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New Show Sneak Peak: Melrose Place

OK, we'll admit it: We're dying to see the new Melrose Place pilot. So yes, we're maybe a little jealous of our friend Korbi over at Zap2It, who managed to snag the pilot. She gives it a thumbs up, with only a few caveats. Spoilerphobes, beware: She does reveal one interesting tidbit that you might not want to know. So click at your own risk.

Until we can get out own sneak peek, we can content ourselves with this extended promo for the new show:

What do you think? Are you as excited as we are? Talk about it in the comments!


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If you're expecting old MP' characters to be on this, I wouldn't be.

(Hint: someone dies in the first episode and it ain't a newbie.)

I can't believe they brought this show back! I don't plan on watching it like I don't watch the remake of 90210. Can't the CW come up with new better shows? Bring back Hidden Palms!!!!

I am so excited for the new Melrose, can't wait to see the old faces and of course the new cast looks really good.

OMFG this looks AMAZING. It looks so much better than the 90210 premiere. I can't wait for this!!! ahhh more promos please CW!

Actually, I have some doubts about this show. So, I'm not going to watch it.

I am not excited at all for this. The CW should of picked up Body Politic instead.

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