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Clark is UltraMan in a Bizarro World on 'Smallville'

Father-son bonding, Luthor style

Just when you thought "Smallville" couldn't get anymore interesting...we're swept away into a darker reality along with Clark -- a world where Oliver Queen is an evil land-grabber, Lois sports a really bad hairdo, and Lionel is not only alive, but is Clark's daddy and ruler of the Fortress of Solitude! And if that wasn't bad enough..Clark and Tess are sleeping together. Oh, the humanity!!!!

I don't think I've been as disgusted with an episode of the CW show like I have with this one, in quite some time.(Maybe that's why a power outage ruining my chances of seeing 'Smallville' on schedule occurred. The universe was trying to prevent my blood pressure going up. But I went to the Web for you fans to write this post. Just letting you know...) So why did I hate this episode? The writers brought Lionel Luthor back from the dead AND all along everyone has been talking about a "darkness" coming to the world, but everyone thinks it's an unidentified darkness. Wake up world!!! It doesn't get much darker than Lionel, and now that little Alexander has escaped from Tess's motherly reach, there's no telling when the apocalypse will begin.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here... Tess is bequeathed a glass mirror box (a Kryptonian artifact that looks like a perfume bottle for men) that sends people to alternate worlds (thanks to Lionel Luthor). She keeps the box on the down-low, since she doesn't know how everyone else will react to her having it. Of course, Clark puts his foot in his mouth before the reveal stating: Luthor blood is poison and all of them are born dangerous. A fight ensues when Clark finds out about Tess and little Alexander and he goes all Rubik's cube on the artifact, just to be swept away into a world where he's Clark Luthor, son of Lionel (and just so you don't forget, Bizarro Clark is branded with the L initial).

In this new realm, Clark is a player in paisley and ultimately Ultraman (a murdering power-hungry alien who kills anyone who sees his real identity). It's all in the name of the Luthor fortune, after all. This darker Clark has killed Lex and is hooking up with adopted sister, Tess, unbeknownst to Daddy Dearest. He's also boss at the Daily Planet. This Clark wants to destroy the glass box so he doesn't have to share space with Lionel, because after all it's Lionel's world and WE just live in it (even Clark). It just so happens Lionel found Clark in the field when he landed, not the Kents. In the Bizarro Metropolis, Tess has turned away from the family fortune and the name of Luthor because Lionel STILL doesn't love her as much as he loves his boys. No seriously. He actually tells her she's a half-bred tramp who ruins things and is not special enough to love. Who says that? Who is that malicious? Oh, right Lionel Luthor.

In any case the evil Clark is here in our world taking in all the possibilities minus the shadow of Lionel, and he so likes the idea he's willing to take down Watchtower and everyone in it to get the glass box to destroy it, so he can stay forever. Luckily, Oliver comes to the aid of the true Clark in the Bizarro world, who sets everything straight again. But not before we see how much Lionel hates Clark (even as his son), and that Ollie and Lois were engaged to be married. (A little awkward, I gotta say...just bring back Chloe!!!)

In the end, each Clark is where they should be and Clark apologizes to Tess for jumping to conclusions about her lineage. Tess confesses she's upset Lionel just thew her away, adding to her self-esteem issues of not being good enough. But Clark says she has it wrong. Tess is actually lucky she wasn't raised by the Luthors--so she is still redeemable. Tess is not alone in this world. All together now...awwww! But before we let all the warm feelings lull us off to slumber, we're reminded that little Lex is still out there and this one is smarter than the original one. And add to that Lionel from Bizarro world slipped back through the portal with our Clark, promising to wreak havoc. So now we gotta deal with this...AGAIN!!! Really CW? Really? Sigh...until next week Smallville denizens.


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come on guys, lets let up on smallville a bit. Be honest with yourself and realize that the show went straight down the toilet when the got rid of Lionel and Lex. At least CW knows that this is their last season, and they're bringing back our favorite villians to bring down the house. I haven't been excited about the ending of a smallville episode in multiple seasons.

This episode disgusted me too. Bryan Q Miller is a twisted @#*$! - no doubt. Kelly Souders must be too, for choosing to direct this particular storyline.

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