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Hellcats: One wedding, one almost wedding and a jailhouse visit

"If this bandage dress doesn't do it, nothing will."

It’s wedding season and relationships are put to the ultimate test this week on Hellcats. Derrick steps up the wedding plans, Alice considers visiting Jake in the big house and Dan Patch returns…for a weekend.

When Uncle Sam calls…
Derrick’s army reserve unit is shipping out and he announces that he's going to be gone for at least a year. He ships out in three days and wants to get hitched before he leaves. After all, if he has to go he wants to know that he’s married to the woman he loves.

When Vanessa sees Red she confides in him that she's nervous about getting married, but also tells him that she’s not about to throw away her solid relationship on a whim—and HE is a whim. He asks her if she’d want to marry Derrick if he felt something about another woman and Vanessa doesn’t have much of an answer for that.

But the next day when she and Derek are filling out the marriage certificate, Vanessa can’t manage to sign on the dotted line. She tells her betrothed that she thought she’d have more time to be sure about them. He asks her if it’s about Red Raymond and her silence says it all. And Derrick is such a good guy that he tells her that he just wanted to make her happy and that if he can’t do that then he hopes that Red can. Way to send a guy off to the front lines, Vanessa!

Meanwhile, at the gray bar motel
Damien visits Jake at the big house and relays a message from him. He wonders why Alice hasn’t come to see him yet (hey—we didn’t see that one coming!).

Later when Travis thanks Alice for talking Jake into confessing he buys her a piece of pie, which he probably gets for free now that he's waiting tables at Wanda's bar and grill. Alice asks Travis if he thinks that Jake deserves visitors after all he did and he tells her that it’s a rough place and everyone deserves to see a friendly face. Then we’re all pretty darn stupefied when Alice does show up to visit Jake. She confesses that she feels guilty and responsible for putting him behind bars but he tells her to relax, he’s where he is because he broke the law. And he does sleep better now. Yeah, he doesn’t have all that pesky studying to do!

Wedding bell hell
The weekend of Jimmy Patch’s wedding has arrived and brother Dan will be in town for it. Apparently, the elder Mr. Patch has requested that Marti sing at the wedding and after some arm-twisting she agrees. Marti is torn and doesn't know exactly what she feels for Dan but Savannah still loves the guy. Savannah wants both of them to go to the wedding to see what happens and they'll know for once and for all what is meant to be. Marti insists that it’s not a competition but Savannah is in it to win it.

At the reception Dan is looking dapper in his tux. After Marti’s first set he decides that they need to talk and that he owes her an apology. She starts to tell him that she misses him and Vanessa walks up. Then he introduces the girls to his new girlfriend, Vicky. She saves shorebirds at the Gulf (276 of them to be exact) and seems very plain and horribly dull. When Savannah pays a random dude $50 to get the girlfriend talking about shorebirds it backfires on her. But Dan sees just how much Savannah cares. Later, Dan’s dad tells him that he and Marti are like two train wrecks. They're exciting (uh...and painful) but they’re dangerous. He needs someone more like his mother—someone who he can count on…someone like Savannah.

Time for some “truthiness”
At the end of the evening Marti and Dan do have that heart-to-heart and they end up agreeing that they are really better off just as friends—it’s what they do best. She tells him that he needs to get his act together and get back with Savannah. But Dan wonders if she can forgive him for all he did. Hmmm…what would Jesus do? Of course she can! He immediately breaks up with Vicky and dances with Savannah while Marti croons a ridiculously sexual version of "Wild Horses."


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Where can I get a copy of Mardi singing "Wild Horses"?

I can kinda see it too,except i agree with Brittany that they were never really best friends, and also Brooke was kinda slutty which Savannah is definitely not lol !

I can see why you'd think they have a connection, but Lucas and Peyton were never really "best friends." So I didn't really think of that. Plus there is so much more going on in the show than their love triangle. I liked that Marti backed down though, very selfless of her.

I just realized that this show is exactly like One Tree Hill (high school years)!

Peyton = Marti
Brooke = Savannah
Lucas = Dan

They have the EXACT same love triangle OTH had and they have the whole cheerleading thing going on as well...I think this show needs to be more original rather than getting ideas from other shows playing on the same NETWORK?!

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