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Smallville, Supernatural returns delayed (please don't hurt us)

Update: To clarify, as far as we know right now, the NEW episodes of Smallville and Supernatural will air Feb. 4 assuming Gossip Girl isn't pushed back 10 minutes in Poughkeepsie or something. RERUNS of the mid-season finales will air on Wednesday, Feb. 2, in theory to draw in new viewers. Or something. Look, we're having a hard time coming up with a bright side. Sigh. If we hear anything else from the network, we'll let you know.

OK, folks, keep this in mind: We're just the messenger.

You know how you were supposed to be able to turn on your TV and see the long-awaited return of Smallville and Supernatural tonight? Yeah, it's not happening. See, the network apparently got spooked that The Vampire Diaries and Nikita were preempted in some markets last night, and wanted to give these shows another chance to draw in viewers so they'd count on this week's ratings.

The good news: Smallville and Supernatural will get to strut their stuff next Wednesday with their pre-hiatus eps -- all the better to suck in viewers who don't realize what they're missing. And when they finally return next week, it'll be all that much more triumphant, right? Right?

In the meantime, please don't take your displeasure out on The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. They're both great shows, and they didn't ask to bump our dynamic duo.

We want to see Chloe return (as a possible traitor!) and the newly-resouled Sam as much as you do. Trust us -- we're hurting, too. Feel free to vent your displeasure about the decision here. Let it all out. You'll feel better. (But keep the profanity to a minimum, ok?)


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So APPARENTLY on top of them being a little late *which to be honest isn't the reason why I'm BEYOND irritated, because ha I didn't even realize it* I go to watch one of my favorite shows " Supernatural" with their new premiere and there's a GLITCH! GAH! I threw a fit and nearly threw my remote at the tv because an i-touch or something-i-really-don't-care-about came on right in the MIDDLE of the episode! I would've been fine with it except, hey guess what? I miss the juicy part... I find this out later on in the episode because I didn't know it was about the titanic. I sure HOPE the tv station fixes this and reair's the episode. Get on your GAME guys!

Ok what the hell first i had to wait a week for Smallville on the 4th so when I come home from work to find that it hadnt been recorded and it was suppose to be on tonight but apparently it wasnt come on CW what the hell get it together.

It is patently obvious that most of the viewers posting comments are illiterate & have no lives, but that does not excuse the CW for using an old network trick to increase ratings for failing or subpar shows. I was one of the people duped into DVRing "Nikita"! Man was I pissed off when I checked and saw that lame ripoff of a show instead of Supernatural! One more thing, I have no life also so don't screw with the one reason I watch the CW! You Supernatural dummies!

The CW showed total disrespect for Supernatural and the loyal fans who put the show on the cover of TV Guide. It was a total slap in the face. But worst of all, you gave a lot of people a reason to watch "Fringe" on Supernatural's supposed return night and gave Supernatural's competition a chance to gain new viewers, which Supernatural will have to face in the ratings next week. Totally disgusted with this network.

I know we're all majorly pissed at the CW but let remember why we're mad. Dont boycott supernatural, why punish the brothers for the network's mistake. That makes no sense.

LOL, you guys are hilarious! I watch both shows and couldn't wait for them to return but I am not bent out of shape because of it. They are just TV shows. It seems a little petty to get all worked up over it. It's not like your going to be missing out on the episode. Take a deep breath and relax. It isn't the end of the world!

where is your post about gossip girl :(

I have to say if this is how the CW wants to do business then it's no wonder why the other big stations all kill this one.

What does TVD & Nikita being preemted in some cities have to do with SPN? Change their showing times and leave your devoted fans and their show ALONE.......so pissed :(

Are we EVER going to hear anything from the CW? I'm really working hard to be the most polite as I possibly can, but the fandom has the right to be mad. It was a total slap in the faces of the serie, the fans and even people who are making Spn and Smallville.

All the reasons given by the CW totally failed (the ''legal reason'', the ''it was cause of American idol'' while the ratings were really good)

and the friday replay barely had 1M, less than a normal Spn/smallville repeat.

The ONLY (....ok BEDSIDE 20 years to forgive) is to have an APPOLOGY, at least, from the network. They took the worse decision ever and can't admit their mistake?

I sincerely hope the fact that my DVR recorded Nikita as supernatural doesn't count toward that crap rip-off-of-a rip-of-of-a-decent movie show's ratings.

I'm guessing that nobody over at CW corporate is old enough to remember what happened when a certain football game had the last play preempted because the network chose to air the movie "Heidi" instead.

Pretty much the same reaction as what the fans of Supernatural are doing now...and no it didn't go well back then either.

Let's learn from TV history and not make that mistake again- OK?

CW: nice job screwing over your best shows, SV/SPN of course, and most loyal fans - guess you just want a bunch of angsty teens watching your channel and not adults with way more spending power - hope this hits you where it hurts, in your wallets...

I'm actually a huge fan of the Vampire diaries. So I wasn't sorry for that. But seeing some random show called Nikita instead of two of my other favourite shows (smallville / supernatural) just made me angry like everyone else.

CW, if partying with Charlie Sheen and his hookers affects your decision making process this much, perhaps it is time to just say NO. Like I'm going to after Supernatural is done this season, possibly before. I'll either wait for the dvd or borrow from a friend. That's how pissed off I am at your antics. You have no one to blame but yourselves. I went through this with Angel and Buffy and Dollhouse and any number of other excellent shows that the PTB think are useless and I'm done. I am no longer your unappreciated serf. You can just go screw yourselves. VD and Nikita SUCK as does most of your other programming...I can't really tell you what those shows are because I only watch CW because of SV and SPN. Way to support your fans CW. I am breaking up with you.

The CW has a great show everyone likes and waits for and then to make a decision to move it?!?! WTF?!?!? Way to lose even more viewers!!!

Okay, first of all did the network ever think of how many ratings the Supernatural and Smallville fans would have brought in? My guess would be no. I'm a dedicated Supernatural fan I've been watching since season 1 I was extremely disappointed when I changed the channel and Nikkita was on due to the fact that I tried to watch that once before and hated it, and as for The Vampire Diaries I watched half of the first season and got extremely bored with it and discontinued viewing it. I think that the ratings is just a lame excuse, because the network should know damn well they have fans like me who have followed these shows from day one! I'm outraged and if Supernatural didn't come on your network any more I wouldn't watch The CW at all.

I am still mad as all get out over the CW's decision to air VD and Nikicrap in place of Smallville and Supernatural.

It's would have been better if we had more notice and if the reasons were better as just because AI is on and two cities have preemptive slots for different reasons and the shows are already scheduled for a different slot anyway is not an excuse.

I can see not airing if they were worried about smallville because of what happened in Arizona as the plot is somewhat similar but still doesn't make it right.

Also why show repeats on Wednesday why not actually spend some money and air the new episodes on Wednesday and then do the same on Friday with the repeats that why you can have a better sampling of the two shows since that's pretty much what they did with their crappy Thursday line up.

I understand the thinking on the bumping Supernatual Friday. However, there had to have been a much better way of doing it. First, you ticked off the fans of the show. Therefore possibly losing some viewers who decide to say screw programming and wait for DVD release. Second, those same viewers slam the shows that were on causing an even more negative backlash. Seriously, who's brainchild was this because they certaintly did not think this out. I love all of the shows, however, I am rethinking about ever watching the CW again because this was just idiotness. Who is to say this will not happen again!

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You have got to be kidding! Fans pull out all the stops and get Supernatural on the cover of TV Guide - how does the CW react/reward the show? A week of Vampire Diary episodes every night! Now, this! I never watched Nikita and I will never watch the Vampire Diaries again. The shocking lack of respect that the CW has for this amazing show and its fans disgusts me.

That really wasn't the smartest thing to do. They make themselves look unreliable and although they may get ratings for people tuning in to see Supernatural you know that is a fake rating. If Nikita is going to fail it's going to fail. It's not professional to mess with your top rated show.
It's a shame pleae tell CW not to do it again-at least not to Supernatural.

BLOODY OUTRAGEOUS!After Smallville is finished, do not expect me to watch any of your show!!!

The CW management sucks.. that's why they love vampires.

Screw you CW. I'm sick of you jerking me around and then trying to force me to watch something I consider garbage. I only watched your network for 3 shows originally: Veronica Mars, Smallville, and Supernatural. You already canceled Veronica Mars, making me hate you more than anything else. As soon as Smallville and Supernatural are over this season I'm saying good riddance; your network has turned into a trashy teen drama/reality show network, and I miss the good ole days of the WB. Hope the ratings for both Nikita and Vampire Diaries plunge next week.

This is such a huge dissapointment. I was waiting a long time for Smallville to premier after it's break!!! I mean seriously how can CW get away with deceiving their viewers? Even tho lot of people switched it off after they seen VD and Nikkita they got their fraudulent ratings from 1000's of people who used there DVR's!!! If it was possible I'd sue the network for false advertisement!!!

I can't believe this.. and this apology huh! the only thing i've been waiting for this whole time was waiting for this episode. You have no respect for us that follow supernatural, what you are telling us is that vampire diaries and this nikita is more important and that your other viewers are more important as well, this Nikita is dumb there are like 4 other shows called nikita as well with prettier girls and same script!

This stunt CW pulled is totally unacceptable and a slap in the face to all the LOYAL supernatural fans.

that lame excuse to get people to watch VD & Nikita? well you could of shown these episodes on Sat nite. How many weeks did we have to wait to see the new episodes? too many. In any event this makes me NOT want to watch VD ever. even nikita which i liked. i pick supernatural over any other CW show. cw totatlly insulted us fans. & why would we wanna watch more re runs on Wed? not cool at all.

should have let the other cites watch the reruns like the rest of us have to do in the summer. that decision was so uncool

I am still mad. I watch Vampire diaries but didn't need to see it twice!!!! I have been waiting for smallville and supernatural forever I was so upset. I can't beleive they are going to play them Wednsday as reruns!!! Thank God I read this because I never would have known and just tuned in Friday. What makes Nikita and vampire diaries more importnat then our shows????

Sarah- Unfortunately, asking us not to take our ire out on VD and Nikita is a little like asking a person not to blame the gun. It's still the instrument of destruction. If the network didn't want their coveted shows put in this position, they should have thought things thru a bit further. Don't blame the fans for reacting to the bad decisions of the network. I don't watch either VD or Nikita, and probably never will now, and it's not simply to harm those shows, it's to send a message to the CW that ignoring two fandoms that have been completely dedicated no matter what they've thrown at us is not a good way to endear themselves and keep their brand in a positive light. What they did wasn't so bad as how they did it and they should be the ones apologizing, not you.

i say the cw gives us season 7 as an appology

Sigh, I'm just sooo dissapointed right now. OK, so we have to wait another week, fine. We've waited this long so I can hold out for another week, I have homework to keep me busy and I watch it online anyways. But the fact that The CW yanked the premiere the DAY, the DAY before it was to air is just a slap in the face to fans of 2 long running shows. Their reasons also don't make sense, the ratings held up nicely thursday for their precious shows. I know people will say "it's just another week, calm down", and yes I can wait ONE more week. But it's just the principle of the matter, you don't treat fans this way if you really cared for their shows. I would at least expect a formal apology form the network, but I won't hold my breath.

If you go to the bottom of the CW site you can click on the link to the CBS Corp. (parent company). I have given feedback on the CW site and CBS Corp regarding this issue. I encourage EVERYONE to do this! There is power in numbers! Here is what I wrote:

To Whom it May Concern:

I am very disappointed with the lack of communication the CW displayed yesterday when deciding to re-air Thursday evening programming on Friday night. I have not seen official information on the CW site as to the reason for this change, but other sources on the internet mention American Idol, local mayoral debates and NCAA basketball. I searched throughout the CW site, this is poor form. Historically, the CW (formerly WB) has struggled; hyping the mid season premiers for several weeks only to pull the programming without ANY explanation to the fans is unacceptable. We fans understand that certain programming can preempt what is usually scheduled ( i.e., State of the Union Address); but usually there is information on the station/network itself and its website. The Facebook sites for Supernatural and Smallville were also not updated with the schedule change. While whomever is reading this e-mail may not have any authority to change these frustrating business practices; I implore you to pass it on to the correct party. It is my understanding that the amount of fans/viewers of a show increase the ratings to be more enticing to advertisers; who are the financial supporters of a station or network. Therefore treating a fanbase poorly is not only bad business practice by forgetting that we are the ultimate customer in this sense; it can also affect the bottom line.

I have been a loyal viewer of the CW and currently pay an additional fee to my satellite provider just to get it's programming. I am honestly considering waiting for these and future seasons to come out on DVD in protest of the lack of respect for the Supernatural and Smallville fans. I may just be one person, but if more of us do this the ratings will decrease and advertisers will pull their ads. Additionally, I expect a response to this e-mail as a small attempt to rectify this situation.

Thank you for your time.

why cw why would u do such a thing i waited so long foe supernatural just to be dissapointed with vampire diaries and nickita. didu not think of the other fans of ur othere shows and who will see supernatural or smallvilee on wendsday friday is there night and if ur sorry u should start promoting them more. hey i enjoy vampire diaries but once or twice a week is enough but three times ahhhh to much ineed my weekly drama from smalville and supernatural

Amazing that they would disregard and disrespect Supernatural's incredibly loyal fans after they just worked so hard to put the show on the TV Guide COVER! It's almost like the fans do all the promotional work, only to be sabotaged by the actual network.

I was really upset last night when I turned my tv on and did not see supernatural. It is the only show during the week that I watch live instead of just DVR it and watch it later. I had been really excited because on facebook they have really been hyping it up and no announcement on facebook nothing. I felt that this was a poor choice. I know they care about other shows to, but don't the viewers of supernatural matter? We have waited awhile for our show to return. I was a loyal viewer to Nikita but I just deleted the eps off of my DVR and can't bear to watch that show knowing that it bumped supernatural. I will no longer watch Nikita. I am a supernatural fan and feel that the cw did not tell everyone that it would not be coming on. I would have rather watched a rerun of supernatural than no supernatural at all. Nikita came on wednesday, thursday, and friday and it was not fair to supernatural fans.

TheCW should have at least sent out an email telling us the shows wouldn't be back until next week. That they failed to do so was VERY disrespectful of our time as viewers and fans. TheCW was already on the rocks with me for hiring that sexist moron Dr. Drew. They have lost a very loyal fan.

Why does the CW have to treat Supernatural like a ditch-able prom date? Has Dean's need to constantly give dramatic speeches about how things are going and Sam's amazing ability to continuously top his bad decisions list not good enough for you! Next time you want to ride us without even buying us dinner you could at least give us more than a 5 minute heads up! First you kill Anna off of VD and now you are shoving Vampire Diaries in my face over Supernatural Time! I would recommend releasing another sneak peek for both episodes in order to appease the angry masses who are debating finding ways to destroy the rating for VD and Nikita, just saying! Thank you for letting me vent

I love Supernatural and Smallville, in fact it's the only two shows that aren't piggy backing off of teeny bopper fads (like twinky emotional vampires in the movies), that the network produces. If this network knows what's good for them, they will not only not make this mistake again, but they will make a concerted effort to take Clark to the next level soon and have him blossom into his true Superhero status, AND, find a way to bring the show back. As for Supernatural, that show is awesome. Well produced and acted. I was exteremely dissapointed to see twinkie vampires on my DVR in place of Smallville, and an unbelievable female character attempting to sell herself as some sort of hard ass in Nikita. Those shows should remain in their own timeslot, or better yet....they truly could be cut from the schedule altogether. Don't sacrifice your good shows by implanting subpar ones again...very ill advised and poor business choice.

My household was set to watch Smallville this evening and they made this change at the last minute. I had the DVR set to record (but would have watched live if it were on) and was surprised to see that there was only a standard promo for next week's episode.

It appeared as though there was to be an olive branch with the Wednesday repeats, but no mention on air that I saw. CW owes Smallville fans a big apology and Adequate promotion for next week's shows... Let's be real here and understand that whatever numbers come from the Smallville timeslot this week may be actually due to Smallville and not the vampire diaries.....

I thought I read that the CW president Dawn Ostroff was thinking about stepping down. All I can say is next.....

Maybe WB will get a clue as to how much of a fan base Smallville really has.

I would never take anything out on the messenger or other shows. The CW though -- after SPN is no longer on the air (Woe is the day!) unless Kripke does another show, I'll probably won't be there. The only other show I watched on CW was LUX.

I just think the network was highly unprofessional, and in a bizarre overprotective frenzy to protect VD, they ended up showing just how little they care about the fans and viewership of two of the veteran shows.

Smallville (And I'm only a fair weather fan) definitely deserved better giving it is the final season.

Supernatural has never gotten the respect from CW it truly deserves, in the publicity department.

Both these shows have dealt with pre-emptions and powerhouse shows in the ratings system and were expected to handle it because of their fanbases. Why do something that is going to be a kick in the face to those viewers?

Also in doing this so last minute, they get people who didn't know, DVRs recording the wrong show and trust me when the DVR has the wrong show you don't watch that show. And people who might watch them going, I just saw this... huh?

What was the point?

Plus VD and Nikita did great in the ratings and guess what, SV and SPN would have too -- next week because of all this they might get less of a turnout. Great job by the network.

I think the delay in Supernatural could have been better publicized, took me a 1/2 hour to figure out why, Thanks Dan

Ok first of all this bone head move ruined my whole weekend! I like the other shows but lets face it they will never have as dedicated fan base as Smallville and Supernatural. Maybe more time and effort should be spent trying to draw back the viewers to these two shows, especially Smallville because it's last two seasons have been epic. As for vamp diaries and Nakita, if you have to cram a show down our throat to gather an audience than maybe it isn't that great. There is a lot off pissed off people tonight. Besides, Superman would beat up vampires on a regular basis if they both were real. You do the math!

This is crazy, my family has been looking forward to a new Supernatural for the past month. Vampire diaries and Nikita are nowhere near as good and I also refuse to watch them. Goodnight!

What did you guys do put mark kriski in charge of

am so annoyed that a remake to an already dumb series....nikita bumped my supernatural! Its my husbands bday & i kicked everyone out so i can watch supernatural!! Nikita???? Really???? I cant understand why they would make that series again! It was a flop before....changing the woman who plays nikita isnt gonna make it better!

I hate you so bad CW, I really, really hate you. Actually, Supernatural is the only thing worth watching for me on TV and I would swear your network off forever if I didn't love the show so much. And I think you know this, so I feel fully taken advantage of. AAARRRGHHH!!!

I have been waiting so long to catch up with Smallville; what a disappointment to see that instead was that ridiculous vampire show. I only have one night to watch tv and this is it. How dare you take this simple pleasure away from me and feed me vampire crap instead! Booo! Smallville is the most creative and unique show to hit television in a very long time - honestly, I always wondered why the major networks didn't pick up this show; especially when so many of us baby boomers were raised on Superman television episodes and this is such a unique and creative twist on that. Way better than the Heroes or Supernatural copy cat shows. Other shows I've glimpsed on the cw just don't stack up to the level of this one. I'm sorry to see that this is the last season, but eagerly anticipate seeing what it's going to be. Shame on the business decision makers to swap such a popular and sophisticated show like Smallville to boost dark vampire entertainment. I guess cw really is just a network for teens.

My wife and I have been waiting for weeks to see these premieres. We own all the DVDs for every season and have opened the bottle of wine we were saving for this event. Glasses poured, hearts beating fast and now we know how Danny Bonaduce must have felt when he discovered she was a "he".

Waited over 6 weeks what are you thinking !!!!!

You are extreme A--Holes

Hey... that's okay, CW, now I can go watch Fringe live and help *their* rating...

BOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

Vampire Diaries SUCK !!!!!! Nikita SUCKS !!!!!!

Will not watch and will never watch these Buthead Shows we waited over a month they SUCK and Yes these shows SUCK !!!

You rotten Bastards. How could you do this to loyal fans like us?! We paid our due in waiting for Supernatural and Smallville but you decide, in your illogical reasoning that postponing our favourite shows will help others? What are you CW people smoking?
Fine, I will quietly wait for my Supernatural boys to return but in the mean time I spit on your good shoe!


THIS IS BS been waiting for what month and a half and they pull this kinda stuff WOW is all i got to say....Now they make there return on wednesday the only night i got to work like to kick whom ever made this call right in the keaster

We have been waiting for almost 2 month for Smallville to see what happens and you are telling us because of "vampire diares" and "nikita" we cant watch the most watch shows in probably all CW honestly.If you are going to do that then don't announce the show like 2 weeks before if you are not going to show it all.
All its doing is getting people excited for NOTHING... I am very Disappointing

I was watching something else on my DVR, went to CW at 9pm to watch Supernatural and it was not on. I was scared that it was on at 8pm and my dvr missed it. Got online and found this. I was excited to watch it tonight but I am just glad I did not miss it.

people should say screw nikita and vampire diaries for a couple weeks and show cw that they shouldnt renig on their promises of dates. smallville is on its last season and lets face it they havent had a show that has lasted as long as smallville. i am a fan of both vampire diaries and nikta but serious why play with your viewers who have been faithful to smallvilee and supernatural for 2 newbie shows. im tired of this freaking networks doing whatever they want. cw has been the most disappointing network out there as of late and i doubt i will watch anymore of their shows once smallville and supernatural ends i dont care how good the show looks.

We had set up our DVR to record both Smallville and Supernatural tonight (1/28) and were aghast to find our shows were pre-empted by two shows we have no interest in. How could you?!

ok, i get that they needed better ratings, but are the nights getting switched for good?? just need to know so i can plan for future shows....

I am so mad I've been waiting for what seems like forever to watch the newest supernatural. I was out and rushed home home, turned on the tv, went to my dvr recodings, pressed play for supernatural only to find that it was nakita instead.Didn't that show have it's shot last night? So what if it didn't do well the smallville and supernatural fans shouldn't be put on hold just because some other show needs a second chance.This blows so hard!!

BOOOOOOOOOO! YOU SUCK! Nikita instead of Supernatural is lkie margarine instead of butter.

Alright, not cool Cw! Supernatural is way too good of a show to be pissed on by a Twilight rip off, which by the way ruined Vampires for anyone who actually care about Horror. I could understand why Supernatural would have lower ratings then a show that offers the same, yet watered down, story as True Blood. And i also understand why most shows on Cw don't get many ratings, but if i made a trailer to every possibly good drama look like an episode of Dawson's Creek or Felicity I would't expect much either. That being said, i hope CW officials actually take note of what the viewers comment on here and never mess with these shows in the future. They are the only 2 somewhat original shows that make big budget movie scripts look like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

I am so freaking annoyed right now that I am unable to form a coherent thought.

Vampire Diaries and Nikita suck...that's why no one watched them when they were on LAST NIGHT! Tricking people into watching your shows will not help your viewer stats increase, it will just piss people off to the point that they will ignore your station. That is what I plan to do.

Once Smallville is finished I have no more use for your "network." Adios punks.

Really disappointed in the CW. I was really excited to see Supernatural tonight. CW obviously doesn't care about the viewers that love this show.

Another thing, if you advertise that the show will be on tonight for the longest time. And your viewer are excepting it at least have the courtesy to give notice.

ok so we posted a comment earlier. if Nikita and Vamp. Diaries was on last night then why does it have to be on again tonight? why can't they play Nikita and Vampire Diaries next Wednesday instead of moving Supernatural and ruining everyone's life!!??!!
so what time is it going to be on next Wednesday? might want to mention this in your blog!!!
2 very pissed off teenagers.


Typical bait and switch of an unscrupulous salesman! I would expect better judgment from LIGITAMIT businessmen. I just changed the channel.... way to go Eintiens!

I'm sorry but a repeat of what was shown last friday for Smallville and Supernatural on this coming wednesday in no way makes up for this.

This was wrong and the CW 'Powers that Be know it'

You cannot decided last minute to make a switch like that after it has been advertize for weeks that the 28th was going to be the start of the mid season for both shows.

I think that both Smallville and Supernatural deserve better, as do their fans.

This is such crap! This has totally ruined my whole night! I watched The Vampire Diaries last night thank you very much and enjoyed it, but now I want to watch my Supernatural!!

Oh, come on! Who gives a crap about Vampire Diaries or Nikita. Vampire Diaries? Just listen to the name. It is worst than the Twilight series. Does that sum it up enough? As for Nikita, way to have another spy show that replicates very other one about a spy. Hell, Burn Notice is at least good. Maybe, just maybe you could try to be half as good as that show. If you want viewers then put on the shows that will actually draw in your audience. Ex. Supernatural! I haven't watched all five seasons and what's already been shown for the sixth season just to wait another week for one episode. I've bought the first five seasons and watched them all at least twice, one time airing and once on my dvd. I think you could do not only me but all the other fans a favor and keep a word by airing the new episode on the 28 of January, 2011. I was really looking forward to watching Supernatural. I can only hope it isn't cancelled next week either. If it is, than really, I've just lose all hope in CW.

Screw you very much CW Network. Take the hint! If no one's watching your scrawny assasin and pathetic vampire shows LET THEM DIE! DO NOT over run shows that people have wanted to see and watch religiously FOR SIX YEARS!

I am in class training to be a PD officer four nights a week! Friday is my only day off and I was lucky enough to find out last year they were moving SPN to Friday nigths so I can watch it and lo and behold you MUST ENCROACH ON THAT TIME TOO! And on the most blessed holiday of END OF HELLATUS DAY!?!?!?! How dare you!

CW Network, we all know you guys aren't SPN fans, we knew this back when you tried to kill the show by moving it from Tuesday to Thursday and the "dead man's spot". And we are reminded of it EVERY YEAR when you wait until the absolute deadline to renew it. WE GET IT! WE'RE AWARE! STOP STOP STOP STOP trying to kill off the fan base! Stop trying to get us to switch to watching your crappy spin off shows that are based on the already crappy original works of authors and screenplay writers of the past! We aren't gonna do it!

Comepletely, absurdly, unbelievely, unacceptable. CW Network one of these days you're gonna realize how much damage you do to yourselves because of the way to jerk around SPN fans and viewers.

I am so pissed off. The one TV show I watch, Supernatural ,is not on as advertised by the CW. My household had also marked the calandar. Does the CW think we'll just watch like mindless fools and not know the difference? I will not now or ever watch Nikita. If you're over 12, you won't be watching the vampire diaries. I tuned in to see Sam & Dean. This sucks, dirty, dirty trick. Hope it blows up in the CW's face. Susan

Our family made sure we were available tonight for the long-awaited episode of Supernatural. We ordered pizza and made popcorn and planned a nice evening. To our disappointment we discovered that the show got bumped just yesterday! We feel so betrayed, so angry, so disrespected that tonight we have made a family promise to never watch any CW again. Yes, including Supernatural. We have opted to reopen our Netflix account.

If the CW people actually read these things, please note...YOU SUCK. I actually went in to work 2 hours late just so I could catch Smallville and Supernatural tonight. IMO the list of shows that are worth anything on the CW, go in this order, from most important to least...Smallville, Supernatural, VD, Family Guy, The Simpsons...and maybe Nikita but after seeing a few episodes of it, I have to say, no offense intended, I'm not all that interested. The rest of the shows aside from the news...are uhmm...well you said to keep the profanity low so I'll just say they're ridiculously filled with teen angst junk.

Tv Execs, take note. I used to be a fan of Cold Case, Criminal Minds, and very few others - now I could care less about them. Why? Because I lost interest when I couldn't count on when they would be on, if at all, or too many weeks passed in between. The span over the holidays was much too long, anyway. Quit jerking people around and leave well enough alone.

Like it or not, the ricocheting IS going to happen.

I'm STILL PO'd that Supernatural was moved to Friday from Thursday (I have someone 'taping' Fringe for me when it conflicts w/ Supernatural witch makes me PO'd) and...

Now I will NEVER watch VD NOR Nikita EVER, period (of course up to this point I have never watched either show BUT I WAS [PAST TENSE] considering do so BUT NO LONGER)!

We've waited for over a month for the Winchester boys to return & we get screwed...well screw CW's Nikita.

Can't believe this. I need my supernatural. I use to watch a couple CW shows but AS OF NOW I'M NOT WATCHING ANYTHING OTHER THAN SUPERNATURAL. YOU SCREWED UP CW!!

Friday nights are the only nights we have as a family. We use the time from 8pm - 9pm Central to watch our most favoritestestest show 'Supernatural' together. We even take time off from going to the gym on fridays, and centeralize our ENTIRE week on the basis that @ friday night from 8p-9p we get to watch our show. NO OTHER PROGRAM GETS OUR ATTENTION THROUGH THE WEEK BUT SUPERNATURAL. Please from the bottoms of our poor little ol' souls, Don't change the time unless we are given ample time to rearrange our hectic lives.

I won't be watching any more shows by CW after this bait-and-switch move.

Supernatural is just about the only show I watch on your channel and this one was gonna be a doozie. I always have it on the dvr, and it recorded Nikita, natch'. Since I've never seen it, I'll watch it, but it's not really my cuppa. Love these Winchester dudes! They remind me of guys I grew up with, only cooler. Keep up the good work, and for God sakes don't be afraid to put it up against "American Idol". Most people dvr everything anyway and nobody I know is still watching AI after Simon left. Just not the same.

Cheers (& Jeers),


This is so dumb! Fifty some odd days and all of a sudden no Sam or Dean?! I waited out the whole dang day, watched the clock in all of my classes, and I get home with my best friend and we watched like all of the new episodes of season six all day and we were jumping up and down as the minutes neared and guess what? NO SUPERNATURAL!!!! I am so freakin' angry!! I cannot wait four days, I am going to die! And what's this? Nikita and Vampire Diaries needs to get more ratings or whatever? Well, we Supernatural fans are very devoted, and now it is on Wednesday? Can you like play it tomorrow because I am so angry! I would cuss but I'm not sure if that's allowed. I can't even watch it on Wednesday because I have school the next day! Thanks, thanks a lot. What the heck?! He gets his soul back at the end of the episode and now I have to wait until NEXT Wednesday? I hate Nikita and the Vampire Diaries! For one, I liked the books better than the show, and what the heck?! Nikita isn't even that good!!!! I'm so angry right now. I would like to just say that the CW is really, really, really, really dumb. Thanks. Actually, no thanks.


confusion!?!?!?! wtheck just...ohhhh never mind you just ruined my wife and I Friday night Thanks alot! ...idiots...

Like the others here, I too don't care for VD (Buffy was much better) or Nikkita. I just so happened to be able to get off of work on time (doesnt really happen) to watch my two favorit shows return. Yet, I am sure you can imagine how I felt when I turned my tv to 39 only to see the blood suckers where on. My heart dropped but part of me was saying "well, may be they'll be on after this?"...wrong! I just hope that I'll be able to watch Smallville and Super Natural next week but I'm most likely going to miss it. If your wondering, no I don't have a DVR, no I cant afford one and watching it on my computer just isn't the same as on the tv. =(

ok i'm really mad i love SUPERNATRUAL and now i have to wait well i don't like that. at all i make sure that the tv is my on fridays and me and my friend watch together and now we have to wait untill next week thanks a lot CW

Thw CW is a useless network. I refuse to watch their shows anymore, unless they are Supernatural. We're always being slighted and I am so sick of this station

what the !!!!! I was looking foward to supernatural all dayyy ohh my god i had my show set on timer and i turn on the tv and it says NIKITA??? just when i sit down to watch some tv after a long day this happens im so madddd no offense but im not a nikita fan and they couldve picked another hour to do this instaed of replacing supernatural and smallville also

This sucks big time. I won't watch on Wednesday because I have other shows that I watch you a-holes get your act together you promised us new shows this week and damn it I want Supernatural back on!! I don't watch Nikita and I will never watch Nikita hell I don't even watch Vampire Diaries and I love vampires and the reason I don't is because I watch another show at that time that I've watched since before Vampire Diaries came on. Then you go and move Supernatural to Fridays which messed up my Thursday. You people sucks. I don't care that Vamp diaries and Nikita was preempted last night. Why don't you replay them on Wednesday night instead of showing a re run!!

I was so very mad and upset tonight!!!!!!! I have waited for weeks to watch Supernatural! You have lost me as a customer now! I am single mom only hoping for one hour of happiness with Dean and Sam and you destroyed that for me! Thanks for nothing CW!!!

Maybe the programming dept. should get some brains and should have changed the return date on the commercials you've been airing. I have a bunch of people here wanting to watch Supernatural AND THERE'S NO SUPERNATURAL. As far as Vampire Diaries and Nikita, I think once was enough. Let their fans suffer. WGN YOU REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!!!

Wow guys frak you I made a party for this event I wanted to watch supernatural with all my friends now I see this when I was supposed to watch the episode, all that money on snacks, drinks cups, and not to mention gas to get a few of my friends. waiting a lot of time for this episode. that was a really lame move from you guys I officially hate you guys and won't watch the series trough the cw medium to not give you ratings! Frak you!

Dear CW,
I am extremely dissapointed in you guys right now. Here I was, freaking out and planning my whole night around the premiere of my beloved Supernatural, and I find Nikita....which of course induced my rage.

I'm not bad mouthing this new show, all I'm saying is that very faithful fans of the now 6 season long show, have lost faith in you.

Let's not ever make this mistake again? Okay? Thanks.

Loving faithful 6 year fan of Supernatural,

This is soooo not cool. I have been waiting and waiting for Supernatural to come back on. This is unbelievable. I'm not interested in watching Nikkita. Thank you but no thank you.

Ya'll just suck!!!

Guys it says UNOFFICIAL source, so it's not connected to the CW and Wednesday? is a dead giveaway someone is yanking our chains

WTF! I saw VD last night and I HATE nikita. I was looking forward to this all day. you people suck. why not kick another show out of its slot and not a premier? you guys are dum.

After a long day at work, I was seriously looking forward to the return of Smallville and Supernatural. In fact, my roomie and I rushed home because of it. So imagine our surprise and disappointment when my friends and I settled down on the couch and instead of seeing Smallville we're getting a recap of Vampire Diaries!! Cmon CW that is such a Fox thing to do and I'm really disappointed. Get it together or you may lose a few viewers...

Like most Vamp Diaries fans, I was able to read the scrolling message telling us all that the show would be on at 10:30 after the debate last night, and old enough to stay up past 10 and watch it at that time.

Too bad TPTB think we're all either illiterate or five years old and on a strict bedtime curfew. Really don't need to watch these shows twice. Tuned in to see Supernatural, tuned out again in disappointment. Won't watch again until next week. (That'll show 'em, won't it?)

I'm not taking it out on VD or Nikita, or their fans. I'm pretty sure their fans are just as puzzled about the encores of their shows. I'm just incredibly disappointed, and hope TPTB at CW get reprimanded at least for such a terrible business decision and all-around fail. If I wanted to watch VD or Nikita I'd have either watched it yesterday or DVR'd it like everyone else. It's just simple logic.

As for showing the mid-season finale next Wednesday, all I can say is why? They've been on twice already. Why not put the new episodes on? If they tried that, the network might get closer to my good graces. If not, well, the network will be dead to me after May. Really.

Why you would choose to CANCEL your Friday lineup? We waited so long. Other times Smallville and Supernatural were replayed over night. YOU SHOULD HAVE REPLAY your VD and Nikita then!!! WGN has really disappointed me (don't even suggest WGN was not part of the decision nor had no say). All those weeks we all have nothing to watch (No way I am watching those shows ever). Corp America should really start respecting the people... You lost a big fan in me CW and WGN. I am swearing my head off at you... Thanks for the start of a great weekend...

No. No bright side. This was not done with SV/SPN in mind. This was a knee-jerk (and foolish) move by a network that only succeeded in alienating a VERY loyal fanbase. Do you think 90210 can deliver HALF the numbers Smallville can? In its 10th season. On a horrible night.

The CW already SHOWED Icarus last week. And by showing TVD tonight instead of ANY Smallville, clearly people aren't going to know WHAT to think.

This network will fall by its own incompetence.

Here's what I just wrote to the CW tonight..

"I left a strongly worded (negative) feedback with the CW yesterday, expressing my disgust about rescheduling Smallville less than 24 hours before it was set to air. Now that the CW knows how angry we all are as fans, maybe the CW can make up for it by being more supportive of Smallville in it's final season?

Smallville needs better treatment by the CW in it's final dash to the finish line. They've been treating Smallville like a foster child the last couple of years. You need to promote the final (10?) episodes with the same "fanfare" and enthusiasm that you used to promote the 2-hour episode "Absolute Justice". There are only a few episodes left. Put Smallville back on your front burner, spend a little extra money (that it deserves), promote the hell out of it, give the show runners and fans whatever they want, and make sure it goes out with a bang.

Thank you."


I encourage everyone to keep writing them. Let's use this to our advantage, and help Smallville get a proper send-off. Let them know what we want!! :)


I was having a hard time deciding if I should watch Supernatural or Fringe. Thanks for simplifying my life. Now if you'd only move
the Winchesters to Tuesday or Monday nights I'd be even happier.

Bob: Yes, they do. Sigh.

Mad Hell, Shelleybear, Arthur, Kim: I feel (and share) your pain. I'm pretty peeved.

Erika: Yeah, I think the theory is that airing the repeats on Wednesday, when there are more TV viewers, exposes the shows to audiences that may not have caught them before. I agree that promotion would certainly help in that. I agree that it's a fig leaf for doing bad, bad things to us.

Christina: I was afraid some people would have that reaction. Thing is, I really like both of those shows, so I hope the net's boneheadedness doesn't cause a ricochet that hurts the shows they wanted to protect. I'd hate to see anything happen to either of them, as I watch -- and like -- them too. But I have to admit, I'm OBSESSED with Supernatural. I only LOVE The Vampire Diaries. Given a choice between the two... oh, hell, don't make me choose!

John Anderson: Did you see that profanity disclaimer? I can't publish that comment, no matter how much I agree with the sentiments.

okay ... my household has been waiting for today we even had it marked on the calandar !!! how sad .. nothing on tv ... I CANNOT watch the replacements for tonight ... you could have at least played re-runs of Smallville and Supernatural !!! We will be waiting for 2.4.11 as long as the same thing doesnt happen again . @!!!!!

I go to my recordings on my DVR to the show smallville, to my surprise. It says smallville describes smallville and go to watch it. Its a previous episode of vampire dairy which I watched the night before. Put it this way I'm not impressed CW. I'd expect this false show returning from fox or even NBC but CW I'd thought your better then this. Now like everyone else I have to wait until next week for the return of the show's again. How am I to know its going to be on next week. Just because you say it will. I guess I wont hold my breath.


I Really disappointed Smallville & supernatural,

Dear CW,
I am so hurt not to be watching the Winchester boys tonite! I refuse to watch Vampire Dairies from now on, I did watch the show, but not anymore.
I am so hurt I am going to bed early on a friday nite because nothing is on!
Thanks for taking away the one show on TV that I enjoy, the show I plan into my week to watch!

How does a repeat on Wednesday make up for a missed mid-season premiere? No one will be looking for the show on Wed. and you know the CW won't promote it. They never do. They've also lost all the little bit of promotional momentum they did have going into these premieres. What a joke.

Sorry, but I have no interest in either "The Vampire Diaries" (I'll wait for "True Blood") or "Nikita" (I'll watch the original movie.
See you next week.


the powers-that-be suck!

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