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One Tree Hill Podcast: "Holding Out for a Hero"

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The ladies of One Tree Hill get their superhero on, and it almost makes sense. You know, in Tree Hill world. We wonder about the effectiveness of our spandex-clad sweeties, but fortunately Baby Mama Mastermind knows all, and she's able to defeat the evildoers. Meanwhile, Clay takes on the monster that is Kellerman, Nate makes a new friend (and hopefully will have more of a storyline now), Julian gets the worst job ever, Mouth becomes a star (in a very limited sense), and Chase and Chuck actually make us care about them. Sort of. Hey, baby steps.

All that, plus Darcel and I ponder the recent rash of OTH shout-outs on other shows, and Darcel has plans for how to get Dan back on the show -- plans that involve bloody dismemberment. (Could you imagine it any other way?)

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "Holding Out for a Hero" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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I liked the episode too.

I love the references too OTH other shows have made.

As for the bullying thing I think that Haley might have some contacts back at the school so maybe thats how she got the information on those girls.

I'm hoping that Dan or Victoria comes back, Tree Hill needs a resident baddie. lol

Didn't realise but this was kinda a short podcast but as usual great podcast as always.

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