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A death, a question, and darkness on 'Smallville'

Nothing says romance like a phone booth...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! That high-pitch squeal was the result of my glee that Clark finally popped the question to Lois and she accepted. Yes, in a world where Metropolis is a police state (curfews that run from midnight to 7am, really? How can anyone have fun anymore?), Clark made the time to take a knee and shower our girl Friday with white rose petals in the phone booth that brought the Blur and her together. Could it get any more poetic? Not in this episode, especially with the surprise ending.

Unfortunately, after the whirlwind event, no one is taking notice of Lois' new rock--even newspaper security that rivals current TSA screening procedures. But, Chloe knew, and somehow managed to get a congrats card to her cousin, complete with a gift. See, this is just why I love Chloe. And this week we actually got a few minutes to see her shining face. Sigh…

Anywho, after all that we have to deal with annoying Cat who is so giddy with the new VRA rules, she baked snickerdoodles. Can Clark just let her die already? Luckily, we don't have to dwell on her too much, because the Watchtower team has thrown Lois and Clark a surprise engagement party. Clark asks Oliver to be his best man amid the reveling of Justice League members.

The merriment of the evening is tempered when Oliver comes to the aid of a woman being mugged. When the mugger runs, a mob of ordinary citizens jump on Oliver, who has to be saved by Clark and Star Girl. The VRA's tentacles have reached the public and now heroes can't even walk down the street. The VRA kicks it up a notch when they corral Tess, the doc, and Lois in hopes of finding the Blur and Ollie. The new poster boy for the cause is Gen. Slade Wilson, who is on television with his hate speech about superheroes. He's started Operation Icarus -- a blacklist of vigilantes and their supporters. By exposing them to the world, the VRA wins.

Slade's reappearance forces the team to go underground and Watchtower to be shut down until it's safe. And it happens at the right time…because the VRA commandeers the Daily Planet to question the Watchtower team. Lips are sealed, of course. But in the interim, we find out that the infamous "darkness" that has been spoken of has been here before. Carter Hall said he saw it in the Third Reich and the Spanish Inquisition. I guess it helps to have a team player who has been reincarnated countless times.

Best line of the night goes to Lois, again! "GI Joe, when are you going to realize you can't beat the real American heroes."

Slade threatens to shoot Lois when she won't reveal what she knows, but luckily Carter, aka Hawkman, comes to the rescue. A fight ensues and Hawkman is stabbed and demasked. An explosion in the office sends Lois toppling out of a window with a burning Hawkman on her tail. Carter saves her, but somehow Slade is beyond death's stroke. But Clark uses the family emblem to vanquish Slade to another realm or so I think. If Clark had that before, all this could have been easier.

Before Carter passes on to his next life, he tells Clark there has to be a balance. "We can't save the world with an emptiness in our heart." And that emptiness has been filled with Lois. Carter gets a send-off worthy of a hero, thanks to his League counterparts, but just when they bury him, a Washington monument-looking device comes out from below the sand and zaps them all into unconsciousness. And with that, we'll have to wait with baited breath, until it comes back January 28.


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It looked like there was an extra woman lying on the floor after everyone was zonked out cold. It looked like Zatanna. If she was going to be part of their group, she should have been invited to the engagement party. Love the Smallville episodes! Season 10 is so awesome!! More flying please, even if we have to see practice sessions of Clark falling over and over. Let's see how he improves. Thanks!

it about time clark and lois got engaged.i cant wait for january 28th

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