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Hellcats: So many compromising positions, so little time

Gotta love playing up to that Southern cheerleader stereotype.

We’ve seen some of our favorite characters do stupid things that ruin their lives, but this week on Hellcats Marti takes the proverbial cake—rocking the world of everyone around her and possibly trashing her future law career. We blame Wanda for the whole mess.

Savannah tells Marti that Dan broke up with her—and then she slapped him. Well, he did have it coming for waking her up just to give her bad news. Then Dan turns around and admits to Marti that he’s totally taken with her and that he can’t stop thinking about her. But she’s not having it—it doesn’t work for them. Dan issues an ultimatum. He’s all in, but unfortunately Marti’s not where he wants her to be. So, there you have it. He’s out.

Grand, sexist Lancer traditions
Each year, in a grand Lancer tradition, the Lion’s Pride Ball tickets are delivered to the top boosters by the female Hellcats. Marti feels exploited until she sees that Bobby Overton is a booster and she and Alice are assigned to his store. So she plans to break away and snoop around. She presents her plan to Morgan, who is skeptical.

However, when Marti reveals her plans to her fellow cheerleaders they agree to distract Overton and his employees while she snoops in his office. In exchange, Marti will do her mates' laundry (including hand-washing of the delicates) for a full two weeks. Marti finds Morgan’s laptop before she’s almost interrupted by Overton, who decides to head into his office for the good booze. Luckily, Alice saves the day, but Overton sees Marti and the gang walking to their car with the laptop. Want to hide that in your jacket or something, genius? Naturally, Overton runs crying to Bill Marsh.

A football hero with a dark secret
Alice’s beau, Jake, is considering going pro. He’s estimated to go second round and stands to make a lot of money even if he rides the pine. When he tells Bill Marsh, his loving director of athletics (why doesn’t anyone talk to the coach on this team?) Bill tells him that he needs him. But when Jake tells him he’s going no matter what, Marsh whips out the bribery recording. Looks like Jakey won’t be going pro anytime soon.

Pig faced men and scantily clad women
It’s the first night of the BBQ Festival and that means greasy meat and grown men in pig masks. It really doesn’t get much better than that. So the Hellcats head out to blow off some steam before Sectionals. After the BBQ montage, it’s announced that the dance contest will begin and the winner will score a cool 500 bills. Charlotte is there, letting off steam, too—well, as much as a holy-rolling knocked-up cheerleader can. And on the dance floor it’s the Memphis Christian Cyclones versus the Lancer University Hellcats. It’s like shirts and skins as the Cyclones are fully clothed and the Hellcats are tramped up like Daisy Duke in a heat wave.

Savannah takes the top prize…and Pete, the MC for the evening, if she’d like. He awards her the prize money and then asks her if he can buy her a drink. Naturally, Savannah is so sweet that she gives her bestie the $500—after all, Marti’s been really cheering her up regarding the whole Dan Situation and she really needs to replace her laptop. Oh, if only she knew.

Later that night, Lewis finally arrives and Marti tries too hard to remember how happy she is with him, gyrating on the dance floor and enjoying plenty of PDA. Across the room, Nasty Cathy approaches Alice with a proposition. She wants to take Savannah down and is hoping for Alice’s help (because for some reason everyone at Memphis Christian knows that Alice wants to be captain of the Hellcats?). Nasty Cathy gives Alice something that she promises she’ll find surprising but to her credit, Alice backs Savannah and pretends to crumple the paper and throw it away. Of course, she keeps it. Later she checks out the link NC gave her which turns out to be a video showing Savannah cheering for Memphis Christian. We just knew that would come back to bite her in the bloomers!

Mace, don’t leave home without it
Savannah drinks too much and she and MC Pete head out to the parking lot to make out in his truck. Things get pretty hot until Savannah tells him that she has a boyfriend and Pete gets ugly. Apparently he doesn’t understand that no means no. Luckily, Marti is there at the window (and somehow suddenly fully clothed) with pepper spray and saves her.

After her rescue, Savannah is completely distraught and keeps blaming herself for Dan breaking up with her until Marti finally comes clean with the truth. And the ugly truth is that Dan thinks he has feelings for her, oh yeah, and they hooked up briefly last week. The biggest bummer is that Marti makes this admission in front of the entire cheer squad…including Lewis. Marti’s on a roll—now she’s lost her two best friends AND her beau. Way to blow it, girl. Wonder if she’ll give Savannah her prize money back?

Dan quits his job and hits the road. And as the team bus heads out to Louisville for Sectionals the next morning, no one feels much like cheering.

The blame game
Naturally, if Wanda would have kept her big pie hole shut to Dan about Marti’s diary and her feelings back when she was 13 none of this would have happened. Then again, Marti shouldn’t have turned the stake-out into a make-out. Of course, if Savannah didn’t cover for her hypocrite sister she wouldn’t be in trouble. And then there are just too many reasons to hate/blame Bill Marsh. So who is really the bad guy in this scenario? Tell us in the comments.


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