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Life Unexpected: The ending surprised us!

Well what do you know -- Life Unexpected handed us a truly unexpected ending to the season. The show had been building up to a big Baze/Cate love match, and yeah, we were sort of yawning as we anticipated the Graduate-like scene where Baze interrupted Cate and Ryan's wedding, and Cate ran off with him. So when the moment came, and it wasn't what we expected...well, bravo, show.

Other things we loved:

The adoption: It was a long time coming, and we;re thrilled that Lux finally has the parents she's so desperately wanted. Yay!

Everything Ryan (almost): My god, after Ryan was so open and understanding and sweet with Lux, we would have rioted if Cate had run off with Baze. We adored him taking the time to reassure her, to let her know that he understood how she felt about getting her family back together, and that he'd postpone the wedding if she wasn't ready for this to happen. Ryan - we heart you.

There's more -- read on after the jump!

Drunk mommy: Cate's mom is a hoot! Look,we'd hate to have grown up with her, but boy, it's fun to watch her be thoroughly inappropriate with all and sundry.

Cate's realization: We loved Cate's voiceover during the wedding ceremony, about how growing up and being an adult and making a life is "a choice you make every day about who you want to be and who you want to be it with." We hope this means she's less likely to blame her emotional problems on others. Of course she's damaged, and she was screwed over by her dad and by having a kid in high school. But while that can't help be effect her, what she does about it is her choice.

What we're torn on

The world's chattiest adoption judge: It must be nice to have a courtroom that lets you expound at great length on the joys of adoption and dreams come true and yadda yadda yadda. It was a touching moment, but it seemed to go on for a looooooooong time.

Baze's indecision: Oh, Baze. We love you, we really do. But if you're so easily swayed by anyone who crosses your path -- Lux, Math, your dad -- then no, you're not right for Cate, or anyone else. We know you're heartbroken, but we promise, this is for the best.

Daddy issues: Baze's dad kind of suck, right/ We have no problem acknowledging that. However, Baze is now a grown man, so the temper tantrum where he blamed all of his problems on not having his daddy's love made us roll our eyes a bit. He's not wrong, but ... well, see above re: Cate's realization. Now it's Baze's turn to get that through his head.

Ryan's parents: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ryan's dad: This wedding is not about you. Suck it up and shut up and sit where you're told. And Ryan's mom? You can pretty much shove your "and in Cate, he has found... someone" right where the sun don't shine.

Contract issues: Remember how we said that we loved everything Ryan -- almost? Well, here's the Almost. Ryan seriously put his foot in it when he refused to sign the contract because marriage is hard and who knows what could happen. We don't have Cate's insecurities, and we bristled at that, too.

So what's your take on the season finale? Did the right man win Cate's hand? What would you want to see next season? Talk about it in the comments!


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oh man this is not what is suppose to BE !!!! damnnnnn I wanted Cate and Baze come together better make that happen in the second season

Great show. Please renew it

I love this show, I really hope they decide to do another season much better than anything that is currently on T.V.

I was very disappointed because here in hawaii cw played a very old episode of Friends the first half hour and we only saw the 2nd half of the show.

I can't wait for a renewal either! My sister and I watched it from the beginning and we "unexpectedly" really liked the show! PLEASE RENEW! We can't wait to see what happens next! =]

I pretty much predicted that this would not end up as it seemed (with Baze actually stopping the wedding, just because they showed it in the coming attractions -- even that penultimate shot of Baze bursting in was in the coming attractions, a sure sign of a "gotcha." Still, I felt disappointed when Baze lied about his feelings after Cate came clean. If he had kept his mouth shut without her having revealed her feelings, it would have been different. As another viewer commented above, this is not over yet. I predict the Cate-Ryan union will not last and that if this show goes on long enough, she'll wind up with Baze.

Is the girl that play's Cate's maid of honor the same actress that plays Erica on Being Erica on Soap Network, Erin Karplah

I think Cate put that big smooch on Ryan at the end to get back at Baze for saying he didn't have feelings for her. This is not over just because the wedding took place.

I hate when people say that Cate should pick Ryan because he is "such a sweet guy" and blah blah blah. None of that matters. If she isn't fully invested in him and only him then she shouldn't be with him. End of story.

I didn't expected Cate to run off with Baze but after all of that questioning she shouldn't have gotten married. Whatever it will just end horribly for Cate & Ryan in the long run.

I want the show to continue for a few more seasons so Cate & Baze can end up together!

You know what's so great about this show...all of the possibilities you've suggested as regards the kiss and the wedding I would have choosen.
They've made me care for everybody so much that all the situations were fair and unfair at the same time.
I adore this show and cannot wait for a renewal!!!!

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