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Smallville goes under the sea in search of Omega mind

Look upon my abs, you mighty, and tremble!

The funniest thing about this episode of Smallville is that the show starts off with a rant about the greatest threat to liberty and freedom are superheroes.Yes, the government is upset that said white knights will swoop in and help people in times of sadness only to be hailed a hero. This is bad, why? Oh, right…trust doesn't lie in the Oval office anymore, but in a new breed of hero--wait, was that a dig on behalf of the Tea Party?

There's more after the jump -- read on!

This week, we finally get to marvel at someone else's glorious torso, aside from Clark's. Halleleujah…Aqua Man is back and he's demolishing oil rigs that double for superhero prisons with the help of his wife, Mera. With Flag and Lois' dad out of the picture, your friendly neighborhood military member is being played by General Slade this week. He's moving forth on the Vigilante Registration Act (VRA)--the plan for the government to take superheroes under control. At this point, I'm even seeing the benefit of Rick Flag and the freedom fighters, and apparently, Oliver is too. But Clark reminds him that the public doesn't know Flag's group exists, so the world thinks superheroes are behind the drastic measures against evil. So what better way to prove heroes are the good guys than to have one of them register as a vigilante? Oliver decides to fall on that sword. The purpose: If no one registers, the government will come after all of the heroes. That and the team has to find out what happens after one is registered.

Lois is against it, of course, but she's more upset that Clark didn't tell her about his volunteering for the chance to register, until Oliver lets it spill. At least Ollie tells her point blank--just because Clark doesn't tell you everything, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with your relationship. Enough dwelling on relationships, Lois tracks down Slade to find out what he's planning for the VRA. She gets some blueprints of the underground prisons after kissing major brass. But she can't find Clark to tell him the news. Luckily, the Watchtower doc is coerced into helping her. In the meantime, Oliver has registered as a vigilante and taken off the grid by the military, only to be put into a very "Rocky-sque" exercise montage to test his abilities. Oliver relays to the general the superheroes are the good guys, but Slade is not hearing it. That's why he captured Arthur Curry, aka Aqua Man, and has him tethered for torture under heat lamps in Alaska. (Again, another Tea Party reference? Really? So sue me, the last election still has me reeling.)

Lois finally finds Clark in Miami, only to stumble across Mera with the probing question: "Why would powerful men choose a companion of lesser ability?" Lois gives as well as she gets from the 'Little Mermaid' until she stumbles into a Skype session between Tess and Clark about the prisons. As Lois puts it to Clark: "We practically share a desk chair, but I'm still not the real work wife?"

When Lois shows the group the blueprints to the prison, Mera and Clark go to the rescue. Slade gets away, but not before Clark sees an Omega sign imprinted on the skull of the general. It seems that the Darkness has invaded the general and has left its stamp. Almost like the mark of the beast in revelations, Omega is the sign of corruption, a mark that shows someone's been compromised. Clark finally comes to this realization and tells the team if we don't stop it, it will infect everyone. Huzzah, Clark knows the undercurrent of the Darkness. Now we dance! (Oops, sorry. Got a little excited!) Another point for the Boy Scout that is the Blur. In the end, Clark questions how he can protect the world, if he can't protect himself from the darkness? But Lois reassures him, they can do it together. So Lois is finally out of the protected bubble that Clark keeps her in, and in the game for real. Because as AC said: "If anyone can handle you and what you do, it's Lois." Now Lois is clued into Watchtower's existence. Can't wait to see what happens next…


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