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Smallville: If You Could Read My Mind

Kara's back! Well, sort of -- she's lost her memory, she seems to have lost her powers, and she's being menaced by a psycho stalker, but hey, at least we're seeing her again. And the episode that brings her back lets us Lex's split psyche, Chloe's powers, Clark's devotion, Lois' lock-picking skills, Lionel's horrible parenting practices, and a little naked Lex-Lana action to boot. Something for everyone!

When we open, we're not in Kansas anymore -- we're in a rainy Detroit junkyard, and Lex and Lois are looking for Kara. They find her, locked in an enclosure, but Finley, the crazed busboy/stalker/ex-con who put her there finds them. Seems he wants to keep "Linda" safe -- and to himself. This leads to a shootout. Finley gets winged, but Lex is hit right between the eyes. THAT can't be good.

Lex gets whisked away to the hospital, but he's in a coma. Unfortunately, he's the only one who knows where Lois and Kara are. Plus, he's in the credits and it would suck if he died, you know? So something must be done!

We've got two options: Chloe can use her special healing powers, which led her to wake up in the morgue before. Or, Clark could hook himself into a mind-melding machine that lets him poke around in Lex's cerebral cortex, looking for clues. One brain blender, coming up!

Clark goes swimming into Lex's psyche, and it's a scary place. And it's not just memories of an unhappy childhood -- there's also an immensely strong Eeeeeevil Lex stomping around, trying to kill the last shreds of decency he's got, which are embodied by his inner child. Eeeeeeevil Lex wants to kill Li'l Lex -- that's what makes him weak! -- and he gets damn close to succeeding. Fortunately, Clark is there to save Lex's psyche, and Chloe is around to save his physical being when Lex flatlines. Chloe dies as Lionel watches, and we're guessing that revealing her power to Lionel wasn't the best idea, but what could she do? If Lex died, he'd take Clark with him. But the healing works, and Clark gets out with the information he needs. He's just in time to save Kara and Lois from the stalker busboy, and everything is hunky dory.

Or is it? Lionel tries to reconcile with his son -- he even tells Lex he loves him -- but it's too late. Clark tells Lex to listen to that little voice of decency inside, but Lex doesn't seem amenable to that. Chloe takes three hours longer than before to recover from her borrowed death -- she can't keep doing this!

But what may be most ominous is Lex and Kara's interaction. Lex tells Kara he can help her get her memory back, and she seems to think he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart, but we're not so sure...

What did you think? What was your favorite part? Tell all in the comments!


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oh come on why would lex want to help kara clark needs to warn her about lex. clark needs to kara about his and her powers. that was really freaky seeing kara as an angel in lex's head. i think now we know why lex is like that with is father and mother treating him like he's nothing. chloe didn't even want to save lex but she needed to save lex so she can save clark but fifteen hours. well she didn't promise clark she wouldn't use her powers.

gee, this epi certainly puts a new twist on "getting in touch with your inner child." i absolutely LOVED that little boy who played alexander. i just wanted to hug him and tell him he was a good person (even though i know lex luthor eventually denies his inner child). i also wanted to deck lionel and lillian.

i really liked this episode even though this deal with kara and the busboy was a bit weird. LOVED the scene with lex and lana. OUCH, TOO, TOO hot.

i'm glad the writers' strike is over. new episodes, please.

I think your poll question is meant to read "Lex and Lana getting it on" versus Lois. Although, Lex and Lois getting it on would be just as bad.

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