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Hellcats: Aly Michalka on family drama, strained friendships and why Hellcats kick ass

Hellcats is finally back tonight, and to celebrate we got the scoop straight from Aly Michalka! Aly acknowledges that Marti messed up before the break, but she says her character won't be kept down -- and we wouldn't expect anything less from our girl! Plus, she teases some deep dark family drama that's coming up, speculates on what we can expect from the Marti/Dan/Savannah triangle, and tells us why Marti kicks just as much butt as the action heroes on other shows. Check it out!



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I didn't see first episode so, I have questions about marti's father myself. Here's a tip, don't drink alchol if you're in a car or other space alone with a guy you're attracted to who's dating your friend.I don't think dan or lewis should be anything more to her than friends.I know no one knows where this show is going but an older marti, trying to only complete law school (minus the cheerleading) and then trying to pass the bar and who she dates and/or falls in love with then and how she and wanda get on then and if she and savannah remain friends sounds like a more interesting show.

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