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Hellcats: Like a virgin...but different

"Eat your heart out, Fred Astaire. You too, M.J."

It’s the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Hellcats in 1985 so they’re celebrating in ‘80s style. Hey, even bobbleheads have a sense of history.

Playing the V card
When Dan and Lewis both end up staying the night in Savannah and Marti’s room it’s uncomfortable—especially when Lewis sleeps in Marti’s bed and Dan grabs a piece of floor. Savannah thinks that everyone is uncomfortable because she is a virgin and really, no one is. They’re just uncomfortable that she continues to talk about being uncomfortable. Finally, Savannah goes out to the couch in the living room. Somebody’s got issues. Frankly, we just think it’s weird that Savannah wears so much lipstick when she goes to bed and that Lewis has started talking like Dr. Phil.

Read on for fabulous '80s dancing and slipped secrets after the jump.

Let’s make it a conjugal threesome
Morgan and Marti visit Travis in the clink and give him the lowdown about what they’ve learned regarding his mysterious would-be alibi, Jane. It seems that a dude named Bobby Overton who owns a furniture company is allowing her to live in his home rent-free. When Morgan and Marti visit his store in Overton he admits that Jane is an old friend from the mission and she's had a hard life so he did her a favor. When he realizes he’s said too much he promptly gives the law students two tickets to the U2 concert so that they leave Jane out of their “study.” Clearly, the man has something to hide.

Later, both Morgan and Marti’s laptops disappear and Morgan is convinced that ol’ Overton is behind the thievery.

Chopping down the cherry tree
Savannah decides to get rid of all of the virginity issues and go ahead and have the sex with Dan. She has a big plan for the whole evening. Marti tells her to relax and not put too much on it. After all, she lost it one spontaneous evening in the back of a Buick. She tells her to let it go and not make it such a big deal. Savannah somehow construes this as Marti having feelings for Dan. She’s just NOW thinking this? Poor, sweet Savannah. Where has she been?

After a quick visit to the drama club’s costume closet and a fabulous ‘80s costume montage, Savannah forgives Marti and the gang is ready for the dance.

Cheerleaders sing, too?
Apparently they do, and so do their coaches. It’s starting to look more like America’s Got Talent than a one-hour nighttime drama -- and then we’re treated to more drama.

At the dance Marti and Dan do an old school choreographed dance that we assume was something they put together when they were growing up. Way to show your roomie that there’s nothing weird with her beau. Then, Wanda pulls Dan out on the dance floor and tells him that Marti has had a crush on him since “she got boobs.” And Marti told her as much. But she can’t tell him anymore or they will take away her good mother card. She has one of those? Maybe she stole it from June Cleaver. Clair Huxtable? Mrs. C?

Dan immediately confronts Marti about the conversation and she can’t deny it. He tells her that he’s going down a road with Savannah and wonders if there’s any reason he shouldn’t. But Marti continues to be elusive and tells him that she has nothing to say.

There’s no I in team, but if you move letters around there is a me
Meanwhile, Alice is excited to take part in a photo shoot for a puff piece about the private lives of Lancer football players. During the shoot Jake flirts shamelessly with Chelsea, the reporter. But it’s Alice who gets the real attention. She ends up telling Chelsea all about how the cheerleaders got robbed of their funding. And when Alice starts using the shoot for her cheerleading agenda, Bill Marsh grabs her and tells her to just shut up and look perdy. After a bit of a fight she finally gives in and quietly goes back to the shoot. Jake doesn’t back her up.

Later he tells Alice that she’s a "football wife" and she needs to toe the line, follow protocol. If she doesn’t feel like doing that job, she’s fired. Later at the dance, Chelsea turns up with a photographer to do a story about the Hellcats. Turns out that the editor wants to scrap the football story and now focus on an underdog tale about the cheer squad. Obviously, Jake is less than pleased. Just wait until Marsh finds out!

Hurry up and get it over with
Savannah has her evening with Dan all planned—champagne, romance, the whole thing. She’s ready, finally, because she’s found the right guy. It’s the perfect setting for the first time. But now that Savannah’s ready, Dan isn’t exactly there, mentally. While he preps himself in the bathroom, Savannah grills him about his first time. He admits that there was no romance, it was a spontaneous happening in the back of a Buick. Oops! Savannah runs out of the room and out of the hotel.


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I'm loving this season so far! Hellcats like to bring the drama. And Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale make a great time! We're dishing up some blog posts about the Hellcats as well. Glad to see fans out there. :)

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