterio on Smackdown, and I was amazed at how good of chemistry you two seem to have in the ring. How do you feel about Mysterio as a wrestler, and do you think that you two could have a gret feud?

Hey, you ands Carlito are probably two of the guys in WWE that have shown alot of improvement in 1 years time. I wanted to know, what is your dream match?

Hey, I heard you were in prison and it gave me a great idea, I think, for a storyline. wwe should have guy come to shows and jump the rail and attack you but play it off as just a fan doing it. but after it happens as hes being taken away you and him make eye contact and you looked bugged out by who it is. then later in the show you are leaving the arena and vince stops you to see if your alright and you just blow him off and say you goota leave and thats it for that week. then the next week you see the guy in the crowd and are bugged out by him again. you just leave the match and get counted out. and leave the arena again. then the following week you come out at the begging of the show and talk about the guy and say you and hit used to go at it in prison and now he won't leave you alone and so you want him in the ring. he comes out of the crowd and into the ring and the two of you start to fight and people come out to break it up. then you go in the back and tell vince you wanna strret fight with the guy at the nest ppv. vince sets it up and you guys out on a great street fight. the whole thing needs to be complete kayfabe and the wrestler needs to be an unknown wrestler that no one has seen. I think if pulled off right it would be great. what do you think.

hey mvp you suck people allways kicking your but the boxer matt hardy and by the way he better than you so stop trying to be better than him


Hey M.V.P.

Why can't you just except the fact that Matt Hardy is better than you?

u suck. y u let poeple kick yo butt . no wait u dont. they do it dont matter what. lame

If you could have a match against any wrestler not currently in World Wrestling Entertainment, who would it be?

since you say your the best one why dont you face THE ANIMAL BATISTA some Friday are you a champ or a loser.

Why do you wear tights?

I was looking at your biol and i wanted to ask you, what did it take for you to realize your dream and not be just another criminal? Because you say you spent about 9 years in half?

why wont u give matthardy a shot at the united states titlie

mvp you and me should be tag team partners. matt harddy sucks.

Im your biggest Fan

John Cena is my boy

you say your better than everyone else but why do you cheat your way out of any match you think cant win, and if you think you are better than anyone else and you think Kane was nothing so one-on-one with The Undertaker

I love John Cena

hi mvp im from south africa i really enjoy watching you fight my question to you is will you beat there undertaker.

r u afraid of matt hardy?why do u act like a jerk off?

Hey MVP your like the best wrestler do you think you will be in the main event at wrestlemania 24?

Mvp do u know if u might be able 2 break the great khali's
vise grip or win the world championship from batista im your biggest fan
from your biggest fan

Do you have a favorite diva in the WWE and If so who Is It.

P.S You are the best person In the WWE.

y do people think matt hardy should be capt. wen you are da future of smackdown naw wwe

your biggest eneymey is kane.your a jerk

who do u think will win in a steel cage match? the great kahli or mark henry or umaga or big daddy v

you said you were better than everybody but i can challenge you

M.V.P why dont you let matt hardy be the CAPTAIN? he is better then you. And you got that tag team title becuase of him and he save you from a duable choke slam from under taker and kane

why are you paid so much and do so little?

why dont you like matt harddy?
how old are you?
im a big fan of you mvp and matt.my name is bryan i hoip you go to raw and be the unined chapion still.may be you cant but wwe chapion

MVP,stop being a jerk and saying you are the CAPTAIN!! Why are you sooo compentivw with my love Matt Hardy?

MVP, Why are you being so compentive with Matt Hardy?

why do u be scared of kane and undertaker.

who is your greatest enemy? who is your favorite ally?plz reply

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