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Smallville: It's Stag Night in Metropolis!

"When I'm not in green leather, I like to strut my stuff in sequins."

Lucky lemurs, a "Birdcage" moment with Oliver in drag, and a surprise betrothal in this here episode of Smallville make it one of the most entertaining and heartfelt of the season...that's minus the wedding proposals and identity reveals, of course...

But that said, I'm still scratching my head waiting for the other shoe to drop on perhaps the biggest question of all...

Read on...

I know, I know....I should just enjoy the ride of the last season, but I'm so anxious for a resolution better than that one of ABC's "Lost" I'm chomping at the bit.

Sigh...I can't make the end come any sooner, so I may as well analyze the present scenarios. Like Clark getting his swerve on for a group bachelor/bachelorette party thanks to some bubbly from the bewitching Zatanna. What started as a typical party atmosphere ends with Clark and Chloe sporting wedding rings (with the former sporting a very Madonna "Like a Virgin" wedding dress) and a vest-wearing lemur hanging out at the Kent farm. Come to find out there's also an armored car full of money in the barn and Dr. Emil Hamilton has a penchant for singing Elvis tunes with Tess as a backup go-go singer. One question: Can I have some of that champagne sent to my workplace?

Long story short, the major evil is on hold this week, in lieu of a run-of-the-mill robbery by a casino owner. The group happens to stumble across the hijacking of an armored car while out on the town. The incident escalates when thugs take Dr. Emil hostage in order to reveal who has their truck full of cash. Luckily, Clark saves the doc before the criminals pop his head like a grape in a vise. But in the meantime, the gang tries to piece together what transpired through the night.

Lois wakes up next to Oliver on the train tracks on the wrong side of town, minus her engagement ring. She realizes that she bet her ring with the same casino owner who coordinated the armored truck heist. So of course, Lois is determined to get it back before Clark can discover her mistake. The thugs do not make it easy, but in the end, Oliver and Lois escape from their thieving captors by donning showgirl headdresses and boas on stage. With the kung-fu fighting skills and a woman's heel in hand, Oliver helps fight their way out, Lois gets her ring, Chloe gets to see how great Ollie looks in drag, and in the end, we all get to see the video evidence of how the evening transpired. Come to find out, Dr. Emil has groupies and Tess and the doc have a little liaison of their own. (Hmmm, is there anyone Tess hasn't slept with?)

All's well that ends well, when the thieves are put out of commission and Chloe and Clark realize that the wedding bands they sported, and the subsequent marriage license (one half missing) is not their union. It is in fact, Oliver and Chloe's, and the two walk off into the proverbial sunset together after Chloe reveals she's going to go back to what she does best -- helping other meteor freaks deal and develop their powers for good. And she's going to do it as a regular reporter at a Kansas newspaper. By day, a mild mannered beat writer, by night, a do-gooder nurturer. Too bad every reporter doesn't have similar aspirations, can you imagine the stories we'd get?

Clark is resolved that Chloe needs to find her own path away from Watchtower and needs to go away again. But this time it's with Oliver at her side, so at least our favorite Girl Friday gets an ever-after we can live with. Seriously, I must have rewound that heartfelt scene with Oliver revealing the other half of the marriage license to Chloe at least 12 times. (CUTEST COUPLE E-V-E-R!) Now if only the big guy can get even half of that before this whole roller coaster ride ends...I'd be a happy camper. Until next time...


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Is it May 13th yet? This is what the fourth or fifth episode this season, where Clark and the gang have lost their memories. I have watched every episode of every season and I am glad that Smallville is finally coming to an end. It should have ended a long time ago. Also, why do Chloe and Oliver got more screen time than Clark and Lois? I found this episode a waste of time and the only good part about it were the commercials for SPN at 9:00.

love the episode it was funny seeing oliver dressed like that i hope that chloe comes back at least for the finaly so tomwelling is the only one on the show thats been there since day 1

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