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Supernatural: Kripke, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins Speak!

All right, Supernatural fans: We went straight to the source for scoop about your favorite show! First, we approached The Kripke and asked him what we could expect for season 5:

Innnnteresting. Next, we asked the inimitable Jim Beaver what's in store for Bobby -- and asked him what it was like for Bobby open up so many cans of whupass on the boys in Season 4:

Finally, we caught up with Misha Collins, who speculated on urban planning, threw out some DVD-only plot suggestions, and oh yeah, told us what Castiel would be dealing with this year:

What do you think? Are you even more excited about season 5 yet? Talk about it in the comments!


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Love it!

Kripke is so mean! But... well... I think we love him BECAUSE of that!

And Bobby? Maybe he becomes Lucifer... way to make him sympathic...

Misha is hanging out with the boys too much ;-)
I had to laugh so hard! He is a great "straight" (or is it gay?!) man for this. Hope he is happy! Can't wait for Castiel´ next appearence (and Mishas´)!

Thanks for the interviews. I can't wait for S5 to start (or for the S4 DVD release!).

I cannot wait until September 10th. I swear, it's becoming almost painful to watch these kinds of videos. Why can't it just premiere NOW?!

Lucifer is going to be amazing. I've never heard of him being portrayed that way, so I'm highly interested in seeing how that whole deal plays out. And thank the good Lord in heaven, Kripke is open to another season! That's a load off my mind!

I'm so friggin' curious as to what Jim Beaver was talking about with Bobby. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what clues there are, but I'm sure I won't see those clues until the actual mystery is revealed. This damn show! Ha ha.

And, I've gotta say... Misha Collins is pretty much my hero. I love being one of his Minions.

This season is gonna be amazing with lusicer's arrival, i can't wait to see it, and i hope there's a season 6 like Kripke said and finally thanks for those videos, i love this with Misha^^

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