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Devil is in the details... and in Metropolis

"Look, I would tell you if I borrowed your Michael Jackson jacket. I bought this one for myself!

OK, not every episode will be golden, I get that...but this week was more about details and transitions than I would have cared to sit through (and that's including the fact that Chloe was tempted by at least three of the deadly sins). But there were two momentous events in this episode of note...one included Blur boy and the other the Green gallant one...

Lois & Clark: Lois is proving she can be the perfect superhero partner, by planning a wedding, working on deadlines, AND keeping tabs on Clark even when he's hanging out on Big Ben. (Gosh, can I have this woman's tenacity? I'd get soooo much more stuff done.) That said, she's staying on top of Clark about a much-needed wardrobe change and journalism topics that keep him away from hero-worship.

After donning a hoodie and sunglasses (great idea Lois! Can you make him in Green Arrow's image any more?) Clark complains he doesn't want to hide behind a mask. But after a misstep at a crime scene with an overzealous forensic photographer (the guy almost falls down a hole while ogling the brilliance that is Clark), Kent realizes it's time to don the glasses. The really weird part is the office assistant who was man-crushing on Kent earlier in the episode, turns more aggressive toward Clark after he sports the lenses. AND he gets snarky after Clark bumps into him. Now this is an office assistant people...barely out of internship, who helps the reporters, but now the glasses makes Clark a pushover. As a card-carrying member of the glasses class since a young tyke, I protest. And seriously, how naive and dumb can you be? His megawatt hotness is not tuned down by specs. Anywho, I can write a dissertation on this topic, so let's move on...Clark does get to show that he's a better man this time around, when the darkness hits him. And we can thank Lois, Chloe, and the Watchtower posse for that.

Chloe & Ollie: So after picking up their relationship after gosh knows how long, the couple who is as far off the radar as one can get decides to have a "Date Night" that parallels the one Tina Fey and Steve Carrell had. Fortunately, this couple can fight back. Unfortunately, they fight back against the FBI, whose undercover operatives are being killed off by internal hemorrhaging thanks to Desaad (the owner of the local sex club).

In all their fighting (and self-pitying: Oliver for having to hide who he is, and Chloe not having any identity at all after redefining herself every week as helper to all, master of none), Chloe gets kidnapped by Desaad and tempted to turn toward the Darkness. But our gal Friday knows who she is and can't be swayed. That means, of course, she must die. But Clark saves her at the last minute, unbeknownst to Oliver, who encounters Desaad running away from the sex club. Desaad tells Oliver he's killed Chloe and in a blind rage, Ollie works Desaad over until Clark tells him otherwise. Desaad may not have turned those whose names start with C, but he has turned Oliver (as we witness the omega emblem on his skull). And it all happened over the love of a good woman. Whodathunkit?

Anyway, we'll have to see how one can scrub off the dark mark without being killed. Because correct me if I'm wrong, all those who don the mark have all died in some shape, form or fashion.


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