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Big News: The CW Announces Early Pickups for Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Supernatural!

Without further ado, the six shows that The CW has confirmed will be back for the fall season:

  • America's Next Top Model
  • Everybody Hates Chris
  • Gossip Girl
  • One Tree Hill
  • Smallville
  • Supernatural

    First things first -- Supernatural is back! You had us worried there for awhile, CW, what with taking it off the schedule for long periods of time and not promoting it as much as we'd like. But you seem to have realized what a gem you have on your hands, and we're beyond psyched that we'll get a fourth season.

    And more One Tree Hill! We're loving the way Season Five is playing out, and we cannot wait to see more of the gang's twentysomething adventures. This means more opportunities to see relationships form (and fall apart), more Ravens games, more Naley, more Leyton (whether or not you love them, we suspect they're around for the long haul), and more sassy Brooke. Hurray!

    We're not especially shocked to see Top Model and Gossip Girl on the list, but we're still very happy! The former is The CW's biggest hit, and the latter is arguably the network's most buzzworthy show. We can't imagine a fall TV season without Tyra and her latest crop of model wannabes. And Gossip Girl is just starting to heat up -- imagine the potential of another season of conniving, backstabbing, and bitchery.

    Then there's Everybody Hates Chris, which consistently brings the funny and completely deserves another year of anchoring The CW's comedy night. And Smallville has been keeping things fresh this season with a flurry of new characters and new loves found and lost. The big question: will Michael Rosenbaum return for Season Eight? If he doesn't, will you keep watching?

    So that's the big news. We want to hear your reactions! Are you freaking out about this news, or were you confident all along that your favorite shows would return? And what about shows that haven't yet been confirmed, like The Game, Reaper, and Aliens in America -- are you worried, or do you think they'll be back?

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    YAY!!! No more clinging to the side of the sofa in anticipation -- we get another season of the Winchesters! Great call, CW!!

    I never watched in episode in my life before last night and I'm really interested now so.

    I find your REAPER show morally bankrupt.

    As long as Chloe is on Smallville, I will keep watching.

    Please Bring Back The Game I Love The Show And I Look Forward To Seeing It All The Time I Think It Is The Best Show Ever!!!In Television History Please Bring The Game Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plese bring back The Game. The show was so real. I love the behind the scene look at football.

    Bring back the game. Such a decent show and I didn't even know it was on the CW until I started watching reruns on a different tv station. I guess black shows just aren't CW's ally?

    BRING BAAAAAAACK THE GAME, i only watched CW because of the game ! PLEAAAAAAAAASE let its staay

    can you all please bring the game back for another season. I have not watched the CW since they have gone off air...i think its sad that you all are not picking up good shows that are making a difference in young kids lives. This show is too good!!!! what do all the fans have to do in order to get the show picked back up?

    Please bring the Game back!! That was the best show on the CW. I haven't watched CW since they have been off, and I won't until they come back...

    Please bring the Game back!! That was the best show on the CW. I haven't watched CW since they have been off, and I won't until they come back...

    CW better bring The Game back or I will never watch this station again. You did it once with girlfriends so don't do it again. If I didn't know any better I would think this was a race issue!!!!!

    If the CW cancels The Game, I WILL NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN! Hopefully it gets picked up by BET...

    Please bring "The Game" back....you can't let Derwin and Melanie FINALLY get married and leave us hanging..I'm still grieving over "Girlfriends" and now this...Don't forget that some African American adults watch TV too.

    i think everyone here needs to keep in mind not everyone is into the pop culture scene and happens to like the supernatural and "reaper" shows especially because its something new and not into all this high school drama junk. i mean really stop filling kids minds with how hot so and so is or omg shes a #$% bla bla bla... its good for cw to broadcast something a little humorous such as reaper especially considering that its directed by a entertaining character such as Kevin smith. if cw or the critics at least did a showing for at least half the season or so in a room with 500 or more viewers for reaper they would at least know which group loves that show. and those who have an open mind for something like that. i wish they would bring it back but im not in the position to make things happen. but going back to what i was saying earlier it would be nice to have something different like reaper come back on the air, practically everyone in my neighborhood and work all love that show especially because of the characters who are on that show.

    don't forget about "the game" i love that show

    EEP! SUPERNATURAL!!! Thank you so much CW for not making us sweat it out this year. It's a heck of a relief after that season 3 finale. My absolute favorite show on television right now. I don't even know why it would be considered for cancellation.

    Thank You so much for season 4 of Supernatural. I've never got into a tv series before and this one I did I fell in love with this show from the first time it aired. I've got my hole family into watching it .my daughter just told me yesterday mom tell dad I love dean . I said don't we all honey. It's funny cause she's only 5 and her first crush is dean. at least she has good taste. sams not to bad himself. But thank you so much for the next season.

    Bring back The Game!!!!!

    I think brooke and lucas should be together because my mom was a directer and a script writer!! She watches it and says that it would be good to have brucas together foreever because sometimes it has to come to an end and they make a prefect fit with there past it might help a little because they have knoun how they were together and the marrige they had!!

    cw are going to lose alot of black fan without the game they just lost me

    For those of you who are fans of Bela Talbot, my friend started an online petition to try and get her back on the show, please sign it, here’s the website:


    Supernatural is the best thing to happen to tv since the invention of tv. Incredible show,actors,story,etc..bring on season 4, and 5 and 6 and 7.......

    thank you for gving supernatural a fourth season and one tree hill comming back on in the fall and gossipgirl.

    The Game! bring back The Game, I love it!

    Great! I love Supernatural and I can't wait for the forth season! Wounder what will happen to Jensen now :P

    And Smallville.. Love the show, but I think I read somewhere that you can't make him "Superman" in the show.. However if he for once would start being a "Hero" outside Smallville
    people would enjoy the show more..

    OMG can not wait for Supernatural's Fourth Season!!!!!!!!!! Sooo Cool I LOVE Supernatural. It's the best show I have ever watched. Love you Jensen and Jared. Oh and Congrats to Jareds Engagement!!!!

    Love Your Die Hard Fan!

    Wow! I love how many people are stoked Supernatural is coming back! :-) Its absolutely crazy to think for a second that we don't love that show CW so I hope you read these things because trust us, we want you to keep that show around. Don't scare us again!

    Thats Awesome! Thanks CW for Supernatural early pickup - when will it air?
    Love and sunshine
    Vix - ozchicksunite

    yay for supernatural! thanks CW!

    as for michael rosenbaum, he's practically lex luthor personified, and it would be a big loss to the show if he does actually leave. but, if he feels that as an actor, he needs to let go of smallville in order to, i don't know, grow or something, then he should go. i'll just watch his movies or new shows or something. :D

    Woo! Yay! So glad you're bringing back supernatural. :-)

    Just a quick note to say thanks CW for renewing Supernatural - I watch it across the pond on ITV, and it really is an awesome show - I don't think there has ever been a TV Show I have been so into - Thanks!


    (also, being renewed for a fourth season seems to suggest that both boys will survive this season...)

    Smallville, on the other hand... Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy it. The problem is, It is now so far from consistent with the movies and comics...

    I'll continue following it, because it IS an awesome show, but really and truly it should have ended quite a few seasons ago.

    supernatural is so cool...you rock guys!

    please let girlfriends and the game come back

    i am soooooooo happy that supernatural is back on. it is the best show ever. jensen and jared are awesome actors. when i know that supernatural is coming on it is the high-light of my week. i just couldn't believe you guys were really thinking about replacing it with "reaper". i tried to watch the show but it just wasn't the same. i give props to all of the people who are involved in creating the supernatural shows. and the actors are wonderful. its the only show that can give me chills when i'm watching it, and leave me wanting more every week. it has amazing story lines and is the best show on television that i have seen in a LONG time. agian, thank you so much for bringing back the show.

    jensen and jared's biggest fan,

    Let "The Game" COME BACK PLEASE!


    im really happy about the fourth season of supernatural , thx


    Mev: Reaper does the themes better than spn? how so?

    Even the critics that praised the Reaper pilot have backed off and said the show fell flat and lost its way.

    Do you watch Supernatural? There is an amazing, intriguing story being told on that program, that keeps getting better.

    Reaper is more of a fluff program. If nothing else is on, Reaper is entertaining enough, but not gripping enough for it to be a "must watch" type of show. Reaper has yet to bring a "WOW" factor to the table. Supernatural, on the other hand, Wows me in multiple ways. Wait...does that sound dirty?

    supernatural tops all the shows CW picked up. top model should stop because really when the people win they dont get famous only for 15 minutes seriously.oh and smallville is a huge show and success so it can stay it's adventurous and so much more. gossip girl is becoming noticed but not compared to the other shows.supernatural has so many fans it's unbelieveable the polls and petitions is incredible so please please CW dont murder this show not like what WB tried to do i mean come on what ever happen to them oh wait they shut down because they tried to cancel out so many great shows like smalville, supernatural, top model,angel,buffy the vampire slayer and so much more. SO PLEASE PLEASE LET SUPERNATURAL CONTINUE LIKE SMALLVILLE.

    OMG!! i love how there are so many spn fans here. That show rox!! i admit every once in a while ill trail off to smallville but my heart belongs to spn!! Jared is sooooooooooooooooooooo fricken HOTT. I barely made it through the month of wondering what is going to happen to sam and dean?! I am an absolute spn fan. Cant wait for the show to come back on!! just another week, even though its a re-run, thats ok!! love the show!! Bring me back my Jared!!

    Reaper is one of the best shows on now. It really needs to be renewed. I'd be so disappointed if it weren't and after Veronica Mars, would be hesitant to invest the time into the CW shows worth watching. It may have some of the same themes as supernatural, but it does it so much better.

    i hope that The Game is coming back for another season i love that show.

    SUPERNATURAL are back!!!!
    thank you very much....
    it's the best show ever...
    thank you...thank you...thank you

    More thank you from Indonesia

    after reading some of the things some people said i think some people have gone nutz without sense of real entertainment... SuperNatural, OneTreeHill, and SmallVille are by far THE BEST! shows the CW has got... Reaper i watched at first but then its just boring and brought nothing new to the table..wouldnt care if the show was canceled.. two BIGG thumbs DOWN for reaper. Stick with SuperNatural, OneTreeHill, and SmallVille!! we love them down here in NEW YORK CITY! keep these shows to air at 9pm pleaseee. its the only way some of us down here can ever catch them. Thanks.

    For Reaper fans: the below is from the Ask Ausiello column on TVguide.com

    Question: What's the scoop on another season of Reaper? I love that show! — DaisyRose
    Ausiello: The scoop is more people need to start watching. Maybe the two new female characters they're adding will prove enough of a draw. One of them is described as a "bland and anemic" Bench worker in her thirties who's in desperate need of a makeover (think SNL's Rachel Dratch), and the other is a sweet, funny and sharp-witted nurse in her twenties (think O.C.'s Autumn Reeser).

    when are the new episodes of Gossip Girl starting because i am only seeing reruns? PLZ i need to know

    Thanks CW for bring back the Thursday night block. Can't wait to see the return of Supernatural.

    SO glad that supernatural is coming back!! i think that it is one of the best shows on the cw, and can't wait for the next season! sam and dean's relationship is the best sibling relationship EVER seen on tv!

    *jumps up and down in excitement*

    Whoohoo! Supernatural's coming back for a fourth season!!! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble the boys get into this time. Thanks CW!!

    Wow alot of people like supernatural. With all of the comments its gotten i feel like mine wouldn't matter but ALL WELL. SUPERNATURAL ROCKS MY SOCK!!! No other show even comes close to the greatness of supernatural so Hell 2 he ya!

    I'm really glad Gossip Girl, Supernatural and Smallville are back. About One Tree Hill I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, OTH is my favorite show...or at least it was until the end of season 3. Season 4 was the worst. Not even Haley's pregnancy could made me watch that crap. The Leyton was totally forced down our throats. Season 5 is good, except for the
    Leyton crap they are putting us, the Brucas fans, through again. They are acting like the
    Brucas relationship never happenned and that Brooke was just a bump on the road to LP, which is crap by the way. Lucas said a lot of meaninful things to Brooke through seasons 2 & 3 that cannot be erased or taken back by the way(4x03 anyone?). The scene with Brooke and Peyton on 5x11 was terrible, I mean Soph and Hil were amazing but the writers made Brooke say 86 letters, I mean come on, how can they not remember what they wrote is beyond me. I know her speech from 3x09 by heart...and just for the record SHE WROTE 82 LETTERS. 82, OKAY MARK?!
    I'm almost giving up on OTH, I've actually did. I only watch season 5 because of Jamie e Brooke. My season 4 DVD is still closed...and I pretend to keep it that way. The only way that I'm opening it is if Brucas end up together but with the way things are going right now...hoping is dying and so is my patience with Mark. I love Naley and little Jamie and especially Sophia but I refuse to watch season 6 if it's going to be season 4 3.0 (since the fifth was the 2.0 with the Leyton). Daneel need to get back soon, I miss her like crazy on the show. Brachel friendship is the best one ever, together with the Baley of course. Bryan totally has to be back to season 6 so things are the way they are supposed to be: NALEY, BRUCAS & JEYTON.

    How the hell can you just snatch my favorite show off the air like that!?!?!?! BRING SUPERNATURAL BACK!!!!!!!

    Megan: You're comment is much funnier than Reaper could ever be (but not funnier than Supernatural is). You do realize those "crap shows" you named are in fact the CW's highest rated scripted programs.

    And here i thought the CW's crap shows were PCD and Crowned.

    Some people are ridiculous.


    Oh sweet gloriousness!

    I gets my Winchesters back again!!

    I'll admit, I guess we fans do come on strong, but its to prove a point - Ms. O couldn't ever try and say SPN didn't have a fan base!

    I'll still watch, regardless, but is it too much to ask for SPN to not compete head on with Greys?
    Especially since we don't have any repeats (yet) :D

    I'll quit while I'm ahead though - just THANKS FOR BRINGIN SPN BACK!

    .ps. And also, the person below me said it to a tee - what were they thinking when they came up with some of the crucial details of Reaper?! So much of it directly cuts in with SPN - what the heck?

    "God I can't believe how many people are still watching those crap shows Supernatural, Smallville, and One Tree Hill, especially Smallville and OTH. All were good at the beginning but SV an OTH started going down hill several seasons ago.

    Gossip Girl isn't suprising (I love it too) but they better bring back Reaper when they're keeping all those other washed out shows. Reaper is a comedy gem unlike the overrated "Everybody Hates Chris" and every other idiotic show that used to play on UPN before the most boneheaded merger ever."

    Supernatural is definitely better than the Reaper. A show which is a copy of Brimstone without the intelligence. The only thing good about that show is the guy who plays the devil. But really the poor guy can't carry the whole show by himself.

    CW...Thank you so much for renewing Supernatural for a fourth season...it's the best move you could make! And thanks, too, for letting us know early and not have to wait until May.

    BRING BACK REAPER!!! This show has a great cast and great story. In my opinion, one of the reasons why CW has some of the better shows on TV. Kudos for bringing back Supernatural. Another example of good TV on CW.

    Wonderful news that Supernatural has been picked up for a 4th season... I suppose it's too much to hope that it won't include Bela? Ruby is just about bearable (especially if I close my eyes and squint!), but Bela? Puhlease!

    I'm so glad they are bringing back One Tree Hill! I have been so angry thinking that this was the last season, but I had recently heard that they were infact making a season 6! && Now I am sooo excited! I LOVEEEE One Tree Hill!

    "God I can't believe how many people are still watching those crap shows Supernatural, Smallville, and One Tree Hill, especially Smallville and OTH. All were good at the beginning but SV an OTH started going down hill several seasons ago.

    Gossip Girl isn't suprising (I love it too) but they better bring back Reaper when they're keeping all those other washed out shows. Reaper is a comedy gem unlike the overrated "Everybody Hates Chris" and every other idiotic show that used to play on UPN before the most boneheaded merger ever."

    Megan-ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Reaper is NOT comedy gem. It's pretty much a RIP-OFF of Supernatural. Don't even tell me that's not true: A main character named Sam, doing the Devil's work, and HUNTING for the people/things he has to send back to hell. So don't even say that Supernatural is a crap show, because it's not. It's one of the best shows on TV right now, and it's pretty much the only show I'll watch. Also, as for OTH going downhill? It definitely hasn't. I'm more interested in this season than I was the 2nd or third. Obviously it's not gone downhill!!

    I'm so glad that Supernatural is coming back for a fourth season. I just hope Dean doesn't die and please cw to put the show on a different timeslot in the fall.

    Thanks for the return of Supernatural... from Australia


    PLEASE renew REAPER, I enjoy Smallville and Super Natural but please bring Reaper back, it is just fun and good chararters and they appear to enjoy it which makes the show, PLEASE CW bring it back!

    Great SpN news. I won't be watching Smallville without MR.

    OMG! I'm so Happy that supernatural is back for a 4th season, && I'm also happy that One Tree Hill is not being cancelled. One Tree Hill& Supernatural are two of the best shows That the CW has to offer.. I can't imagine either of them EVER being cancelled. But anyways, Thank you so very much CW!<3

    I am so glad that Supernatural is coming back! I have been worried with Reaper being in its time slot the last couple of weeks!! I really like Reaper, but it ain't no Supernatural!!!

    I Screamed when i heard this news of OTH coming back.
    It was the same for GG coming back. I am siked for 2008-09 season, hopefully no writers strike.

    I agree i hope NALEY IS NOT OVER FOREVER, they are may fav couple

    Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever...Can't Wait Till They Give New Episodes

    OTH!!!..thank you soo much for renewing OTH for a 6th season..it's an amazing show..mark schwan and the cast are unbalievable amazing..i've been a fan since season 1 and will be till the last!!..

    I LOVE OTH!!!


    gotta love the cw ;)

    greets from germany.

    OMG Supernatural YAY!!!!!

    Thanks from Spain!!!!

    God I can't believe how many people are still watching those crap shows Supernatural, Smallville, and One Tree Hill, especially Smallville and OTH. All were good at the beginning but SV an OTH started going down hill several seasons ago.

    Gossip Girl isn't suprising (I love it too) but they better bring back Reaper when they're keeping all those other washed out shows. Reaper is a comedy gem unlike the overrated "Everybody Hates Chris" and every other idiotic show that used to play on UPN before the most boneheaded merger ever.

    "Supernatural" and "One Tree Hill" are very good

    YAY for Supernatural! Had us a little worried there for a bit.

    Congrats to the others who got their shows to return as well. I know we seem a little fanatical about our show, but we feel it's slightly underrated.

    woooo! supernatural is still going, thank god. it's the only reason i even have a television... huzzah for another year of sammy and dean!

    Ahhh!!! Gossip Girl is finallyy backk!!!!!
    Thanks So much CW!!!!<#

    heck yes i will watch smallville if there is a new lex it will be ok i have been watching it since season 1 so i wont stop until it is off the air which i hope isnt for awhile

    also one tree hill and supernatural i cant wait

    wow well i couldn't be happier wirh the cw, im very impressed. i didn't have to wait till may and supernatural and one tree hill made the cut smart choices thank you so much you have no idea how awsome this is for me and all my friends

    I'm so glad that Supernatural is coming back for a 4th season. I'm only hoping that they get rid of the annoying Bela character (she's just not working in the slightest and her cutesy smug expressions/conversations make me want Dean or Sam to shoot her dead already). They need to keep to the roots of the show with it revolving around the relationship between Dean and Sam. Don't let Dawn Ostroff change the show into all the other lame teeny bopper shows they have on the CW. Bring back more rock music and get rid of that lame romantic stuff (like the "Dean might be pining for a settled down life" boring junk...I like the idea of the guys hunting alone together and riding off in the Impala at the end of the series whenever that may come).

    Why isn't supernatural airing on thrudays like always Repear took it's place.When is supernatural coming back???

    HECK YEAH, all my favourite CW shows (OTH, SPN, GG)!!! :D:D

    Yay, One Tree Hill is renewed! A sixth season these days in incredible what with a typical maximum of three seasons or so it seems to me. It just keeps getting better and better (even though I'm a massive Leyton fan) and I'm ecstatic that we're going to get more episodes. Also brilliant news about Gossip Girl, but like it wasn't going to be renewed.

    BRUCAS is around for the long haul! Leyton bores me to tears!

    HOORAY for One Tree Hill!

    ONE TREE HILL SEASON 6! I love it!

    Supernatural is back.I am so HHHAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY.
    Supernatural Go Go!!!!!!!

    Sunshine, lolly pops, rainbows, everything that's wonderful comes from SUPERNATURAL!!!! Thank you for renewing the best and one of the best written shows on televison! SAM & DEAN will RETURN TO RAISE HELL!!!!!!!!!XD

    WOO HOO! Supernatural coming back

    OTH is coming back YAY! I hope we get a lot more NH, NHJ scenes.

    I've done a LOT of complaining about the CW and the flawed nature of it's advertising team. But I've got nothing but a ton of thanks for the renewal of Supernatural - and the fact that we didn't have to wait until the upfronts in May for details.


    But Smallville (which I've watched without fail, even though the last 3 seasons have been...iffy) is nothing without Michael Rosenbaum - if he's really leaving, I've got no interest in watching the show. Tom Welling is not... that talented an actor, and his best scenes are those where his character plays off Michael's. Hopefully all those rumors are false. Even "Chloe" can't make me want to watch a "Lex" free Smallville.

    Either way - THANK YOU, CW, for renewing the best show on television. I'll temporarily take back all the negative things I've said over the last 2 and a half years. Hell, I might even write an actual letter thanking Ostroff! *grins*

    Yay!!!! Smallville's coming back for an 8th season. I love Smallville and as long as it's on I will be watching. I agree with another post bring back Hidden Palms!!!!!

    thank you for bringing back supernatural. can't wait to see the winchesters again

    I'm glad that Smallville will be back. But my favorite show is "The Game" and I think the network is overseeing this show. Its a good show and i really hope it returns next season. The network doesn't advertise it enough. I hope they don't cancel it because Girlfriends are being cancelled. But I've gotten alot people on board and tehy love it. So everyone..please watch "The Game" and let the netowrk know you like it.

    The BEST news in YEARS SUPERNATURAL new saison 4 it's just the best new EVER
    Congrats 2 JENSEN & JARED:D

    Yeahhhh !!! OMG I'm so happy !!!

    Love One Tree Hill :)

    Oh Thank You CW. I don't deal with stress very well and after Supernatural was taken off the schedule... you had me worried. I find it much easier to wait through the break now. I can just watch my DVDs and entertain myself with viewing parties over the weekends until it starts back up.

    As long as Chloe is on Smallville, I will keep watching.
    Same thing for 30% of the Smallville viewers.

    So happy about One Tree Hill. Now, anyone know, full order for these (well, just OTH, but I'm curious about all the rest)? 13 episodes? 22 episodes? 6 episodes? What? It's killlllinnnggg me!

    Yayyyy Supernatural! I am sooo happy to hear that news! I'd be lost without my Supernatural kick! Nice to see Smallville too! I don't really watch the other shows, but I am happy for their fan bases that they get their shows back!!!

    I am so thrilled that Supernatural was confirmed to have a 4th season this early!

    Thank you, CW!

    I am also a newer OTH fan, so I am happy to see it also was renewed.

    Woohoo! Supernatural for season four - best news ever to strike off the monday blues. I'll really have to check out those other shows.

    Hearing the terrific news about Supernatural has absolutely made my day!

    Just about the best US show on TV.

    Hurray for SPN! Thanks for the news!

    Season 6 for One Tree Hill!! helll yessssss! I am so pumped

    w00t! Supernatural S4 *dances*

    Gotta admit, this makes me superhappy. TPTB seem to have their heads screwed on the right way round for once!


    S-U-P-E-R-N-A-T-U-R-A-L is backkkkkkk my friends! I never thought I'd say this but....CW, I love you. Yep, you treated this wonderful show like crap. But I think you're beginning to realise what you've got. T'was about time I say ;D

    Now forgive me, but I've got to run outside to scream it to the WORLDDDDDDDDDDD!

    Supernatural. Ya rock, baby. And these boys are going to be the end of me. Seriously, how much hotter can they get? o0; The've got to stop. My heart won't support it. Ohh, dammit! Forget what I said! Bring on the sexynesssss! x)


    Yes 8th season for Smallville, hope Allison Mack will be back, she is the only one I love to watch beside Tom Welling.

    Smallville baby!!!! Yea.. yet another season where I get to see Tom Welling and allison Mack... he is such a great actor. And supernatural thank you CW


    No offense to the other shows but I couldn't care less if they were renewed or not. AS LONG AS THE WINCHESTER BOYS ARE COMING BACK LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!! :)

    Finally some awesome, awesome news. Supernatural fourth season is a dream come true! Thank you for announcing it now!

    YESSSSSSSSS for Supernatural!!!!!!!! Omg, that makes me so happy! :D

    While I predict a fifth season for Supernatural, I'm incredibly pleased to read confirmation of its return for the 4th season; Smallville returning for an 8th is somewhat of a surprise - I can only hope they get their game up as season 7 so far has been a major disappointment for the most part.

    In conclusion: I still have my Smallville and SUPERNATURAL, thank you CW!

    YAYYY ONE TREE HILL but maybe to not offend some people DONT say Leyton is in for the long haul or w.e because it isnt confirmed and NOBODY knows even Mark Schwahn THE WRITER say never say never for either that means Brucas as well could happen for season 6.

    Thank you, CW, for announcing Supernatural's renewal. I'm thrilled to hear we'll be getting a 4th season of this phenomenal show.

    Supernatural is a fantastic series and I look forward to lots more seasons to come!

    We have Supernatural?! Thank you CW for listening to the fans and trusting your actors and producers!

    Thank Christ, thankyou CW for finally realising what an ace of spades you have on your hands in Supernatural, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles light up the entire screen with their bond and charisma and I am THRILLED to see such hard work get rewarded with an early pick up.

    I have no feelings towards the rest but YES for Supernatural, the best hour of television I watch at the moment.

    A constant thrill.

    Supernaturaul!! Woo-Hoo!

    Best news EVER! That announcement made my day, my week!

    The only bad thing about Supernatural coming back in the fall is that we're pretty much guaranteed a really killer cliffhanger in May. lol

    SO glad it's gonna be back.

    i am glad that my favorite shows are coming back in the fall.i love supernatural, smallville,one tree hill and gossip girls. i will be looking forward for the fall.
    i hope that Michael Rosenbaum will be back. love u jensen ackles from nibbi

    Yay for Smallville and Supernatural!!! Now, please CW, don't break up a perfect pairing. Keep airing these 2 shows back-to-back. I love my CW thursday nights. :)

    And YES, I'll keep watching Smallville. MR is terrific, and if he's not back as Lex, he'll be missed. But SV is primarily the story of the young Clark Kent, and how he becomes Superman. And its about time the show got back to that. Besides, Tom Welling is my guy!

    I have never watched Supernatural, but people here seem to be a little fanatical about it, so I am glad they got their wish. Hopefully, they would give Reaper a shot as well, since their show is no longer threatened.

    I do like Reaper and hope it stays. Ray Wise is too funny not to be on tv. A little more of him and less formulaic storylines would help the show. I just hope it lasts long enough to find out what Sam's dad tore out of that contract.

    Smallville was a show I could not live without in the beginning. Now I think it has just grown tired, with a few pick me ups with green arrow and such.

    That is all I watch on the CW.

    OMG- tomorrow is my birthday, and this? Is the the best possible present. YAY CW!!!!

    YAYYYYYYYY!!!! SUPERNATURAL!! What a great news. I'm soooo happy!!



    Awesome! The CW is maybe finding a Clue about the best show on the entire planet.


    SUPERNATURAL IS BACK! \0/ Thank you CW!

    I seriously just teared up when I read that about Supernatural. IMO, it's the best show on TV right now, and I can't imagine my thursday nights without it!


    Thank you for the great news about Supernatural! We had season 2 here, wait for season 3 soon and hope to see season 4 now. Just know we all your fans support favorite show and cross our fingers for next season too)))))
    BTW thank you for the news about Smallville!

    I'm so happy Supernatural is coming back for a 4th season :D

    OMG, Christmas in March, YOWZA! Supernatural - way to go, CW!

    Early renewal for Supernatural is the best thing the CW has done lately. Awesome, and thank you!

    All I can say is I'm greatful that Smallville will be returning for another season. And while I really don't care for any of the other CW Series, I'm glad that horrid CW Now series got the axe.

    Time to bring back Hidden Palms, I say!

    Awesome news! I'm glad Smallville, One Tree Hill and Everybody Hates Chris is back! I know my sister will be happy about Top Model. I don't watch Supernatural or Gossip Girl though I'll probably start watching them this summer and most likely get hooked so another season of both is good news too since they also have good fan bases.

    So, so thrilled that Supernatural is coming back, but wow, I can't believe they're still beating that tired old Smallville horse.

    YES!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy that GG, ANTM and especially OTH are returning!!!

    I'm so happy for Supernatural!

    YAY!!! No more clinging to the side of the sofa in anticipation -- we get another season of the Winchesters! Great call, CW!!

    Thanks The CW!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!



    YAY x a billionty!!!

    *hugs all the fellow fangirls*

    YAY for One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and Smallville! I'm also pleased that Everybody Hates Chris is back even though I don't personally watch it. I just think that it brings diversity into the lineup. I could honestly careless if Top Model returned because it's so monotonous each season. Nothing new happens.

    As for Aliens in America and The Reaper ... eh. I watched The Reaper in the beginning but it couldn't hold my interest and I just never watched AiA but my friend likes it so eh. And as for the Game. I never watched in episode in my life before last night and I'm really interested now sooooo ... I kinda hope it comes back on. I wanna see more episodes.

    Yay for season 6 of OTH!!! And of course LP is around for the long haul!

    WOOT! Thank Goodness! if they hadn't renewed Supernatural I would have been beyond mad. It's really the only show on I like to watch.

    Bravo, CW!! Many, many thanks for guaranteeing that Supernatural will be back for a fourth season! It is without a doubt the best and most unique of the shows on your network, and definitely constitutes appointment TV in my house!

    You want an reaction?
    We get more Supernatural, how couldn't we been flying around? *______*
    Uah, I love you CW!
    We get to see more on Sam and Dean!! :3

    As long as Chloe is on Smallville, I will keep watching

    Great news about Supernatural! Thanks!

    One quick question. Are they being picked up for full season? I know I'm showing my ignorance, but I really want to know.

    OMG!!!! YES!!! Thank you for Supernatural coming back!!!

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