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Hellcats: When God closes a door he opens a window, and other clichés

"You think you've got it bad? Have you seen the uniform they make us run around in?

Finally, the producers of Hellcats kick off the hour with a little something for the ladies—Alice takes Savannah to watch some Memphis firefighters play a sweaty, shirtless game of basketball. She does it with the supposed intention of cheering up her pal. Instead, the girl lays in deep about how Marti is going to bring down Lancer football and life as they know it will end. At least there’s eye candy for scenery.

Football is not too big to fail
Marti shows Julian the DVD find and naturally he’s thrilled. But she explains how she isn’t about to bring down everyone involved with football (including her own scholarship) so they devise a plan. Plus, we think that Parrish has a little student-teacher thing for Miss Marti. He agrees to work with Vanessa and Red to see if they can’t get this solved in a civilized manner. After all, Red came in after the pay for play dealings and he wants a clean program.

But rather than work with them, Red brings Bill Marsh along to the “secret” meeting with Marti. They tell her that they’ll do everything they can to help Travis. They don’t want to focus on the past, they want to look to the future. Marsh even has a small group of key boosters who are looking to make a significant investment to Professor Parrish’s Three Strike Project. They’ll have everything they need to repeal the law. They’ll save hundreds of people like Travis. But Marti points out that they won’t get Travis out of the gray bar motel. That’s the nature of compromise. She tells them she’s not interested in compromise.

Bill Marsh decides to throw Jake under the school bus and no one really sees that coming. Okay, we did. Turns out the plan all along had been for Red to help Marti and the gang. They present a few options to Jake who is shown Marsh’s true colors when Red plays the tape of the man calling him “expendable” and a “piece of meat.” If he confesses he’ll just get a year in jail and he’ll be able to come back to Lancer to play ball. But rather than take the deal Jake decides he’d rather take everyone down with him.

Did someone say TOGA?
The Hellcats decide to throw an “It’s the End of the World Party” and we’ve never seen college students throw quite a shindig with just a few hours notice—complete with costumes, chandeliers, elaborate décor, choreographed numbers and what appeared to be a catered menu. And just for good measure, Alice lights a little fire so the Memphis Fire Fighters pay a visit. After Marti fails in her negotiations with Jake she comes to the party and tells Alice that “…it’s over.” In typical fashion, Alice won’t have any of that.

Meanwhile, lucky Savannah gets to have a heart-to-heart with one of the gorgeous fire fighters and it turns out that he’s as charming and sweet as he is good lookin’. He ends up asking her out. Now, we thought that Jake’s decision earlier was a bad one, but this one boot kicks Jake’s dumbness through the goal posts and right out of the stadium: Savannah turns the guy down because she’s still in love with Dan!

Alice has magical powers of persuasion
Alice finds Jake at the football field, mourning his future. She tells him that the deal that Marti offered her is a good one. But he’s afraid that he won’t last a year in prison. He plans to run away. Then Alice pulls the God card. She convinces him that God has a plan in all of this and throws some good old fashioned Savannahisms at him. Then he asks her if she’ll visit him in the big house. She will and she’ll even stand by his side when he makes the announcement. And she does, though we do wonder if she’ll ever visit the poor guy in prison.

Buh-bye Billy
After Jake makes his big announcement and becomes a media darling for five minutes, Bill Marsh thinks he’s off the hook. But wait, Marti and company have plenty of dirt on him and are ready to show all, unless he retires. They even write his retirement speech for him. They’ll let him leave with his legacy intact and his dirty secrets buried.

Well, there goes that story line.

Did they let Bill Marsh off too easily? Should they have brought him down big-time or did he get what he deserved? Tell us in the comments.


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