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Smallville: And We're Back for Another Season!

Last week, we were discussing whether or not Smallville could/should wrap up this season with a Clois or Doomsday ending. This week, we know a Season 9 is coming our way!

Since we’ve had a lot of opinions back and forth on whether or not Smallville should continue into Season 9, we’d like to see how many of you are incredibly excited by this news and how many are slightly disappointed. Keep in mind, a new season allows the writers to tie up a lot of loose ends and not force an ending with half a season remaining. On the other hand, as some have mentioned (nod to Just Tina), it could be stretching out a show and ending in okay-bad territory rather than greatness.

Lets see a quick show of hands as to who is excited and who is not.

We know at least three readers who are happy to hear the Season 9 news based on their comments last week (Mike, Manu and Elaine…cheers!). Which leads us to ask a question about something Manu mentioned in his comment.

I don’t know what was wrong with the writers, but the way they played Clark while Lois was out and Lana in left Clark in an awful position. He was handling that past relation with Lana in Bride very well, and all of a sudden, the puppy love [struck] again.

Is it an issue with the writers making a mistake with Clark’s failures or is this a painful reminder of how many of us act in our actual lives? How many of us have gone through or had friends go through a break-up, start making progress in getting over it only to be dashed against the rocks again when the Ex reappears on the scene? Many of you mentioned your appreciation for Clark’s dealing with “everyday problems” growing up in Smallville, Kansas. Does this qualify as one of those dealings?

We feel a responsibility to mention that a Season 9 does open the opportunity for more Justice League development! Huh? Anyone? Yeah, we know there were some of you out there begging for this, so let us hear from you. We would love to have some comments based on where you think Season 9 should take us with the Justice League storyline.

Okay, in all honesty, we want to know what all of you think about the direction the show should take in the space of an entire season and a half. Should the writers push Doomsday off until the end of Season 9 and boldly throw Tom Welling into the Superman tights? Not to tread too heavily on last week’s discussion of the Doomsday/Clois finale, but should Smallville give up the ghost on the idea of Clark “growing up” and just have him become the hero we know he will be?

As always, we encourage you to join in on the discussions by commenting below, but before we go, we want to throw one more idea out there: How would your opinion of the show change if Smallville were able to reacquire Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) for the final season?


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Please bring back smallville it is my all time favorite show I am a huge superman fan.they should call the next one the man of steel And bring back Tom welling he is the best choice for superman can't wait for season nine

i love the show "smallville" but it is time to face reality, Clark Kent is Superman and his girlfriend is Louis Lane, so come onnnn, superman should be kicking Doomsday's but already. "Smallville" should now now have that large "S" which is the superman symbol should be shown at the bottom of the word smallville. i love the show, may the legendary live on.

There are two things I guarantee any real Smallville fan is going to want to see by the end of the series: 1) Obviously, Clark and Lois together; 2) Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, back in action.

I love the show!!I've always been a Superman fan and Smallville is almost there.If you look thru the comic books/the superman movie series and get into him defeating enemies not just from the 'dead' zone?And Lex is not the only one that came after Clark.Find new guys. And he should be flying.And why can't Lois and Clark leave for the weekend and come back into everyday life?She and Jimmy knew who he was.I think there is loads of potential for several more seasons.And Tom is HOT HOT HOT!!! Perfect for us women that need a Hero!!

I absolutely love smallville,but they shouldnt drag it out that much,lois an clarke should hookup,an lex should be brought back.i would also like to see chloe married an geez lana should just stay out completely..

I've been sitting here reading these reviews from alot of fans and I can't help but notice they all have the same thing in common,That we all want to see A real ending that will hold true to the superman mythology. yes, smallville has been on T.V.for A long time now. But there will be an end sooner or later? I imagine Tom welling doesn't wish to be clark kent for too much longer as is... so just keep that in mind that the series is just the beginning of the legend That is Superman. But personally, I'd like to see him fly with his suit and be superman at the end? Anything or anyone else on the show at this point would be secondary.

New season premier sucked to me. The writers and producers are getting "way out there". Clark being dressed in black with a trench coat .....PAAAALEEASE!
How they ever thought that Clark without his glasses, from the very beginning, would not be recognized, when the day comes, as Superman.
I would like to see Michael come back as Lex. If he is brought back he should have lost his memory of the past with Clark to make it believable that he will not put 2 and 2 together. I DO want to see Clark in the suite before the series ends AND FLYING. The fans deserve this much.

as long as cloe is there and they actually deal with doomsday in a way that doesn't make clark look like a panzy and clark and lois finally hook-up, I'll keep watching. otherwise, I don't know how much longer I can watch the producers turn the most powerfull superhero into an overgrown boyscout with "passive wimp" complex. and find a way to bring lex back. he is supposed to be superman's arch nemisis after all.

I love love love smallville but it is really getting on my nerves because it is brilliant at the whole saving people super hero mystery thing but seriously where on earth is the whole clois relationship thing, they better hurry up with it or i seriously will stop watching because waiting isnt interesting it is annoying!!!

I love Smallville. Season 7 was fantastic with such a great story line and climax. However season 8 was very dissapointing. I found myself missing episodes and not really caring if i had done. Season 9 should make up for mistakes made in season 8. It should tie up all loose ends. Clark should follow what most human boys do and turn into a Man. Most of his audience have done so by now so its only fitting a super hero does too. Therefore in effect using this season to see him turn into a Super "MAN". I am fed up with the romance and his insecurity. Its time for him to become a leader and a super hero we all want him to be and aspire to. I want to be blown away with increased super powers, not just stopping buses with his body and running fast and shooting the odd lazer from his eyes. I want to see more. I want to see this show conclude with greatness it deserves. Then maybe movies could follow.

I am a huge fan of Smallville but the show should have ended no later than season 6. The story lines are feeling very forced. Lois and Clark don't have the natural chemistry in this series. Chloe and Clark would make more sense. The show has really spiralled downward since the departure of John Glover and recentdeparture of Michael Rosenbaum. The series is not the same without Lex and nobody else should play Lex in this series. To wrap up the series they should consider bringing back Pete Ross for the last season.

Urgh Smallville is a sinking ship ¬_¬. Has been since season 5 ended. I loved the show when it was about Clark trying to fit in in school with his superpowers. I liked the freak of the week seasons with lex plotting something big in the background, it worked! Now it just feels like they're dragging it on for no reason. At least reinvent the show a bit, maybe have a "Lois & Clark (Adventures of Superman)" style show and call it Metropolis. If Tom Welling won't play in tights don't let him get some other actor in, he's hardly the worlds best.


Bring Lex back. It has to be Rosenbaum. No one can play that character like him. Clark has to fly. Weve been waiting 8 years for that to happen. Im wasnt a fan of Erica Durance in the beginning because I couldnt let go of the Clark, Lana dynamic. However she has grown on me and its way to late to replace her.

i think Smallville is a great program and i would be unhappy if season 9 or any other episode do not apear i watch it all the time without missing any episolde. i hope they make more soon im up set that there is know more. if you want me to star as Clark Kent feel free to ask, mind you i am black with funky dreads but i am good looking,,,,,,

Smallville is the best TV show in history and I've been watching since 1948! Superman is more than entertainment,it is everthing great about being "Human" and an American. The values of Truth,Justice and the American way has guided us through a Depression,a world war and for me,Vietnam. Please keep the values of the Superman legand and keep making the best series of all time for as long as you can. Thank you, John Payet Valandingham

I've been a fan of the show since the first episode. But really, since season 5, I've been praying for an end to the series. It's just seems that they've been meandering about rather than headed in a pointed direction. Obviously, the final episode has to be Clark stepping into the costume and becoming Superman. Season 9 should be about one thing and one thing only...turning Clark into Superman. Now with a 9th season on board, I really hope the writers move toward an ending...move with purpose.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i am begging so hard and i am only 11 years of age and live inn england jusst for lois and clarrk to get together, CW if you read this then please note that i know 12 out of 20, 11 year olds that said if lois and clark do not get together they will cry and never watch the programme again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, get them together, with all my heart!

I think Smallville is the best show on television, it should go on forever. I think it would be too far-stretched for Lex to come back, unless he's Zod again, but I doubt it. Unless he he gained muscles and grew brown hair. I think the writers are wise not allowing clark to fly yet, because if he does, Smallville will be no more, it would have to be called Superman.

I love Smallville! I think that Lex should and shouldnt come back. He was in the whole comic book series my dad said so why rewrite it? But i also think that he was a loser. They kept making him look worse and worse and im glad he died FINALLY! Oliver i feel bad for but glad he came back to happier oliver by the end of season 8. This series has been going for over eight years and i hope that once they are done with the series that they will remake the movies because they really really really really SUCK. I want the series to go on for as long as they can keep getting new ideas for it. It a great series and many people love it and it ties into the superheroes well. Im glad to have a look into Supermans past. We actually get to see the drama and the way he was before he was the superman we all know and love today and the one who embraced the destiny he was meant to live.

Look im glad they r making a season nine but Clark needs to go airbourne like now. Also i think they should get clark settled in as just superman in metropolis before putting him in the justice league last time i remembered clark became superman before he became part of the justice league. And im tired of every show going the same way, the characters come in talk about the bad guy or guys for about 20 minutes, then for about 20 minutes they either find stuff out about the bad guy or clark fights the bad guy and the same music goes off when he beats him. Then they talk about what happened when clark fought the bad guy for the rest of the show. Its the same thing over and over. Plus wats up with clark actually letting the bomb go off in the finale that was stupid he could have done wat superman would have done and thrown it into space. IT would have been a good time for clark to start flying like to all of a sudden gaining the courage to save everyone.God just let him grow up he is like twenty-six or something in the show and he still isnt superman before u know he will be forty and still not be superman. And u never get to see him use his powers for more than two minutes out off he whole episode. WE WANT TO SEE HIM DO COOL STUFF. And dont give each episode a structure let be like a shorter version of superman the movie. Please dont dissapoint us with season nine

First of all, it is time for Clark to don the blue and red suit. Next, bring Lex back, Rosenbaum was a great Lex, but he can be replaced. Another bald guy who is a decent actor would be sufficient because the character and the relationship with clark are important. This could be done by merely leaving Lex with a large case of forgetfulness. Lois maybe could alter something in the past with the ring so Lex forgets about Clark's secrets.
Bruce Wayne and/or Batman should appear in season nine. I would suggest spinning him off, so you need a solid and recognizable face to play him.
Kill off Chloey or make her less important, her character is whiney and annoying.
Doomsday should return and there should be a great fight to the death. Of course, we know in the comics Superman doesn't completely die but eventually rises from the grave with the help of his earth father Johnathan Kent as a spirit guide.

i think they should add bruce wayne as batman an wonderwoman that is the way the real justice league was an i want it to go longer than nine season hopefully a tenth an also i want supernatural to last longer than five season an hopefully sam will not be the vessel for lucifer i hope not

I am so stoked about season 9! I love the twists and turns in the show, however I would have liked Chloe and Clark to finally hook up :) pre-Lois. But, I do miss Lex & Lionel....they added a certain flair to the show. As far as killing off Chloe....no way, she is the keeper of his secret, and his side-kick...she needs to be there for season 9!

Clark needs to grow up, make him Superman already. I'll watch season 9 as I've been with the show from the beginning. Honestly, you guys have really messed up, Doomsday in Smallville, really??? The storylines are very week & have been for the past two seasons. I just hope Season 9 makes up for it. Biggest mistake introducing characters too soon. One angle for season 9. Clark meets a young Bruce Wayne,

I am extremely excited there is another season coming. I have watched every single episode and to end it right when Lois and Clark are starting to eye each other is too soon. There can be a lot built up there. I do believe that Clark needs to learn to fly; that wait is getting disappointing. I cried when Lana absorbed Kryptonite but it had to be dramatic in order to end their forever love. Chloe however, she is just as important as Clark. If there is no Chloe, there might as well be no season 9. Clark and Chloe are too great together and their relationship needs to be fixed. I miss the "team". Lex was important in the beginning, but you have successfully ended him. There are other bad guys Clark can fight from the comic books. Here's looking forward to another fabulous year!!!

I am glad there is another season. I know "no flights, no tights" was policy but I want to see flight and some costume...I want Lois to name him. PLEASE, I WANT SUPERMAN!!! It's time!

Ok, I loved Clana when it was happening, but after she left it was really time for Clark nad Louis. I have to say I was upset when they brought Lana back, but at the same time, the way they played the story was brilliant. It made you want them back together when they put her in the kryptonite position. I cried on the Requim episode. It was so sad. But its time for Clark and Louis. I'm happy theres a new season coming simply because the loose ends need to be tied. They cant end it with Clark nad Clois just now getting started. We need to see the relationship. We saw the entire Clana relationship and it wouldnt be fair if we didnt et to see the most important relationship in the entire show.

give him the suit already the show is staring too get boring without it its allso time for him to fly i hope on season 9 we can see him fly with tha suit & don't forget his glass its time for him too stop being a boy & be a man a superman

i think you should bring back lex (Michael Rosenbaum ) he made a prefect lex.n it seems that that cast gose well together.i say keep it that way.i fallowed the show for along time since the start and loved it all the way the only thing i coudnt stand is every time clark became human i say stop that stop that right now it drivz me crazy we all no hell gethis powers back n it sucks seein go throw all dat...once again keep the cast throw add on's and bring back lana lex and bring back pete again just to switch it up alittle....that would be sick...also if u start the JLA then who are you going to cast as batman?

For one thing, I think the show could use a season 9 maybe even a 10, but they should end it there. I love Smallville, but I think its time soon. Clark should definetly learn to fly and the Clois relationship should get larger for sure, get rid of Lana her times done and Clark should move on from her, she played her part. He should really start embracing his destiny and really move epically to becoming Superman. They should also figure out the Lex thing and Chloe should finally die since she's a pseudo character. They should also have a young Bruce Wayne appear and maybe even Darkseid.

Wrap it up! I was hoping that the Smallville side of the story was at an end. The CK character has moved past high school and into the offices of the Daily Planet. Close this part (who wants to see middle aged Superman donning the outfit for the first time as there is so much that could be done with the Superman part)and bring in an installment in a year or 2 with the Man of Steel instead of trying to (as someone else said) rehash the teenage angst again. Keep Erica Durance (as far as I'm concerned the only hotty that has been on the show - although Zatanna is looking pretty good) Whoever selected Black Canary needs a thrashing.

I think we have passed the “Smallville era” Tom needs to grow up, how old is now? We are way past the Cape and tights time. Obviously, he needs to fly already? What we have CW with budget problems?

Love you Tom Willing, please come back in season 9 and even in season 10

Clark Kent needs to man up and learn to fly already!!! He needs to accept his destiny and become the superhero that his father always wanted him to be.

I do not understand why the writers do not understand that people want to see the "early" stages of Clark Kent being superman.

Give him the red cape!!!!

Smallville Season 9 YES!!!!
Lionel Luther was my favorite charter along with Lex and I hope that Lionel can play a ghost or something but the show desperately needs him back. Regardless I will watch smallville season 9. So bascially I want Lex to go completely bad I don't like the middle ground that he is standing on. Even though, the show was at its peak when he was good and Lionel was becoming good.
So, two demands GLOVER & ROSEBBAUM BACK ASAP. Don't use fake LEXs or Lionels and it was really stupid when they pretended to blow up lex and anyone who slightly knows about superman knows that Lex is "the villain of the story" :). My friend came up to me at school and was like Lex is dead and I just rolled my eyes cause he can't be because in the future he is nemis.
Put cyborg in there two he was the famous jet Jackson

Drew! Drew! Drew! Man of my heart!!! R U serious? If Rosenbaum returns, for sure, I'll return. In fact, that would be only ONE of two ways to get me back (and purchase consequent DVDs). (I am planning to skip Season 9 all together.) The other way would be that the writing staff has to really clean up its act and get back to Smallville roots. I need to be reminded why I tuned into Smallville in the first place. Honestly, I don't think this is a tall order. Or is it? Am I asking for blood?

But, a BIG caveat: puhleeze, enough with Erica Durance. She simply is out of place on this show. I absolutely LOVE the character of LOIS LANE but NOT Erica Durance’s “interpretation” (if you can even call it that) of the this beloved character. Apparently, finding an actress who not only looks great, but more importantly, has solid acting chops IS a tall order for the producers and network. Obviously, Al Gough and Jeph Loeb saw something I didn’t.

Ah, Doomsday. Sure, Witwer is great eye candy. That’s right. I’m in lust with this guy. But I won’t miss him if he’s written off. Truth be told, I’ve only had eyes for Rosenbaum. HE was my drug of choice for seven seasons. (Yeah, and I gotta admit—that was a totally lame storyline: blowing up a fake Lex Luthor. I found it insulting and unoriginal.)

I think they should definately use Micheal Rosenbaum as lex. Also put clark in his superman costume. I really loved the puppy love between clark and lana but it time for lois to take center stage. Chloe needs to be in season nine definately.

Lois needs to be in all 22 episodes next season! She brings fun to the show, and brings out the best out of Clark. The show is boring without her!

I want Sam back as Davis! He does an incredible job! so for me everyone back including Sam Witwer. And Clark flying all along season 9 with the evolution of Clois (from friends to lovers).

Allison Mack said in a recent interview that she is contracted through season 9 if that helps anyone.

Yeah what's up with only talking about Clark and a part time actress while ignoring the full time one who is actually used in the storylines? Also what about Tess? Davis? Oliver? Clark should always be important, but Smallville has NEVER revolved around Lois. Why pretend otherwise?

I think Rosenbaum should return. I can't picture anyone being Lex after him, just like no one should play the joker in batman after Heath Ledger. I also think that the chemistry between CK & LL (Welling & Rosenbaum) with out a doubt is the best in all superman history. If Tom,Michael,Erica,and Allison (even thouth chloe was just created for smallville) would want to they could take the superman franchise into a hole other dimention for Motion Pictures.

c'mon guys enough with the smallville. no show should ever make it to it's NINTH season. it's just too much. even supernatural shouldn't go on that long... even though it hurts to say it, it's true.

As long as Allison Mack is a part of season 9, I'll be watching.

Is the fact that you ignore Chloe a hint that Allison won't be around, or is this just you following the status quo of pretending that Allison(and by extension Chloe) doesn't exist? It's getting very irritating to continually see such an awesome actress being overlooked constantly.

Just wondering if I should bother watching next year. If your dismissal of Allison is indicative of the direction (ie: she won't be there) for season 9 or just the CW selectively choosing who to promote.

I don't think Michael Rosenbaum would come back. He didn't like that they used a fake Lex and tried to deceive fans that it was him.

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