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Stylista: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Congratulations, Johanna!
Dreams really do come true! The neighbors got an earful of shrieking when Johanna won the big prize on last night’s Stylista finale. Who would have ever thought so many weeks ago that it would all come down to Johanna the Worrywart and DyShaun the Wicked Witch of the East Coast?

The episode took a surprise turn when the three remaining contestants sat down individually with Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Meyers for a high-pressure job interview. DyShaun made the blunder of admitting his lack of familiarity with Elle. Johanna projected her insecurities, while Megan channeled Cool Hand Luke and didn’t even bother asking any questions. Megan’s petulance finally contributed to her elimination, which occurred directly after the interview. We were shocked to say the least and slightly disappointed about the drama-less direction the show was taking.

Boy, were we ever wrong!

Assigned the task of creating an Elle cover and a single-page, behind-the-cover spread, DyShaun and Johanna enlisted the help of a few old friends to serve as assistants. Kate, Danielle, Ashlie and Megan came back into the fold and brought with them all the baggage we’ve come to expect from this group. Megan threw a tantrum about working with Kate on Johanna’s team – even sticking her hand in front of the camera like the paparazzi-averse celebrity she envisions herself embodying. She finally calmed down and agreed to stay for her “good friend” Johanna’s sake. Oh, how big of you Megan – especially when you’re bad mouthing Johanna’s styling decisions to Anne and Joe a mere commercial break later.

Rapper and mogul Eve served as a cover model while DyShaun and Johanna tried their best to put together an entire shoot in 90 minutes. For once, Johanna took control of the situation and relied on her ideas without accepting input from anyone else. This did not sit well with Megan, of course.

In the end, both covers looked exceptional. Johanna took a risk with a regal purple theme, while DyShaun convinced Eve to lay down in a floral print dress. The two final contestants obviously did their homework. We could imagine both covers staring back at us while standing in line at the grocery store. Our vocal chords may suffer in the morning from Johanna’s deserved win, but our hearts remain at ease and confident that the right person for the job succeeded. Johanna evens gets an office to call her own and swanky business cards.

What did you think about Johanna’s win? Were you satisfied with this inaugural season of Stylista? Are you anxious for another round? What advice would you give to the show’s producers (hello Tyra!) on how to improve the next installment?


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