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Mark Your Calendars: The CW Premiere Dates Are Here!

So many cliffhangers rounded out this past season: What is Dan and Serena's half brother up to? What -- or who -- did Annie hit? How the heck are Sam and Dean going to defeat Lucifer? Why did the-man-who-will-be-Super say "Clark Kent is dead?" And that's just the start of it! Well, now we know when we can expect answers: The CW has announced its fall premiere dates. Start counting the days now!

It all starts on Tuesday, Sept. 8 with the season premiere of 90210 and the series premiere of Melrose Place. Wednesday, Sept. 9 brings the two-hour season premiere of America's Next Top Model: Shorty Edition. Oh, the drama! We can't wait.

Winchesterites, you can breath again on Sept. 10. That's when Supernatural returns to the small screen, and when we start to figure out how (or if!) the boys can avert Armageddon. But before we get to them, we get introduced to Damon, Stefan and Elena as The Vampire Diaries makes its debut. Should be a spooky and satisfying night!

The Monday-night lineup returns on Sept. 14, with one slight change: One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are changing places. Now OTH gets the first spot, and GG rounds out the night. The Beautiful Life makes its debut on Wednesday, Sept. 16, after ANTM.

Finally, Smallville swoops back onto our screens on Friday, Sept. 25. Why the wait? Your guess is as good as ours.

Get the schedule in an easy-to-digest form after the break.

Tuesday, Sept. 8
7/8 pm 90210
8/9 pm Melrose Place

Wednesday, Sept. 9
7/8 pm America's Next Top Model (two-hour premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 10
7/8 pm The Vampire Diaries
8/9 pm Supernatural

Monday, Sept. 14
7/8 pm One Tree Hill
8/9 pm Gossip Girl

Wednesday, Sept. 16
8/9 pm The Beautiful Life

Friday, Sept. 25
7/8 pm Smallville
8/9 pm Top Model encores

What's your take on the new sched? What are you most looking forward to? Talk about it in the comments!


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I like the new schedule. :) Since I only will watch Supernatural and maybe Vampire Diaries. My mom's the one that like's all the other shows. :) Thank you for posting this.

iam really anboyed that the moves smallville to frydays. they should have pu tit vampire diaries at 7 and then smallville then supernatural liek always. this sucks. but iam exited for the the new show vamp diaries. exept it doesnt sound quite like the book s but lets see

Sorry for the confusion, iceprincezz -- the times are central/eastern -- so 7 central, 8 eastern.

Are these times correct?

The shows are starting an hour earlier before their regular scheduled times.

OTH is not going to be the same without Peyton and Lucas. :( :(

I think Smallville should have been moved to monday instead of OTH.

The CW moved Smallville to Friday night because the show has gone so far off the reservation that it's not worth having on the same night as Supernatural anymore. Especially because they are coming out with the Vampire Diaries, which they are hoping will draw in some of the Supernatural/Sci-Fi fans.

As much as I hate to say it, Smallville is a perfect example as to why Supernatural shouldn't go more than five seasons :(

I'm really mad at the CW for moving Smallville to Friday's.

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