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Smallville 200th episode

Guest blogger Catalina Walsh got a sneak preview of Smallville's 200th episode and was kind enough to give us some spoiler details below. Read on for news on the iconic red and blue suit, developments between Lois and Clark, and special guests to the series.

So we got to see the long awaited 200th episode of Smallville and, while we can’t go into details, we’ll just say we really enjoyed the ride to memory land AND to the future. Also, this will really be a pivotal moment for Clark’s transition into Superman. During the Q&A we asked Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders what this meant. Souders said Clark’s leadership skills will jump to the next level, it galvanizes his confidence, and we will see a strong impact on his relationship with Lois (a good impact, Clois fans will be VERY happy). Peterson and Souders said that they chose to give Clark this epiphany so early in the last season of the series because this is a season of growth and moving forward.

We’ve seen the Superman suit trapped in the Fortress of Solitude, and it looks like he won’t be getting it anytime soon. However, he will continue to wear his red leather jacket because he’s back on his patriotic colors. Hey, if he can’t get his suit he can certainly make his own.

Tonight’s episode has a big twist regarding Oliver’s storyline and on the 200th we’ll see more of how this impacts Clark and their friendship. Regarding Chloe, well, we already know Allison Mack didn’t work on this episode but that doesn’t mean we won’t be learning something new about her character. Plus, we will be seeing Chloe very soon.

Since we had the creators right in front of us, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without asking about:

  • The Justice League -- Yes, we will see more characters grouped together… though maybe not the entire league.

  • Teri Hatcher -- She is playing Lois’ mom and we’ll get some highly emotional moments. How this character is worked into the show was inspired by a close friend of one of the writers.

  • Dean Cain -- It’s really a maybe. It hasn’t been worked into the story but Cain expressed his desire to be back and Peterson and Souders would love to work with him again.

  • Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk -- “The door is wide open!” In fact, they already have ideas to include them on this last season of Smallville, but they also know how to finish the story were they not to come back.

As of what comes next…

  • Yes, they would love to jump into the big screen but there are no plans at the moment.

  • Yes, a spin-off would be great but there are no plans.

  • Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders are working on a pilot for WB and CBS.

That’s all we can talk about right now… but after the 200th airs we will write down some of the answers they gave us as to their particular choices for this episode. All we can say is: Don’t miss it! Many of the questions you’ve asked us to ask them are answered on this episode so we couldn’t help but smile the entire time.


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"Plus, we will be seeing Chloe very soon."

Lying liars who lie. Chloe won't be back until after the winter break. AM doesn't come back for filming until November. "Soon" is that she is gone from EP1 thru at least EP 11.

Lois & Clark haven't kissed YET! When Clark was with Lana they kissed constantly. I feel ripped off...

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