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Stylista: Won't Get Fooled Again

This week’s episode of Stylista threw us for a loop. While it’s always somewhat of a surprise finding out who’s going home on any given week, one can pick up on clues the show’s editors lay out for us to get a general idea of how it’s all going to pan out. Generally, if we see or hear from a contestant more often than the others in those “confessional” segments, that person might get the boot. So, singling Johanna out this week gave us great cause for concern. Showing her teary-eyed on the phone with her mother almost put us over the edge. If you recall, the last person seen crying on the phone was Danielle, and we all know what happened to her.

We’re not playing favorites…just yet. But we can’t help but love Johanna. She’s so sincere and completely above playing games. She works hard (and is it not painful when it doesn’t work out for her? All that effort and no gain!) and focuses the work instead of the petty exchanges between fellow castmates. Plus, the idea of going into next week’s final episode with Megan, DyShaun and Ashlie vying for the prize makes us a bit nauseous.

Good thing, then, that the editors fooled us and Ashlie went home instead. Actually, we would have preferred to say goodbye to DyShaun, but this week suffered from a lack of catty pizzazz without the likes of Kate already. We can’t imagine what sort of manipulation we’d be missing out on if DyShaun wasn’t there to close this thing out.

The remaining four received a hefty assignment this week: They had to pick an up-and-coming designer to interview and feature in an editorial page photo spread, plus put on a fashion show in less than 24 hours. Oh the challenges of the fashion world!

Ashlie and DyShaun beat out Megan and Johanna for the same designer in a scene eerily similar to an earlier episode where Kate battled with Megan for the same model mother. And we felt a little tingle of pleasure when Megan stuck DyShaun with Ashlie. DyShaun expressed his hurt at Megan’s snubbing, but we don’t care – he deserves it! Did he honestly think that the other most conniving person in the competition would have his back?

Both fashion shows went off without a hitch. We don’t know what was going on with DyShaun’s Boy George-inspired makeup on his models, but the look impressed Anne. Go figure! In the end, it all came down to the pages, and we let out a sigh of relief when Megan and Johanna won the challenge…for Johanna’s sake. Ashlie, yet again, put way too many pictures on one page. She’s been reprimanded for this before, but has yet to learn. DyShaun, yet again, failed to correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in his copy. Somehow Anne felt that photography ADD is worse than failing to use freakin’ Spell Check. Really? This contest is for an EDITOR position. If the editor can’t get it right, who will?

Ashlie took her defeat like a champ, and Megan can save the air kisses for someone she actually liked. What a fake!

What did you think? Are you sad to see Ashlie go? We’re you hoping for a bigger reaction when she went home? Like Megan jumping up and down for joy?


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Why Ashlie? Why did'nt you listen. Anne warned you not to put soooo many pics. Did you think Douche-shune was going to insist that you don't put so many. He knew you would lose if you made the same mistake again. You are so sweet, classy and very talented. LOL

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